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This week

posted Sep 18, 2009, 9:49 PM by Banzai Ben
We spent all week trying to get the next chapter done and - well - life and a bit of writers block got in the way. So sorry it's been awhile since we've put up a chapter, but know we are working hard to make it a good chapter. And we're finally happy with how it's shaping up. I don't think we'll be done this weekend, but it should be close.

Monday I took the agents on a 0300 run, yes I am evil but I tell you what they did much better than the week before. The rest of the week was 0800-1700 days for me, which means Nastya beat me home. She's so excited about school, she can't wait to tell me all about it. Once she's finished then she crashes because she's so tired.

We were lazy and slept in till about 0530 this morning and then had a nice easy morning. Nastya made some blini for breakfast and I ate so many I think I'm going to burst. She got Nana to take over and came and sat on my lap and fed me (she used to do this ages ago and it was fun to have her do it again). She wants to go shooting today so I'm seeing what I can get arranged.

The company bought me a nice Sako TRG in .338 Lapua and we took it out about a week ago. It's one of the finest rifles I've ever fired, but it didn't have a muzzle break and had a good kick to it. The rounds cost about $7.00 a shot so I'm trying to figure out if we can somehow reload over here.

I ordered some nice packs from this website, http://www.eberlestock.com/G4%20Operator.htm and Olga will bring them to us when she comes over in November. I don't think we will be able to use them much here, but I'm hoping the company might like them and we might start deploying them instead of the drag bags.

Thanks for reading our books and for being patient about the next chapter.

Ben and Nastya