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posted Oct 11, 2009, 6:33 AM by Amazing Anastasia

You must know if I am back things are going hunky-dory!

I wanted to thank everyone on the site for the many congratulations for our upcoming special delivery of another Marine! I can only hope that he or she will follow in the footsteps of their great daddy to be.

I am over most of the icky-sicky morning sickness and feel great but I'm hungry all the time and I get tired easier than I used to and my clothes are starting to get a little tight. :-( At least they make cute maternity clothes now.

We are both soooooo stinkin' busy I can't believe it. This has really cut into our time to write and we apologize for that. The next chapter is still more than a week away from being done. It's funny it was easier to write on our honeymoon than here in Moscow, maybe I should write a story about that. Nah, it would be tooooo boring.

Well, I need to walk (thank goodness I don't waddle yet) into the other room and find something to eat.

Thanks for putting up with me and my silliness and for reading and commenting on our stories.

Amazing Anastasia

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