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Update and baby names

posted Apr 4, 2011, 4:04 AM by Amazing Anastasia
It's been for-e-ver since I've posted and update so here it is.

First we enjoy the comments we receive, it lets us know you like the books. Because we really have no way to track how many people are reading our books online.

I've had Sasha (Alexander) duty for the last few days, Ben's busy doing some training. We did however take a whole afternoon off and went to the beach, yeah the whole bunch of us. Sasha and Vanya rode on Ben's back like the was a fish, he loved it and they loved it and are both becoming good little swimmers. I had to be content with just wading in the water, but it was sooooo hot here, it was nice to splash and play. We brought the grill with us and had a great cookout and I ate enough food for three people. At least no one thought I was a beached whale (even though I'm about that big) and tried to help me back into the water. LOL

Online school is easy peasy and I'm pulling all A's.

Let's see, I have about a month or so until I download our daughter. The doctors say she looks big enough from the ultrasounds that I could download anytime and have even hinted at inducing - YUCK! This time has been sooooo much easier than the last and I'm not really ready for labor so the doctors can fricken wait!

We've talked about baby names but haven't decided yet. We wanted to keep it Russian/Ukrainian and had thought about Olga (after Mom) or Tatiana, but we haven't made up our mind yet. Anyone have any good ideas for a baby name? I suppose we could name her Jennifer or Stacy or Miranda or Irina but certainly NOT Susan. LMRO!!!

We're several chapters ahead of our excellent editor, BTW it might be nice to give him a big thank you, and I can tell you there are interesting times coming for our readers. You have to wonder about Jens' phone call did someone else die?

Thanks again for reading our stories and remember your comment are the only payment we get.

Anastasia, Ben, Sasha and little Miss ????