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Thought on flashbacks and short chapters on SOL

posted Oct 6, 2009, 5:35 AM by Amazing Anastasia
On SOL we post the short sections of a real chapter and call them a full chapter. We do this because we got tired of readers on SOL complaining about not getting something to read each day. It takes a week or more to write a full chapter and we both are very busy and write as much as we can. So the short "chapters" on SOL are not going away. You can read the full chapters here or on Thom's site. Sometimes we need to be careful what we ask for because we get it LOL

I would like to say, as hard as it is for you all to read the flashback chapters, they are even harder to write. Some of you would like it better if they were prequels, but then others would be upset if we did that. For the few remaining chapters of this book we are going to keep the flashback chapters. We realize the strength of our writing is the action scenes, and with where the next book is going, we might need to keep the flashbacks to provide the action for the book.

Thanks for reading our books.