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What a weekend

posted Oct 6, 2009, 5:12 AM by Amazing Anastasia
Sorry I haven't posted for a while. But Ben took me to St. Petersburg for the weekend and didn't let me play with the computer much at all. But the mini-vacation was great! I love St. Petersburg!

Ben is doing awesome, is looking great and loves his job. I am soooo stinkin' jealous, he gets to exercise all day and shoot while I go to school. :-(

But hey! I love my job too so I can't complain too much. I am doing well but still have a little morning sickness from time to time. Ben and Nana watch me like a hawk to make sure I don't do too much or that I don't have anything I shouldn't. Sometimes I like to tease both of them by pretending I had something they don't want me to have, like a cup of coffee. I can fool Ben, but not Nana. LOL

We've done some, but not enough work on the next chapter so we better get busy with it.

Thanks for reading our books and thanks for the comments.