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Holding our postion!

posted Jan 31, 2011, 5:45 AM by Amazing Anastasia
Just a few bits (okay bytes) of information for anyone that still reads the updates.

Ben is finally over his bout with the cold from heck and he won! So I can once again relax and watch him workout. Okay I can make him do penalty reps if he doesn't do the exercises correctly. LOL

On our Yahoo group we have PDF's of all our books, I have yet to figure out where I want to post them here but will do that soon and let everyone know when they are done.

Mom and Nana are off somewhere doing something so right now the female troops are outnumbered. Don't worry we have dug in and will hold our position until they return. LOL With them being gone I have once again assumed my rightful role of kitchen goddess and taken control of the dreaded "spoon weapon" which sends all the male troops (even Alexander) running for cover. LOL And no wise cracks about being barefoot, preggers and in the kitchen or the dreaded "spoon weapon" might find your head! Just remember, "mess with the best, die like the rest."

Thanks for reading our books, and remember your comments are our only form of payment.