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Pirates of the Caribbean!

posted Jun 1, 2009, 5:05 AM by Banzai Ben
Avast ye scurvy land lubbers!

It is I Mrs. Ben!

Yep we are married and I thought I would take minute to thank everyone for all the wonderful wishes and to tell you all where we are going on our honeymoon!

My wonderful husband, that I love so much, had a gift for me at the reception tonight. I opened it up and found a plastic sword, and a black bikini with skulls and cross bones on the top and on the back of the bottom it said "Booty." I didn't know what it meant until I opened the card and found plane tickets for Barbados!!!!!!!!

We are flying to Barbados the first thing the morning, we will stay there three days and then we are on a semi-private sailboat sailing around the Caribbean for the rest of our honeymoon!!!!! I am so excited!!!!

My Uncle's made some rude jokes about plundering the pirate's booty until I gave them a huge dirty look.

So now I know why we won't have internet connections very often! It will take all day tomorrow to travel but I might find time to say hi at the hotel.

Thanks again for all the great wishes!

Mrs. Ben!