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Flashback – Masha – At the hospital


I saw the car as it approached the hospital and realized the Spetsnaz had unfortunately reduced their situational awareness (again). I quickly began running as fast as I could. I barely made it out of the blast zone when the car exploded!


Upon my return to the site, I viewed a very touching scene: My Jack was looking at what was left of the idiotic CCCN news crew and was crying. Ben and Tatiana were beside him and I swore they also shed tears. I approached them and chided, "Are you crying for the un-lamented CCCN news crew?"


Jack looked up, a wide smile spread across his face, he ran toward me, hugged me so hard it hurt and stated, "Masha, I thought you were dead."


I hugged him back and declared, "Jack Reynolds, you can not get rid of me that easily!"


Tatiana ran up and questioned, "Masha, how did you..?"


I interrupted her with the answer, "I saw the car bomb headed for the hospital but the CCCN news crew did not. I ran my fastest but I am still a little injured."


Jack declared, "Hell, if you're injured we're getting you to what's left of the emergency room!"


He carried me inside and I was shocked at how many people were waiting for care. Jack promised, "Masha, I need to talk to Banzai for a moment, but if you need me I will be on the other side of the room."


He left and Tatiana said, "Masha, you are very lucky, he loves you with an unencumbered heart."


I wondered what he and Ben talked about but was happy because Tatiana was obviously correct.


Flashback – Jack – At the hospital


I rolled Banzai's wheelchair to the other side of the room and said, "Banzai, that was too damn close for comfort. I thought we killed all the Chechen bastards."


Banzai got a faraway look in his eyes, took a minute or so and then said, "Jack, I didn't realize it until now, but at least one bastard and possibly two escaped from the truck."


I questioned, "And you didn't realize it because?"


Banzai interrupted, "Jack, you know why so don't ask me again."


Yeah it was the 'thing' that took over Banzai - I had seen it before and knew better than to ask again.


The power came back on right in the middle of a news report… Now I understood what happened and knew what I needed to do…


Flashback – Tatiana – At the hospital


I moved Masha into an examination room and began to work on the wounds which were mostly small cuts from flying glass. I pulled out a piece of glass and swore, "Tвойу мат!" and held up a piece of colored glass.


Masha questioned, "Where did that piece of glass come from?"


I answered, "Unless I am incorrect, this is a piece of stained glass from the Catholic Church's windows."


Masha then swore, "Those сволочь desecrated another church and used the glass in their car bomb!"


Svoloch - bastards


We both paused and listened to a news report. It was a taped message from the Chechen leader who said, "Praise be to Allah for the many recent deaths at the hospital by the hands of one of our martyrs who is now in heaven enjoying his seventy-two virgins. We can only hope this holy warrior took all the American pig dogs with him. If not, I will not rest until all the American pig dogs especially Sgt. Blaine, his partner Jack Reynolds and his girlfriend Tatiana are dead."


Flashback – Ben – At the hospital


I just watched a fucking taped report from the fucking Chechen leader and yelled, "That fucking coward wants a fight, I will give him the fucking fight of his life! Hell they couldn't kill me when I was in a wheelchair just wait until I get out of this piece of shit! I'm going to force feed the fucker a whole damn pig, then I'm going to rip off his head and shit down his neck!!!"


Flashback – Glen


I couldn't believe it: Sgt. Blaine had gone off the deep end after hearing the death threat from the Chechen leader. There were more bleeps of swear words in his tirade than actually understandable words. I got ready to call the Colonel and give her hell when something changes my mind…


Flashback – Jack – At the hospital


Banzai loses it after the Chechen bastard threatens us and swears up a storm. Unfortunately the Russian news services already here are broadcasting all of it. I sure hope their censors don't miss any of the swear words. I began to calm him down when the Spetsnaz get fired up by Banzai's speech and began to chant, "Смерть чеченцу!"


Masha comes over and I ask, "What are they saying?"


She laughs, "They are saying 'death to the Chechen'."


It must really work because then all the people in the emergency room start chanting 'death to the Chechen'.


Maggie walks over and we all join in!!!


Flashback – Glen


Now that was surprising as hell! I thought Sgt. Blaine's tirade was a bad thing, but it fired up all the Spetsnaz and everyone else in the hospital and they were chanting something. I ran to the basement, woke up Jennifer, brought her upstairs and asked, "What are they chanting?"


She listened and then translated, "I think it's something about killing Chechens… No, it's 'death to the Chechen'."


They flashed back to the message from the Chechen leader and then Sgt. Blaine's fiery response, Jennifer looked at me and asked…


Flashback – Jens


I heard the threat against My Ben's life and understood most of what was said. I asked, "Daddy, perhaps you could bring all the Marines back from Russia?"


Daddy questioned, "Jennifer, what did that terrorist say?"


I told Daddy most of what I could understand, then Daddy said, "Jennifer, while I am bringing back the two officers, after what you just told me there's no way I can bring back Sgt. Reynolds or Sgt. Blaine because that would make it appear that the Marines were running away."


Flashback – Major M – At the hospital


I woke up after the boney bitch beat the shit out of me and had a hell of a headache. The nurse taking care of me said, "Rest Major, you have a concussion."


I saw the boney bitch with the Sgts. and the Spetsnaz chanting something and I realized it was the perfect time to take care of something before my actions got discovered. I slowly slipped up beside Maggie and gently slid her charge card back into her purse.


She turned, saw me and ordered, "Sgts. follow me and the Major."


We moved into an examination room, and the boney bitch said…


Flashback – Colonel Maggie – At the hospital


I looked at the three of them and stated, "Someone played a hell of a trick on Jennifer, the Old Man's daughter. They sent her a box of roses in Sgt. Blaine's name with a note that said he loved her. I figure it has to be one of us here. Now the Old Man is on the warpath and someone's getting shipped to Thule for this."


I watched their faces for reaction, Sgt. Blaine complained, "Well it sure as hell wasn't me, I'd never pull a chicken shit trick like that plus I didn't have the time."


Sgt. Reynolds stated, "Hell, I've been with you the whole time and I'd have no reason to piss off the Old Man any more than I normally do."


We all turned towards the Major. He gave a weird half smirk and answered, "It sure wasn't me… I know. Why don't you call the flower company and see whose credit card was used."


I sure as hell didn't like the Major's look or attitude…


Flashback – Tatiana and Masha – At the hospital


I alerted Masha and took a picture with the camera on my phone, "The Major just placed something inside the Colonel's purse."


They moved to an examination room while Tatiana and I took the adjacent room and heard the whole conversation. Tatiana was furious and said, "I should kick that Major's ass! I'm sure he did this!"


I added, "This Jennifer Donaldson might be the one that has been sending you the unusual packages. Rumor has it that she has an emotional attachment to Sgt. Blaine."


Tatiana spit, "I should kick her ass too!"


I calmed her, "Tatiana, she's a fourteen year old girl and I'm sure it is just an infatuation."


Tatiana became furious, "That is a nasty trick to play on a young girl! I am going to seriously kick the Major's ass."


Tatiana started to move but I held her arm and cautioned, "This might have been a blessing in disguise since having the Major and the Colonel here has created many problems. Wouldn't it be better if the General recalled both officers?"


Tatiana smiled at me, "Yes, they are a large distraction and seem to want to manage every detail of the Sgts. actions. It was much more enjoyable before they arrived here and began their interference."


I replied, "I'm certain the Major used the Colonel's credit card to purchase the flowers and then slipped it back into her purse. All we have to do is make sure a report of the actions, along with a few strategic lies, falls into the proper hands…"


Flashback – Glen


I slept great in the chair in my den, woke up early, went into the basement woke Jennifer up and said, "Get ready because I'm taking you to school today."


She smiled, "Thank you Daddy, I really didn't want to have to deal with mother today."


I shook my head and said, "Jennifer, I'm not sure how in the hell we are going to fix things this time. Evelyn is not the type to forgive what you told her."


Jennifer looked down and said, "Yes Daddy, I messed up but I know how to fix it. I need to let either you or her spank me for what I said, then the problem with mother will be fixed for now. However, I want both of you present for the spanking and I only want a hand used, not belts or sticks."


My admiration grew for my daughter because we both knew she didn't need to do this.


I dropped Jennifer at school and promised, "I will make sure you are picked up from school."


She kissed me, "Thank you Daddy, and I will make things correct with mother tonight."


I got into the office opened and e-mail marked emergency and swore up a storm!!!


Flashback – Colonel Maggie – At the hospital


My phone rang, it was Glen so I answered, "Yes SIR!"


He questioned, "So did you find out who sent the flowers to my daughter?"


I gulped and replied, "No SIR! I am sure it's not either of the Sgts. and the Major suggested we check to see whose credit card was used."


There was a long pause and Glen stated, "Colonel Maggie it was your charge card."


I swore, "What the hell! I never did that."


Glen laughed, "Simmer down Colonel, the report also showed the Major slipping something back into your purse. And while the signature on the receipt is almost like yours, it really doesn’t match."


I questioned, "Sir, what are your plans?"


There was an even longer pause then he said, "Colonel Maggie, you're a hell of an officer and I'm hoping when I assign you and the Major to the same room in Thule, you will be able to turn him into a better officer."


I complained, "But Sir!"


Glen interrupted, "Colonel Maggie, are you saying you wouldn't enjoy being Major Mike's commanding officer."


I thought for a moment and decided this might work out, so I clarified, "Are you telling me Sir that I have carte blanche with the Major's training?"


Glen added, "Hell yes, just don't kill him. Now you two need to get your bags packed because you're leaving tonight."


I questioned, "What about the Sgts.?"


He laughed, "Hell, those two were doing better on their own."


Major Mike was smirking and questioned, "Was that the Old Man?"


I nodded my head, "It sure was you fucking bastard. Thank God he knows it was you, using my credit card, who sent the flowers to his daughter."


The Major denied my charge, "Like hell it was."


My phone beeped, I looked at the picture then smiled and showed him, "You see Major, you're not as sneaky as you thought and someone captured this picture of what you did…"


Flashback – Major M – At the hospital


I was shocked because I was sure that no one saw me. Sgt. Blaine said, "I should kick your fucking ass for doing that."


Sgt. Reynolds added, "And I'll be right in line behind him."


Colonel Maggie laughed, "Sorry guys, but your retribution will need to wait. Both of us leave for Thule tonight where I have carte blanche on teaching the Major to be a better officer."


I complained, "Like hell you do!"


The boney bitch cackled, "That's right pencil dick, you and I in the same room in Thule for as long as it takes."


Masha walked up and asked, "Did I hear you are leaving us? What about my upcoming marriage to Jack?"


The boney bitch said, "Hell, I can't countermand President Putin. I will make sure it's taken care of."


Masha walked up and whispered a threat, "If you ever do something like that again, don't count on us again rescuing you."


I am flabbergasted! I'll bet Masha and that pet nurse of hers saved me from the Chechens…


Flashback – Todd – Waking up


That was the worst damn mission I'd ever been on! Some fucker had alerted the Chinese government of my infiltration, the mission of ex-filtrating a defecting Chinese Scientist was a bust and I spent the remainder of my mission escaping. I thought I was home free when I got to my ultralight aircraft and took off. Somehow their fighter jets found me and shot me down.


They continued to strafe the water after my ultralight crashed, so I dove deep and hoped they would miss. The last thing I remembered was a severe pain in my throat until I opened my eyes and noted I was washed up on a beach. I reached down my face, felt my throat and realize someone had bandaged it, but from the nature of the bandage, I understood my larynx was damaged. I tried to speak and it caused nothing but pain.


It was interesting because I should have felt like hell because the ultralight hit the water going extremely fast, but instead I felt pretty damn good, just hungry as hell. I checked and found most of my gear survived my arrival on this God forsaken island. I still had my sidearm, knife, and the majority of my survival gear. I looked beside me and saw a broken electronic device and I realized immediately it was a tracking device – that was how the fighters found me.


The one thing I was missing was my radio and without a radio there was no way I could contact my ex-filtration team. I was too exposed on the beach and needed to get to cover so I slowly and warily slipped into the tree line. This island was inhabited by at least one person, the person that put the dressing on my neck. I needed to find them and perhaps they had my radio…


Flashback – Alexi – At home


It was my fourth birthday party and once again, it consisted only of me and my parents. I never understood why I did not have other children to play with, but my parents told me, 'it is for your own good so others do not distract you'. I was not surprised when this year's gifts consisted of books and puzzles like most of my previous gifts. But one gift which interested me the most was a cylinder with rotating letters. Father explained, "Alexi, that is called a cryptex. When you decipher the code you will open it and receive a great reward."


I brashly stated, "I will smash it open."


Mother only laughed as she said, "Alexi, if you do that the great reward will also be destroyed."


Mother then brought out the cake with four candles on it and said, "Blow out your candles and make a wish."


I blew out all four candles and wished that someday I could be a real boy with a real family – I felt a bit like Pinocchio. It did not take much of my mental facilities to realize that I was adopted. Mother was too old and had entered her change in life; and she and Father were always busy at the laboratory. I went to the laboratory with them because that was where I was schooled. I often wondered if I was 'one of my parent's experiments'.


However, other than having no friends my age, I could not complain. I had an unusual diet along with nice clothes and my adopted parents did love me, even if they did not communicate by touch…


Flashback – Ira, Mira, Safia and Naomi – in Israel


Naomi operated the truck of fire while I looked at Safia and stated, "Safia, it appears your sister's master has improved his behavior."


Safia glared at us and challenged, "Changed my ass! You just wait and see. He will try to rape all of us."


Mira reminded her, "Safia, with the injuries to his alimentary canal and tool it will take many days until he is competent to train anyone."


Safia questioned, "What do you mean tool?"


Naomi replied, "Little sister, in their vernacular tool means penis."


Ira praised her, "Naomi, you have comprehended our verbiage in an excellent manner."


I lean close to Safia and suggested, "Perhaps you should not look this gift equine in the mandibles. Naomi does appear to be happy and well taken care of."


Safia begins to answer but Naomi interrupted, "I think we have attracted the attention of the police."


We visually surveyed behind the truck of fire and ascertained that Naomi is correct. I smiled at Ira and suggested, "I have always wanted to play fireperson…"


Flashback – Jack and Ben – At the hospital


We were in Banzai's new room, the Colonel and the Major showed up and Maggie said, "Sgt. Reynolds, with both of us leaving you will be in command. I don't know whether that is a blessing or a curse."


Banzai laughed, "The way Jack speaks everything is a curse."


We all laughed, I looked at the Major and questioned, "Is everything okay Sir?"


He complained, "Well, you tell me. If you were headed to Thule..." He paused, glared at the Colonel and continued, "would things be okay with you?"


I was glad to see the officers leaving but I knew we still needed to keep the Major on our side because sooner or later he would be back as our commanding officer and probably he would return to Russia. I mentioned to Tatiana, "Do you have the gifts for Colonel Maggie and Major M?"


She brought two boxes and handed one to each. I looked at them and suggested, "Well, go ahead and open them."


They ripped open the boxes and the Colonel said, "Sgt. Blaine is this a silver fox ushanka1?"


1 Ushanka - is a Russian fur cap with ear flaps that can be tied up to the crown of the cap, or tied at the chin to protect the ears, jaw and lower chin from the cold.


I replied, "Yes Sir, I figured you could use it in Thule."


The Major held up his and said, "This is mink."


I smiled and answered, "Yes, it is."


The Colonel said, "These must have cost a small fortune, thank you Sgt."


The Major even smiled and said, "Yes, thank you. I only hope my commanding officer has a heart and will let me wear this."


They both said their goodbyes and left, I looked at Jack and he said, "Damn Banzai, that was a hell of a nice thing to do."


I answered, "Well the Colonel wasn't that bad for an officer and I know the Major will be back here again someday so I figured I would start to mend the bridges."


Tatiana looked at Jack and asked, "Sgt. Reynolds, if you don't mind I think it's time for Ben's sponge bath."


Jack grinned and chided, "Hell, I know when I'm not wanted. Do you know where Masha went?"


Tatiana replied, "I think she had some work to do so she is probably back at your hotel room."


Jack's eyes gleamed as he turned to leave and I teased, "Don't do anything I wouldn't do but if you do, name it after me."


Finally Tatiana and I were alone…


I left Banzai's hospital room and damn him… His comment about 'name it after me' made me wonder something about Masha. I had assumed she was on some kind of birth control so I never asked her. If she wasn't then…