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Present – Jens


I can't believe this day has finally come - Ben and I are finally getting married! Yes I'm the blushing bride in my gleaming white dress and Ben looks so debonair in his black tuxedo. I tremble a little as the preacher says the words, "You may kiss your wife." Ben gives me a kiss that's full of promise for what tonight will hold and the preacher continues, "Ladies, gentlemen and Marines, I present to you Mr. and Mrs. Ben Blaine…"


Present – Glen – At the cabin


A Marine runs up after I complete the phone call with Byron and reports, "Sir, we have an issue."


I wonder what the hell is wrong now so I order, "Well give me the sitrep."


He gives me the report and it pisses me off more than ever!!!


Present – Todd – In the tunnels


I give Mabel the syrup of Ipecac, she pukes her guts out then she looks at me and says, "I see… I see… I see beautiful whirling lights!" Then she passes out in my arms. I look at her helpers and sign, "Did any of you taste the food?"


I get my answer as three of the five drop to the floor. Shit! I was too late with my warning and now we're all going to pay. I order, "You two make sure Mabel and the other three Marines don't have any respiratory problems. I need to find the doctor…


Present – Linus – In the tunnels


A group of Marines are gathered around Maria on the floor as I run up and question, "What the hell happened?"


One of them says, "She ran by us, complained about feeling dizzy, seeing whirling lights then passed out."


I order, "Go and find the doctor because we have something strange going on here. The water has been poisoned but I'm damn sure she didn't drink any of it." Then I remember that Maria and Jens were showering so I scoop up Maria and run my ass off toward the room where she and Jens were taking a shower.


I run past Todd while he signs, "Don't tell me Maria drank the water?"


I answer, "I don't think she did."


He replies by signing, "Shit! She and Jens were taking a shower together. Quick we need to find Jens."


We run up to the room they were sharing, knock on the door but don't get an answer. We run in and find Jens passed out on the floor. Todd drops to the floor beside her, checks her vitals, looks at me and signs…


Present – Todd – In the tunnels


I sign, "Linus, Jens' heart rate is very slow and so is her breathing. It's plain that whatever the poison is it can enter the body through contact with the skin. You watch Maria and Jens while I go and find the doctor."


Linus asks, "See if you can find a medic or two and send them here to help."


I run outside and see Marines down all over the place. I see a medic wiping someone's head with a wet rag, pull my bow, nock an arrow and take the rag out of his hand. Then I sign, "The water is the problem and whatever it is can affect the person through the skin."


The medic says, "I… I… I don't feel well but those are pretty whirling lights." Then he passes out.


I see Glen, run up to him and sign, "Glen the poison enters the body thorough the contact of water with the skin."


Glen complains, "Don't tell me that! Linus got my shirt wet as hell when he tackled me…"


The next thing I know Glen collapses. I take out my pistol, fire multiple rounds into the air which gets everyone's attention. Then I sign and someone translates, "The water has been either poisoned or drugged. If it even touches your skin you will be affected. Does anyone know where the doctor is?"


A man walks up and says, "I'm one of the doctors, what do you need."


I sign, "Do you know ASL?"


He replies in sign, "I sure do now what do you need."


I explain things to him and he declares, "Well it's a good thing we have a medical plane here because it sounds like we're going to need it. Now bring the General and come to the plane. I will get you a sterile container so you can bring me a water sample."


A group of Marines pickup Glen and we walk into the field toward a C-130. I know the TSIFFTS has medical planes, but I had not yet seen one…


Present – Maria


I can't believe it, Linus and I are crawling through a jungle on a mission! I look over at him, he smiles and me and signals me to take the lead. I crawl up to the compound fence, pull out my wire cutters and begin to cut a hole in the fence.


I'm almost done when… Shit! We're spotted and the bastards are firing at us so we return fire…


Present – Glen


Evelyn and I are happy and dancing at Jennifer's wedding; she and Ben Blaine finally married and…


Wait this can't be right! Evelyn always hated Ben Blaine so why would we be happily dancing at Jennifer's and Ben's wedding…


Then things change and Evelyn transforms into the fucking wicked witch from the Wizard Of Oz!!! The next thing I know I'm being attacked by all those fucking flying monkeys that used to scare the hell out of Jennifer…


Present – Todd – In the TSIFFTS Medical plane


The doctor gives me a sterile container and says, "Please get a sample of the water but be careful."


I start to leave the plane, a Marine runs up and says, "Sir, you need to see what we found."


The doctor states, "I'm busy with patients right now, take this man with you."


We run over to the well pump house, he points and says, "Sir, I was looking at the water system and this didn't look right."


I look at him and sign, "Your damn right it doesn't look right!" Yeah the damn bastards hadn't poisoned the well, what they had done was expose the underground supply pipe and then added what looks to be a filter type system, but instead of filter media, it contains something else.


I look around and sign, "Bring me some tools."


The Marine answers, "Sir I don't know sign language."


I open my pack, pull out a notepad and write my orders then he takes off…


Present – Zarika – In the medical plane


The nice doctor lets me stay in the area while he operates on Yasmeen. I am amazed that we are in a big airplane with a hospital inside. I watch as they work on her, then the doctor swears, "Fuck, I was afraid that might have happened?"


I softly question, "Doctor was it what you warned me about?"


He replies, "It's even worse! The bullet did hit her uterus and the uterus contracted which caused a tear in it."


I cry a little as I ask, "W… W… Will she be?"


The doctor shakes his head and answers, "Well, I can save her and repair the damage for right now, but she might not ever be able to have children."


Tears fall down my cheeks for Yasmeen. She always wanted babies from our husband Ben and now she might not be able to have them…


Present – Masha and Jack – In the tunnels


Jack complains, "Damn it's cold in here."


I stop playing with Ivan, look at Jack and realize he's sick. I question, "My love please tell me you didn't drink the water."


He shakes his head, "No I didn't drink the water, but I feel like shit. I think I have a fever and my joints are achy and I have a hell of a headache."


I tell Ivan, "Son, go play with your toys."


He questions, "Gapa sick?"


I kiss and comfort him, "Papa will be fine."


I take Jack's temperature, note it's very high then I realize what's happened.


I order, "Jack we need to get you to the medical plane immediately…"


Present – Alexi, Mira and Ira– At the fertility clinic


Mira has already taken a piece off the doctor and is kneeling on the floor crying, Ira wants to separate his cranial carapace from his body when he begs, "Please I might be of some use to you."


 I suggest, "Doctor what you choose to do next will determine if you live."


The doctor exudes information, "I know everything about the plot. Akhmed approached me with the offer and I couldn't resist it."


Ira grins evilly and demands, "What of the original male procreation component we conveyed to your clinic?"


He gulps and says, "We have some of it left."


Mira looks up and questions, "Some? Why do you not have all?"


He looks at the floor and doesn't answer so Ira takes an additional miniscule piece of skin off his left ear, he screams, "Stop it please!"


I threaten him, "If you do not answer the question you will forfeit your life."


He attempts to bargain, "Before you kill me, you should know that I moved it to a location that only I know about. If you kill me that location dies with me."


I smile at him and further confront him, "I am sure that I can ascertain that location from your computer records so do not bother us with your idle threats. Now, answer Mira's question, 'Why do you not have all?'"


He admits, "I have been selling it to selected patients. However, there is still enough left to easily give you one or possibly two babies."


Mira wails like I have never heard, rises up from her kneeling position as the short sword she borrowed from Ira slices through the air in a circular motion and strikes the doctor's cranial carapace transecting his entire body. I was highly surprised at the effect because it was not her katana. Blood sprays everywhere as the two pieces of his body fall separately to the ground.


Ira looks at me and orders, "Alexi, access the computer system and locate Ben Blaine's male procreation component."


Mira sinks to the floor and cries, "One or possibly two of my Ben's babies while other women are impregnated by his male procreation component."


I begin to search the doctor's records and come up with an idea that I hope will calm Mira…


Present – Ben – On the road


I am stripped, tied to an altar and woman after woman is having their way with me. While for some men this might seem like heaven, it's hell for me because Jens is tied up beside me and is forced to watch each woman pleasure herself on me while I was never able to pleasure her! The tears are rolling down her cheeks as she is forced to watch!


I finally wake up and yell, "Son of a bitch!" I hear laughter, look over and see Parsimonious Paul and realize it was a fucking nightmare.


PP continues laughing and says, "That must have been one hell of a dream."


I complain, "It was a fucking nightmare and I sure as hell don't want to talk about it."


He says, "Don't worry about it, I was in Nam and I have some of those dreams sometimes too. But it's good you're awake because you need to get ready to meet your public."


I groan, "Don't tell me we're stopping at a truck stop."


PP answers, "Well this rig needs some fuel and you need some recreation."


I question, "PP how do I keep the women from, well you know?"


He laughs and says, "Son that's the simplest thing in the world." Then he leans over and gives me his advice…


We pull into the truck stop and I swear it's a fucking carnival! People are lined up all along the entrance, they see PP's truck and begin to cheer as I look at him and ask, "Are you sure it will work?"


He answers, "Well, it's what I would do if I was in your place."


He pulls up to the pumps, puts on the brakes and the truck is swarmed by horny women. And I wonder if my nightmare is just starting…


Present – Samantha and Stacy – Austin


I pull Stacy aside and I embarrassedly ask, "Stacy I know I'm not pregnant but something doesn't feel right down there. I was wondering if Frank might have given me a STD."


Stacy gives me a questioning look and says, "Hell Sam, I don't know anything about that - I've never had one."


I chide, "I thought you really played the field back when…"


I interrupt Samantha with anger, "Sam, that was the fucking tabloids that made all that shit up! I really have very little experience."


Samantha says, "Gee Stacy, I'm sorry but it was reported as a fact everywhere."


I laugh, "Yeah, and we know how reliable those 'facts' are."


Samantha's phone rings, she looks at it and says, "Stacy, it's Liz. I will put it on speaker."


Sam answers and says, "Hello boss, how are you doing?"


Liz replies, "Samantha that was a hell of a story you did on the Mossad! Are you sure of your facts? Are they really a 'death squad' looking for Ben Blaine?"


Sam replies, "Hell yes I'm sure of them! And I'm also sure Frank was a fucking bigamist."


Liz asks, "Sam, where are you? Do you need any help."


Sam laughs, "Liz, I'm doing fine. I'm traveling with Stacy Summers and I'm not going to tell you where we are."


Liz complains, "But Sam, you work for me!"


Sam interrupts, "Yes I do but as a reporter I need to keep my sources confidential. Stacy has asked me not to reveal my location and in return she will give me exclusive interviews. So, we have to honor her wishes… That is unless you would like me to return to the main station without the big story."


We waited for what seemed like forever and finally…


Present – Liz and Bernie – At the cabin


I couldn't believe what the fuck Samantha was doing to me! She knew that she was supposed to help find Ben and it sounded like she had switched sides. I answer, "Sam, I'm tempted to fire you."


Then I hear a voice that says, "Elizabeth Morgan, this is Stacy Summers. If you fire her I will hire her and start my own damn network so go the fuck ahead!"


I look at Bernie, he shakes his head no so I ask, "Ms. Summers…"


She interrupts, "Call me Stacy seeing as we are practically business partners."


I continue, "Stacy, if this is going to work I will need one report on you each day."


I cover the phone and tell Bernie, "Get the station to track where the hell Sam is."


Stacy answers, "You're going to need to be more specific on what you want the reports to contain."


I decide to push the issue, "How about what you did when you were with Ben Blaine."


Stacy laughs and questions, "Oh, you want a blow job by blow job sex tape?"


I counter, "Stacy cut the crap! We both know that you and Ben never hooked up."


Stacy interrupts, "How can you be sure of that?"


I drop the bombshell, "Because Jennifer Donaldson is the woman that Ben truly loves and even though he's not with her he will never cheat on her!"


Stacy taunts, "And you're sure of that?"


I reply, "No, I'm damn sure of that! Hell he's had the chance to hook up with many women and has avoided each one of them. Since you probably don't know, right now the only reason he's running from Jennifer is because he was fucking programmed by his damn Major so that if he felt trapped in any way he was to run."


Bernie immediately shakes his head no and I realize I've made a hell of a mistake…


Present – Stacy – Austin


Suddenly things make sense to me! I finally knew why Ben resisted me so many times and if he had been programmed to run, then what I did to him also forced him to run from me.


I smile and say, "Thank you Ms. Morgan."


She interrupts, "Since you’re the one that said we're almost business partners, call me Liz."


I sarcastically say, "Okay Liz baby. Thanks for the information. Now if you don't mind, I have my future husband, Ben Blaine to find."


I nod at Samantha she disconnects the call and questions, "Stacy, I don't want to lose my job. I like working for the Truth Network."


I smile at her and explain, "Samantha you don't realize it, but you are a prime asset to the Truth Network and there's no way in hell they will fire you. Now let's have Bill find us a gynecologist and get you checked out…"


Present – Liz and Bernie – At the cabin


I look at Bernie and ask, "Did they get her location?"


Bernie shakes his head, "Yeah but it was Alaska."


I look at Bernie and ask for confirmation, "Alaska?"


He says, "Yeah, they are doing some serious re-routing on her cell phone signal."


I smile and admit, "You know it doesn't matter because I still know they are somewhere in Texas. Now, it's time for me to do my report."


Bernie fires up the portable camera and it feels good to be doing my job again…


Present – Inga, Thom and Byron– It's raining hell on the drug lord



I question, "Byron, Thom what is the TSIFFTS?"


Thom looks at me and threatens, "Inga if I told you I would have to kill you."


I laugh and relate what I know, "TSIFFTS stands for, 'The System Is Fucked, Fuck The System'. You are a group of former military operatives who feel the American justice system has failed and have run a series of missions to remedy that situation, some including the direct elimination of targets. Most of your current funding comes from Jennifer Donaldson using the money she and her missing fiancé Ben Blaine accumulated together. Shall I continue?"


I look at Inga and say, "Turnabout is fair play: You and your team are foreign agents most likely from one of the FSU republics, probably Kazakhstan. Masha Reynolds was and possibly still is your handler and you receive your orders from her."


Byron swears (yeah he's still pissed off), "And who gives a flying fuck about any of this! When we meet the Recons we will act as a cohesive unit or I will kick both your asses."


I look at Inga, she winks at me and we both say, "Yes Sir!"


Byron swears, "I'm not a fucking Sir! I work for a fucking living!"


I complain, "Then stop acting like one!"


Inga scolds me, "Thom, he is the Marine in this group and is better equipped to interface with the Recons."


Byron says, "That's the most logical thing I've heard from either of you. Now shut the hell up and let me drive."


We look at each other and both smile. Yes, Byron is excited and in his element, it's good to see him taking charge…


Present – Liz and Bernie – At the cabin


I finish my report and damn it felt good to be in front of the camera again - it had been too long. I look at Bernie and question, "How was it?"


With a totally passive look he asks, "Do you want the truth?"


I complain, "Hell yes, I want the truth!"


He laughs, "I know you always do - it was fucking great! My guess is by the time the station broadcasts this report we are going to have more Marines and former Marines here than we could shake a stick at."


I taunt, "Bernie, there are no former Marines – 'Once a Marine always a Marine'. Now how are we going to send this to the station?"


He smiles and explains his plan, "You see that big semi-trailer over there with all the antennas? They are going to do it for us."


We headed to the trailer and are stopped by a sentry. He says, "Sorry, you aren't allowed in the trailer."


I smile and ask, "Could I possibly talk to the person in command."


The sentry replies, "No ma'am, he's busy."


Bernie interrupts, "Listen grunt! We have a report for the Truth Network about what's going on here and we need to send it to our headquarters. I'm sure your commander wouldn't like it if you keep this from happening."


I add, "And I can put your name in the report."


He gets a little white and offers, "Let me go ask the commander."


He leaves, I look at Bernie and say, "Damn, I like it when you take charge!"


He laughs, "Yeah, it feels good."


Another man comes out and apologizes, "Sorry Ms. Morgan, we would be glad to send your report to the Truth Network. Please come into our trailer."


Bernie and I walk into the trailer and are amazed to find a fully functional communications and command center. I look and ask, "Is that real time radar?"


The man replies, "Yes ma'am it is."


Bernie questions, "Don't tell me you are tapped into the federal databases."


He answers, "You didn't see that."


We reply, "Of course we didn't."


He continues, "Now give me your camera."


Bernie hands him the camera. He looks at it and laments, "It's a shame you didn't tell us you were doing a report, we could have provided you with a professional camera."


I question, "Is there anything you don't have."


He hangs his head and quietly answers, "Yeah, we aren't anti-tank rocket proof." I fully realize they are still in mourning for their fallen comrades…


Present – Jens – At the cabin


I wake up… Where the hell is Ben and where the hell is my wedding night! I look around and see Maria and Linus on the floor then I realize… We were drugged by the water! I begin to shake Maria and Linus. Maria wakes and says, "Kill all the fuckers Linus!" Linus wakes up and declares, "Oh baby, you rock my world!"


I realize that it was all some drug induced dream and then I begin to feel something terrible…


Present – Glen – In the medical plane


I slowly wake up and realize I had been drugged. The doctor asks me, "How do you feel?"


I state, "I don't know what the fuck was in the water but it makes you see God with one eye and the flying monkeys from the Wizard Of Oz with the other eye."


Then the doctor tells me something which really pisses me off…


Present – Todd – The water system


A Marine comes up and I sign, "We need to carefully remove this device from the water system."


He says, "I don't do sign language."


I pull out my notepad and write the instructions for him. He removes the device from the system but not without getting himself wet.


I write a note, "You will soon become unconscious because you got water on yourself."


I write another note to the Marine that brought him, "Stay here and monitor his condition."


Then I carefully take the device to the medical plane. The doctor sees me and I sign, "This was connected to the water system."


He carefully takes it then things go a little crazy…