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Traveling and an update

posted Jan 17, 2011, 3:08 AM by Amazing Anastasia
Greetings all,

Once again we were traveling so we were out of touch for a few days and now we're getting caught up on the comments.

Thank you Terrible Thom for the comment and for letting us post your stories on our site. I sure wished we could post the dog story that makes all us women cry. But then Ben gets fired up and says that's the way he wants to die until I remind him he'd better not run off and die or I'll kill him. LOL And as far as finishing Oh Hell No, my answer is Oh Heck NO, get off your lazy rear and finish your book. LOL

Talking about my brave and wonderful husband, he was just getting over the cold from H-E-double toothpicks when we needed to move and now he's one sick devil-dog - AGAIN! Everyone in our little traveling entourage has had the cold - except for me, I guess being preggers has given me some sort of super immunity. LMRO

Pictures - we used to have pictures posted of us our Yahoo group, and some guy started using them for his personal pleasure and informing ME of that! So we took the pictures down and unfortunately for everyone else the one guy ruined it for everyone. There are pictures of Alexander on our Yahoo group.

Ben says that good fiction has it's roots in the truth, so yes there still is some truth in the stories. Many of the characters are based on real people who have been more than understanding with our portrayals of them. As I sit here and write this, I can see Jack, Masha and Ivan (Vanya). I know my boy Alexander is being chased by Alexandra and she's the inspiration for several women characters in our books. I guess I am Banzai's Jens, unfortunately or fortunately, I was never in the military and while I'm a bit of a tomboy, I'm not nearly as butch as she is, but Ben has taught me to be a pretty good and pretty and good shot. LOL

It looks like there are still some American readers that dislike the flashbacks. That's the way Ben originally started writing the books and I don't see us ever changing it. The funny thing is, it's harder for us to write the flashbacks than the present chapters so it would be easy for us to drop them all together or move them into their own books. Again, if you don't like the flashbacks, you can avoid the flashback chapters or you can read the flashback chapters as their own book.

Thanks for reading our books, and thanks for the comments those are our only form of payment.

Anastasia, Ben and Alexander