14 Kaneohe Bay Hawaii - Thursday

Captured: Dreaming of home

© Copyright 2008 – 2009

Written by Banzai Ben



Chapter 14 – Sniper School Thursday 13 September 2007


Khudabah, Pakistan – Morning of day fifteen



What a terrible goddamned night I had. It took the rats three hours to finally eat enough of the little boy to kill him. His cries for help are imprinted on my mind, and when it became light enough for me to see this morning, it was even worse; the mother fucking rats were still there eating him. I puked my guts out and turned my head away.


As bad as last night was, today is even worse. After the guards tie me to the chair, Mustif comes in. “Good morning, Sergeant Major Bennie Blaine. I trust our little entertainment yesterday and last night was enjoyable for you.” He sneered at me.


I wonder how in the hell he got my real name until he throws a copy of the New York- Fricken-Crimes newspaper on the desk in front of me. It’s from five days after my capture. The headlines read, “American Hero MIA and Presumed Dead.”


Mustif starts beating me across the face; he’s really pissed. “So you thought it was funny to tell us you were Alfred E. Newman. You fucking American pig. You embarrassed me. I should just beat you until you can't move, let the men rape the shit out of you, and then let the rats eat you.” He keeps beating me until he’s breathing hard and doesn’t have the strength to continue.


“So you're a fucking Marine American hero. Let me tell you how your America is treating you now.” Mustif continues reading from the paper. “After helping five wounded Marines into a rescue helicopter, Sergeant Major Bennie Blaine jumped into a different helicopter. His helicopter was shot down and burst into flames minutes after crashing with no survivors. There are no plans for a rescue attempt because the presence of Islamic militants is too strong in the area of the crash.”


“So, you fucking pig, I guess your ass is mine until I grow tired of you and let the men have their way with you,” Mustif says. “Then your ass will be theirs.” He laughs at his evil humor.


He injects me with the drugs they’ve been using on me and leaves for a couple hours, leaving the paper in front of me. From time to time, he comes back to give me another injection. When the swelling in my face subsides, I read some more of the article.  It mentions Jens is sure I am still alive, and she won’t rest until I am found. At least she is doing better than when I left on this fucked-up mission. Even though she’s the most incredible woman in the world, I don't hold much help of her saving me. That’s something the General would never allow.


I am shocked when Zarika comes late in the day and cleans me up, taking care of the new cuts and bruises on my face. Then she redresses my feet, shaking her head and telling me in Russian my feet don’t look good. Finally, she feeds me some more stew and gives me a bunch of water.


I manage to string together enough Russian to ask her why Mustif still lets her take care of me. She replies that he doesn't know about it and that she bribes the guards to let her help me. When I ask what she bribes the guards with, she just looks uncomfortable and drops her gaze to the floor. I realize with a sickened feeling that she’s letting the guards fuck her so she can take care of me.


She tells me she heard Mustif and the leader talking. They want information out of me about where the Americans hold prisoners because that's where the leader’s brother is being held. And the leader told Mustif I had better not die because he was planning on trading me for his brother. She asks me about my American girlfriend and if she is pretty, and what life is like in America. I try to tell her the best I can.


When she hears the guards coming, she smiles at me, gives me a kiss on the cheek, tells me not to lose hope, warns me not to anger Mustif, and promises she will try to sneak in to see me tomorrow.


The guards tie me to the ceiling and surprise me by leaving the lights on again. I am sure it must be because of Zarika; I probably owe her my life.


At least my Jens is well; I have been really worried about my love. I hope I will have dreams about her tonight.


Kaneohe Bay Hawaii – Thursday, Day Twelve


It was a good thing I’d put on my bionic ears, because no sooner did we leave the hiding place than I heard a patrol. They were close and moving away from us.


I keyed my mic.“Looks like we have a patrol just ahead on the trail at about four hundred meters moving away from us. Let's sneak up on them and take them out.”


“Wow. I can't hear them at all. But my ears are still ringing from the last skirmish. What did you hear?”


“Someone isn't using a camelback. They’re using either a water bottle or a canteen, and I can hear the water sloshing in it,” I replied, and continued, “Someone else has a nervous habit of tapping on his weapon. One person has a stuffy nose. Another person just slapped at a bug. . .  should I keep going?”


“Damn. I have got to get a pair of those,” She said.


“Ouch! Make sure you whisper,” I said.


“Sorry, my love,” Jens whispered.


We slowly worked our way up to the patrol until we could see them in our night vision gear. I said, “Looks like a small patrol, I count eight.”


Jens replied, “The trail curves ahead. If we wait I think we can get a shot on all of them.”


Jens was right as usual, and whispered, “I'll take the back four, you take the front four. On three. One . . . two . . . three.” We opened fire with our suppressed M4s, and by the time the patrol figured out what was going on, they were all dead.


I grabbed Jens and threw her to the ground, just in time, and shushed her. “There's a sniper on the ridge to our left, I think about five hundred meters. I know who it is because he always clears his throat right before he shoots. He didn't see us in our ghillie suits until we fired. Then he saw our muzzle blast. We will need to be careful whenever we fire.”


“Thanks, my love. I owe you one,” She whispered. “So, why doesn't everyone use bionic ears?”


“Let's start working our way towards the right side of the ridge. I’ll tell you as we move,” I answered, and we started crawling up the hill.


“You’re the only person that knows about this other than Jack. When I said they’re a secret, that's what I meant. You see, sometimes my luck had some help.”


“You know, now some things make sense,” Jens replied as we kept creeping towards the ridge. “There were times my simulations of you didn't make sense, and I wondered if you had ESP. Now I know about the ears, those times make sense.”


“Well, some of those times might have been me trusting my feelings. So maybe they were ESP. We need to be very quiet now so I can listen,” I said, and Jens fell silent, even measuring her breathing.


I listened. “Yeah, this is George; I can tell by the sounds he makes. He's good, but we can take him, especially since he can't see us with these IR suits. He's right at the point of the hill, about three hundred meters away. I think if we continue to the right, we can find a position to take him out. He always shoots an M40 in 300 Winchester Magnum. I want his rifle for our use. Besides, it will really piss him off when we take his it. No noise from now on.”


Jens more than complied, she had really listened to me, and I could hardly hear her. We got to the top of the ridge on the right, and I broke the silence.


“Shit. We can't get a shot from here. Jens, I’m proud of how quiet you are. Because of that, I think we can sneak up and take them both out with our knives.”


“My love,” She answered, “Did you forget about our suppressed Ruger MkIIs? Once we get within twenty-five feet, they'll be the perfect.”


“Damn, I forgot all about them. You’re totally right. This will be much better than trying to sneak close enough for knives. Thanks for reminding me, my beautiful and deadly witch.” I said.


Jens squeezed my leg, letting me know she liked the compliment.



We took our time and found a clearing at twenty-five feet, but we still had a problem – we couldn't see them with our NV gear because they had on the same IR suits as we had. Using my bionic ears, I had a good idea where both of them were, but I wasn't one hundred percent sure. Finally Jens started making a mewing sound like a kitten, both George and his spotter turned, and the movement told us where they were. Four shots from the Rugers, and they were dead.


I half-whispered, “You can leave all your gear, George; we're going to be using it.”


George swore. “Son of a bitch. I knew we were in trouble when the BG sent us in after you, Banzai. I tried to tell him you would end up killing us and using our weapons. You know you really ripped them up when they attacked the hill. That was one of the best tactical plans I have ever seen. I guess you have been studying.”


“George, I'm not smart enough to come up with this plan. My new spotter and fiancée came up with it; she is the beauty and the brains of this unit. George and Frank, meet Jumpin' Jens,” I replied.


Jens shook their hands. “Pleased to meet both of you. I’ve studied you. You’re very good.”


George looked at me. “I'd heard you were pissed about having a woman as your new spotter. Then I heard you two were engaged, and I figured she must be really good for you to change your mind. I was right.”


He turned to Jens. “It's a pleasure to finally meet you the future Mrs. Blaine. So, if you're the beauty and the brains of the unit, what does that make Banzai?”


Jens replied, “Thanks George. Banzai is the boss and the brawn of the unit.”


Jens started to explain it to them, but I interrupted, “Hey, I hate to do this, but we have to get moving. We’ll take care of your weapons like they are our own, and we’ll let you know where we leave them after we run out of ammo.”


George answered, “I'm not upset; I knew you would do this. When I missed the shot on one of you, I told Frank you would be coming for us. We thought about leaving, but figured we would die either way. This is a good rifle, it's sighted in at five hundred meters, and I have one hundred rounds of ammo with it. To be truthful, we are just happy to be able to leave and get some sleep. Give them hell Banzai and Jens.”


“Orraaahhh,” we both said, and watched George and Frank take off.


I asked Jens, “Well, we have a new sniper rifle. Why don't you bring out Lassie and figure out which location would be the best.”


Jens setup the computer and satellite dish and booted Lassie. “Wow,” she remarked, “I can't believe how many ghosts are on the screen. We're lucky we’re here; this one area is relatively empty. Damn, there are four other groups of snipers, and they're all hunkered down just waiting for us. At least we know where they are now and can either go after them or avoid them. Since this area is sort of clear, please give me a few minutes, my love, to analyze all this data and come up with a plan.”


When Jens gets into her analysis mode, she totally concentrates on her duty. I went over and introduced myself to the weapon. It was a pretty nice rifle. “I think I hear something,” I said. Jens was still busy, so I started looking around.


I took a look through the scope and said, “My love, do you see any ghosts about fourteen hundred meters away from us?”


That broke her out of her trance, “What? What are you talking about? I don't see anything.”


“Well, I can see three ghosts wandering around and I need ranged,” I answered.


“Shit,” She answered. “I'll be right there,” and he slid down to the spotting scope. “Son of a bitch. I want them dead and then I want to go see what they’re wearing. Range on left ghost, fourteen twenty-four meters; elevation, minus ten; wind, four at three fifty-four. Wait. Hold your fire! They're civilians.”


“Shit! What are civilians doing in the training area? That explains why they’re so noisy and they look like they’re lost.” I sighed. “I guess I have to make the call.” I keyed my mic on the emergency call-all frequency, “Unit Bravo Juliet calling the RSO, we have identified three suspected civilians in the training area. Please advise.”


The radio crackled, “This is RSO Colonel Sanderson to all troops in the training area. The exercise is immediately on hold. Cease all training activity and movement until Unit Bravo Juliet verifies the presence of civilians in the training area. Unit Bravo Juliet, you are ordered to contact the suspected civilians and verify their identity. If they are civilians, detain them and radio your location. We’ll send the MPs to pick them up. Also, if they’re civilians, treat them with the utmost respect and courtesy.”


While I was on the radio, Jens was digging in her pack. She pulled out two Kimber and handed one to me along with two mags.


“Put this on, and be careful. This is a real Kimber with real ammo. I don't think so because they’re so inept, but these civvies could be assassins.”


Jens phone started vibrating. “One minute, my love.” She answered the phone. It was the General on the line. She hung up the phone and continued, “That was daddy, and he told me they are probably a news crew but to be very careful. He also authorized me to carry the Kimbers we have and if necessary to fire live ammo in the training area. He told me to be very careful with them and to not say anything in front of them. When we go down there, you’ll stay concealed and cover my back. If they are terrorists looking for you, they probably won't shoot me.”


I shook my head. “Bullshit on that last part. That’s not what the General said. You're forgetting I have on my bionic ears. I heard both sides of the conversation. Here’s how we will handle this. It's evident they don't have NV gear; shit, I even saw them turn on a flashlight. We’ll sneak in front of them and contact them. These are my orders.”


“I don't agree with you on this, but I live and love to serve you,” Jens replied.


The adrenalin was flowing when we slipped down the hill. As we got closer to them I started laughing and keyed my private frequency to Jens.


“Yeah, this is a news crew, all right,” I chuckled. “There’s even a woman in it, and she’s swearing at the two guys for getting them lost”


Jens answered back. “We still need to be careful.”


She was right as always, so we were not just careful; we were very careful. When we were about fifty meters from them Jens could even hear the woman, and whispered to me, “You were right, my love, this is funny.  Damn. She can really bitch. It's a shame we have to capture them; it’d be much more fun to let them wander around until daylight.”


I keyed the emergency frequency, “This is Unit Bravo Juliet, giving a status report. We are within fifty meters of the suspected civilians and are about to make contact.”


“Roger, Unit Bravo Juliet. Please lock down your transmit button so we can record your contact with the suspected civilians. We will contact Juliet on an alternate frequency if we have instructions for you,” Colonel Sanderson answered.


We were in position with Jens on one side of the trail and me on the other side. I locked the transmit button down and said in my loudest Marine voice.


“Halt where you are. Put your hands in the air and do not move!”


The woman screamed and fell to the ground. The other two slowly put their hands in the air.


I continued, “What happened to the woman?”


One of the voices replied, “You scared the piss out of her and she fainted. Please don't shoot us, we’re lost.”


I answered, “You just lied to me. You’re not lost. Don’t lie to me again. You’re trespassing on USMC property and are currently surrounded. Do not make any sudden moves or we’ll be forced to fire. Do you understand my orders?”


Both the men said, “Yes.”


“Tell me who you are,” I commanded.


One of them said, “We are a news crew from CCCN. I’m Jon, the audio engineer; this is Bernie, the cameraman, and the woman on the ground who pissed herself and passed out is Elizabeth Morgan. We’re here to try to film this exercise. We weren't lost when we came in here, but got lost later.”


Jens said to me, “Bravo, the RSO wants them searched and any cameras and recording gear confiscated. I radioed our location and the RSO is sending in a chopper and a detail of MPs to escort them out of the training area.”


I had heard of the news reporter. She was a real bitch who liked to broadcast sensational stories about the military, most of them bad. It was a common joke that we called the news network CCCP[1] instead of CCCN because of their slanted stories. I was wondering what the hell they were doing there.


I told Jon and Bernie, “I’ll be coming in to search both of you. This will require that I touch both of you. After I’m done, Juliet will come in and search Ms. Morgan. Please don’t make any sudden moves.”


I slowly walked up to Jon and searched him. He did have news credentials on him. I did the same for Bernie, who had the same credentials. I found the flashlight and alerted Jens so she could turn off her NV gear.


“Juliet, I have their flashlight and I’m turning it on.”.


“Roger,” she replied, and I turned on the flashlight.


Jens moved up just as Ms. Morgan came to. She said, “Ms. Morgan, do not move. You’re being detained for trespassing on USMC property. I’m going to search you to make sure you're who you say you are and to make sure you're not carrying any weapons.”


I shined the flashlight in Ms. Morgan's eyes and Jens started searching her. “Eww,” Jens said, “She did piss herself.”


Jon and Bernie started snickering. Ms. Morgan snarled, “You two cut that out. One word of this to anyone, and you will lose your jobs.”


“She's clean,” Jen said. “Please stand up and move over with the other two.”


She did, but was still pretty wobbly. She blinked her eyes a couple of times and said, “It's you two – the ones we’ve been looking for. Sergeant Major Bennie Blaine and Sergeant Jennifer Donaldson, we’ve been trying to find both of you. I was wondering if we could interview you. Bernie, why aren't you taping this?”


Bernie replied, “They confiscated all of our gear.”



Ms. Morgan launched into a tirade about how they were American citizens and this was American property and how we didn't have the right to do this.


She then said, “Fuck this shit. I know those aren't real guns. You can't have real guns in a training area,” and moved towards the camera twenty feet away.


“Ma'am, if you take one more step towards the camera, we’ll be forced to physically detain you.” I said.


“Go fuck yourself,” Ms. Morgan said, and kept moving towards it.


I nodded at Jens. She stepped in front of Ms. Morgan, and Ms. Morgan said, “Who do you think you are? Move the hell out of my way, bitch,” and went to push Jens. Jens grabbed one of her arms and twisted it around behind her back and escorted her back beside the other two.


“All of you sit down, put your hands on your heads and don't move,” I commanded.


Jens forced the reporter to the ground, leaned over and whispered something in her ear, and got back up smiling. Ms. Morgan looked shaken by what Jens had told her, and this time obeyed us. Finally the chopper arrived. There wasn't any place to land, so the MPs had to rappel down to the ground.  Jens told me the RSO wanted me to release the mic, so I did.


The MPs put the intruders in handcuffs and started marching them out of the training area. Bernie said, “Hey what about our gear?”


The MP's said, “What gear? We don't see any gear.”


Finally, they were out of our hair, and the RSO called over the emergency channel. “Unit Bravo Juliet, good job. You both handled that situation very well. Because the position of Unit Bravo Juliet has been compromised, this training exercise is on hold for two hours to allow for relocation. You’ll be notified when this exercise resumes.”


I asked Jens, “So what did you say to the bitch? She looked really scared.”


Jen laughed and answered, “I told her if she called me a bitch again, I would have a training accident with my Ka-Bar and her tits. And if she didn't behave herself, she might find herself “left behind” the next time she was out with the Marines in Iraq.”


I just laughed. “Damn, you’re dangerous.” I gave her a big hug and kiss. “Thanks for following my orders. You did really well.”


“Like I told you, my love, you’re the boss. I didn't like that you were the one to make first contact, but when you order me to do something I will obey. I live and love to serve you,” Jens answered, and gave me another hug and kiss.


Jens’s phone buzzed again and she answered it. When she was done she said, “Daddy wants us to secure the camera gear and wrap it up in some tarps so it's waterproof. They’ll pick it up after the exercise. Wait, why did I tell you? You could hear it with those bionic ears.”


“That's right. Hey, we better get moving. We only have about two hours to relocate.”


Jen said, “I've been thinking – almost everyone will assume we’re going to relocate as far away from here as we can, so that's what we're not going to do. Instead, we’ll move everything to the hill across the trail from this one. It’s a better place for us to be anyway because our backs will be protected by the edge of the training area. We just have to make sure we don't get trapped at the top of this hill because there isn't an escape route.”


Again her thinking was flawless, and would probably save our lives. I started humping the gear to the other hill while Jens set up the location. She figured out some traps. Nothing as elaborate as location Charlie, but this would help when we needed to bug out.


The biggest problem I could see was that we were limited to about one thousand meters in range. If we ran into a sniper with a M107 or even a M40 in .338 Lapua or another mortar team we were screwed.


I finished hauling the last of the gear up and sat down by Jens, who was busy on the computer. “I’ve been replaying the last few days at high speed, and I might have found a major weakness in the troop plans.” Jens said to me. “Come and look at this.”


I started watching the computer screen, and she continued. “Notice the edges of the training area.”


I watched as she ran the playback and said, “Damn, no one patrols the edges of the training area; they concentrate on the inside.”


“That's right, my brilliant fiancé,” Jens said. “Groups occasionally reach the edge, but only when they're doing a grid search. This means if we stick to the edge of the training area, we’ll be able to travel wherever we want.”


“So I humped all this gear over here for no good reason?” I groaned.


“No, is this a good enough reason,” Jens said, and gave me a smoking hot kiss.


“Maybe if I was to get several more it might be worth it,” I answered. Jens happily complied.


It was starting to get light, and we heard the RSO. “The two-hour window is now over. The exercise will now resume.”


Jens continued, “This is a pretty good location if we have to fall back and make a last stand, so let's leave the heavy stuff here. How about some breakfast, and then we take off down the edge of the training area.”


“Oh, yeah. Just the thoughts of your MREs makes me hungry,” I answered.


Jens made the MREs while I watched the computer screen. She brought mine over, and I said, “You know, it almost looks like they're running patrols on a set schedule; what do you think?”


Jens sat down and prayed, and I sort of played along. Then she looked at the computer playing back the last few days, and said, “I think you’re right.” She reached over and entered some more commands, then ran the playback again, “No, now I’m sure you're right. There was so much data I missed it. Let's see something.” She worked on the computer some more.


The screen filled with numbered dots overlaid on the map, “These are the times the patrols intersect with the edge of the training area. It's accurate within thirty minutes. We can either use this data to stay away from the patrols or to attack them, which do you prefer my love?”


“Well, morning is coming soon, and I could use a couple hours of sleep; otherwise I would need to take a white[2]Which place would be the best for us to sack out?” I asked.


Jens pointed to the map. “This is the least-patrolled area, and while we head to it we’ll be able to pick off this patrol.” She pointed to one of the numbered dots. Then she switched back to the real-time display. “It looks like we have a couple of patrols headed this way. Let’s move before they get here.”


We headed along the edge of the training area and got to the interception point about forty-five minutes before the patrol’s arrival time. We each found a good place to hide and then just waited. Fifty minutes later, the platoon showed up. They had been doing this route for several days and were tired and bored. I called Jens on the radio. “You know, if we kill them here, they’ll know we are at the edge. They’re really bored and tired, so I say we follow them away from the edge by about one click and then take them.”


Jens answered, “Wow, I must be tired. I didn't even think of that. It's a great idea.”


The patrol turned, we slipped out of hiding and followed them unnoticed. We actually followed them about two clicks, then we flanked them and started firing with our suppressed M4s. It was so funny to watch, because they weren't ready for us at all, and it scared the crap out of them. Before long, we had another fifteen kills.


I called Jens on the radio. “I’ve just had a great idea. Watch and listen.”


I stood up and yelled at the platoon, “You’re all dead, and by the rules of engagement, we claim all your gear. Drop your weapons and your packs where you are and leave for the entrance.” They grumbled about it but left everything.


Jens ran up, and we started looking through all the gear and took some of the best for us. The rest, we put in one big pile and marked it on the map for later retrieval.


Jens said, “That was brilliant. I wish we would've been doing this all along. It's going to slow them up if they have to resupply every time we send them back to the entrance.”


“It's even better,” I said. “If we keep this up they will actually run out of supplies and then they will have to come back into the training area to pick up the supplies.”


“Oh that gives me an idea,” Jens said. She took a couple of grenades, pulled the pins, and slipped them under some gear so it held the handles down. “This’ll slow them up even more.”


“I love you, my devious witch.” I laughed.


“Compliments like that will earn you a kiss,” she replied, and planted a big one on me.


We headed back to the edge of the training area and up to our targeted area. We found a good bunch of bushes to hide under, and Jens set up the laptop and dish and put Lassie in watch dog mode.


I pulled out my bionic ears and turned them off. “Wow, it feels good having those out.” I scratched my ears.


“Good sleep, my love,” Jens said.


“Sleep well my fiancée,” I replied, and we both drifted off to sleep.


Four hours later I woke up started stretching, which woke Jens. I looked at my watch and said, “Four hours of sleep. I feel much better.”


Jens squeezed me and said, “You always feel good to me.” I gave her a kiss.


She rolled over and checked the computer. “Wow, this is a really good hiding place. I think we can come back here anytime we need a rest. Are you hungry?”


“Just for you,” I said, and kissed her again she kissed me back with enthusiasm.


“Mmm, maybe we could just stay here all day and kiss and cuddle,” Jens purred.


About that time, her phone started vibrating. She grabbed it and answered. It was the general.


While she was busy on the phone, I slipped out of our hiding place and took care of some duties. When I made it back, Jens handed me the phone, and the General didn't waste any time.


“Son, you two are doing a great job. I was worried because nothing had happened for four hours, but Jens told me you two were sleeping.


“I do have some bad news. While the mission is still ending on Friday at twenty-four hundred, you two will need to stay in the area until oh-nine hundred on Saturday. I will personally contact you right after twenty-four hundred with an explanation and more orders.


“Also, I’ll not be there until the same time on Saturday, but I’ll be monitoring Brigadier General Thompson to make sure he doesn't try anymore funny business. That's all I can tell you for right now. Do you have any questions?”


“Sir, I don't understand your orders, but I don't need to understand them to be able to follow them,” I answered.


“That's what I expected from you. Now let me say goodbye to Jens,” the general said. I handed the phone back to Jens and they talked for a few more minutes.


After they finished, I asked Jens, “Do you know what is going on?”


“What do you mean, my love?” She replied. I told her about our new orders and she replied, “Damn. He didn't even tell me. I have no idea what is going on, but I’m a little pissed we have to spend another night in here. I want to go home and sleep in our own bed and eat some real food.”


We ate some more food. Jens was right – MREs were getting old even with the way she could spice them up. She checked the laptop, made some notes, shut it down, and packed it up.


“We're coming back here tonight to get some real sleep,” she announced, and we headed off to our first target.


“It doesn't make sense for us to wait at the edge of the training area for the patrols; we’ll go deeper into the training area and wait for them to come to us. Plus, we need to be random on the groups we take out so they won't figure out what we're doing,” Jens said.


All day, we moved from patrol to patrol and intercepted them on their searches. We made each one leave all their gear took what we wanted and booby trapped the rest. Later in the afternoon, the BG had supply issues and started sending in patrols to collect the gear, and they were running into some nasty surprises in the form of the booby traps Jens left. The morale of the troops was getting pretty low.


Jens and I were flying high, but our strength was flagging. I looked at her and said, “I never thought I would say this, but I am getting tired of killing. It’s been too easy, and I hate to see what it is doing to the troops. I’m thinking of letting us die to give the troops a morale boost.”


Jens’s eyes sparked in warning before she slapped me across the face. “Are you fucking crazy? It's not our fault the BG doesn't know what he's doing and is running his troops into the ground. There’s no way in hell we're going to quit, so get your head out of your ass. We were told by the General to train these troops and that's what we're going to do.”


I rubbed my face. My girl sure packed a wallop. “You’re right. Sorry; I'm just tired. How about we head back to our hiding place and sleep the rest of the night?”


Jens raked her bottom lip with her teeth. Even contrite, she was sexy. “Sorry I slapped you, but you were being stupid. I'm tired, too. Let’s go and get some sleep.”


We ran back to our hiding place and crawled into the bushes. Jens set up the laptop and the dish and put it in watch dog mode, and then she gave me some Hudson Bay Bread. “I'm too bushed to cook; let's eat this tonight.” She didn't get any complaints from me. We held each other and slipped off to sleep.





[1] SSSR in Russian. Sojus Sowjetskich Sozialistitscheskich Respublik, the old name of the Soviet Union. The letter C in English is the Letter S in Russian the P is R


[2] A white is an amphetamine Military issued.