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The new book - a question and an answer

posted Jan 31, 2011, 11:03 AM by Amazing Anastasia
So have our astute readers noticed the change so far in this book?

Ignore the prologue because it was just the introduction and look at chapter one. It was a flashback chapter that dealt specifically with a day (or night) at the spook school and then culminated that day (or night).

Chapter two - which we almost titled "A Day In Court." Dealt with Jens getting arrested and dealing with the problems she created.

Do you see a pattern? Yes we are trying our best to have each chapter deal with one and only one part of the story. There will be times we have to have a flashback to an earlier time in Banzai's or Jen's life to give some background information on their early childhood. Such as Ben's time at school or Jen's and the ballet lessons.

Here are the ramifications, both good and (possibly) bad of this decision.

The good:
We hope each chapter will be more coherent and will be able to stand alone by itself (there of course will always be some ties between the story lines).

The possibly bad:
We currently have the following story lines going in this book: Banzai and Stacy, Jens trying to find Banzai, Liz trying to get back to America, Thom and the TSIFFTS team, and the spook school flashbacks.

Yeah that's all the subplots and we aren't willing to dump any of them. We also aren't going to break them out into their own separate books because they all really tie together.

So with each chapter only dealing with one subplot that means the time between updates on the subplot lines will grow further apart. If you were reading the book when it was finished, it wouldn't be an issue. But it could become an issue seeing as you only get a chapter at a time. In other words, you might have to go back and read the end of the previous subplot chapter if you've forgotten where we left off.

We hoped to have Banzai and Jens back together by this book, however we are constrained by the length of the books and that length needs to be no greater than 250,000 words. Looking at the story progression so far, makes me wonder when we will get the two of them back together. I will make this promise and like Banzai I don't break my promises, when they get back together it's going to be the best scene we have ever written and you will hate me for it.

We enjoy the comments on our books. We listen to the suggestions and the changes mentioned above are from the feedback we've received. It takes us about a week to write a chapter and then another week for our editor to perform his miracles on it! So it's a big time commitment and the occasional comment would let us know our time is not wasted.

Thanks for reading this post and thanks for reading our books.

Banzai Ben and Amazing Anastasia