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The end of a book

posted Jan 8, 2011, 7:54 AM by Amazing Anastasia
We sent what will probably be the last chapter of "Wanderer" to our editor today. The book isn't really finished, but it had gotten to long - so it will be continued in the next book.

Per our usually style of writing you will be blessed with several cliff hangers. LOL And we didn't address the spook school at all in this chapter, it will just flow right through into the next book without a pause because Mira has many more costumes to tantalize Banzai with.

After much talking and some arguing, most of it centered on whether anyone is reading the books (we don't know if you don't comment) we have decided to post the next book because we do feel the next book is actually the completion of "Wanderer" and we don't want to leave everyone hanging.

Thank you for reading this message, thank you for reading our books, if you like the stories please comment on them, that's our only payment.