Chapter 062

Taken Chapter 062

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Flashback – Masha – The technician arrives


I was very happy with the installation of the computer and desk and Louise was very happy with her new laptop. As the men were leaving the driver offered, "Let me call the technician for you so he can complete the set up."


He took out his mobile phone, called the technician and said, "We've finished the set up so you can come out and connect the Internet."


The driver then informed me, "The technician will be here in about half an hour if that's good for you."


I checked my watch and replied, "That's perfect timing. Thank you very much and also thank you for not making a mess of the house."


The driver replied, "If you like our service please call the store and let them know."


I stated, "I should probably get your names so I will insure you get proper credit."


The driver handed me a business card with both their names and the phone number of the store on it and I promised, "I will call after you leave."


He frowned so I asked, "Sir, what is wrong?"


He replied, "You wouldn't believe the number of times I've had people tell me they will call after we leave but don't make the call."


That made up my mind: I decided to call the store before they left. I yelled for Louise, "Louise where's my new phone?"


Louise came back into Jack's bedroom carrying the phone and replied, "Masha, you really need to keep track of your phone. Linda had it and was messing around with it."


Louise handed it to me and I could tell that Linda had been chewing on the phone (she was teething). I wiped it off, unlocked it, called the store from the number on the card and waited. When my call was answered, I complimented the crew, "I just wanted to tell you that the two delivery men, Hank and Frank did an excellent job delivering and setting up my computer. They also cleaned afterwards and left everything tidy."


Hank the driver said, "Thank you Mrs. Reynolds, sorry for not believing you would make the call."


I said, "Don't concern yourself over it. I'm sorry that people who promised to call the store never did."


Hank and Frank left and then the doorbell rang. I checked the peephole and saw a woman who held up identification and yelled, "I'm the technician to setup your Internet."


I opened the door and said, "Please come into my house."


She walked in, noticed the curio cabinet and remarked, "I love your Lomonosov china set."


I asked, "How do you know about Lomonosov china?"


She answered, "I have always dreamed about owning some myself because I think it’s so beautiful."


I informed her, "I bought mine at the Lomonosov factory in St. Petersburg and then brought it here with me when I moved from Russia."


She nodded and suggested, "Perhaps we should finish your computer."


I agreed and took her into Jack's bedroom.


Flashback – Banzai – The continuing saga


The chopper landed, I climbed inside and we were off to the BoO. The flight wasn't very long and I had a surprise when we landed: Colonel Maggie was there waiting for the chopper.


She walked up to the chopper as I exited and said, "Well, Sgt. Blaine, I can't believe that Lieutenant George did this to you."


I replied, "You sure aren't as shocked as I was."


Colonel Maggie ordered, "Go to your referral appointment then stop by my office because I want to hear all the details."


Flashback – Jennifer – Studying


I made a couple mistakes on several of the spells but with Grandmother's help they were easy to fix,


After a time Grandmother suggested, "Well my good little witch, it's time for you to get some sleep."


I replied, "Thanks Grandmother I am a little tired. I never knew casting spells was such hard work."


She popped out of my room, I rolled over, turned out the light and had a great night's sleep.


Flashback – Ira and Mira – continuing


Mira struggled to arise however I applied my weight and with the assistance of gravity held her down. She finally said, "Ira, I'm improved now and we can pursue Kostia."


I continued the application of weight and replied, "No my sister, we cannot resume our quest until I'm totally convinced your blood loss has desisted."


Flashback – Todd – On the mission


I put my clothes back on and wished I had a change of clothes - perhaps I would purchase a new set on the way to the meeting. Then I left the hotel and went to meet my friend (one of the few friends I had left).


I did decide to stop at a surplus store and bought some new clothes. I wrote on my tablet, "Do you have a place where I can change."


The proprietor replied, "Sure, any of the changing rooms will work."


I stepped into the closest one, stripped off my soiled clothes and underwear, put on the new underwear and clothes then walked out.


The proprietor asked, "What about your old clothes?"


I wrote, "They are really dirty, so just keep them."


I walked into my friends' store and was surprised at how old he looked.