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An update!

posted Oct 8, 2010, 2:26 PM by Amazing Anastasia

Hello one and all, yes I've finally decided to post some information so don't everyone die from a heart attack.

First there is no new chapter for this weekend. The time we normally spent writing, we spent with each other and discussing the whole issue of cliffhangers. And we've decided we write the way we write and there's not much we can do about that. So the cliffhangers will continue and if that really bothers you then we would suggest you wait until the end of the book to read it. Of course there will always be at least one cliffhanger at the end of a book.  BTW, I toned this way down from the way Ben said it. LOL

Let's see, Ben is totally swamped on the current project he's working on. With him being so busy, and with the way everything else is, he has moved the rest of us somewhere "safer." So poor Ben is a bachelor right now while we get to have fun.

Alexander and I did spend last weekend with him and it was great!

I am crazy busy with online school, but doing my normal great job. I love it and don't think I will ever go back to "real school."

Alexander continues to grow and learn new things all the time, I love being home with him. But he can sure be a handful sometimes.

Mom and Nana are doing well and spoiling my boy rotten!

That's about it, thanks all for reading our stories and look for some BIG changes happening soon in this book.

Anastasia, Ben and Alexander