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Chapter 21

posted Sep 24, 2009, 5:47 PM by Banzai Ben

Good morning (night for most of you)!


We stayed up late last night and finally finished Chapter 21. This one was very hard to write and we're glad we're finished with it. It's a flashback and rebuilding chapter so some of you will like it and some won't. We still need to proofread it and send it to our incredible editor so look for it in another three or four days.


I'm getting ready for work and I'm letting Nastya sleep in. I'll wake her right before I leave.


This week has been a "normal" week for my work, I've been working 0800 till 1700 each day. But that's just to lull them into complacency. Next week is going to be a hell week for them starting early each morning and very long runs.


Between the cold weather, a couple hard hits in martial arts training and Nastya sleeping on my arm (LOL) it was sore this week. I had it checked out and my doctor said not to worry it's doing fine, he said if it hurts I need to just back off some.


Nastya is having a great time at school and is doing excellent in her classes and with student teaching. She's really tired when she comes home so we don't get out as often as we'd like. There are times she falls asleep in on the couch while I'm either writing or playing guitar. Then I get to carry her bed (I think she does this on purpose).


Life is very good for us, but also very busy. Thanks for reading our books and for being so patient about this chapter.


Ben and a sleeping Nastya