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Flashback – Ben and Tatiana – At the hospital


After we had a great time with our 'physical therapy' (!!!), Tatiana went into the bathroom even though I was restrained to the bed. She explained, "You benefited from the carrot and now you will experience the stick." I didn't know what she meant and so I patiently waited. After all I had been punished by the worst (my dad), so what could she do to me?


I waited for what seemed like forever, then I called, "Tatiana, where are you?" I received no answer. I pulled at my restraints in hope that I could escape but there was no way I was getting out of them.


I called again, "Tatiana?"


Hells bells, she had somehow disappeared and left me tied to this damn bed… Ah, now I understood. This was the stick - being tied to the bed with no one to help me. I fought against the restraints without any luck then decided what the hell: I would just go to sleep. I was almost asleep when…


I left Ben's bathroom through the hallway door and now I watched him on the baby monitor I had strategically placed on the counter. It was hard not to laugh when he kept trying to escape from the restraints because that was simply impossible.


I watched until he started to go to sleep, then I pushed the talk button on the baby monitor, put the airhorn up to the microphone and pressed the button. I giggled as Ben practically jumped off the bed. Then he swore, "Son of a bitch! What the hell did that???"


Some SOB set off an airhorn in the room! Not only did it wake me up, it scared the hell out of me! I looked around the room then I noticed it - there was a fucking baby monitor on the counter. Now I understood more about what the stick was. I glared at the baby monitor and threatened, "You might think this is funny now, but you just wait because revenge is a dish best served cold."


I chuckled then the damn airhorn blew again. I decided I needed to do something about this so I began to think about how I could kill that fucking baby monitor…


Now this was interesting, what was my Ben doing? He was looking all around in his bed like he was trying to find something. He finally twisted his head around, took his pillow in his mouth and worked it down toward his hand… What was he doing?


He finally positioned it into his hand and he began to swing it. I in turn determined what he was attempting so I activated the airhorn again. He jumped and dropped the pillow on the floor then demanded, "You son of a bitch, I've had enough of this bullshit! Now come in here and let me loose."


I pushed the monitor button, laughed and taunted, "Not until you promise me that you're going to stay in the bed."


He swore, "There's no way in hell I'm going to promise that when I'm restrained! Let's see how you like this."


I watched as he tossed his underwear at the baby monitor. His aim was perfect and I could no longer see what he was doing, however it sounded like he was destroying the room so I sounded the airhorn several more times…


Flashback – Mira, Ira, Safia and Naomi – in Israel


We observed the doctor as he began to treat Safia, while she loudly brayed that the doctor was going to kill her. When he held up a syringe I questioned, "Doctor which drug are you administering to Safia?"


He stated, "It's an antipsychotic medicine to help with her schizophrenia."


Safia again loudly brayed, "Mira, he's going to kill me."


I attempted to ease her concerns and questioned, "Which antipsychotic substance are you using?"


He became defensive, "Unless you are a doctor, I do not have to answer to you!"


I did not like the answer. I signaled Ira and she withdrew her katana and declared, "Doctor, that is not an appropriate response for my sister. While she is not a medical doctor she has extensive knowledge of medicines…"


The doctor looked at the katana shrugged his shoulders and said, "Well, if you must know it's Risperdal Consta."


I questioned, "Doctor are you not concerned with the possible side effects such as tardive dyskinesia or even worse neuroleptic malignant syndrome? With the injection's long term release mechanism there would be no possible way to counteract such dangerous side effects. And from the look of the amount of Risperdal Consta in your syringe, it is close to the maximum dose."


Safia brayed, "I told you Mira, he is trying to kill me."


Naomi questioned, "Mira are you sure?"


I turned toward Naomi and explained, "With pharmaceuticals I do not make mistakes. It is very ill-advised to give Risperdal Consta without a prior trial of oral Risperidone because it continues intramuscular  release for several weeks. The recommended dosage of Risperdal Consta is 12.5 to 50 mg and this doctor has chosen close to the maximum 50mg dose. The trial of oral Risperidone allows the patient to be treated quickly if they do develop tardive dyskinesia or neuroleptic malignant syndrome."


Naomi questioned, "What are tardive dyskinesia and neuroleptic malignant syndrome?"


I replied, "Tardive dyskinesia is a difficult-to-treat form of dyskinesia - a disorder resulting in involuntary, repetitive body movements. In this form of dyskinesia, the involuntary movements are tardive, meaning they have a slow or belated onset. This neurological disorder frequently appears after long-term or high-dose use of antipsychotic drugs. Neuroleptic malignant syndrome (NMS) is even worse: It is a life-threatening neurological disorder most often caused by an adverse reaction to neuroleptic or antipsychotic drugs. NMS typically consists of muscle rigidity, fever, autonomic instability, and cognitive changes such as delirium, and is associated with elevated plasma creatine phosphokinase. The incidence of neuroleptic malignant syndrome has decreased since it was first described, due to changes in prescribing habits, but NMS is still a potential danger to patients being treated with antipsychotic medication."


We all glared at the doctor and the doctor said, "Well, your knowledge of pharmaceuticals is like having a PDR (Physicians' Desk Reference – a commercially published compilation of manufacturers' prescribing information {package inserts} on prescription drugs, updated annually) in my hands, but I still feel this is the best course of treatment for this patient." 


I smiled at the doctor and related, "Thank you. I have memorized the PDR but I unfortunately vociferously disagree with you and will not allow you to inject Safia with Risperdal Consta because the risk is too great."


The doctor scoffed, "I highly doubt you have memorized the entire PDR, that's over two-thousand pages of highly technical material."


Ira defended my skill but warned the physician, "Doctor, my sister does not tweak the truth; she has indeed memorized the entire PDR. In contrast, that is something of which you seem to lack detailed knowledge."


He looked to Naomi and pleaded, "Naomi, who is the doctor here and haven't I always served you and your master well?"


I interjected, "Naomi, before you respond to his plea be aware that Akhmed's excessive weight could possibly be due to this man's malpractice."


Naomi glared at him but then questioned me, "Mira, why would you say that?"


I explained, "Naomi, it is obvious Akhmed's weight gain is due to a severe hormonal, and I do not mean relating to Safia's terrible joke, imbalance. Such a reaction is either being caused because he is taking some medication which interferes with his normal hormonal balance or he needs hormonal supplementation."


The doctor obviously lied and sarcastically declared, "This girl does not know what she is talking about. What medical training has she had to compare with superior training I received from John Hopkins in the USA."


I gleefully baited the trap, "John Hopkins is the institution located in Boston Massachusetts, is that correct?"


He continued his untruthful assertions, "Yes, in the fine city of Boston."


I impeached his assertion, "Excuse me, but John Hopkins University is in Baltimore Maryland, not in Boston, Massachusetts." I turned toward Naomi and stated, "This man is a charlatan and I would not let him treat a dead female saluki."


The charlatan complained, "Naomi…"


Ira raised her katana and ordered, "Charlatan, depart haste of post."


He began to remove his medicinal bag and I interjected, "Without your medicinal bag."


He began to argue as Ira's katana sliced through the air and stopped less than one centimeter from his arm. He quickly snatched his hand back and swore, "Somehow, I will get even with you two bitches."


I countered, "Charlatan, you can shove it up your ass…"


Ira continued, "…sideways until it rips you a new asshole…"


I clarified, "…and then you can kiss our asses."


Ira got in the spirit, "…and if you do not depart immediately we will bitch slap your ass…"


I finished, "…because your ass is grass and we kick grass asses!!!"


He again swore as he departed haste of post! Naomi looked at me and questioned, "What should I do now? He was supposed to be the best doctor in town."


I laughed, "No, he was the best charlatan in town. If you do not object, I will treat Safia and then tend to your injured knees."


Naomi reminded us, "What about the injuries to my master from being raped."


I had made a tactical error when I forgot Akhmed's injuries. I had no desire to observe or treat his injuries however it appeared that I was up the defecation rivulet without a bladed rowing device.


I quickly developed a path through this conundrum and submitted, "Naomi, because I do not wish to refabricate a friction reducing rotary transportation instrument using the algebraic equation x squared + y squared equals radius (i.e. reinvent the wheel). I will observe his injuries and impart to you sufficient knowledge to minister to them…"


With Mira ministering to everyone except myself I stated, "I wish to check the computer again for further messages." Then I departed down the stairs.


I sat at Naomi's desk, connected again to our e-mail server and was not surprised when we had a reply from Masha. I occulated the reply, smiled and decided I would repair Masha's tiny wagon of red…


Flashback – Masha – At the apartment


I was busy preparing dinner for us and also watched Jack sleep. He seemed so peaceful in his sleep and I loved watching him. I anticipated the nature of our married life and smiled…


The computer dinged which meant I had a new e-mail. I walked over and it was a reply to my e-mail. I opened it and swore some more. It read:




Your support is not required, in fact it is complexly cumbersome so you can take your support and shove it up your ass sideways until it rips you a new asshole! We will not depart Israel until the Mossad have been thoroughly chastised.


If you attempt to force exfiltration upon us, we will bitch slap you like the female saluki you are. We calculate that our mission will require a few weeks to a month before completion. At that time we will confront one another, façade to façade.


I leave you with a conundrum: 'How do you make a hor-mone?'




I was surprised because this e-mail was individually from Irina and made me question what Miranda was doing. And what in hades was this conundrum she added at the end? I decided that two could play this game so I dashed off a response that I was sure would get the twins attention, and I even added a threat at the end.


I finished dinner, placed some nice candles on the table, prepared the plates and then awakened my Jack. He viewed the table, gave me a big hug and kiss then even helped me with my chair. While we were eating I was distracted thinking about the twins. Jack noticed my distraction and asked, "Masha, a penny for your thoughts."


I questioned, "Jack, I do not understand that phrase."


Jack explained, "It means I'd love to know what you're thinking about."


I stated, "Jack, do you know how to make a hor-mone?"


Jack laughed and responded, "Hell yeah! That joke is almost as old as I am. You make a whore moan when you don't pay her what you owe her."


Still confused, I questioned what it meant. Jack explained it to me then I decided he was right, I needed to pay more attention to him. I slipped off my shoe and began running my foot up and down his leg…


Flashback – Glen and Jens – At home


We pulled into the garage after I picked up Jennifer from ballet, the door into the house opened, I looked at Jennifer and questioned, "Do you see what I see?"


She rubbed her eyes and asked, "Is that really mother?"


She walked toward the car and yes it was Evelyn, but it was shocking to see her! She was in a nice summer dress, had her hair done and was even wearing a string of pearls. As she approached the car Jennifer remarked, "She looks like that woman on the lame old black and white TV show you like. You know, the one that wore those horrible gingham dresses."


I suggested, "You mean June Cleaver from Father Knows Best?"


Jennifer giggled, "Yes, that's the one and if 'Father did really know best' he would have told June to wear something else."


I had to admit to myself, Jennifer did have a point. Evelyn did have on a dress that was similar to June Cleaver's. She almost floated to the car, opened the door for me and announced, "Honey, I'm glad you're home." She bent down smiled at Jennifer and stated, "And how is my little ballerina feeling tonight."


I grabbed Jennifer's hand and squeezed, I hope she understood my plea to not tease Evelyn…


Well this has to be proof that there are aliens – Evel… I mean mother was abducted by them and replaced with this alien June fricken Cleaver clone. I was going to say something, then Daddy squeezed my hand and I figured out he wanted to keep the peace so I put on my best fake smile and answered, "Hello mother, I'm hungry. What's for dinner?"


Daddy glared at me (because mother hadn't been known for making meals lately) but mother wasn't fazed as she answered, "I prepared a special dinner tonight with all your favorites."


I wanted to ask how in the heck she did that but I bit my tongue as mother said, "Come on into the house Glen, I will fix you a drink while Jennifer showers and dresses for dinner."


I looked at the alien which possessed my mother and snidely questioned, "Dress for dinner?"


Daddy glared at me as mother answered, "Yes, dress for dinner. We can't have our little ballerina coming to dinner inappropriately dressed. I laid out clothes for you to wear on your bed…"


Hells Bells! I need to nip things in the bud or World War III would happen. Evelyn and Jennifer had never agreed on clothes and if Evelyn's started to lay out clothes for Jennifer again, then the shit is really going to hit the fan.


I answer Evelyn, "Okay honey we will be right in, let me talk to Jennifer a little."


Evelyn practically floated into the house. I looked at Jennifer and ordered, "Young lady, you will mind your manners tonight and obey your mother."


She looked down and answered, "Daddy, what the heck is wrong with mother now?"


I answered, "Well I'm not sure but it sure doesn't seem she's interested in punishing you for telling her to go fuck herself, so I would be thankful as hell for that."


Jennifer sarcastically answered, "Yes I should be thankful for small mercies."


We headed into the house and I wondered when the shit would hit the fan…


Flashback – Todd – On the island


With the problem of drinking and nourishment being taken care of for the immediate future by the coconut IV, I decided to explore the island. I hadn't walked far, when I entered a clearing and was shocked to see the obvious remnants of a concentration camp. Nothing on my briefings mentioned anything like this so I slowly approached the camp and began to explore.


I was puzzled because the camp didn't appear to be old enough to be from WWII, so what the hell did they use it for? My observations were confirmed when I found a desk calendar in one of the offices. It took a bit of deciphering but I figured out the calendar was only ten years old.


There were records, but they were in Chinese. I wasn't completely fluent in the language so I couldn't decipher what they were using the camp for. I continued my search, then I entered a room which helped me to understand the purpose of the camp but which also sickened me.


It was obviously a medical room designed for experiments. There were large cages against the back wall, which I assumed one time housed captives they experimented on. Now they held what was left of the medical personnel's bodies. I could tell they died a very slow death, probably starved to death. There was even evidence that some resorted to cannibalism on those who died before them. The room was fully stocked with medical equipment needed for surgeries and autopsies along with numerous medicine cabinets. I headed to the cabinets, opened one but it was empty. Someone had cleaned it out, perhaps the same someone who's been assisting me?


I left that building and headed to a different building with bars on the windows. The door had been destroyed by what looked like an explosive and it was a good thing because if it had been intact there was no way I could open it. I walked into the building which I immediately recognized as a prison. Yes, each side room was a cell with the doors still closed. I approached one, looked inside and noted it was empty as were all the others. I finally reached a large room at the far end of the building, entered it and tried to swear but my neck only emitted a gurgling noise. The fuckers! This was a sexual torture room that would have done justice to the Marquis De Sade! Hell there were devices that I had no fucking idea what they were used for! But the worst was the massive expandable phallus in the center of the room: It still had the decomposed remnants of a body (male) impaled upon it. It was obvious he was placed on the device when it was small, then it was expanded and literally split him open! He'd died an excruciating death!


I continued to explore the concentration death camp and found the supply room which had been stripped bare just like the medical supplies in the medical building. I walked outside, headed to another building when dammit! Not again!!!


Flashback – Alexi – At school


After a healthy dinner of fish and fresh steamed vegetables, I asked, "Might I work on the cryptex now?"


Father replied, "Not until you finish your homework."


I attacked my homework with gusto while Father and Mother discussed some things and worked on their computer. This was a typical night at home for us. They soon became tired and Mother advised, "We are going to bed, make sure you adhere to your sleep schedule."


I walked over to them, gave them both kisses on the cheek and replied, "Yes Mother and Father."


They left and after a short time I began to work on accessing their computer. I wanted to determine what engrossing information they entered on their computer each night. It was password protected and I had tried many times previously to access it without luck. I tried again tonight without luck, was about ready to submit in resignation when I noticed a piece of paper sticking out from under the computer. I pulled it out and immediately recognized the possibility of acquiring the elusive password. I entered the password, browsed the operating system and began to survey the files. I found a folder with my name on it, opened it and was surprised at the content. However, the nature of the file was as I expected…


Flashback – Jens – At home


I couldn't fricken believe it! Evely – I mean mother must be crazy if she thinks I'm going to wear this crap! I heard a knock on my door and questioned, "Who is it?"


I heard, "Jennifer it's Daddy, can I come in?"


I was still wearing my pink-camo ballet outfit (the only one I would wear) and said, "Yes Daddy, you may come in."


He opened the door, walked in, took one look at the clothes on the bed and stated, "Jennifer, I know you hate the thought about wearing those clothes, but I'm going to ask you to not cause a scene and wear that dress tonight."


I grumpily replied, "Why the heck should I?"


Daddy stated, "Look Jennifer, your Mother is really trying tonight and I think you should meet her at least halfway. And if you can't do it for her, how about doing it for me? I could really use a night of peace and quiet in the house."


I glared at the fricken dress on the bed and stated, "Daddy, I will wear a dress however I won't wear that dress."


He questioned, "It's not going to be one of those newfangled dresses that your mother hates?"


I stated, "Gee Daddy, you're almost making this impossible. If I do this, what's in it for me?"


He gave me a sad look and grumped, "Jennifer forget the hell I asked you to do anything for me."


He left the room and I felt really bad! I took off my ballet clothes, jumped into the shower, came out, looked at the dress, grabbed a different dress from my closet and headed downstairs.


Mother beamed and said, "There's my little ballerina. Come into the dining room, dinner is already on your plate."


Daddy and I walked into the dining room, mother gave Daddy a huge amount of food, then she sat my plate in front of me. I took one look at it and complained, "Mother what the heck is this?"


Flashback – Tatiana – At the hospital


I still could not see anything because Ben threw his underwear on the baby monitor and then it sounded like there was a war occurring in the room.


Finally I heard, "I've got you now, bastard."


Then I heard a crunching noise and the baby monitor totally died. I quickly dashed into the room and was surprised when I saw Ben standing with the broken remnants of the baby monitor in his hands. I looked at the bed and was even more surprised as he had somehow destroyed the restraints.


I yelled, "Ben how did you escape? And I will have to pay for the baby monitor you destroyed."


He swore, "Don’t you ever dare to restrain me to the bed again and you should have thought about that before you used it to prank me!"


He did not look good, then he began to sway and fell to the floor. I ran over and he was unconscious again! I pushed the call button to get some help to get Ben back into bed and wondered just how in the world Ben escaped? I decided he must have cut the restraints with something, I will need to search him for the device he used…