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Ben's in the doghouse!

posted Dec 20, 2010, 3:59 AM by Amazing Anastasia
It's been a few weeks since we've posted anything so here's a brief update.

The biggest news is Alexander is now crawling! It seems like it happened almost over night but I look back and realize he had been working on it for awhile. He's still a daddy's boy but NOW he doesn't want held, he wants to be free. Fine with me, Ben can chase him down. LOL

I am doing sooooo much better with this pregnancy. And I sure as heck got my Christmas wish because this time I am having at least one girl. I sure hope she gets my looks and Ben's smarts. LOL

Ben is in the devil doghouse, again. LMRO We were all singing Christmas carols and he change a line to, "Christmas is coming Nas is getting fat!" So he has some penance to do before I let him out.

We will probably finish this book in the next few chapters, but it will be more like a soft finish this time and the story will continue right through to the next book.

Wishing all of you a very joyous holiday season.

Thank you for reading our books.

Anastasia, Ben, and Alexander