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Present – Glen – Taking care of business


It's good to see the men who were down due to the drugged water are recovering, even if it means they have to change uniforms. I make sure we have a secure perimeter and patrols combing the hills for possible stragglers and then I decide that since I haven't heard from Linus, I head into the tunnels.


I open the first door and surprise Liz and Bernie who are going at it like rabbits. I pull the door almost closed and ask, "Do you know which room Jennifer is in?"


Bernie tells me which room then has some advice, "But I wouldn't go in there if I was you."


I reply, "Why not?" But I don't get any answer so I head to the room…


Present – Linus and Todd – Guarding Jens and Maria


We're guarding Jens and Maria, the door opens and Glen walks in. Todd draws his bow, I level my M-4 at him and he demands, "Linus and Todd, what the hell is going on?"


I explain, "Glen, it's just a safety precaution for right now. We aren't letting anyone see Jens who hasn't been with her from the very start."


He complains, "But, I'm her father."


I explain, "Glen, you've changed a hell of a lot - possibly too much. We can't be sure for right now that you haven't been brainwashed."


Glen yells, "What the fuck are you talking about."


I explain about the 'Manchurian Candidate' theory of Todd's, Glen give us both a dirty look but then says, "Well, at least tell me how she's doing."


Todd relaxes his bow and signs, "I gave them something which will cure them. They will sleep for about one more hour, then will wake up refreshed."


Glen smiles, "Well at least they didn't have to go through the shitty cure we did, right Linus?"


I reply, "Yeah, that cure was almost worse than the drug."


Glen says, "Well I need to check on things. When Jennifer wakes up let her know I was here and I'd like to have that meeting as soon as she is able."


He leaves, I look at Todd and say, "That went better than I expected."


Todd signs, "Yes it went surprisingly well, which concerns me."


I declare, "Todd you are one paranoid bastard."


He explains his concerns to me. When he's finished I can't believe it but I completely agree with him.


I watch Jens and Maria sleeping and I'm thankful as hell Todd had something that cured them. And especially something which spared them from the embarrassment of filling their underwear. I notice they're dressed and I question, "Who dressed the women?"


Todd signs, "I took the liberty to do that, I hope you are not offended."


I shake my head, "Hell, would it make any difference if I was?"


He signs, "Probably not, because what's done is already done."


I answer, "Yeah, you're right."


We hear a noise at the door so I level my M-4 and Todd signs…


Present – Jack and Masha – In the medical plane


Masha is telling me I need to forgive Glen even after all the things the bastard did to Banzai and hell, even to us when we tried to rescue Banzai. Shit, he even let his daughter get locked up instead of us. The fucking bastard doesn't deserve forgiveness.


I plead for help, "Masha, how in the hell do I forgive him?"


She smiles at me and tries to explain, "Remember when Vanya urinated in the coffee?"


I answer, "Hell yeah I remember that! I'm sure glad he got over the phase of needing to piss in and on everything." He was a real terror for about a month and a half until we broke him of that bad habit.


Masha smiles then says, "Jack, you forgive Glen just as you forgave Ivan."


I remind her, "Yeah, but you gave him 'office hours1' for the rest of the day."


1 Office hours – Corps non-judicial punishment


Masha reminds me, "And Jack, Glen has served his 'office hours': He lost his command, his wife and almost alienated his daughter. Much of what Glen did could be attributed to his insane wife's influence. The whole family has gone through Hades and they deserve not only our forgiveness, they deserve our compassion."


I glare at Masha and she threatens, "Jack, don't you dare look at me like that…"


Yes, I might not have played totally fair telling Jack he needs to forgive Glen. I am however doing it for his own personal good. To harbor such hate is not healthy and sometimes my husband tends to act before he thinks. If he were to kill or maim Glen the repercussions would be terminal for our expanding family.  


Present – Linus and Todd – Guarding Jens and Maria


Todd signs, "Don't worry, I think it's Jennifer's dog."


He walks to the door, opens it, the damn dog runs in, takes one look at me and begins to growl and snap at me.


Todd signs, "What's his problem with you?"


I shake my head and explain, "I called him a bad name in Afghanistan and he's never forgiven me."


Todd makes some hand gestures toward the damn dog, he calms down, goes over to Jennifer, lays down and puts his head on her.


I question, "What was with all the hand signals to the dog?"


Todd signs, "Most dogs follow the same set of hand signals, if you learn them then dogs will usually obey you."


I ask, "Well, why don't you teach them to me and then Jennifer's dog might not hate me so much…"


Present – Zarika and Yasmeen – In the medical plane


I worry when I tell Yasmeen the truth, that she might not ever be able to have Ben's babies. She shocks me when she smiles and says, "Zarika, that might be the best thing I have ever heard!"


I ask with disbelief, "You are not upset?"


She says, "No, I watched as my mother gave birth to my brother and after seeing that I was scared of having babies."


Suddenly I wondered about having Ben's babies so I continued, "What was so terrible about it?"


Yasmeen informs me, "The pain my mother suffered was great, she cried and rolled around on the bed and then there was all the blood."


I begin to feel a little sick so I change the subject, "You did an excellent job in the tunnels."


She presses the button on her pain machine and says, "I was angry that we lost the cabin and there was no way I was going to let them take the tunnels."


Yasmeen yawns and says, "I think I will take a nap."


The doctor comes over to me and questions, "It looks like it’s time to have that cast replaced?"


I smile at him and agree, "Yes it has become very dirty and now smells bad."


He says, "Follow me." I follow him to a different part of the plane…


Present – Mira, Alexi and Ira– At the fertility clinic


My brother foolishly asks to use Ira's katana and I educate him, "Alexi, a samurai's spirit lives within their katana, so to use her katana would be to soil it."


I watch as recognition comes over his face and he states, "That is why you were so concerned about your katana."


I smile, "It is one of the reasons. The other is Ben gave that katana to me and it has a value beyond price."


Alexi questions, "So it has sentimental value."


I clarify, "Alexi, I meant monetary value as both katanas are unique examples of a masters art and cannot be replaced. He was also kind enough to provide your sister Irinka with her sword. Mine is the tiger sword and hers is the dragon sword."


Alexi states, "The tiger fits you perfectly and the dragon fits my sister Ira – Ben was very astute in his gift to you and Ira. I question when I might obtain a sword of my own and which animal will grace its blade."


I chide, "Probably a Puma Concolor. Now we need to complete our mission."


Alexi grimaces at the intellectual punishment and questions, "What exactly is our mission?"


I enumerate the mission, acquire two short swords for each of us and we begin…


Present – Ben – On the road


I barely get to sleep when Gus stops the truck. I snap to attention and ask, "What's wrong?"


Gus answers, "There's a damn funny looking bear in the middle of the highway."


I look and see… Hell yes! I declare, "Gus, that's not your ordinary bear, that's Wojtek and a hell of a good friend of mine."


I open the door to step out, Wojtek lopes toward me and gives me a hell of a bear hug. I scratch his head and comment, "Damn, you almost smell good - someone must have given you a bath."


H shakes his head, puts his paw to his head and I see a good sized gash that's just healing. A quick anger takes over, "Damn, did someone try to shoot you?"


He begins to yowl so I look at Gus and ask, "Hey, you mind if he rides in the back of the truck?"


Gus states, "It's fine with me, but if he makes a mess you're cleaning it up."


I put down the tailgate, Wojtek climbs in, moves up behind the cab and promptly falls asleep.


I hop back into the passenger seat and Gus questions, "So, just where the hell did you meet him."


So I tell Gus the whole story and how much help he was at Bob's country Bunker. When I finish Gus whistles, "Hell, I sure didn't know you, Stacy and that bear were the ones responsible for saving the Bunker. Rex needs to tell some of the other Rangers about this."


I yawn and state, "Hell, don't tell me you're going to turn all weird on me like the truckers."


Gus laughs, "Nah, that ain't going to happen but things make a hell of a lot more sense to me now. The whole Russian man and woman story was a hard one to swallow."


I recline the seat and comment, "Well I'm going to get some shut eye."


Gus says, "Go for it. When we get close to the Ranger HQ we'll stop and pick up some supplies for you."


Present – Stacy and Samantha – On the road


Bill follows me back into the gynecologist's office just in time to hear the receptionist saying, "Hell yes it's Samantha Stevens and Stacy Summers in the flesh… No, I don't know what they are here for but when I find out I will let you know."


Bill walks over, yanks the phone out of her hand, she screams, "What did you do that for?"


The doctor comes out of an examination room and demands, "What is going on?"


I look at the doctor and ask, "Tell me doctor, is HIPAA still enforced in this country?"


He answers, "Of course it is."


I inform him of the risky situation he may find himself in, "Well, you might want to inform your receptionist of the ramifications for your practice as she was just revealing that Samantha and I are here."


He glares at her and yells, "I've had my fill of you, you're fired!"


She sasses, "That's okay. With the money I will get from the media for this story I don't need your old job."


I nod my head at Bill and he says, "Ms., you're not doing anything of the sort."


She threatens, "You just try and stop me!" Then she reaches into her purse but by the time she brings out the pistol, Bill has tased the hell out of her.


I order, "Bill, make sure the local police pick her up."


He answers, "Yes ma'am, don't worry she's not going to be selling this information to anyone."


I turn back to the doctor and ask, "How's Sam?"


He motions me into the exam room where I see Sam is crying. I run over to her and she sobs, "Stacy the bastard gave me syphilis."


I hold her while the doctor explains, "It's a good thing you got her here when you did, she's already in stage two. That explains the rash she's had."


I question, "So what's the cure?"


He continues, "Well, because you got her here so early, a single dose of penicillin should take care of things. However she should be checked again in a few weeks."


I pull away, look at Samantha and say, "I know something that will cheer you up."


She questions, "What? Is it good news because I'm not sure I could take any more bad news."


I smile and answer, "Well, your report on the Mossad has all of Texas fired up. Even the Rangers are hunting for them."


The doctor adds, "Well, the reward helps."


Samantha questions, "What reward?"


I admit, "I had Bill post a reward on them, I figured it would help."


The doctor states, "Help, hell! Everyone in Texas is seeing dollar signs."


Sam hugs me and says, "Thanks Stacy, you're my BFF."


The doctor looks at me and asks, "Don't you think you need a prenatal exam?"


I thought, shit I'm not even sure I want to be pregnant but I also don't like the alternatives. I waffle but Samantha says…


Present – Liz and Bernie – At the cabin


We finish taking care of business, head outside and I'm shocked at the changes. I mention to Bernie, "This place looks like a Marine camp."


He remarks, "Look at the field tents." Then he sniffs and while pointing continues, "And that one has to be a mess tent."


Yeah, the Marines have setup multiple tents and we followed Bernie's nose into a mess tent where Mabel was having the best of times. She sees us, runs out from behind the chow line and gushes, "Will you look at what they setup for me! And they even gave me some men to help me cook. Have you seen Jennifer, I need to thank her for this job."


I tell Mabel and Bernie, "I think Jens should be waking up any time now and I want to tell her about Samantha's report."


Mabel adds, "And the reward."


I question, "Reward, what are you talking about?"


Mabel points to the television and says, "It's all over the news - now I need to go back to cooking."


We walk over as an advertisement runs and Bernie comments, "Damn, I guess someone's really pissed enough at the Mossad to post a ten thousand dollar per Mossad member reward."


I smile and guess, "This sounds to me like something Stacy Summers would do. And to be truthful after Sam's report I'd be tempted to do it myself. I'm heading in to talk to Jens."


Bernie gave me a hell of a kiss which got the Marines hooting. One even yelled, "Get a room you two!" Bernie winks at me and I reply, "A room sounds GOOD to me - later honey."


I walk to the door to her room, knock and announce, "Don't shoot it's Liz."


I open the door, see Todd and Linus doing some strange hand signals and ask, "Is Jens awake yet?"


I hear a yawn and then a voice, "Hey Liz, how are you doing."


I question, "Jens, I'm more concerned about how you feel."


She answers, "I feel great! I haven't slept like that in years… Wait, the last thing I remember was… Being sicker than a dog from the poisoned water."


Todd signs, "I gave you something that healed you."


Jens giggles, "Well, if you want to market that stuff, I'd sure buy it."


Maria begins to stir, Linus runs to her and Todd signs, "Jennifer, Glen was here but we didn't let him see you."


Jens questions, "Why not?"


Todd goes through the long 'Manchurian Candidate' theory and even adds a few more things. I wait for Jens to lose it but she says, "Todd, I don't think that happened, but then I never thought half the shit that happened to us would ever happen. Thank you for your care and concern and for helping to save all of us."


I figure it's my turn so I say, "Jens, there's more information you need to know."


She laughs, "Damn, a girl takes a nap and the whole world passes by. Well, don't keep me waiting."


I inform her, "Jens, the Mossad team that was traveling with Samantha Stevens is actually a Mossad death squad that's looking for Ben."


That fires her up so she immediately questions, "Why the hell are they looking for Ben? He never had any bad dealings with Israel."


I bite my lip but answer, "You're not going to like this. They are hoping to capture Ben and use him as bait for Mira and Ira."


Jens jumps to her feet, Sharik begins to bark and she asks "What the hell did those two do?"


I shake my head, "I have no idea, but they must have done something that got Israel or the Mossad pissed at them."


Jens says, "Well, we need to go get that fucking Mossad death squad."


I laugh, "Jens, you and most of Texas is looking for them. Someone posted a ten thousand dollar reward for each of the members."


Then Jens asks the question I hoped she wouldn't…


Present – Thom, Byron and Inga – It's raining hell on the drug lord


I hear the OPPLAN as presented. The drug lord has left the city and was hiding out in his jungle compound. Of course, we have to capture the place.  I don't like the plan and complain, "Excuse me! I do have a problem with this OPPLAN. The last thing I want to do is sit on top of a hill firing that damn shoulder cannon."


One of the other Recons offers, "Hell, I'd love to do that - he can take my place on the team."


The team leader looks at Byron and questions, "Is he any good in the jungle?"


Byron supports me…


I reply, "Thom spent a lot of time in Nam."


Thom adds, "Yeah, I've probably seen more jungle than you've ever thought of."


The team leader laughs, "Okay, you're going in with us but you fuck up and we'll all kick your ass."


We head toward the drug lord's jungle compound…


Inga questions, "Does anyone have a computer I can use?"


One of the Recon guys offers, "Sure, let me set one up for you."


I can finally get into my e-mail and I am shocked when I find out what's gone on at Jennifer's cabin. I send Masha an e-mail explaining the revised plans, and notify her that Megan is no longer in the country.


I peruse our news site and I am concerned with one piece of information…


Present – Glen – Taking care of business


This place has really shaped up and reminds me of a real Marine camp. The engineers have the water system working fine so I finally feel like we can take a breather.


I enter the mess tent where Mabel is cooking up a storm and the Marines are standing in line to get chow. The men see me and shout out, "Make way for the General!" I wave them off and say, "I'm not going to eat before my men."


I wait my turn and finally make my way to the front of the line. Mabel dishes up some damn good smelling food, I head to the closest table, sit down and begin to eat when my phone rings.


I answer it and can't believe what they just told me. Suddenly I lose my appetite. How in the hell did that happen???