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Merry Christmas

posted Dec 25, 2010, 7:20 AM by Amazing Anastasia
Well our friends life is good because we really have two Christmases. We always have a little one on the traditional Christmas day and then a big one on Orthodox Christmas. It was so much fun watching Vanya and Alexander this year with the Christmas tree and the presents. Alexander didn't know what to make of the gifts under the tree, oh he liked them because they were shiny (you know how boys like shiny things LMRO). But Vanya sure showed him how to open gifts and then play with the boxes LOL.

But even with the joy of today, there was still some sadness. Sadness because we couldn't be with all our friends, even more sadness for those who lost loved ones this year. So we took some time out to pray for those who need prayer the most this holiday season.

Here's hoping you all have a wonderful Christmas!

The whole BB family!