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Present – Liz – Guarding Jens and Maria


I look at Todd and realize that I'm looking at an exceptional man – oh I always knew he was special – but thanks to him we've finally gotten ahead of the drug lord. Hell without him – well, they would have advanced to the tunnels and we'd be captured or dead. My reporter feelings kick in so I ask, "Todd, can you explain your earlier statement to me???"


Present – Todd – Guarding Jens and Maria


I can tell that Liz has become a 'reporter' and I need to be careful about how much I reveal. I answer in sign, "Liz, there is no way that all the 'Marines' that came here were vetted. Until we can vet each and every one of them, Jennifer is at risk from any or all of them."


Liz questions, "Surely not from her father, Glen?"


I smile and answer in ASL, "Liz, the only ones I trust right now are those of us that have been with Jennifer from the start. For all we know, Glen is a 'Manchurian Candidate'."


Liz counters, "Todd, you can't really think that Glen has been brainwashed into killing his own daughter."


I respond with a question, "Liz, has Glen changed?"


I love watching Liz because next to Jennifer (when she's not acting crazy) she is one of the most intelligent women I know. She replies, "Hell yes he's changed! It's like he's a totally different man."


I add, "And you and everyone else assumes that change is attributed to his wife Evelyn being placed in a mental hospital."


Liz too quickly replies, "Hell yes! She was a real bitch to Jens…"


She stops mid-sentence. I can tell she's thinking then she smiles at me and agrees, "Todd, you're fucking right!"


I sign, "You bet I am. For all we know Glen has been programmed by the drug lord to execute Jennifer…"


Present – Liz – Guarding Jens and Maria


Fuck me! Todd is right! We can't trust anyone that hasn't been with Jens from the start. I continue to ask, "Well, what about those who were apart from Jens for an extended time, like Linus and Maria?"


Todd signs, "From what I have observed, I have no concerns about Linus, his team or Maria."


I add, "What about Mabel, the girls and the terrible triumvirate?"


I assure Liz, "Mabel discovered a natural cure for the drugged water so she is not a threat. Yasmeen and Zarika are a threat to Jennifer but not as Manchurian Candidates. Their threat is to Jennifer's plan to marry Ben Blaine because they feel they have a prior claim. And the terrible triumvirate has conditioning beyond even mine and they are not subject to 'brainwashing'."


I continue my train of thought, "Todd, where did you receive your training?"


He signs something that doesn't make sense so I ask, "Please repeat?"


He signs, "Liz Morgan, that I will never tell you!"


I look at Jens and Maria - they seem to be resting peacefully and so I ask one more question, "What did you give them?"


Todd surprises we with a vague answer, "Something to heal them."


This man is an enigma! Without a thought that I might be treading on sensitive ground, I question, "Can I interview you later?"


He angrily signs, "Not no, but hell no! And this conversation is over!"


I decide I need to get the station working to dig up whatever information we can on Todd…


Present – Masha and Jack – In the medical plane


I notice Jack places his hand on his pistol as Glen becomes agitated. Quickly I realize that the level of hate my husband has for his former commander might possibly be without bounds. I am thankful that Todd rectifies the situation, then I silently curse myself for being a good 'soccer mother' while Jack went on that ill-fated mission with Jennifer to rescue Ben. I should have been more involved in the situation and perhaps even rendered some assistance. All I really know is the mission was a failure, they were all captured and Jennifer Donaldson went to a penitentiary for the 'crimes' she committed…


I now understand for the first time that more occurred during that mission than Jack related to me after the fact. I stoke my husband's head to calm him and say, "Jack your feelings for your former commander need to be rectified."


Jack surprises me when he aggressively declares, "Well, if Todd had not taken him out, I would have." Then he pats his pistol.


I know my husband and the pistol threat is not an idle boast so I caution, "Jack my love, if you were to eliminate Glen, you would incur the wrath of all the Marines assembled."


He further declares, "So who the fuck gives a shit! The bastard deserves to die!"


I gently remind him, "Well I for one give a shit. Your son Ivan for another gives a shit and our unborn daughter for still another gives a shit. Now promise me that we more important than your anger toward Glen? Because if your revenge is more important than us then you are not the same man I've chosen to grow old with."


He looks at me, smiles and promises…


Hell Masha is almost always right! I can't take the retribution toward Glen he deserves without – well, without either being killed or going to prison for the rest of my life.


I ponder that thought deeply, smile and answer, "Masha of course you, Ivan and our unborn daughter mean more to me than anyone in the world."


She digs deeper, "You didn't answer the entire question."


I continue, "Yes, you are more important than my anger toward Glen, but that fucker still needs to pay. What he's done is criminal!"


She blows me away when she declares, "Jack, the man has lost his career, his wife and even estranged his daughter. Perhaps he has suffered enough???"


Hells bells! Masha just shot me the hell down! However I can't ignore it, she is right. In real confusion I question, "Masha how in the hell do I forgive him?"


What she says next – well, it shouldn't be legal for a wife to say that to her husband…


Present – Glen – Leaving the medical plane


Whatever the fuck the doctor gave me… Tasted nasty and came close to killing me before it cured me! The worst part was pissing and shitting my pants. Thank God the doctor had a nurse bring me some new fatigues and help clean me up. I was up and mobile but I was still moving slow and – well not thinking totally clearly.


I met Linus outside and ask, "Did they give you the same 'cure'?"


He laughs, "Hell yes! That was a son of a bitch fix for an even worse problem."


I question, "Where's Jennifer?"


He answers, "She and Maria are down with the same problem because they both took a shower."


I shake my head, "Yeah, who would have thought it could affect us right through the skin."


Linus replies, "Todd did. Hell, we owe him our lives."


I ask, "What the fuck was it they gave us?"


Linus answers, "The hell if I know, but it sure tasted like ass."


I nod my head and agree, "Well, it looks like everyone is getting some of the ass-tasting cure we received. I need to go and make sure my men are okay."


Linus answers, "I'm going to check on Maria and Jens."


I order, "Let me know how they're doing."


Linus replies, "Yes Sir…"


Present – Linus – Checking on Maria and Jens


Yeah, it's good to see the men recovering from what was – well – hell on Earth! If I never feel that way again in my life it would be just fine with me!


I head into the tunnels to find Maria and Jennifer and see how they are doing. I open the door and I see a drawn bow and a M-4 aimed at me. I hold up my hands and ask, "I'm not sure what the hell I did but does it justify this?"


Todd looks at Liz, signs and Liz says, "Sorry Linus, but Todd feels that Jens and Maria might be in danger from the 'Marines' and others."


I demand, "What the fuck are you talking about?"


Liz explains to me and it makes too much sense to be overlooked. I look at Todd and question, "Even Glen?"


He signs, "Especially Glen. Who better for them to turn?"


Liz adds, "Linus, look at the changes in him. How in the hell did those happen so quickly?"


It makes too much sense and I need to think about it so I switch mental channels, "What's going on with Jens and Maria?"


Todd tells me and I question, "Well, Mabel's tea was closer to death than a cure, didn't you have enough of your cure for all of us?"


Todd answers, "Linus, I saw Glen cured by Mabel's tea and I know how brutal and embarrassing it was. No, I don't carry that much of my cure with me, in fact using the little I have will force me to take a trip to acquire a new supply."


I ask, "Can I help you?"


He signs, "Not no, but hell no! Now either help us protect Jens and Maria or leave."


I decide to do the first and make sure my M-4 is ready.


Liz states, "Linus if you're helping Todd, I would like to go because I have some things to take care of."


I answer, "Liz, go for it."


Liz leaves the room and I really wonder if Todd is being paranoid… Then I remember that he was the one who figured other things out.


I question, "Todd, where did you get your training?"


He rudely signs, "Linus, that's for me to know and for you to never know!"


I look at Todd and realize he's our man of mystery and I'm glad as hell he's here. Then something upsetting happens…


Present – Zarika and Yasmeen – In the medical plane


I have been giving Yasmeen ice chips because that's all they will allow her to have and I've decided I have an extreme interest in things related to the medical profession. Yes, taking care of Yasmeen reminds me of the time I cared of our future husband Ben when he had been shot – that seemed like an entire lifetime ago. Perhaps I will become a nurse or even a doctor. I think our Ben would be proud of me if I did that.


Yasmeen takes my hand and asks, "Zarika, I know you and the doctor hide something from me. Zarika, please tell me, am I going to die?"


I laugh and try to ease her fear, "Yasmeen, you are fine and are going to live."


She glares at me and declares, "Zarika, I was not born the day before today! I know you hide something. Not knowing is worse than the truth."


I feel that she needs to know the truth so I tell her, "Yasmeen, the female part inside you that carries babies was damaged by the bullet. You might not ever be able to give Ben children."


I am in shock at her reply…


Present – Alexi, Mira and Ira– At the fertility clinic


Yes Alexi has given me a gift almost as great as the gift of being able to bear my Ben's progeny. He has given me a list of the following items: The location of the remainder of my Ben's male procreation component; the location of all the embryos which have been currently created with my Ben's male creation component; and the women (and addresses) who are currently impregnated with my Ben's male procreation component combined with their inferior female procreation component.


I kiss him on the cheek and praise him, "Alexi you are formidable. Your computer skills are exceptional."


He asks, "When will my other sister be fit to travel?"


I look at him and reply, "Alexi, we will leave our disabled sister here with the evil genetic doctor's remains. First we have a mission to complete."


I inform Alexi of our mission and he questions, "Mira my sister, might I be able to use Ira's katana?"


I display mirth at his naive question and answer, "Alexi, our katanas are wed to our inner self. To use Irinka's katana would soil it. You will use one of our many short swords like I did when I terminated the genetic doctor."


He complains, "My sister, I do not understand."


So I proceed to provide…


Present – Ben – On the road


I talk to Rex on Gus's phone and he explains, "Ben listen, you have attracted all the weirdoes in Texas. I've sent Gus to you so he can take you to the border of Texas and New Mexico." This is music to my ears!


I ask, "That must mean we're headed north from here, otherwise we'd be too damn close to Mexico."


Rex laughs, "It's good you remember the map of Texas. Yeah, Gus is going to take you up to Amarillo where he will use I-40 to take you to the Texas, New Mexico border."


I thank him and ask, "Thanks, for getting me away from these bastards. What am I doing after that?"


Like the true friend Rex has become, he answers, "I've been talking with the New Mexico State Police to see if we can get you a ride through the state. So, where are you headed?"


I think for a moment and state, "I need to get to Albuquerque."


He questions, "What the hell is in Albuquerque?"


I answer, "Rex, if I told you I'd have to kill you. Just be aware that Albuquerque is calling to me."


Rex laughs, "Just make sure you take the correct turn at Albuquerque."


I have a funny feeling but I ask anyway, "What the hell do you mean?"


Rex continues laughing, "Hell, did you forget that Bugs Bunny always took the wrong turn at Albuquerque and ended up in the wrong place?"


I reply, "Oh yeah, I remember that cartoon now but don't worry, Recons never make the wrong turn."


He replies, "Hell, your first trip to Austin was sure as hell a wrong turn."


I taunt, "Hell, I wasn't a Recon then, besides you wouldn't listen to me!!!"


Rex interrupts, "Yeah, I might have fucked up by not listening to you, but you have to remember you were a long haired young punk at the time."


I knew we could argue all day about this so I close, "Rex, since then you've been a hell of a friend! Thanks for doing this for me."


Rex asks, "Is there anything you need?"

I answer, "I could use some more food and ammo."


He ordered, "Let me talk to Gus."


I hand the phone to Gus, he listens and replies, "Yes Sir…"


I almost laugh - Rex has now become a 'Sir.'


Gus says, "We have miles to go before we sleep."


I nod and add the duplicate last line of the Robert Frost poem, "Yes 'We have miles to go before we sleep'."


Gus starts up, drives out of parking lot in his Dodge truck and I decide I could use some sleep…


Present – Samantha and Stacy – On the road


We arrive at the gynecologist office, I jump out of the van and bravely announce, "If you don't want to come in, it's fine with me…"


There's no way in hell I'm going to miss this! I reply to Samantha, "Hell no, you need some support."


We both walk into the gynecologist's office… Unfortunately they recognize both of us and the receptionist asks, "Which one of you needs the doctor?"


Samantha foolishly announces, "I need to see the doctor."


I question, "Can I accompany her into the exam room to provide support?"


The receptionist chuckles, "Sure, the more the merrier."


I think that's the worst reply I've ever heard. I tell Samantha, "I need to take care of something then I will be right back in."


I run out to the vans and order, "Bill, the receptionist or doctor are going to out either Stacy or myself, please take care of it."


He replies, "Yes Ms., any other orders?"


I think for a moment and question, "Any news on Ben?"


He replies, "Well Ben left Sonora with a Texas Ranger and we haven't heard anything since."


I ask, "Can you speculate?"


Bill replies, "Well, it seems like Texas has gone crazy for Ben, some of them have even made him a deity. From his file I would say he got tired of the bullshit and is being helped to escape by the Rangers."


I question, "Why would they help him?"


Bill explains, "The 'hard as nails' Texas Ranger that caught our janitor was the reason Ben became a Marine."


I request, "Leave the documents on this for me to study, now figure out where the hell Ben is going. I don't want to ride all the way across Texas to find him!"


Bill replies, "Yes Ms., is there anything else?"


I think for a moment and ask, "How are things going with the Mossad death squad chasing Ben?"


Bill surprises me when he answers…


Present – Liz and Bernie – At the cabin


I step outside to find out what's going on with the twins, call their phone and for what I think is the first time ever, they don't answer. I do leave a message asking them to call me ASAP.


I call the station and ask them to put one of our research assistants on finding out information about Todd. The station manager asks for Todd's last name and I reply, "Uh, I don't know his last name."


The manager requests, "Well how about a picture of him then."


I shake my head and answer, "I don't have one but I will try to get one."


I hang up the phone as Bernie walks up and asks, "Hey my lovely fiancée what are you going to try to get?"


I smile at the man I plan on growing old with and reply, "Do you know Todd's last name? If not will you help me get a picture of him???"


It's good to see Liz back into her reporter mode, but there are some things that even reporters need to leave alone. I suggest, "Liz, I don't think anyone knows Todd's last name and I'm sure he has a reason for that. As for taking a picture of him, I don't think that would be a wise thing to do. He's a man that seems to value his privacy and is also a man that you don't want to upset."


Liz crinkles her face and comments, "Bernie, he's a real enigma…"


I interrupt, "Liz, this is one enigma that needs to be left alone. We are damn lucky he was here and we don't need to piss him off so he feels inclined to leave."


What Bernie has said made sense, however I hate unanswered questions! And – Todd is a huge unanswered question. However, I decide to let the research assistant keep looking into things while Bernie and I go do something else.


I smile at Bernie look at my watch and say, "Isn't it about that time?"


He grins and replies, "I thought you would never ask."


He takes my hand and we head into the tunnels…


Present – Byron, Inga and Thom– It's raining hell on the drug lord


We pull into the parking lot of a supermarket which has many other cars in it and the Recon team lead informs us, "I hate to tell you all this, but Megan isn't in Venezuela."


Inga cries, "So I lost my whole team for nothing?"


I try to calm her, "What about all the drug lord's men you took down."


She trembles in rage and answers, "That was for me and not for them!"


The Recon replies, "How about if we let you have first crack at the drug lord?"


I question, "Did Glen give us a FRAGO1."


1 FRAGO – Fragmentary order or changed order.


He replies, "Well, our mission is to either apprehend the drug lord and turn him over to the local authorities…"


Inga interrupts, "The local authorities are corrupt and are a huge part of the problem."


He continues, "…or to take him out. And with what he's done to Jennifer Donaldson, we have already decided to take the bastard out."


I question, "So do you have an OPPLAN2."


2OPPLAN – Operational Plan


He smiles and says, "Well, with the addition of you three we have a hell of an OPPLAN."


He begins to describe it and I like the hell out of it while Thom immediately complains…