10 Hawaii - Sunday

Captured: Dreaming of home

© Copyright 2008 – 2009

Written by Banzai Ben



Chapter 10 – Sunday 09 September 2007


Khudabah, Pakistan – Evening of day eleven


I felt stronger today. I think it’s because I had more food last night. I kept my legs up almost all night, so the rats didn't bite me much.


They inflicted the same drug torture today that I had yesterday, with the same effect. I was as loopy as hell and told them some incredible bullshit answers, but it seemed like they were happy that I was talking to them. I guess they’re so fucking stupid that they don't know bullshit when they hear it. They fed me well again tonight and gave me all the water I wanted, but no hose bath.


Damned camel jockeys always use three guards with guns when they move me, and always leave one armed guard in the room with me when I’m tied up, except at night. I’m good at martial arts, but I know that no matter how good I am, I can’t fight three AK-47s. I need to survive, stay strong and look for a chance to escape.


I’m surprised they left the lights on tonight. I’m hoping it will discourage the rats while I make the only escape I can.


Hawaii – Sunday, Day Eight


I awoke better-rested than I’d thought I would this morning, with Jens sleeping in the nude last night. I was spooning her all night long, and when I woke up, my right hand was on her breast, my left hand was between her legs, and my morning wood was pressed tightly against her back. Thank god that somehow I was able to extricate my hands and slip out of the bed without waking her. I fired up the coffeemaker and went out onto the balcony to watch the sunrise.


Ten minutes later, Jens came out in a robe with two cups of coffee. “Mmmm, I had the most wonderful dream last night. You spent all night running your hands all over my body,” Jens said as she handed me a cup. “Good morning, my fiancé. How did you sleep?”


“I slept like a baby,” I answered, not daring to tell Jens about where my hands had been that morning. “Thanks for the cup of coffee. How about we get some clothes on and go for a little run on the beach before breakfast.”


“That sounds like a great idea,” She answered. “I need to run off some of the food that we ate last night. I think I gained ten pounds. Let me go put on some cloths. By the way, I hope you liked my pajamas last night.” She flashed me a wicked grin.


“I did notice your lack of pajamas last night. I figured that you ate so much you couldn't fit into them,” I joked.


“You're going to pay for that, Mister.” Jens caught me with a surprise leg sweep, took me to the floor and jumped on my chest. “So I’m fat, am I?” She acted upset at me, pretending to hit me on the chest.


“You know,” I answered, “When you don't wear pajamas you're even easier to tickle.” I grabbed her sides.


“Oh, no you don't,” Jens replied, grasping my hands. I let her force them over my head and pin them to the floor. “I want a retraction of that fat joke!” She still pretended to be angry.


I decided to play along. “I, Bennie Blaine, formally retract all mention of Jennifer Donaldson being fat, for the time being.”


“What's this ‘for the time being’ crap?” She remarked.


“Well, if you keep eating like you did last night and don't exercise–”


Jens interrupted, “–Hey, I was hoping for some exercise last night. I was even dressed for it.”


I retorted, “Is that why you were sleeping when I came to bed? I guess you missed your chance. Now you have to wait until we’re married.”


“Oh, damn,” Jens answered. “You could have just rolled me over and had your way with me.”


“Hey, that's me doing all the work,” I answered. “I thought you wanted some exercise. Speaking of that, let's not waste anymore of this beautiful morning. Let me up so we can go running.”


“I want a kiss and a hug and from you to tell me how beautiful, and not fat, I am,” Jens still pretending to be hurt.


So I did just that, several times, and Jens finally let me up and walked towards the bathroom. She looked over her shoulder when she was halfway there, noticed I was watching her, and let the robe slide off her bare shoulders and fall onto the floor.


She started singing, dancing into the bathroom:


“I'm in heaven when you kiss me
Heaven when you kiss me
You were sent to me from wonderland
Ooh its heaven when you kiss me
Heaven when you kiss me
You were sent to me from wonderland
I go crazy when you kiss me
Baby don't resist me
Take me with you back to wonderland
You know that I'm hypnotized by your eyes
and I just can't resist
Every time that we kiss.”


I thought about how waking up with Jens each morning was an adventure. Then I corrected myself – being with Jens is the adventure of a lifetime.


I threw on some loose shorts, put the snub nose into a low back holster, called Matt, and told him to meet us for a run in ten minutes. He was really sleepy-sounding, so I was sure he got lucky several times last night.


Jens be-bopped out of the bathroom still singing the same song. Dancing over to me, she stopped singing and said, “I love it when you watch me. I guess I go a little crazy and like to show off for you,” and did a pirouette in front of me. “Like what you see?”


I loved what I saw. Jens had on a nice camisole workout top and her favorite pair of short shorts. I pulled her close to me and gave her a hug and a kiss.


“Very much. You look beautiful as always.” I swatted her on the butt. “Damn, where's Matt? I want to run.”


“Let's go knock on his door,” Jens said.


Matt came out looking tired, but with a big smile on his face, “Sorry. I was on my way over, but sort of got distracted.”


Jens and I looked at each other and laughed. “I think you need to zip your fly,” Jens said.


Matt turned red and fixed his problem.


“Are you carrying and ready to go?” I asked.


He was, so we went down to the beach, kicked off our shoes, and started to run side by side setting an easy pace at first, increasing speed as we warmed up. Matt asked, “So how far are you to thinking of running today – a couple of miles?”


Jens and I exchanged a look, and we both said together, “Oh, not far, just about twenty miles.”


Matt groaned. “Twenty fricken miles after last night? I think you two are trying to kill me.”


We both asked, “Why? What went on last night?” And chuckled, knowing perfectly well what had happened.


“Shit, I'm calling Jim to meet me with a car at the halfway point. I don't remember the last time I ran twenty miles,” Matt said, huffing out his answer. He called Jim, and from the gist of the conversation, we were able to tell that he interrupted something and Jim wasn't really happy, but agreed to meet Matt at what should be the halfway point of our run.


It was great running on the beach without shoes. We raced the waves to see if we could keep from getting wet. Matt was getting really tired and falling further behind us.


I looked over at Jens. “He's never going to make ten miles if we don't slow up.”


She gave me her patented, sexy, pouty look and complained, “Shoot, I really wanted a good workout today.”


“Your wish is my command, my love,” I answered. “Let's switch off doing fireman carries on each other.” I scooped her up and threw her over my shoulders, grinning at her startled squeal.


That did slow me up and allowed Matt to catch up.


Jens said, “So I guess I'm not too fat to carry.”


Matt stared at me. “You told her she was fat? You must have a death wish. My wife's from Texas and if I ever told her that . . .well I shudder to think what would happen.”


I wanted to come up with a witty reply, but it was too hard running and carrying Jens to talk. Instead, I decided to run faster.


Jens said, “Now we’re moving. Haw, horse giddy up!” She pretended to whip my butt with her free hand.


Matt said, “Oh shit. Come on, slow up for me.”


After about a mile, I was getting tired, so I slowed up and lowered Jens down. “Your turn.”


I helped Jens get me up onto her shoulders, and she took off just about the time Matt caught up.


We heard him say, “Hey, no fair; she had a rest.”


I was amazed that Jens could carry me; I outweighed her by at least 70 pounds. She did a good job, but couldn't run as fast, so Matt did get a breather. She got tired after a half a mile and put me back down. “You want carried again, my love?” I asked


“As much fun as that was, I like running beside you better. But let's slow up a little for Matt,” she answered.


Jim was waiting for us at the ten-mile mark. As we turned to head back, Matt yelled at Jim, “Those two are fricken crazy. They about killed me. Lots of luck to you, Jim.”


Jim was a little lighter than Matt and could run better. We took it easy on him for about a mile so that he could warm up.


Jim said to us, “I don't know what Matt was whining about. This isn't bad.”


Jens and I exchanged another glance, and said in unison, “Fresh meat!” And we kicked it up to our normal running speed.


Jim fell behind and we heard him say, “Shit. Now I know what Matt was whining about,” as he tried to keep up with us.


Jens asked me, “You carrying your snub nose?”


“It's right next to my heart,” I answered, indicating my lower back holster.


She laughed. “I guess I’ll have to see if I can find your heartbeat there later. You know, Jim has always been a little mouthy, his wife is east-coast bitchy, and I really don't care for them. I don't think we should show him any mercy. Since you're carrying I don't mind if we drop him.” She sped up even more, getting in front of me. Damn it was a nice view, and I don't mean Hawaii.


It wasn't long till we were back at the hotel beach and Matt was waiting for us. “Jim called me and said that you guys dropped him, that he's about five minutes behind you, and that I needed to be waiting for you. Are you two done running for the day?”


Jens looked at me and said, “I don't know, honey. That was pretty fun. Maybe we should do it again.”


Matt groaned, “You two are crazy.”


In unison, we replied, “Hey, we never said we were sane.”


“So, now you two are starting to say the same things at the same time,” Matt said. “This is getting spooky.”


We both laughed and said, again together, “Great minds think alike.”


But that did make me think, ever since day before, it did seem like we were becoming more one. We were saying the same things at the same times, and sometimes even finishing each other's sentences. It didn't really feel spooky to me; it just felt really natural.


Jens looked at me. “It doesn't feel spooky to me, either.”


“Did I just say something out loud?” I asked her.


“Nope, but I knew exactly what you were thinking,” She replied with a smile. “I noticed it yesterday after my big cry, but didn't say anything to you. I was wondering if you would notice. It's not like I can read your mind. It’s more like I can read or feel your feelings. I don't know how or why it happened, but I’m glad it did because I feel so close to you. Let's see if you can do the same with me. I’m going to feel something; you concentrate and see if you can figure it out.”


I concentrated and walked over to Jens, gave her a big hug and kiss and bent down and whispered in her ear, “My love, you know I want to, but we need to wait until we're married.”


Jens got excited and started jumping up and down, “That's right. You did it. That's exactly what I was feeling.”


“It was like I could feel your feelings, but I’m not sure that was a good test,” I replied, “You think about that all the time. Why don't you try something else?”


She looked into my eyes and I concentrated. Finally after a couple of minutes I said, “I felt like you wanted to know that the plans are for today? First we are headed back to the North Shore to 'The Moke” to introduce you to rock climbing, then a break for lunch and we're heading to Kualoa Ranch, where Jurassic Park was filmed for an afternoon of mountain biking. How did I do?”


That started her bouncing again. “That was really good. You got two thirds of it right. I also wanted to know what we were doing tonight.”


“I know you did,” I smiled. “But that's a secret--” I started, and Jens interrupted


“–If you told me you'd have to kill me.” We laughed.


Matt said, “I changed my mind. You two are really spooky!”


Jim ran up and said, “I think I'm going to die. Damn, you two are fast.”


We all started laughing, and Matt replied, “They did win the Leadville 100 trail run this year.”


“Oh shit. I’d heard two Marines had won it, but I didn't know that it was both of you. No wonder you kicked my butt,” Jim answered.


I started, “Let's go clean up and meet for--”


Jens finished, “–breakfast in thirty minutes.”


Matt explained to Jim, “They've been doing this all morning, either finishing each other's sentences or saying the same sentence at the same time. It's really spooky.”


“No, it's not,” we both said, and then laughed.


Jens said, “Last one to the–”


I interrupted, “–Hotel is a rotten egg,” And we all tore off for the hotel.


In the hotel room Jens wanted to shower together to, “save time.” I told her that someday we would, but not today, and, of course, she got even by pouting and stripping in front of me.


Dancing into the bathroom she started singing,


“Heaven... I'm in heaven,
And my heart beats so that I can hardly speak.
And I seem to find the happiness I seek,
When we're out together dancing cheek to cheek.


Heaven... I'm in heaven,
And the cares that hung around me through the week,
Seem to vanish like a gambler's lucky streak,
When we're out together dancing cheek to cheek.”


She finished and I jumped into the shower. Making sure I locked the door, I started singing,



“Oh, I love to climb a mountain,
And to reach the highest peak.
But it doesn't thrill me half as much
As dancing cheek to cheek.


Oh, I love to go out fishing
In a river or a creek.
But I don't enjoy it half as much
As dancing cheek to cheek.


Dance with me! I want my arms about you.
The charms about you
Will carry me through to...


Heaven... I'm in heaven,
And my heart beats so that I can hardly speak.
And I seem to find the happiness I seek,
When we're out together dancing cheek to cheek.”


I walked out of the bathroom and Jens continued singing, until I “accidentally” let my towel drop and the words froze in her throat.


“Oh, I'm sorry,” I said. “I guess the towel slipped.” And I picked it up and wrapped it back around my waist. “What's a matter; cat got your tongue?”


“You wouldn't want to do that again?” Jens asked.


“Nope, I'm hungry and the show is over,” I replied.


She gave me her best pouty look. “Just once more. Please!”


I was saved by a knock on the door; I grabbed my clothes and ducked into the bathroom. When I came out a couple of minutes later, the six of us headed down to breakfast.


Sitting around the table, everyone looked really happy, satisfied, and loving. I looked at Jens and winked, “I wonder why–”


Jens continued, “–Everyone looks so happy and in love today.”


I kept going, “Makes me wonder what happened last night and this morning.”


Jens’s turn: “I do know that Matt had his fly down and looked pretty flushed when we knocked on his door.” We laughed as the other four blushed.


Sally and Molly looked at us in disbelief. Matt said, “They've been doing this all morning.”


Jim told them, “They complete each other's sentences or say the same sentences at the same time. Shit, they even have us doing it now.”


We both said with a chuckle, “That's right.”


Molly looked at us. “No, this isn't spooky; I saw this before in my small home town in Texas. We had this old couple that had been married for sixty years and they did this all the time. They were so in tune with each other they could tell what each one was feeling and thinking. It was a wondrous thing to watch. But you two aren't even married and haven't even – oops. I almost told the guys your secret – I guess it doesn't make sense to me.”


“Haven't even what?” the guys echoed.


Now it was our turn to blush. Matt saw it and the light clicked on in his head. “Oh, I understand.” He leaned over and whispered in Jim's ear.


Jim's eyes widened and he said, “Is that for real?”


I nodded my head and started explaining, “It has to be this way for us–”


Jens picked up, “–Otherwise, we couldn't be a sniper team together.”


My turn: “Jens's father, the general, knows about this–”


Jens:  “–And approves of it.”


Matt said, “Isn't it hard?”


We both said, “Death before dishonor!”


Matt and Jim said, “Semper Fi.”


The rest of the table answered, “Orraahhh!”


I told them all about the plans for the day. Matt and Jim thought it was cool, but their wives weren't too happy about the rock climbing. I looked at Jens and I knew that even though she had never climbed, she would take care of the situation with the wives, so we decided to take two cars today – the ladies in the Mustang with Jens driving, and the guys in Matt's car.


“My love,” I cautioned Jens, “Please drive safer today than yesterday. It would be a shame if you had to spend tonight in the jail.”


She gave me a kiss, and we were off. I had enough climbing gear for Jens and myself other than shoes for her, but we needed equipment for the other four. So we stopped at a rental place and got four more sets of shoes and climbing harnesses. I had enough carabineers, belay devices, quickdraws and ropes. I would never use rental ropes or quickdraws – you never know if they're safe – and rental shoes are always nasty. The rental place had a nice selection of new La Sportiva climbing shoes so I bought Jens a pair of Mythos just like mine.


She thanked me with a hug and kiss and said, “Now we’re twins.”


Even with all that we had done today, we were still at The Moke by ten hundred hours. I figured we would climb for three hours and then break for lunch and head to the ranch. Jens had worked on Molly and Sally, and they were ready to try rock climbing. But Sally made it known that she was stopping if she broke a nail.


Jens smiled and said, “Sorry my love, it's the best I could do. She grew up in New York fricken city and never spent much time outdoors.”


“Thanks, my love. I’m amazed at what you did. I looked at her nails. She’s probably going to break one on the first climb. I brought some nice wine in the cooler so if she does, she can at least sit and enjoy herself.”


I wanted to do Easy Rider, one of the two climbs rated 5.7, but because of the way it was slanted I knew that we could have some injuries if/when we had a fall. I felt it wiser to try the other, so we headed on down to Vegetable Crack.


Matt and Jim had climbed some in Basic Training but they had forgotten everything. Feeling a little like I did when I took the boy scouts climbing while on leave, I put on my harness, showing everyone how to do theirs, and I checked the fit on Jens harness.


“Mmmm, I like it when you touch me down there,” she purred.


Of course the other four said, “Get a room, you two.”


Then, I showed them all how to tie a figure-eight knot, and leaving them to practice, taped my fingers and showed them how to do the same while I top roped the climb.


Unfortunately, Vegetable Crack didn't have the small ropes to pull up the climber’s rope, so I showed Jens how to belay me. I wanted to free climb, but with our newly-forged connection, I sensed that Jens would throw a fit.


I grabbed my rack of cams and started climbing, putting in a couple of cams just to keep Jens happy. The chains at the top through which I’d normally run the rope looked a little rough. I didn't want to ruin a rope, so I pulled out two locking carabineers I hooked up my belay device to Jens' end of the rope, off belayed and rappelled down to the bottom. Not a bad climb. It took me ten minutes.


Jens was up next. I had her tie the rope to her harness using a figure-eight knot and made sure it was done right. Then gave her some tips on climbing.


“Most people think that climbing is all arms, and sometimes it is, but try to use your feet as much as possible and make sure that you keep three points of contact with the rock at all times. If or when you fall, just relax and make sure you don't get caught on the rock. The rope is like a big spring and will cushion your falls.”


I gave her a hug and kiss for luck, and she started the climb, with me on belay. With Jens’s gung-ho attitude and her excellent physical conditioning, she made it to the top without a fall; in fact, she made it look easy. And she really loved when I rapped (rappelled) her down because I did it really fast.


She was her usual exuberant self, dancing and hopping around. “Woo hoo! My first climb ever. That was so much fun; I bet it's almost as much fun as–”


I interrupted her, “–Sex! You're right. It's right up there with shooting.”


The other four looked at us like we were crazy.


We got the other four up the climb, but it wasn't easy with the ladies. I had to pull them up quite a bit, and of course, Sally broke her nail and got pissed off. She whined and carried on when she came down. Jim didn't know what to do, so Jens took her off to the side and had a talk with her. When they came back, Sally was better and even looked a bit scared.


”I want to apologize to all of you for getting so upset. Please forgive me.”


Jim looked at his wife and his mouth fell open.


I walked up to Jens and whispered, “You told her your father was the general, didn't you?”


She nodded her head.


“And that if she fucked up this vacation, they would be reassigned to Thule, Greenland.”


She nodded again.


I just laughed and held her close. “Thanks, my love, for taking care of this.”


“Well, I'm certainly not going to let a stuck-up bitch from New York-fricken-city ruin my vacation; especially since we're paying for it. I also told her that she's damn lucky that we decided to let them come – otherwise, she would be sitting on her fat ass at home,” Jens said.


I opened the cooler and poured Sally a nice glass of wine. “Thanks for at least trying to climb. Sorry you broke your nail. Tell you what – climbing isn't for everyone, so why don't you take it easy and enjoy some wine and cheese and crackers. Just so you know, my policy is that once you take a drink of alcohol, you’re done climbing for the day.” She took the glass, thanked me for it, and looked relieved that she wouldn't have to climb anymore.


After awhile, we got tired of Vegetable Crack and wanted something a little more challenging. I thought about doing a 5.10, but the jump from a 5.7 to a 5.10 is pretty difficult. I finally decided on a nice 5.8 called Chunky Monkey. It's an overhanging crack climb, so it was going to take a different skill set, but I felt that it was doable by everyone. I decided to use trad and to climb the rope up. Again, I thought about free-climbing it, but I decided to placate Jens. Fifteen minutes later, I was to the top and back down with no problem.


Jens was up next, and made a wrong move and blew off the rock.


I heard, “Shit, shit, shit.” Then, “I know what I did wrong.”


“I'm going to lower you down about ten feet. Try it again,” I answered.


She cleared the climb this time. Interestingly enough, Matt and Jim both fell twice, and Molly couldn't get past the crux, but she at least tried it three times. She didn’t even complain when she broke a nail. Sally had finished off most of one of the bottles of wine, and she was feeling pretty good. At least she wasn't an obnoxious drunk.


We were done for the day and celebrated with a glass of wine and some cheese and crackers. We were running a little late, so I decided that this would be our lunch. Besides, I don't ride bike well on a full stomach. I could tell that Jens’d had her fill of Sally, and I’d had my fill of Jim. So we decided to ride in the Mustang and let the other four ride together in Matt's car. Partway to the ranch, Matt's car quickly pulled over to the side of the road and Sally jumped out and ran into the ditch and puked.


Jens looked over at me and said, “What a stupid bitch. She thinks she's god's gift to men. Matt should drive off and leave her there.”


“Why are you so pissed at her, my love?” I asked.


“She acted like I was some sort of freak for still being a virgin. I guess she had been giving it away since she was thirteen and couldn't understand that I wasn't a whore like her. She loved telling Molly and me how she has always used sex to control men, to get them to do anything she wanted them to. She tricked Jim into marrying her by telling him she was pregnant. And she even admitted that when Jim is deployed she fucks the hell out of any man that she can.” Jens was as pissed as I have ever seen her, “I hate people like that. I have no use for them.”


I thought about all that Jens had said and it reminded me of when 'Jugs' cheated on me during basic training.


Jens looked over at me, her eyes glistening. “I'm sorry my love, I made you remember about 'Jugs', please don't be sad.”


I shook my head. “You know, that's exactly what happened, but for the first time ever, I’m not sad. In fact, I’m so damn happy that I can't believe it. If I would’ve married that fucking bitch, I’d be in the same place Jim is now. She would have been fucking anything with a dick while I was in Iraq. Not only that, if I would’ve married her, I never would’ve met you.”


She smiled at me, reached over and grabbed my hand, leaned over and gave me a smoking-hot kiss. “You really are over Jugs?”


“No more Jugs. Not now, not ever again. I wasted too many years and too many beers on Jugs when all the time I was waiting to find you,”


She crawled across the center console, sat in my lap, and snuggled up to my neck. “I’m so in love with you. I don't know how it’s possible, but every day I love you more.”


Sally was finally done with her “Technicolor yawn” and was heading back to the car. Jens whispered, “I wonder if you can drive with me in your lap,” punctuating with another kiss.


“I don't think that I can. You better move back over and buckle up,” I answered.


Soon, we were back on the road for our Kualoa Ranch mountain bike ride. They had crappy rental bikes for us to use. I thought of the Cannondale Jekyll mountain bike that was destroyed with the cabin. I was going to miss that bike . . . but in the midst of my regret, I realized how fitting it was that my cabin was destroyed and everything with it. I felt that my life had started over since I’ve met Jens. Everything from the past is gone. The cabin and everything being destroyed was a symbol of my life. I felt like a phoenix rising from the ashes.


Jens caught my eye and smiled. Then she came over and gave me a big hug and kiss. “Yes, you're my phoenix. You really are over everything.”


“I couldn't have done it without you. Thank you, my love.” I returned her kiss.


Sally was in no shape to bike ride, so Jim took Matt's car and drove back to the hotel. The rest of us had a great time riding, though compared to the trails around Leadville these were cake. It was perfect for Jens, Matt and Molly. Feeling my oats, I showed off by doing wheelies and nose wheel stands. I even did one six foot drop off that almost broke the rental bike, and got yelled at by Jens.


All too soon, it was time to head back to the hotel. Jens and Molly took the back seat of the Mustang, which was good. I'm not sure that Matt could have fit. When we got to the hotel, Jens was still pissed at Sally, so she sent them both back to the base. I talked to Matt and told him what was going on tonight and he just smiled, “I’m going to get lucky again tonight! Thanks again. You guys are the best.”


“So my love,” Jens said after they’d left, “What's the big surprise for tonight?”


“You and I need to get cleaned up and dressed for dinner. Take about thirty minutes. You go first in the bathroom.” I answered.


After I was sure Jens was in the bathroom, I hightailed it over to Matt and Molly's room and used their shower. Then I rushed back to my room and got dressed in my favorite black Hugo Boss suit.


Room service showed up with our dinner while Jens was still in the bathroom, and, I had them set it up on the balcony, lit the candles, and left. I closed the curtains on the balcony and waited for Jens to finish. When she came out of the bathroom, it was worth the wait.


She emerged wearing an elegant black sheath with a very deep V neckline, accented by a single strand of pearls and a matching bracelet and earrings.


I whistled when she came out, “Pinch me, I must be dreaming. You’re more beautiful each time I see you!”


She smiled and looked at me questioningly, “You look good enough to eat. You're already cleaned up and dressed?”


“Yep, I used Matt and Molly's shower.” I bowed. “Are you ready for dinner?”


“I’m famished,” Jens replied.


I walked over and took her hand and we started walking towards the balcony. She looked puzzled until I opened the curtains and she saw the table and the candles. Then she smiled and her face lit up.


I said, “This short time off has been great, but I’ve really missed being alone with just you. I called the base and we don't have to report until tomorrow morning at O-nine hundred. Until then, I plan on us spending all our time alone together.”


“Wow. This is so nice. I hope I don't cry and ruin my makeup,” Jens answered.


“Don't worry. If you do, I'll be the only one that sees it.”


She smiled and cupped my cheek with her hand. “But you’re the only one who matters.”


I helped Jens into her chair and opened the bottle of champagne, the correct way – by turning the bottle not the cork, so I didn't lose any of the bubbly. Then I poured us each a splash and sat down across from her.


I raised my glass and said:


“Come live with me, and be my love,
And we will all the pleasures prove,
That valleys, groves, or hills, or fields,
Or woods and steepy mountains yield.”


We clinked out glasses, and Jens replied:


“Grow old with me!
The best is yet to be,
The last of life,
For which, the first is made.”


We clinked our glasses again and both drank. I refilled our glasses.


“My love, do you trust me?” I asked.


“Implicitly,” Jens answered without a second’s pause.


I took out a silk blindfold, covered Jens' eyes with it, and said, “Tonight, I’m going to feed you.” Then I took the linen napkin and covered the front of Jens with it. “I don't want to ruin your dress. Make sure you keep your hands in your lap and let me do everything,” I said.


I started off feeding her a really nice arugula and pear salad with creamy gorgonzola, candied walnuts, and pancetta lardons, seasoned and drizzled with a balsamic reduction and extra virgin olive oil.


“Mmm, this is so good. I've never had a salad like that before. What's in it?”


"It's just a salad to prepare your palate for the meal to come," I answered.


"This is much more than just a salad; it's the best salad I ever had," Jens remarked.


I cut a piece of the pear and moved it up to her mouth and rubbed it on her lips. She tried to take it off the fork, but I kept pulling it back.


She pouted, "Hey, that's no fair. I want that."


The next time, I let her win, and she reveled in the taste of the pear.


"Wow – a salad with pears in it. This is incredible."


For the next bite, I felt ornery. I put a fourth of the pear on the fork, moved it up to her mouth, and acted like I was going to tease her again. She opened her mouth, and I pushed the whole bite in.


"Mmmfff." She couldn't talk because her mouth was so full.


"You'd better not do that again, or I'll take of this blindfold." She complained.


I took an ice cube out of her water glass with my fingers and moved it up to her lips.


She jumped. "Hey! that's cold." Then she opened her mouth, and I slipped it inside.


I finished off the salad and gave her a drink of water.


With the appetizer done, it was time to move on to the main entrée. I had chosen Chilean sea bass en papillote – a delicate sea bass fillet with vegetables julienne, Chablis, and butter, wrapped in parchment and baked. It smelled wonderful when I opened the parchment.


Jens took in the aroma and smiled. “Ohhhh, I smell something really good.”


I gave her a bite.


“Mmm, I think I’ve died and gone to heaven. This fish just melts in my mouth. What is this?”


"It's Chilean sea bass that has been prepared with sliced vegetables and a butter-and-Chablis sauce. Then it's wrapped in parchment and baked. I fed her several more bites, each one followed by another moan, then I changed and gave her a bite of the vegetables.


She took it in her mouth and savored it. "Oh, that's not the fish, it tastes like vegetables."


I took a champagne flute and placed it against her lips.


She laughed, "Those bubbles tickle my nose," and she took a couple of sips, clearing her mouth of the food.


Again I picked up some fish. Her senses had improved – she could smell the food coming, and opened her mouth.


"Mmm." She let the delicate flavor roll across her tongue.


It had taken close to thirty minutes, but the main entrée was done. I placed the champagne flute against her lips one last time, and she drained the glass.


I took another ice cube and rubbed it on her lips, and this time she didn't jump. When she opened her mouth, I leaned over and gently kissed her; first, on the lips; then I slowly slipped my tongue into her mouth.


I had my eyes open watching her expressions, and caught movement in my peripheral vision as she started to bring her hands up towards me.


I pulled away. "Hey, keep your hands in your lap or the meal is over."


I knew that Jens really liked chocolate, so for dessert, I chose a chocolate mousse cake made with dense, moist, chocolate cake set in vanilla sauce with raspberry and habanera coulis; and a very nice tawny port to go with it.


“Mmmm, chocolate cake.” She tilted her head. “No, wait. It’s more than that . . . this is so yummy and decadent,” Jens squealed.


I gave her a sip of the port. "Mmm that drink goes so well with this cake. What is it?"


"It's a tawny port. It’s made for a dessert like this, just like we are made for each other."


I picked up some of the raspberries and habanera coulis this time and placed it in her mouth.


"Wow! That's spicy, but very tasty."


I gave her another little sip of the port.


"Mmm, between the sauce and the port, I'm getting really hot," she remarked.


It was time for another ice cube. Teasing her lips until she was almost panting for the ice cube, I finally slipped it between her lips.


She gently held my fingers between her teeth and moved her tongue across them. When she let them go, she said, "This is a wonderful and tasty meal. But you taste the best to me."


When she’d eaten the last bite, asked her, “Are you full my love?”


“I am so full. That was fantastic; very erotic. Can I take off the blindfold yet?”


“Not yet, my fiancée. I’m not through. You stay here and don't move.”


I went inside and turned on some nice, slow dancing music, went back to the balcony, and lead Jens into the room. I took her in my arms, she melded her body to mine, and we started dancing. Every once in awhile, I kissed and nibbled her neck, sending little shudders though her body.


Finally, she said, “If you keep this up, I'm going to rip your clothes off and rape you right here on the floor.”


“Patience, my love. Just think of how much better it will be when we're married, and after all this anticipation,” I answered, but I knew she was serious, so I did cool things down a little bit. After three or four dances, it was getting a little late.


I removed the blindfold. “It's time to get ready for bed, my love,” I told her.


The look of love in her eyes was almost scary. She slipped her arms around my neck. “You do know that drove me totally wild, it was so erotic. You have me so hot and horny that I don't know if I can sleep. It's a good thing that you slowed up when you did, or I was going to rape you. I can't wait for you to do this when we're married.”


“Don't think that you're the only one that this got all hot and horny,” I said. “In fact, you had better sleep in your pajamas tonight. Why don't you go take the first cold shower, and I'll follow you.”


I walked her to the bathroom, and she gave me a smoldering kiss before she closed the door. While she was freezing herself into submission, I had room service come and pickup the dinner service. After about fifteen minutes she came out in just a towel.


“I forgot my pajamas,” she explained, and walked over to the dresser. She pulled them out, looked at me over her shoulder, and dropped the towel to the floor. I don't know how she did it, but she made dressing in her underwear and flannel PJ’s look sexy. She had me even hotter by the time she was done.


“Ohh, looks like someone liked that,” she laughed, looking at the bulge in my crotch. “I guess you’d better take that cold shower.”


This time, Jens was awake when I got out of the shower. “Come, my love, and lie by me on the bed.” She patted the mattress beside her.


We had some serious cuddle time that night. “So mister,” she said when I’d lain down, “I want to know how many other women you’ve tortured with a dinner like this.” She pretended to be upset.


I brushed a stray hair from her cheek. “None. I read about it somewhere once and told myself that when the right lady came along I would have to try it.”


That earned me a big kiss and an earnest request. “I want you to do this for me after we’re married, but I want it to be a total surprise. I guarantee you that the night you do, you will get so-o-o-o lucky!”


We continued talking and cuddling until Jens finally dropped off to sleep. As I held her close and listened to her soft snores, I thought, “Life doesn't get any better than this.”