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An update on us.

posted Mar 12, 2010, 6:43 AM by Banzai Ben
Well, I was running late this morning for school and work so I didn't get a chance to post until now.

Things are really going well for us now, especially since Ben isn't taking any out of city work until after I download. And if he's smart (which he usually is) he won't take any then for quite awhile!

Sometimes I wonder if I was really ready to be a Mom. At first being preggers was pretty fun, but I tell you what the fun part disappeared several months ago. Now I just feel like a fat fricken cow. Of course Ben and others tell me how beautiful I am, but I just hope someday to see my feet again. LOL

Ben and I are trying to decide if he will keep his current job at the end of his year long contract. They offered him a very nice five year contract, but you know Ben. Well, I guess you all don't know Ben, but we are thinking there are a bunch of freelance things he could be doing. While he's very responsible I think the 8-5 grind is getting to him. We've looked at similar jobs in the US, but none of them seem to pay as well as the job here, so I din't think we will be coming back anytime soon. 

I love school and work, but not as much as I love being home and taking care of Ben. I would love to just be a housewife and take care of him and our new baby, but I know I need to finish my degree, we are looking at ways that I can possibly do that online. 

Ben and I have a huge bet on whether we are going to have a boy or a girl. Ben wants a boy so bad, he says there is already waaaaayyyyy to much estrogen in this house. LOL I think I'm going to have a girl and I think it would be soooooo funny to see Ben taking care of a daughter. Thom thinks Ben will have problems with poopy diapers, I guess he forgot we took care of our Godson Vanya for a number of days and Ben knows how to hold his breath when he changes diapers. LOLOLOL

I'm not sure if you all know, we changed flats to a bigger flat. With the both of us, Nana and Mom in the old flat, things were pretty cramped. This flat wasn't nearly as nice, in fact Mom and Nana complained about the kitchen all this time. Finally Ben had his fill of the complaining and took his hammer and pry bar and totally demolished the kitchen. Oh boy, Mom and Nana were not happy having to try to cook with a microwave, hot plate and toaster oven sitting on our dining room table. Then Ben went to work and put in a brand new kitchen and it was his turn to complain and cuss and boy can he cuss when he really gets upset. I guess he had more problems getting the things he wanted here in Moscow than he would have in the USA. But he finished it all last week and now we have a modern kitchen with tile floors and counter tops, a wonderful convection range, a cool refrigerator with LED lights inside and even a DISHWASHER!!!! Woooo Hoooo, no more hand washing the dishes. My man did ALL the work himself and we are sooooo happy with the kitchen. I played hooky the next day form school and cooked all day for him.

Now here's the funny part, the bathroom isn't the greatest and Mom and Nana complained a little about it. One night right before bed, Ben looked at them and said, "Keep it up and I'll start on the bathroom next. And if I do you will have to use a bucket until I'm finished. I laughed so hard at the mortified looks on Mom and Nana's face, well I ended up having to go to the bathroom myself. Anyway, when we went into the bathroom the morning after he finished the kitchen, we found the hammer and pry bar on the vanity. Mom and Nana about had a cow. They bugged the heck out of me to ask him to please not tear out the bathroom. He got home that night and we found out it was just one of his JOKES. But it did make Mom and Nana stop complaining about the bathroom.

I hope you all don't mind me sharing this with you. I just wanted to let all of you know how much fun it is being together.

Take care and I hope all of you have a great day.

FCN (Fat Cow Nastya)