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Present – Jens – In the tunnels


Hammer dragged a person into the room, Linus just finished one of his terrible jokes (thanks Daddy!), and I declare, "I'm not sure which was worse the drugged water or the joke. Now Hammer what makes you think this man isn't a Marine?"


Hammer answers, "Th' dobber gart up some tossel an' bull story abit hoo he'd saved th' General. He was braggin' tae aw th' other men."


Daddy looked at him and swore, "Like hell he did! I've never seen this man in my life."


Hammer nodded his head, "Och aye, that's whit Ah thought. Plus he does nae hae dug tags."


Todd signs, "If you don't mind, I would like a chance to interrogate him."


Daddy commands, "Go ahead do whatever it takes to get the information out of him."


I interrupt, "Excuse me but this is my cabin and I'm still the boss here. Todd, please interrogate the prisoner but don't kill him."


Daddy laughs, "Spoken like a real Princess Boss."


I stamp my foot and complain, Sharik barks while everyone else laughs…


Present – Todd – In the tunnels


I request, "Linus could you help me interrogate the prisoner?"


Linus replies, "Sure, I'd like to watch how you do it."


We move the prisoner to another room and I sign, "Linus tie him firmly to a chair."


Linus binds him to a chair and the prisoner boldly states, "There's no way I'm telling you anything."


I sign and Linus translates, "When I'm finished, you will have told me everything that you know and then some."


Linus questions, "What sort of torture do you have planned?"


I sign an answer, "Torture never works. They will give you any answer just to stop the torture. However the medicinal herbs I will give him will have him singing like a jaybird."


I open my pack, remove the medicinal substances and prepare the mixture. Then I sign, "Linus help me force him to drink this."


Linus grabs his head, holds his mouth open with one hand while I plug his nose with my other hand and pour the mixture into his mouth. He chokes, gags but finally swallows most of it.


Linus questions, "What's next?"


I sign, "We wait..."


Present – Glen – In the tunnels


After the shock of the fake Marine I decide it's damn time for me to vet all the 'Marines' that are here. I look at Hammer and ask, "Well, since you caught the first bogus Marine, do you want to help me interview the rest of them?"


Hammer answers, "Heel och aye, Ah can spo’ a fake a kilometer awa'."


Jennifer suggests, "Daddy, you should coordinate with the TSIFFTS truck and use their resources, it will go faster."


I smile at my daughter and reply, "Thanks honey that's exactly what I planned on doing."


Maria suggests, "I would make sure each man you vet gets a dot of ink on their hand."


I question, "You mean like they did for the elections in Iraq?"


Maria nods her head, "Exactly like that. But make sure it's a color of ink that isn't easy to find."


I look at Hammer and say, "Well let's move it, we have a hell of a lot of men to interview."


Present – Maria – In the tunnels


Glen leaves, I look at my Princess Boss and ask, "How are you feeling?"


She gives me a funny look but then replies, "I'm hungry as hell, how about you?"


I answer, "I could eat a fucking rocking horse."


Jens suggests, "Let's go and get some food."


But I grab her by the arm and order, "Jens, not until we get you in body armor with a helmet and get Matt and Jim here."


She questions, "How the hell are we going to get Matt and Jim here?"


I laugh, "Oh I'm sure they're in the mess tent. I will grab one of the men running by to fetch them for us."


Before I open the door I caution her, "Stand at the far side of the room." My Princess Boss moves to the far side of the room, I open the door and it doesn't take long for a 'Marine' to run by. I stop him and ask, "I'm Jennifer Donaldson's aide, could you please go to the food tent and find Matt Comes and Jim Marky? Tell them to gear up, full battle gear, and come to this room."


I gave him a big smile and he almost falls all over himself when he says, Yes ma'am."


I quietly remind him, "That's Ms. to you since I'm no officer."


I turn and I am shocked at what my Princess Boss asks…


Present – Jack – In the tunnels


Masha asks, "Jack my love, where are we going?"


I answer, "Masha, I need to find Jennifer to see how she's doing and what's going on."


She correctly interprets my question, "Don't you mean you want to see how her father has affected her?"


Hell, I knew better than to try to lie to Masha! I answer, "Yeah, you caught me."


Masha laughs, "Jack my love, I catch all your lies but some of them I choose to ignore."


Then she advises me, "Jack, I need to find a computer to use."


I grin at her and tease, "Oh, you're going to go and do some of your soccer mom things again."


She smiles and laughs, "I'm glad things are finally out in the open between us."


I head into the tunnels while she and Ivan head toward what has to be a CCC tent. And yes, I'm glad things are finally out in the open. I'm impressed as hell that she never, not even once, pumped me for information. I didn't even think it was possible to love her more.


Once in the tunnels I stop and ask a Marine, "Do you know where Jennifer Donaldson is?"


The Marine replies, "I don't know where she is but her aide is in the fourth room down on the right." Then he asks, "Do you know a Matt Comes and Jim Marky? I was asked to find them."


I laugh and answer, "Hell yeah, they will be in the mess tent eating more food than any two men could normally eat."


I head down the hallway, get to the door, knock and hear, "Who's there?"


I reply, "Maria, it's Jack."


She opens the door, grabs my arm and hauls me into the room right in the middle of a fight.


Maria complains, "Jens, I can't believe you asked me that."


Jennifer says, "Well, what the hell do you expect after what you and Todd have said."


I interrupt, "What the hell are you two arguing about?"


Maria orders, "Jens, ask Jack what you just dared to ask me."


Jennifer smiles at me and says, "I asked Maria if she thought Daddy helped Evelyn escape from the mental hospital."


I pause and then ask, "What the hell are you two talking about? And how in the hell does this help anything we're doing?"


Present – Liz and Bernie – In the TSIFFTS semi-trailer


We head back to the TSIFFTS trailer and I question, "Do you have any way of tracking where a mobile phone is?"


They guys at the consoles laugh, "Hell, we do that for breakfast. Give me the number."


I give him Samantha's number, he enters it into the system then he swears, "Son of a bitch!"


I ask, "What's wrong?"


He says, "Well, someone really smart has messed with this phone, it says that the number is located in Latvia." He laughs and continues, "Now it's located in Germany. Sorry but unless we deploy a Stingray Fake Cell tower in a general area of this phone there's no way to accurately determine where the number really is."


I question, "What's a Stingray fake cell tower?"


The console operator looks at the commander, the commander nods and after the approval he informs me, "It's a computer with a cell antenna and specialized software which will force a cell phone to connect to it."


I ask, "Do you have access to those?"


The commander walks up and suggests, "It's probably better if we drop this discussion."


I notice my report about all that's going on here at the cabin is coming on the Truth Network, so we drop the discussion and watch the report.


My report no sooner ends than Samantha's interview with Stacy comes on…


Present – Samantha – Interviewing Stacy


I double check, "Stacy are you sure you want to do this?"


I see a few tears in the corner of her eyes. She wipes them away with the back of her hand and says, "Samantha I don't have a choice in this matter. We have to do this."


Bill cautions, "Samantha, please be gentle."


I nod at Bill, he starts recording and I announce, "Hello America this is Samantha Stevens for the Truth Network. Today I have a special interview with Stacy Summers. Hello Stacy how are you doing?"


Stacy tries to smile for the camera, then says, "Well Samantha, I've had better days."


I continue, "Would you like to explain that?"


Stacy says, "Well, I've just discovered that when…" she chokes a little bit then continues, "when I was raped the man that raped me also used a foreign object inside of me and permanently damaged me."


I question, "Would you care to elaborate on what you just said?"


Stacy stated, "Yes a doctor just informed me I can never have children naturally, any children I have must be delivered by caesarian section."


I continue, "And because of this you told me you were forced to make a very hard decision. Would you please share that decision with America?"


Stacy looks into the camera and answers, "Yes it forced me to make a terrible decision which will cause some of America to hate me and from which I'm sure I will never fully recover. Even though I had every intention of having this baby, this new information has made me decide to terminate this pregnancy."


Stacy, shudders and appears to break down, Bill zooms in on me and I close with, "You can see the anguish this decision has forced upon Stacy Summers. I only hope that Americans can find it in their hearts to forgive her. Samantha Stevens signing off."


I run over and hold a very distraught Stacy…


Present – Liz – In the TSIFFTS semi-trailer


Bernie looks at me and says, "Wow, what a shock and what a report."


My phone rings, I look and find it's the station. I answer and ask, "What's going on?"


The director explains, "The damn phones are ringing off the hook with the majority of people supporting Stacy's decision. That was a hell of an idea getting Samantha to travel with Stacy Summers. What a hell of an interview!"


I smile and think, yeah we got lucky as hell


Glen walks up, puts his hand on my shoulder and states, "Now that took some balls to do an interview like that. I sure wouldn't want to be airing my dirty laundry to America like that."


I question, "What are you doing here?"


Glen answers, "Hammer found a fake Marine, so he and I are in the process of vetting all the Marines that are here."


I question, "Do you know why the fake Marine was here?"


Glen gives me a serious look and answers, "Yeah, I think he was from the drug lord and was after my daughter."


I silently question if Glen might have also been affected by the drug lord. I smile and say, "Well it's a good thing she has you here to help her. Now if you don't mind Bernie and I have some things to do."


We leave and Bernie observes, "Liz, what the hell was that about?"


I hold up my hand, take out my phone, call the station and order, "I want some research done on former Marine General Glen Donaldson. I want to know of any trips he's taken outside of the country and if he's been out of contact for any extended periods of time. And make sure you only give this information to me and no one else - especially Jennifer Donaldson."


I hang up the phone and tell Bernie, "Honey, we need to find out once and for all if Todd's suspicions about Glen being a 'Manchurian Candidate' have any foundation. This is the best way I know of to determine if Glen's clean or not."


Bernie says, "Damn I hope you never do this to me."


I swat him on the ass and comment, "As long as I don't catch you looking at pretty young things you're safe."


He laughs and appropriately changes the subject, "Hasn't it been awhile?"


I nod my head, "Yes, it's been too long." We get ready to head to the tunnels when the console operator puts up a very interesting local (from Denver) news report…


Present – Masha – In the CCC tent


I have to wait momentarily to gain access to a computer. Then I have to work like crazy to achieve a secure connection to our email system. I read all the reports about the big mess in Venezuela and shake my head: We lost many good people on that failed mission. I am thankful that Inga survived. Then I read a very interesting e-mail from her as she surmises that Megan is back in America and might have possibly been instrumental in Mrs. Donaldson's escape from the mental hospital! Ai! I must be getting old to have not thought of this myself! I need to find Jack and determine how he feels about this information…


Present – Zarika and Yasmeen – In the medical plane


While I'm waiting by Yasmeen's bed, a nurse comes in and says, "Let's see if we can get this cast cleaned up some." She looks at the cast and questions, "How did a pretty young girl like you get this cast so dirty?"


I answer, "I was fighting the bad men who attacked the cabin."


She blinks, gives me a funny look and questions, "Just what exactly do you mean by 'fighting the bad men'?"


I calmly answer, "I took a rifle and shot them as they tried to enter the tunnels."


The nurse gives me a very funny look and questions, "How old are you?"


I reply, "I am 15 years old."


She begins to clean the cast and continues, "And your girlfriend here? Was she was also injured during the fight for the cabin?"


I proudly announce, "Yes, Yasmeen was also injured fighting for the cabin."


She smiles and asks, "How are you two connected to the cabin?"


I state, "The cabin is owned by our betrothed Ben Blaine. I will be his first wife and Yasmeen will be his second wife."


The nurse finishes and I question, "Will Yasmeen be asleep for much longer because I would like to get something to eat."


The nurse answers, "I'm sure you have time to get something to eat." Then she leaves but I have a strange feeling about what has happened…


Present – Bernie and Liz – In the TSIFFTS semi-trailer


The news report was highly sensationalized and called 'Terror at a Fertility Clinic'. When they announce the name of the clinic, I look at Liz and ask, "Isn't that the clinic that Mira was using?"


Liz answers, "It sure as hell was! I wonder what the hell is going on."


I take out my mobile phone, call Mira's phone but don't receive an answer. I look at Bernie and ponder, "You don't suppose…"


Present – Mira, Ira and Alexi – At the fertility clinic


A security guard suspends our efforts with a threatening pistol, my mobile phone rings and then I notate something which produces an evil grin…


I waken, feeling more like my usual corporeal self. Other than being embarrassed at my actions toward Alexi, my demeanor appears to be normal. I rise to search for him to apologize. When I enter the main room, I find that a security guard is detaining my brother and sister. I stealthily approach behind him and trounce him with my sheathed katana. He crumples to the floor like a cloth for washing dishes. 


I walk toward my family and say, "Alexi, I must apologize for my actions earlier, I was not totally in control of myself."


He hugs me and responds…


My sister Ira apologizes to me for her previous actions. I hug her and declare, "Ira, I understand that you were ill and I am overjoyed to see you have recovered so quickly."


Then Mira spurs us to action, "We must complete this part of our mission and move forward before the constabulary arrive."


We destroy the remainder of the illegal Ben Blaine embryos and take the cylinder containing the last of Ben Blaine's male creation component. I help my sisters load the deceased physician into the trunk of his car and then we drive off in the Bentley toward our next appointment…


Present – Ben – On the road


As I load up with food, ammo and other essentials, the commander comes up, shakes my hand and says, "I hope you have a good trip."


I smile at him and reply, "Thanks for the supplies and thanks for throwing my ass out of Texas."


He swears, "Damn I had a bet with Rex that I just lost! He told me you would figure it out. Damn he's almost always right."


I smile and answer, "Oh, we both know he's made a mistake or two."


The commander offers some advice, "Don't you think it's about time you let that go?"


I laugh, "Hell, I let it go years ago and I'm damn sure Rex knows that. However, it is a glue that will forever keep us together." Then I ask, "So, will I ever be welcome back in Texas again?"


The commander smiles, "Yeah, once things simmer down some you're welcome back. Just do us a favor this time and let Rex know where you are."


Gus and I head to his truck and I tease in a snobbish voice, "New Mexico border, James."


Gus scowls at me and gives it right back, "If that's all the better impression you can do, then don't quit your day job."


I laugh, "Well, I'm catching some zzzzz's, wake me when were at the border…"


Present – Stacy and Samantha – On the road


Well, it's over! I feel like shit, not only physically but mentally. Oh, I know many young women don't have any issues with abortions, but Grandmamma taught me that life begins at conception and that all life is sacred. I feel like I've betrayed her in so many ways – I feel so… Ashamed! Samantha has been surprisingly helpful and caring, something I never would have believed. I ask, "Sam, would you please leave the room and send Bill in here?"


She asks for confirmation, "Are you sure?"


I answer, "Yes, I hate to admit it but I'm going to need some psychiatric counseling to help me get through this."


Samantha asks, "Does this mean we're calling off the search for Ben?"


I reply, "No, we're just going to add one more person to our team."


Samantha leaves, Bill comes in and says, "Ms. I thought you would like to know, the Truth Network switchboard is flooded with calls about your interview. Over ninety percent of them support your decision and many of them show great sympathy."


It makes me feel better but I have to say, "Bill, I'm going to need a psychiatrist to help me deal with what I've done. And they are going to need to travel with Samantha and me."


He replies, "Yes Ms. I will start looking for one immediately. Is there anything else I can do?"


I look at him and ask, "What is going on with the Mossad death squad?"


He laughs, "They fled across the border into Mexico where they're even having a worse time. I guess the reward money you offered goes a lot further in Mexico than in Texas."


I think for a moment and add, "Change the reward terms to say that we want Frank captured alive."


Bill gives me a questioning look and I explain, "I think he would make a hell of a present for Samantha."


Bill laughs again and comments, "Remind me never to get you upset at me."


I smile and ask the final question, "What do we know about Ben?"


Bill says, "Well, we found the truck that had been transporting him abandoned at a truck stop, all the log books had been destroyed."


I frown then Bill continues, "However we have found out that he's being thrown out of Texas."


I think and then ask, "Well, if he's headed west then that means he's headed into New Mexico."


Bill agrees, "That's right. I have the trucks and horses ready to go whenever you're fit to travel."


I answer, "I want to take one more shower before we leave."


I jump in the shower, turn it on as hot as I can stand but I still can't wash away the shame…


Present – Thom, Inga and Byron– It's raining hell on the drug lord


The driver begins to stop the van when all hell breaks loose! He runs into a cable across the road and I complain, "What the fuck do you think this van is a Hummer." There's an ominous low rumble sound and Inga yells…


I yell, "Quick! Back up and get us out of here!" He puts the van in reverse, floors it and the tires spin. The rumble is getting closer and I order, "Quick everyone out of the van!" Unfortunately we are too late…


I yell, "What the fuck!" Just then a huge rock just slammed into the van and begins to push us down the hill.


Inga states, "That's Jack the tank killer…"


Byron interrupts on the com, "Who's jacked up?"


I answer, "We're not jacked up but we're sure as hell fucked up."


Inga answers, "Not jacked up or fucked up, it was Jack the tank killer."


The side of the van away from the big rock slams into some trees and keeps us from going over the edge of a chasm, but the trees are creaking like crazy. The team lead orders, "Everyone out of the van – now!" But there's a problem: The side doors are crushed and we can't use them. Shit, even the driver and passenger doors are crushed and don't work.


Inga orders, "Someone kick out the windshield and we will exit through the opening."


The driver and team lead kick the fuck out of the windshield and we all scramble through the improvised exit just as the trees finally let loose and the van plunges into the chasm. We hear it hit the bottom but unlike in fake movies, it doesn't explode…


I hear a hell of a noise with my ears and not just on my headset so I ask, "Thom and Inga, are you okay?"


Thom responds, "Just barely."


Inga answers, "Yes, but Jack the tank killer almost killed us."


I ask, "What the hell is Jack the tank killer?


Inga answers, "It's a tank trap from Ragnar Benson's Big Book Of Homemade Weapons. It is basically a big boulder on a steep hill designed to crash into tanks and destroy them: Quite primitive but also very effective."


Thom adds, "I would say so! Jack damn near killed us! I would like to read this Raghead's book sometime."


Inga corrects him, "Thom it's not raghead, it's Ragnar and it is the author's first name. I'm surprised you never read it."


Thom answers, "I don't usually read fiction."


Inga swears, "Fiction hell! His 'fiction' almost killed us."


I notice something and announce, "We are in position and it looks like all the fucking noise you guys created with Jack the tank killer has the compound fired up. You're going to have some vehicles headed your way."


The team leader requests, "Is there any chance you guys can slow them up?"


All three of us snipers reply, "Your wish is our command." And we open up a can of whoop ass on them…