20 Kaneohe Bay Hawaii - Wednesday

Captured: Dreaming of home

© Copyright 2008 – 2009

Written by Banzai Ben



Chapter 20 – Sniper Competition Wednesday 19 September 2007


Khudabah, Pakistan – Morning of day twenty


I woke in the middle of the night last night for several hours. I think the prospect of escape wouldn’t let my mind rest. I spent that time thinking of ways to escape, and I think I've figured out a plan that will work. It's going to be risky, but I'm tired of just waiting to be rescued. They may not even know where I am. Damn, that makes me wonder what the hell is going on with Jens. If I try real hard, I can still sort of feel her. It's almost scary when I do; I've never felt her this pissed off before.


When the guards come in to get me this morning, Zarika isn't with them, so I start singing my fake death song again as loud as I can. I'm not sure why, but whenever I sing it, they get really freaked out. They leave my night guard in the room and come back a while later with Zarika. When she comes in with them, I stop singing, and I see a little twinkle in her eyes.


The three guards move me downstairs to my cell and tie me to the ceiling. Shit. What's going on now? Zarika tells me that Hussein is bringing in the Imam to see me today. Then she starts cleaning me up better than ever before. Shit, she even cuts my hair and shaves the little bit of scruff on my face. That feels good, but I draw the line when she tries to give me a fucking 'man dress'. The guards try to force me to wear it until I start chanting my death song. They freak out and back off, and Zarika brings in a pair of pants and a shirt for me. Of course, the minute she leaves, I start wailing again and only stop when she returns. It felt good to have at least a little bit of control over the situation.


Once I’m cleaned up, the guards tie me to the chair, left arm included. Zarika leaves to go get my food, and the moment she is gone, I start the death song and keep it up until she returns. Damn are these towelheads stupid. If this wasn't a life or death situation, I might be able to laugh about it.


After about an hour of waiting, the Imam, Hussein, and Mustif come in. They try to chase Zarika out of the room, but I started in on my death song as loud as I could when she started leaving. Mustif gets really pissed and starts beating on me.


Hussein and the guards grab him and beat the shit out of him, finally tying him up to the ceiling where I usually hang. Damn son of a bitch. I hope he likes how it feels. The whole time, I keep up the wailing until they finally bring Zarika back. Damn. I really have them shaken up, if they will allow a woman in here while the Imam is here.


Hussein and the Imam sit across the table from me while Zarika settles by my feet. The Imam looks at me.


His English is pretty damn good as he asks, "Why is it, my son, that you want to die?"


I am not, and never will be, your son, you fucking towel-headed bastard. I answer, "I'm American Indian. My spirit guides have told me I will never escape and that I must prepare myself to be with my ancestors.”


The Imam responds, "Maybe, my son, you have not experienced the one true god."


 I’m so disgusted, I want to puke. "Tell me, Imam – is Mustif one of god's children?"


The Imam looked at Mustif hanging from the ceiling and said, "Yes, he is one of god's children."


I look at him. "If he is one of god's children, then I will never be interested in god. Mustif has treated me worse than a pig."  I decide to add fuel to the fire, and tell him, "With your god as my witness what I tell you now is the truth. He has tortured and starved me. He has made me watch women and children being raped and killed. He even raped Zarika when Hussein wasn't around. And even though Hussein ordered him not to, he has still been injecting me with drugs every day. Check my arms if you don’t believe me."


Mustif’s eyes widen and he starts screaming and hollering in Arabic and kicking his legs. Zarika has figured out the rape lie and acts the part, hanging her head in shame. She’s a damn good little actress. Hussein calls two of the guards over, and they hold down my arms and push back my sleeves, revealing the fresh injection sites.


Hussein glares at Mustif and starts a tirade as he beats Mustif until finally pulling out his pistol and shooting him in the guts. Mustif lets out a huge scream and passes out. I may be tied to a chair, but inside, I’m jumping for joy, knowing the damned rat bastard will die a slow and painful death.


The Imam seems unfazed by the display of violence. He turns to me. "Well, there has been enough excitement here for today. The death of the interpreter means that I will need to stop by every day to talk with you."


When he talks to Hussein, it sounds more like an ass-chewing than a friendly discussion. I'm sure that Zarika will tell me later what he said. They leave me alone with the dying Mustif, Zarika, and the guards.


As soon as they’re gone, Zarika goes over and spits on Mustif and kicks him in his balls, eliciting a moan from him and laughter from the guards. Then she comes over and tells me me, "The Imam told Hussein he needed to treat you better because god could use a great and brave warrior like you.”


I spit on the ground. "Fuck him and fuck his god. I'll see them all in hell!"


She talks the guards into turning my chair so I can watch Mustif slowly bleed out.


I taunt him every time he wakes, and Zarika kicks him in the balls periodically. It takes all day, but finally he bleeds out enough that he no longer wakes or moans when Zarika kicks him.



My final word to him are, "That's what you get for fucking with a Marine." It’s sweet watching him die, but not as sweet as if I would have killed the bastard with my own hands.


Zarika treats me to even more food at dinner than usual, and after dinner, she sits in my lap and tells me how proud she is that I figured out a way to get Mustif killed.


The guards even treat me better when they take me upstairs to and tie me to my bed. I guess the Imam's talk to Hussein rubbed off on them.


Zarika says, "Spakona Nocha." (Good Night - Sweet Dreams) and leaves me with only one guard in my room. Today’s events have encouraged me, and I miss Jens so much . . .



Kaneohe Bay Hawaii – Tuesday Day Nineteen



I was pulled awake from a sound sleep by the oddest sensation. The bed was moving, and I had no blankets on me. Then I heard Jens moaning. I reached for my Kimber and was about to ask what was wrong, when I realized what was going on.


 Jens was wrapped up like a mummy and thrashing around as much as the blankets allowed. "Oh yes. Yes, yes, yes, Ben. Ohh, I like that."


Oh, shit. Jens was having an erotic dream. It must’ve be a good one, because she doesn’t usually talk in her sleep. I sighed. We were both about as sexually frustrated as two people can get. It was tough not to just take care of it.


"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh," Jens screamed one last time and stopped thrashing around on the bed.


Well, this situation really sucked. When something shocks me awake like that, I'm awake for a very long time. Jens had stolen all the covers–she's such a cover thief when I don't spoon her–and to top it off, her moans had excited me.


It was only 0030. Maybe if I got up and did something, I could calm down and get back to sleep. Hell, the way Jens had excited me, I figured I might as well take a cold shower. On my way to my bathroom, I spotted my Five Fingers and changed my mind, deciding instead to go for a run. I hadn’t had a solitary run since Jens had come into my life. Much as I loved her, I missed it, and the way she’d acted for the past couple of days, I could use the alone time.


Running helps to clear my mind and gives me time to think. That’s why I love it so much. I might just do a Forrest Gump someday, where I start out running and never stop. The cast didn't bother me much as I ran. I wished I could say the same thing about shooting with it. Oh, well. that was over and done, and I had done the best I could. The competition for Tuesday would be knives, and I didn’t anticipate the cast being much of a hindrance.


I was so deep in thought that I forgot about the guards at the gate. Shit. Well, maybe I could blow by them without any crap.


"Halt. Who goes there?" the guard challenged.


'Sergeant Major Bennie Blaine, out for an early morning training run," I answered, jogging in place and showing him my ID.


He looked at it, and then at me. "Shouldn't you have an escort with you?"


Damn. I stood still. "Hey, listen: I'm going a short distance down the road and then right back. I don't think anyone is out this early that will bother me.  Besides, I have my Kimber with me just in case." and I showed him my sidearm.


"Well, okay. I guess you can pass." He let me through the gate, and I was on my way.


Running free again was great – nothing to think about, just the sounds of my breath and of one foot hitting the pavement in front of the other. The run was helping me get rid of the bad feelings from yesterday I harbored towards Jens. I was learning that, much as I enjoyed Jens’s company, I still needed alone time.


It seemed safe enough, so I decided to run straight into town instead of heading down towards Kahaluu point this time. There were just enough streetlights for good visibility, and as far as I knew, I had the road to myself.


I did, until I ran past a bar surrounded by motorbikes. That gave me a start, but I knew I had trouble coming when I realized that the bar was closing, and bikers were pouring out. I really didn’t want a fight, but I knew it was coming as soon as I heard one of the bikers yell.


"Hey, isn't that the fucking Marine that almost killed Jimmy?"


They all turned their heads to see me running by, and one of them answered, "Yeah, it looks like the pictures I saw of him in the paper. He has a cast just like that shithead in the paper had."


Shit! I need to get the hell out of here.


I started running down the street as fast as I could, and the motherfuckers started shooting at me.


I heard the bikes start up and knew that they'd be chasing me down soon if I didn't do something, so I dodged down an alley and tipped over all the trashcans along the way to try to slow them down.


I’d just made it to the end of the alley when I heard the bikes enter the other end. I stepped around the corner, pulled my Kimber, and waited. The trashcans were slowing them down some, but not much. As the first biker came through the end of the alley, I shot the fucker’s front tire, and his bike went down hard, with six other bikes crashing into his bike and the walls.


They were pissed off and swearing up a storm. One saw me and went for his gun, but even using my left hand, I beat him to the shot. A double tap1 center mass, and he was down, but they all saw me then, and they started firing.


I dodged down another alley, making a mess of the trashcans as I ran and did the best tactical reload that I'd done since my right arm was put in a cast. I'd fired three shots out of one mag, so I had five shots left in that, one in the pipe, and eight in the new mag. It looked like there were about fifteen bikers left. I was going to run out of ammo before I ran out of targets. I couldn't afford any more double taps.


I could hear the bikes coming again. They must have gotten around the downed bikes. Son of a bitch. I needed to get somewhere they couldn't go, but I had to slow them up first. I ducked behind a dumpster and waited. A street light about twenty feet away made it so I could see really well from where I was hiding. As soon as I saw the front biker, I nailed him with a single tap in the head, and his bike crashed, again causing a chain reaction crash with the following bikers. The stupid fuckers didn’t learn.


I started pushing the dumpster down the alley towards the bikers, using it as a shield. They were more pissed than before, and were shooting the hell out of the dumpster. I peeked around the side and single tapped any of the bastards that I saw. I gave the dumpster one last push and took off running down the alley.  Shit. it felt like I was in Iraq again, with all the bullets flying around. At least the bastards were bad shots when they were drunk.


I could’ve really used the police right about then. I was down to two in the first mag and eight rounds left in the second. Too bad there wasn't a donut shop around there.


Finally, I saw the Kamahamaha highway. I knew that if I could just get across it and drop over the sea wall, I'd have some pretty good protection. I dove over the seawall with shots whistling all around me, damn that didn't feel real good on my right arm. The fuckers must have made it out of the alley. I didn’t hear any bikes; at least they were on foot.


I ducked and ran along the wall for about ten feet and then popped up and took out two more before they spotted my new position, then ducked and ran another ten feet and popped up again. Damn, they were close. I emptied the last three rounds in this mag and did my final tactical reload. Shit – three shots left, and four bikers.


As I was trying to figure out which ones to take out, I heard the welcome sound of sirens. It was about fricken time. If I could just stay away from these last four bikers, I'd be fine. I popped up one last time and noticed that the four bikers had heard the sirens and were taking off. I really wanted to shoot them, but it would be hard to explain why I shot them in the back.


Because I was only doing single taps, I wasn't sure that the rat bastards I shot were dead, so I stayed hidden behind the seawall. I heard a bunch of police cars slide up and the police come boiling out of them.


I yelled, "Don't shoot me; I'm Sergeant Major Bennie Blaine, I'm behind the seawall, and I'm surrendering my gun and coming out." I held the Kimber by two fingers above the seawall and set it on top.


"We see you. Stand up slowly and put your hands on your head. Don't reach for that gun, or we will fire," one of the officers said.


I put my hands up in the air, doing the best as I could with my right arm, and slowly stood up. Shit. this was worse than the fricken bikers. I sure hoped that one of the cops didn't have an itchy trigger finger.


After I stood up, I heard, "Shit, not you again. What is it with you and bikers?" It was the same captain from two nights ago. "Everyone stand down. Do not fire," The captain commanded.


A couple of police came over, and one used gloves, picked up my Kimber, unloaded it and dropped it into a plastic bag. The other helped me climb over the seawall and escorted me to the captain, who asked me what happened.


"Sir,” I answered. “I couldn’t sleep, so I was taking a morning run. These bikers attacked me without provocation, so I defended myself. Not to be disrespectful, but before I answer any more questions, I would like for you to call the general; he will decide if I need legal counsel."


The captain had a patrol car take me down to the station, where I was placed in an interrogation room. The adrenaline rush from my battle drained out of my body, taking my energy with it. I sat in the chair, laid my head on the table, and fell asleep.


 The next thing I knew, the door was opening, and Jens was there. Damn, it was so good to see her again. I figured that she was going to really chew my ass because I really fucked up this time, but she surprised me by hugging me so hard that my back popped and then giving me a huge kiss, ignoring my breath, which I knew had to be awful.


After we came up for air, she whispered in my ear, "I love you, and I miss you so much. We're here for you now. Don't say anything because they're listening."


I sat back down and Jens sat on my lap, damn she's going to have to get her uniform cleaned because I'm a sweaty, smelly mess. "Jens, I missed you so much. I'm so sorry." I tried to say more but she kissed me on the lips again.


"My fiancé," Jens said, "I need to apologize to you and I don't care who hears what I say. I realized that I've been a real bitch and a nag the last two days. Ever since you broke your arm keeping me from being raped by those nasty bikers, I was so scared of them and you saved me keeping me pure for our wedding night. I've felt guilty that I couldn't protect myself and that you got hurt protecting my honor."


Jens had some sort of plan and was pouring on the bullshit. She definitely hadn’t been scared of those apes, she wasn't going to be raped, and she’d even kicked the shit out of one of them.


I opened my mouth to say something, and Jens kissed me again, trying to stick her tongue down my throat. "My love, don't say anything, just hold me tight," she said and started to weep.


Well, I was sure confused. I knew that sooner or later I would see Jens, and I was ready for her to unload a shitstorm on me; fuck, I deserved it. But there she was, sitting in my lap and pretending to be a defenseless woman when we both know better.


It was plain that she didn't want me to talk; every time I opened my mouth, she played tonsil hockey with me. Not that I was complaining. I held her and stroked her hair the way she liked. She continued to cry and even shivered every once and awhile. Damn, she's good.


The door opened and the detectives walked back in and asked Jens to leave, I guess they figured that I wasn't going to tell her anything. Jens started crying and wailing, one of the detectives came over and grabbed her by the arm pulling her out of my lap, I almost jumped up and beat the shit out of him for touching Jens, but she winked and me and slumped to the floor and wrapped both of her arms around my legs; damn the floor was nasty! She started sobbing and wailing and carrying on like they were trying to kill her, going on and on about how she was so scared of the bikers raping her and how she only felt safe when she was with me.


Just as the detective was getting ready to try to grab Jens again, Dad and three other men walked in the room, one was in a police uniform. The one in the uniform took one look at Jens wailing on the floor and the detective trying to grab her arm and said, "Detective Branson, what's going on here."


Detective Branson spun around and said, "Sir, we had let this female in to see the suspect like you requested and hoped that he would tell her something. All they did was hug and kiss so we decided to remove her from the room and continue the interrogation."


Jens had worked her way back into my lap and was holding my neck tight, she looked like hell, her uniform was a huge mess, all of her makeup had run all over her face and she had snot running out of her nose. Jens winked at me and looked over at the three and sobbed, "This, this, this man tried to take me away from my fiancé. Since I was almost raped by those nasty bikers and Ben saved me and protected my honor, I don't feel safe unless I am with him. Detective Branson even grabbed me by the arm and I think bruised me when he tried to drag me out of this room. Is this what they call police brutality?" And continued sobbing and shivering.


Detective Branson looked like he was going to shit his pants when the two suits that came in with dad and the uniform gave him nasty looks. The uniform told the detective to bring in some more chairs and then leave the room. Jens was still crying when they came back with the chairs so they sent the detectives out to get some Kleenex and a cup of coffee for everyone. Jens looked up at Detective Branson when he handed her the cup of coffee and said thanks in the meekest voice I'd ever heard her use, "I'm so sorry Detective Branson that I caused so much trouble, but I don't feel safe unless I'm with my fiancé." She even gave him a halfway smile.


The detectives left the room and introductions were made, the uniform was the Robert Long the Chief of police, the tall strong looking suit was Mike Stokes the District Attorney, the weasely looking short suit was Marvin Straight my fricken lawyer. Dad and the three of them were going over a bunch of boring legal crap and I tried to follow, but Jens was distracting me, she was sitting right in the middle of my lap and kept flexing her buns causing interesting sensations in my little Marine, damn why was she teasing me now?


Finally an agreement was made, the DA thought that it was self defense but I needed to go back to the scene with my lawyer, the DA, the detectives and the Crime Scene Investigators and reenact everything that happened. Shit, this meant I was going to miss the sniper competition today, I started to open my mouth and complain when Jens gave me another big kiss and pinched the hell out of my ear with her hand, I got the idea, I needed to shut the hell up and do what I was told. The other three at the table thought it was so cute how Jens was so in love with me, I think only dad and I knew what a devious witch she had been.


Jens looked at the Chief and DA and using her meek voice she asked, "Would it be possible for me and my fiancé to have some time alone where people aren't watching. I want to thank him in private for being so brave." And she batted her eyes at them. Of course they melted and we were lead to an office and given ten minutes, I figured okay now it's time for the shit to hit the fan, Jens closed the door behind her quickly surveyed the room and ran and jumped into my arms, this time she was crying for real, smothering me with little kisses. She went on and on and on about how sorry she was and how she had been a bitch and a nag and how she would never do that again, and she wasn't good enough for me and how she had caused a wall between us and hoped that I still loved her and that I'd take down the wall between us. She was talking and sobbing so damn fast I couldn't get a word in edgewise. Finally I grabbed the back of her head and gave her a big kiss.


When we came up for air I said, "Okay, is it my turn to talk?"


She looked at me with love and adoration in her eyes and nodded her head, I continued, "My love, you have me so confused I hardly know what to say. I figured that you were going to chew my ass the minute we got in this room and now you're asking my forgiveness. I don't understand."


Jens lightly slapped my face, "Silly jarhead, weren't you listening to me at all? I just told you I'm going to try to never do that again. I'm not going to say that I won't slip and make a mistake; you do know how emotional I get about things. But you're right, I need to support you and not bitch and nag at you. I don't know exactly what you did this morning, but I'm going to be right by your side today helping you." She was still holding me close.


I pushed her an arm length away from me, looked at her and said, "Aren't you forgetting about the sniper competition?"


Jens said, "Fuck the competition, I'm spending the day with you."


"Jens, the Corps is counting on one of us winning the competition, there's no way in hell that the police will let me compete so I'm out of the competition. I'm asking you Marine to win that trophy for the Corps. I expect, no I know that you will exceed my expectations today and that you will win today's competition." I said, not quite making it an order.


 Jens looked at me and there was some fire in her eyes, "Ben, I'm glad you didn't make this an order and asked me. What you've said makes sense, but know that my heart wants to be here with you. Because you asked me, I will go and compete today, I will do my best, and I will more than exceed your expectations, I'm going to win this fucking competition not for the Corps and not for me, I'm going to win this competition because you asked me too. I love and live to serve you!"


Shit I thought, I never thought that asking Jens would get better results than ordering her to do something. I've been a Marine so long that I just assumed that when I needed to get something done I would just order someone to do it. This having a fiancée stuff is confusing.


Jens smiled at me, knowing what I was thinking, kissed my cheek and said, "Of course you can always order me to do something and I will do it. But because you so seldom ask me to do something it's special and it tells me that it's really something you want me to do. Thanks for asking me to do this. Shit, I'd better get going or I'll miss the competition."


She gave me a big hug and kiss, pulled out some stuff from her purse and in two minutes she looked beautiful again. There was a knock on the door and a policeman escorted us back into the Chiefs office. Jens walked over to her dad and whispered in his ear, "I'm leaving for the competition because Ben asked me to. Will you please make sure that he gets out of this?" She smiled and shook hands with the Chief and the DA and told them she needed to get to the competition and she knew that I would help them find the truth in the incident. She gave them a huge smile, turned and walked out of the office.




Wow! I was shocked by Jens again. I don't think I'll ever understand women, especially Jens. I figured she was going to rip me a new asshole and she didn't, then I figured I was going to have a huge fight when I asked her to go to the competition and she went with very little problems. And I still don't understand the whole win the competition for me because I asked her to. Another thing, I could tell that she was really pissed but none of it was directed at me. As Mr. T would say, 'I pity the poor fools' at the competition today because they're in for a world of hurt. Women you can't live with them, you can't trade them for a dog.


It was taking forever to get everything worked out for all of us to go to the 'crime' scene as the police were calling it. Shit the only crime was that the police took so long to show up. Don't misunderstand me, I think the police do a great service to our country, it's just they can't be everywhere at once, in fact I'm not sure I'd want them everywhere, I do like my privacy. But when someone's shooting at you or breaking down your door, you'd better be able to defend yourself.





Shit, I'm so damn pissed, this is a huge mess. Ben and I were supposed to win the competition together and now he's out of the competition. I really wanted to be with him, but when he asked me to compete, I knew that I had to do it; he's never really asked me anything. I love taking care of him and he doesn’t know it, but I'd do anything he asked me to do.


I'm glad that daddy is going to stay here and take care of things, yes I know I didn't say I would kick his butt if he didn't get Ben out of this, I asked him nicely. I figured that maybe if it works so well when Ben asks me to do something it might work the same on daddy.  I do know he looked surprised when I asked him and didn't threaten him.


But I'm still really pissed; in fact I'm too pissed. If I go to the competition like this I'll fly into the training area and get killed right away. At least Ben and I had trained some for today's competition, he doesn't know it but he is an excellent trainer and I've already learned so much from him. Too bad that the traps won't count today like they did with DI Anderson's platoon, but it wouldn't be fair since I made them all and I know where they are.


Good the Humvee showed up to take me to the base so that I can get ready for my day. I need to calm myself and take control of things, Ben has asked me to win today and I cannot let him down.




Well, it's about fucking time. We're finally on the way to the fricken 'crime' scene. Damn I hate riding in the back of a police car, it makes me feel I'm locked up and that I'm a criminal; and I hate being locked up. Plus the back of this police car smells like ass, I don't know what someone did back here, but I'm sure it wasn't pleasant.


We're finally at the scene, yeah I refuse to call it a crime scene anymore, and everyone is standing around flapping their lips. They left me in the back of this damn squad car, shit it's not like I'm going to run off, where the hell would I go. Good, it looks like they're sending someone over to get me, at least they haven't put handcuffs on me, I'd probably kill the first bastard that tried that. I do have to say that I don't like the way they grab me by the arm and lead me around, I'm not a damn horse.


It's pretty impressive how many police are here, I didn't know they had that many police on the whole damn island. They're looking at all the buildings and they have all these little yellow numbers on the ground by the cartridge cases. I'm sure glad that I practiced gun control; you know what gun control is don't you? Gun control is hitting the target that you aim at.


I got introduced to two CSI, one was named Jack Dillon, he was the head of the CSI lab, and the other was a nice looking woman named Muriel Hathaway, she was his assistant and was sure checking me out. It's a good thing Jens wasn't here; she gets really pissed when that happens. Muriel had wavy chestnut hair and brown eyes and nice looking grey suit that was cut too low in the front showing the top of her ample breasts, the matching skirt came down mid thigh and was a bit too tight for my taste; I guess since CSI shows are all over the boob tube, and all the women dress a little slutty, Muriel was just keeping up the standard. The press was all over the place, but the police were doing an excellent job keeping them away. They did recognize me and were yelling about getting an interview, fuck them they'll need to wait.


As we headed over in front of the bar, Muriel grabbed my arm to lead me and pulled it against her breast, I looked at her and she just gave me a big smile and squeezed it harder against her breast and winked at me. Shit that's all I need is a horny woman trying to get me all hot and bothered today. Good thing she isn't Jens or it would have gotten a response from me.


Then I went through the whole incident, they had tape recorders running so they could keep track of everything I said. I told them how I ran past the bar and was recognized so I took off down the alley as they started firing at me. When I said that, some other CSIs that were following us changed the yellow numbers to red. Shit when I started talking about the gunshots, Muriel squeezed my arm even tighter against her chest.


The trashcans being tipped over and the bikers running through it and the crashed bikes still at the end of the alley had made a huge mess out of the alley; we had to be careful where we walked especially me because I was still wearing my five fingers. The last thing I wanted to do was to step on something and have it ruin my five fingers and cut my foot. I showed them where I stood at the side of the alley and how I drew my Kimber and waited for the first biker to come through the alley and shot his front tire causing the first pile up. Damn if I didn't hear Muriel moan a little when I talked about shooting out the tire. Everyone was very impressed that my first shot was not at the biker but at his bike.


Jack asked, "What caliber was your weapon and what bullets were you using?"


I answered, "My Kimber was 45 ACP and it was loaded with Golden Sabers2 +P." I figured he already knew this but was just double checking. I went on to explain that one of the bikers pulled his gun on me and how I did a double tap to his chest. Muriel shivered when I said that and pulled my arm so tight against her breast I was sure it had to hurt her.

2 (Golden Saber – a defensive handgun round made by Remington, design for good expansion while maintaining bullet integrity, they also have nickel plated cases)


The other CSIs that were with us, found my what they thought were my three cartridge cases and marked them with green numbers, they marked all the other cases with red, damn there was a shitload of cases on the ground. Then we moved on down the alley, it was just as messy as before only this time there was blood everywhere. I could help stepping in some of it; shit, I'm going to throw these five fingers away when I get out of here.


I almost shit my pants when we walked by the dumpster that I used as my shield, there must have been close to a hundred holes in it, some of them were even .223 and had gone through the side facing the bikers. I showed them where I hid behind the dumpster and where I shot the first biker when he came into the light causing another crash. Then how I pushed the dumpster down the alley towards the bikers and peeked around the side of the dumpster shooting the bikers when I could. Muriel got real hot and bothered when I talked about each shot and when no one was looking even reached down and pinched my butt. It surprised me when she did it and I let out a little noise everyone looked at me and I said, "I stepped on something." It took awhile for the other CSIs to find my cases and mark them with sequential green numbers.


We then headed down the alley and across the Kamahamaha highway; I mentioned how they shot at me again and showed them where I dived behind the seawall. The CSIs marked a bunch more cases in red, they also marked some places on the ground that looked to be where bullets has struck, shit a couple of those were too damn close to me. We jumped down over the seawall, Muriel made sure she showed me a bunch of leg as she slipped over the wall then looked at me and licked her lips. I moved them along the wall in the direction I traveled and showed them where I popped up and shot the last two bastards. Muriel moved around in front of me and leaned over looking for the cases, but what she was really doing was giving me a chance to look down the front of her top, once I figured that out I looked away. Before she could grab my arm again I moved to my final location and told them I had three round left and there were four bikers, how I heard the sirens and when I popped up they had turned around and were leaving.


Jack asked me, "You didn't shoot when they were running away."


I looked at him and said, "No I didn't, they were no longer a threat. You have my Kimber, I've accounted for all my shots and you know I had three rounds left."


Muriel had came up behind me, put her hand on my shoulder and asked, "If there were four bikers and you only had three shots left what were you going to do if they hadn't taken off."


I replied, "I would have pulled my Kabar and used it." A very small moan escaped her lips and I felt her shiver again.


I was done with my statement, I had told them all the facts as I remembered them, they were impressed with the amount of detail I remembered and how calm and cool I had remained during the gunfight. Dad reminded them that I'd had four tours of duty in Iraq and was 'used' to battle situations. Muriel was so excited when she heard that she was squeezing the hell out of my arm. It was time for everyone to talk and decide if what I did was 'justified.' They called a policeman over to take me back to the patrol cars and get me something to eat and drink, Muriel offered to do that, but thank god they needed her for the discussion, it felt damn good to be out of the clutches of that damn man hunting bitch as the policeman lead me off.




I was glad I didn't have to drive back to the base because it gave me time to calm down and collect my thoughts, the driver wanted to gab, but when I ordered him to shut the hell up he left me alone. I felt bad later, he was just a kid and I'm sure he thinks I'm a real bitch.


As I was getting ready for today's competition, I couldn't help but feel that Ben was in some sort of danger but I couldn't tell what it was. It was bugging me so much I finally called daddy and asked him what was going on.


He laughed and said, "Don't worry he's doing fine and holding up well, some female CSI has her sights set on Ben and is flirting the hell out of him, I'm not sure if it's a ruse to try to make him mess up or if it is real. But you'd be proud how Ben is totally ignoring her."


I let loose a string of swear words that I'm sure had daddy blushing, he finally told me, "Hey Marine calm down, Ben is so in love with you that nothing is going to happen. Now that I've got you fired up, I want you to take that energy and pretend that all your competition today is the woman that's flirting with Ben," then he hung up the phone.


Well daddy certainly did get me fired up and not only that, he gave me a mental image and now each competitor was going to be that fucking bitch that was after my Ben. I'd better make sure I don't take a real Kabar today; I'm so pissed that I might actually use it.


The kid was waiting to drive me to the training area, I know I should've apologized to him, but I was even more pissed now than before.


We were given twenty minutes to hid in the training area before the competition, the first thing I did was put on the new bionic ears that Ben bought me, I was sure that some of the other teams would be using them, so I needed all the advantages that I could get. They really helped and I noticed that I'd forgotten to make some of the adjustments in my gear that Ben had taught me, so I did that and then was almost silent.


Being worked up like I was; I was a holy terror in the training area. Every 'kill' felt like I was driving the Kabar into the bitch after my Ben and just got me even more worked up, I guess you might say I went berserk. It even drove me crazier a couple times when I seemed to feel that Ben was enjoying something, that damn bitch, I just might kill her for real when I get done here. What everyone thought would take eight or nine hours, I did in four. My last 'kill' was the Mossad bitch and was especially sweet, as I 'killed' her I dreamed that she was the CSI bitch and I was cutting off her tits. As I ran out of the training area I called daddy, he told me they were still at the 'crime' scene figuring things out, but that it looked really good for my Ben, he asked me how things went but I didn't want to talk and hung up the phone on him. I got to the parking area, ran right by everyone else not even stopping at the RSO table and jumped into the waiting Humvee yelling at the kid to take me to the 'crime' scene.


The kid dropped me at the scene and I must have been a sight, I hadn't even taken off my ghillie suit or face paint. Some policeman tried to stop me and I said, "Get the hell out of my way, I'm General Donaldson's daughter, I'm Bennie Blaine's fiancée and I'm here to see my man." I scared the shit out of him and he escorted me over to a patrol car where Ben was standing and drinking a cup of coffee, and talking to some bitch, shit I bet that was her.


Ben saw me coming and he ran (yes he ran) over to me and gave me a huge hug and kiss swinging me around like he always does. It felt so good to be in his arms again and all my anger melted as he gave me a second kiss. I whispered in his ear, "Is that the slut that I hear that has been trying to steal you from me?"




It was so good to see Jens damn she was early, I hope she didn't get killed, shit she was still in her ghillie suit and hadn't even taken off her face paint. Things were pretty much done here, they just had a few more questions for me, unfortunately they had Muriel asking me the questions. Muriel was flirting me up big time and sending me all sorts of signals that she was willing if I was willing. At first I thought it was an act, but I finally figured out that it was real and it made me very uncomfortable, I love Jens and only Jens and would never cheat on her.


When I saw Jens headed my way, I could tell be the way she was walking that she was really pissed, could she have known about Muriel? I figured I better do something to simmer her down just in case, plus I had missed her so I didn't even say anything to Muriel, I ran right over and gave Jens some lovin.


I was shocked when she asked me about Muriel, I don't know how she knew, damn maybe she is a witch. After her question, I kissed her and whispered back, "I'm so glad you're finally here. I guess she was trying to flirt with me, but all I could think of was you." I changed the subject and continued, "You're here early, don't tell me you died."


After the kisses and my answer I could feel the tension flow right out of Jens she looked at me and said, "Don't be silly I didn't die I kicked everyone's ass. I knew something was wrong and I figured out it was another woman flirting with you, I got so pissed off that every time I killed one of the competitors, I dreamed it was the slut flirting with you. Why don't you introduce me, I'd like to thank her."


I looked at Jens and said, "I just got out of a big jam and we don't need you going to prison for killing that police woman."


"Don't worry my love, I know how to handle this and let her know that you’re my man." She replied and pulled her engagement ring out from under her shirt, took it off the chain and slipped it on her finger.


As we walked over towards Muriel Jens had her hand around my arm making sure that the diamond in the engagement ring was sparkling in the sun. I still wasn't sure about Jens meeting her and what would happen, I needed to come up with a good introduction and do it fast. We walked up to Muriel and I said, "Muriel, I'd like you to meet my fiancée, the only woman that I could ever love, Jennifer Donaldson, she's my spotter and the second deadliest person in the Marines right after me. She just finished winning the knife part of our sniper competition by easily killing all the competition in about half the time we figured it would take."


Even under the face paint Jens was beaming, I could tell I came up with the right introduction. The iciness between them was evident, when they shook hands I could tell that Jens gave her a full Recon handshake that almost brought Muriel to her knees and did bring a little tear to the corner of one of her eyes.


"I'm so pleased to meet you, when I called my daddy, General Donaldson; he told me how WELL you were taking care of MY fiancée Ben. I'd love to thank you for it in an APPROPRIATE manner." Jens said and even through the face paint giving her a look like she'd better not fuck with me ever again.


Ah, so she wasn't as much of a witch as I thought, she'd called dad and he'd told her about Muriel. Shit I bet he did that just to fire her up, that cagey old bastard.


Jens had let go of Muriel's hand and she snatched it back. They continued talking and Jens was telling her how wonderful I was and all the great things I had done only for her and no one else. How we were so much in love and if another woman ever tried anything with me that Jens would hunt her down and, "Make her sorry that she ever lived." After the last comment Muriel turned a little white, excused herself and went over by the rest of the group.


Jens turned to me and said, "See I told you I could handle that, in fact that was pretty fun and I hope I get to do it again sometime." Then she lightly slapped me on the face and said, "By the way jarhead, I could tell there were a couple things that she did that you enjoyed. I want ALL the details later. Just remember what mom told you and don't forget after she's done with you it'd be my turn." Damn, she never lets me forget that she isn't only beautiful, she's also deadly.


I helped her out of her ghillie suit, when she got it off she noticed Muriel was watching so she made sure to flip her flaxen hair and smooth down her MCCUUs to accent her figure and then gave me a smoldering kiss. "Shit, even after everything I said, that slut is still thinking about you. Maybe I'll go kick her butt." Jens said. She pulled out some wet wipes and started taking off her face paint, I helped her to get the last parts of it off especially her ears that of course tickled her and she started laughing and squirming. When I was done, she looked fresh, young and dazzling in the sunlight.


It was warm and she took of her MCCUU shirt making sure that Muriel saw her t-shirt that had an old fashioned picture of a woman on it from the fifties and said, "Messing with my Marine can be hazardous to your health." I'd never even seen that t-shirt or Jens wearing it and laughed my ass off when I saw it. Dad heard me laugh and came over to greet Jens he saw the t-shirt and started laughing too, "Damn, that's not regulation, but I bet it made your point to Muriel," Dad said.


He continued, "You would have been so proud of Ben, hell I was. That woman was all over him and even pinched his butt once. He totally ignored her and it was driving her crazy."


Jens didn't know whether to be pissed again or happy, so instead she gave me a kiss. Mike the DA and Robert the Chief of police walked over and this time Jens didn't go into her helpless woman act. They shook her hand and she gave them both her Recon handshake causing them both to flinch. She looked at them and said, "Okay, you've heard my fiancée's story, kept him here all fucking day, made him miss and drop out of the sniper competition and generally messed up my whole day too. Unless you're going to charge him I'm taking him home."


They were both shocked at the change in Jens and I was a little worried that she'd fucked up. But they both became all apologetic and told her many times how sorry they were. They said that I'd shot and killed nine bikers but it was all justified and no charges would be pressed. They knew we were leaving soon and recommended that we stay on the base until we left because they were sure that other bikers would be looking for us.


We all went over to the press and Mike and Robert and Jens handled all the questions, it was good because I was getting really tired, shit I'd been up since 0030 and didn't get much sleep when fricken dumb and dumber were trying to interrogate me earlier.


We finally finished and Jens lead me by the arm, the same way Muriel had done earlier, over to the waiting Humvee. I thought, damn this is much nicer than when Muriel did this, Jens breasts aren't as big but they feel much better.


Jens of course knew what I thought and said, "Damn straight Marine, my breasts are better than those saggy old udders on that fat cow," and then she pulled my arm tightly against her breasts and said, you know you can touch these anytime you want big boy. Jens laughed at me because it was hard finishing the walk to the Humvee with the tent in my pants. "I'm glad to see that I still excite you," she said.


We hopped in the waiting Humvee and Jens apologized to the young kid driving, I guess she'd been bitchy to him earlier, better her being bitchy to anyone else besides me.


When we got home Jens said, "No offense Ben, but you really stink and I'm going to make a nice bath for you while I get cleaned up and make a nice dinner for both of us."


I couldn't remember the last time I took a bath instead of a shower, but Jens was pretty insistent about this and I was too tired to argue. She put a bunch of Epsom salts in my bathtub and ran the water until it was full and just the right temperature. Jens looked at with her mischievous look and said, "You need any help getting undressed?"


I surprised her tonight and said, "Only if you can be a good girl." She promised and she was a good girl as she helped me undress, put on the cast cover and then helped me into the tub.


She then left to start dinner and shower. I was really enjoying the bath and I bet it wasn't five minutes until I was fast asleep. I was still sawing logs when Jens came in and woke me up, "Wow you must really be tired, I called you three times and when you didn't answer I was worried. Come on, let's get you out of the tub, I made a nice dinner for both of us, then we'll go right to bed.


 I was still groggy when she helped me out of the tub; she even needed to lead me into the kitchen. Once I sat down and saw the food I woke up. I looked at Jens and said, "You made pizza tonight?"


"I sure did, I know we had pizza just the other night but it wasn't my pizza. I was too tired to make something special," Jens answered.


Jens prayed and I sort of did something. She handed me a slice, I took the first bite and said, "Shit this is the best pizza I've ever had, I could eat this all the time."


Jens gave me a big smile, "Thanks hon, you should taste it when I have time to make my own sauce, it's even better. Now about what you said earlier, now that you've tasted my pizza are you going to marry me twice?"


"You mean once isn't enough for you?" I asked.


"Mmm, you know me, once will never be enough, especially for the wedding night." Jens teased.


I didn't blush this time, "And with the way you drive me crazy, you think once will be enough for me?"


For once Jens looked surprised and even blushed, "Uh, I guess I never thought about it. But now that you mention it I suppose your right."


I continued, "And you can forget about a romantic honeymoon someplace nice, after we're married we're spending the first week in bed, all we'll need is clean sheets and room service. We'll go on our honeymoon after we've been married for six months and have simmered down some."


Jens blushed even more. I said, "You're going to make such a cute blushing bride." Which made her blush even more, I sat back in my chair and smiled at her and said, "Gotcha!"


Jens replied, "Oh yeah mister, you're talking pretty big. You'd better be careful because I'm going to remember what you've told me and I'll expect you to keep your words to me."


Damn, I don't think I ever really win with Jens.


We were done with dinner and I wasn't as tired now. I looked at Jens and said, "Let's go to the living room, I need to talk."


We cleaned up the kitchen and went into the living room; Jens sat on the couch and lay on the couch with my head in her lap. Once we got comfortable Jens said, "Okay, what's up. You know I can tell that something's been bothering you all day."


I looked at her and said, "Well, I'm a little upset because I just killed nine civilians today, even though they were scumbags, they were still civilians. You've seen my service record and you know that the targets I've killed have either been military, drug, terrorist, or real bad dictator related. The problem is that it was too easy for me today and I enjoyed it too much, once they started shooting at me, my training kicked in and it all became automatic and they didn't stand a chance. I've been thinking about it and analyzing it since the incident and I'm wondering if what I did was right. Perhaps I should have tried harder to escape, I might have been able to reach the ocean and take off swimming. Perhaps I should have tried to wound them instead of going for the kill shot."


Jens looked at me for a very long time and said, "My dearest Ben, don't you realize that because you're worried about this that it shows that you don't have to worry."


I looked at her like she was speaking Greek to me.


Jens continued, "Yeah, I can tell you didn't understand that because I didn't say it very well, let me first say what I think you're saying to me, let me know if I'm right. I hear you telling me that you are worried about killing the scumbag bikers because they were civilians and that it was too easy for you and you enjoyed it? You're also second guessing yourself and wondering if you could have avoided the situation, am I correct?"


I nodded my head, she had it right.


Jens continued, "Ben my love, first you've been a warrior your whole life, that's what your daddy taught you to be from the time you could walk. Think about everything you did with your dad and think about what he taught you, am I right?"


I thought about my times with dad, both the good and the bad times and I could see the pattern that Jens was talking about. I nodded my head again in affirmation.


"Then you joined the Marines and what did they do? They built on your dad's training and made you even more of a warrior, am I right?" Jens asked again.


I thought about my training with the Corps and Jens was right, they had taken what dad had shown me and expanded upon it making me an even better warrior.  I nodded my head again.


Jens continued, "Tell me, do you have any problems with the people that the Corps or the three letter government agencies have had you kill?"


I thought for a few minutes and I said, "I see the face of every person that I've killed, they're like ghosts that haunt the furthest recesses of my mind. But other than the one drug runner's whole family I don't have any regrets."


Jens looked down at me and said, "I don’t know about that mission so for right now we're not going to talk about that. You’re a warrior and you did what you're good at and what you were ordered to do. Your job is to follow orders and to kill bad people, am I right?"


I thought and nodded my head.


She looked at me and said, "Were the bikers trying to kill you?"


I said, "Duh, of course they were."


Jens continued pulling on my ear, "Don't get smart with me. Do you deserve to die?"


I didn't even have to think about it, "No, I don't deserve to die."


Jens smiled, "I sure happy you didn't have to think about that answer, otherwise I was going to kick your butt. So if the bikers were trying to kill you, does that make them bad people?"


A light bulb went on in my head and I said, "Damn, you're right.  Because they shot first and tried to kill me, it makes them no different than most of the others I've killed."


Jens smiled really big and said, "It's even more than that, you didn't get a chance to see the police records on those scumbags. They were all into some pretty nasty stuff, drugs, rape, prostitution, murder and a bunch of other things I won't even mention. Shit, they weren't civilians, they were criminals. You should get a fucking medal for taking out as many as you did."


I thought about what she had said and felt a little better.


"Now to finish what I've been trying to say. When you shared with me that you questioned whether killing them was right, I was so proud of you! It told me that first, you're not the heartless son of a bitch killer that you pretend to be, and second that even though you’re a great warrior, you still have compassion." Jens said and somehow was able to bend over and give me a big kiss.


One thing lead to another, Jens wiggled her way beside me on the couch; we started holding each other and necking hot and heavy until the exhaustion of the day crept in and we both fell asleep.