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An SOL complaint!

posted May 18, 2009, 7:51 PM by Amazing Anastasia   [ updated May 18, 2009, 8:36 PM ]
One of the readers on SOL decided to complain about the length of the current chapter, below is his email all spelling and grammar mistakes preserved.

"I'm wounded that you would only post 50 words and call it a chapter.  All your doing is wasting readers time.  Make it worth our while to read!"

Ha ha, so funny I forgot to laugh!

You know, if you would have actually counted the number of words in this chapter your complaint would have had validity. Just so you know, there are 722 words in this chapter, not the gross exaggeration of 50 words. I guess it was too much work to copy the text from the webpage into a word processor and let it count the words for you. The accepted number of words per page for a published work is 250, so that makes this chapter close to three pages long which is very acceptable for the length of a chapter.


Rich, you are the only one that has complained about the length of the new format, most readers have been very positive because many of them have jobs and can't sit down and read a huge chapter like we used to post.

It's funny that he chose to complain and not kindly ask us why we are posting such short chapters, you would think that would be a more valid question. We are trying to set things up so that posting will continue on SOL when we are on our honeymoon for two months without Internet connections. That's one of the main reasons we've decided to post short chapters. Sure we could post them all at once and then you could wait for several months for us to post again.

And finally, just a reminder that we both write because it is therapy for us. We are thankful for all that read our books, but unfortunately we don't write for our readers. This is why we don't allow reviews or comments on SOL. We graciously post our books at no cost for all of you to read. And posting the short chapters on SOL is much easier for us to do so we will continue it.

If it really bothers you, you have several choices. One, you can read them once a week on SOL, Two, you can read the whole chapters here, Three you can sign up for our Yahoo Group and read the whole chapters there and finally if none of these suite you you can just stop reading the book.

Sorry to be so blunt, but they are our books and our creation and we will not be bullied into following someone else's whims.