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Present – Jack and Masha – At the cabin


In our haste to head to the tunnels where Vanya could be trapped, we forget about evading any fake Marines. I feel a round hit me in the arm and grunt. Masha declares, "Jack, you've been shot!"


I mention, "I've had worse. We can look into this after we find Vanya…"


I turn and see the person that shot my Jack and open fire with my pistol. Even though he is wearing body armor he goes down because body armor is no match for the potent GSh-181 pistol firing 7N212 ammo. No one shoots my husband and gets away with it!!!


1 GSh-18 - The GSh-18 is a short, recoil-operated, locked breech pistol. The weapon has an unusual cam-rotated barrel with 10 locking lugs. The GSh-18 is striker-fired and features a pre-set trigger that pre-cocks the pistol when the slide recoils after firing a shot. The striker firing pin is then fully cocked by pulling the trigger back to the rear. The GSh-18 contains only 17 parts (for example the Glock 17 contains 34 parts).

2 7N21 - The 7N21 9×19 mm overpressure variant (80.2 grain bullet at 1509fps) features an armor piercing bullet and generates a peak pressure of 280 MPa (41,000 psi). The 7N21 bullet features a hardened (sub-caliber) steel penetrator core enclosed with a bimetal jacket. The space between the core and jacket is filled with polyethylene, and the tip of the penetrator is exposed at the front of the bullet to achieve better penetration. The penetration range for body armor is specified at up to 40 m.


I turn back and inform my love, "I shot him Jack."


We arrive at the house, attempt to enter the tunnels and…


Present – Glen and Todd – At the cabin


We high tail it for the cabin and I forget about the fake Marines. But Todd doesn't! He turns and continues to fire his arrows at the fake Marines - how he knows they are fake I don't understand. Then I lose Todd as my protection. Where the hell did he go???


I watch the terrible triumvirate to figure out which Marines are the false Marines. When they identify and shoot at one of them, I apply the coup de grace with my arrows. I see Irina jump up and run toward a false Marine trying to take her katana. Her brother fires at the man but his body armor deflects the round so I stop, fire two arrows at him then run after him.


Present – Ira, Todd, Mira and Alexi – At the cabin


I shoot the man going after my sister Ira's katana however it does not stop him. Then Todd puts two arrows into him and runs toward him to aid my sister. Mira commands, "Alexi, they are wearing body armor therefore only head or extremity gunshots will affect their continued ability for combat."


I watch in amazement as Todd reaches the man before my sister Ira…


I reach the man, realize he has a suicide vest on and was waiting for the opportunity to activate it. I note a switch in his hand, put an arrow through his eye, then rush forward and encompass his hand in mine to prevent him from releasing the dead man switch. Ira runs up, and can see what's going on (which is good because it's difficult to sign with one hand). She reaches into her pack, removes some duct tape and begins to tape the man's hand closed. Then rounds begin to hit close to our bodies and Ira does the most amazing thing…


There is no way that I would let Todd, after saving me and my katana, receive a bullet wound to his corporeal self. So when the charlatan Marines commence firing at us, I shield his body with mine. I am wearing our superior body armor and know that even if I am hit, I will only receive bruises from the rounds…


I watch my sister Irinka shield Todd with her body and order, "Alexi, we must eliminate haste of post all charlatan Marines if we are to save our sister and provide a sufficient distraction." I jump up and begin running in a zag-zigged line toward them while firing at every charlatan which I  occulate…


I follow Mira and ensure the demise of the charlatan marines she fires at: She shoots them to gain their attention and I complete their incapacitation with a head or extremity shot. Things are going well until I shoot one of the in the head. As he falls, he opens his hand and then the whole world explodes… 


Present – Jack and Masha – At the cabin


We attempt to enter the tunnels but there's no entrance to be found. Masha begins to claw at the rubble and cry, "Vanya!"


I pull her away, look her in the eyes and declare our alternative, "The back entrance from the workshop!"


We run our asses off toward the workshop entrance…


Present – Glen – At the cabin


We reach the house as Jack and Masha run out. Jack yells, "There's no entrance to the tunnels here! We're going to try the workshop entrance!"


We change direction to follow them and Masha adds, "Ivan was with Liz and Bernie in the tunnels."


I offer more information, "Todd says Jennifer and Maria are in the tunnels."


We almost make it to the workshop, when the ground shakes and the workshop erupts into a fountain of debris. I fall to the ground; Jack grabs Masha and falls to the ground while Masha wails, "Ivan!!!!"


Then Jack does something unthinkable…


Present – Jack and Masha – At the cabin


Linus runs up as I stand up. His only question is, "Maria?"


I answer his question and order, "Jennifer and Maria were in the tunnels. Linus, haul ass to the TSIFFTS trailer and pull up the schematics for the tunnel system under the cabin."


Linus begins to question, "How do you know…"


I interrupt, "Because the TSIFFTS can get any damn information they want."


I look at Glen and order, "Glen, there's still a fucking battle going on between the real and fucking bogus Marines. I would suggest you and four of the Marines that are here with you find the twins who can ID the bogus bastards. Follow their lead and eliminate with extreme prejudice the bogus Marines."


Glen starts to open his mouth but I nip it in the bud and order, "Glen, who the fuck did your daughter say was in command?"


He agrees, "She said you were in command, but what the hell are you going to do."


I answer, "I have an idea." Then I order, "The rest of the Marines follow me since I will need you to setup a perimeter and help me..."


My husband has taken charge, but I hope it is not too late for my darling boy Vanya! We run over to the ventilation system and he orders, "Two of you set a perimeter and shoot anyone other than Linus or Glen who comes within one hundred yards. The rest of you help me rip the hell out of this."


Jennifer's dog runs up, sniffs at the ventilation system then begins to howl and paw at it. That extremely motivates my husband and the Marines. They begin to disassemble the ventilation system at a rapid pace. Then the Marines on the perimeter begin to fire.


I turn and see what they are firing at, raise my pistol and assist them…


Present – Todd – At the cabin


I cannot believe that Irina shields me with her body! I start to fight but she orders, "Todd, I am wearing body armor."


I touch her arm and realize it's not only body armor, it is incredible body armor. Then she grunts several times and explains, "Even with the body armor, the rounds still hurt and leave contusions."


I struggle and try to sign but I can't. There is no way I want her injured for protecting me…


Present – Glen – At the cabin


I'm not sure about being ordered around by Jack, but now is certainly not the time to be arguing about this - not when Jennifer's life could be at stake.


I see one of the twins and their brother running and gunning so I order my Marines, "Come on you devil dogs, let's kick the shit out of the bogus Marines." I pull up my pistol and begin to fire at the men they are firing at and then the whole world seems to explode…


Present – Zarika and Yasmeen – In the medical plane


When we are in the air, the nice doctor comes up and questions, "Did you two talk to anyone about your injuries and how you received them?"


Yasmeen is still unconscious from her pain medicine so I answer, "Yes, I described everything to the nice nurse that cleaned up my cast."


He smiles and says, "That's what I thought. Excuse me and I will be right back."


Yasmeen wakes up, smiles at me and asks, "Is the shithead lady gone?"


I reply, "Yes, and we are flying in the airplane hospital."


The nice doctor comes back, gathers a chair, sits and says, "Okay, I'm going to tell both of you something. Things are very different in America and you need to be very careful to whom you convey information about how you were injured and who and when you're marrying."


Yasmeen questions, "Nice doctor, why is it a problem?"


He explains, "In this country both of you are too young for marriage or even the act of sex."


I demand, "What sort of backwards country is America? I thought it was progressive. In my country, many girls younger than me are already married and have children."


He informs us, "Well, the girls in America mature at a slower rate so there are laws to protect them from being abused."


I counter, "Being married is not abuse, being married is an honor!"


He shakes his head, "Well it's abuse here until you are of a legal age which in most states is eighteen. I fired the nurse that you told everything to because she called the Department of Health and Human Service to report what she felt was abuse. Please do me a favor and don't tell anyone else."


He leaves and Yasmeen whines, "Zarika, we cannot marry Ben until we are eighteen! I cannot believe it, I will be an old maid lady by then."


I think and then I whisper, "Yasmeen, I have a plan…"


Present – Ben – On the road


There are four highway patrol cars blocking the interstate just on the New Mexico side of the border. Behind them is a hell of a crowd (which they are doing their best to control) and of course many semi-trucks. Gus stops his truck on the Texas side of the border, Wojtek  and I hop out of the truck and a New Mexico patrolman walks toward me and demands, "What the hell is a bear doing out here! He sure as hell can't ride in one of the patrol cars, but I can get someone to take him to an animal shelter."


That comment and his attitude pisses me off and I say, "Like hell! He's a free bear, not some sort of fucking circus attraction."


I grab Wojtek hug him and say, "You'd better get the hell out of Dodge."


Wojtek howls and climbs back into Gus's truck. Gus complains, "What the hell am I supposed to do with him?"


I suggest, "Why don't you head toward Austin, he will let you know when he wants out."


Gus speeds away with Wojtek - I guess he feels his job is done.


With that problem solved, the New Mexico patrolman says, "We're here to make sure that we don't have the same issues with you in New Mexico as they had in Texas."


I think, this is great! My notoriety preceded me. I decide if I ever do go back to Texas, I need to kick that commander's ass.


Then he adds, "By the way we will need to search your pack for possible illegal weapons. So please step across the border and surrender your pack for inspection."


Well, I'm fucked because any weapon that's worth owning is illegal. And my M4 is certainly illegal.


Then I get a hell of an idea! I raise my hands and yell to the crowd, "I guess New Mexico doesn't want me to enter. Sorry, I'm staying in Texas."


It has the effect that I thought it would: The crowd surges forward, overrunning the highway patrol. The semi's fire up their engines and they drive around the roadblock while the patrolman complains, "You SOB I can't believe you did that."


I grin at him and say, "I love it when a plan comes together…"


Present –Stacy and Samantha – On the road


Samantha is holding her rifle over her head while running around the team; this is her punishment for accidentally covering a team member with her rifle. I have Bill taping this for her interview tonight. She lasts about five minutes and whines, "Stacy, my arms are ready to fall off!"


I reply, "There is only one way that you're going to be able to stop."


She questions, "What is that way?"


I grin and remember what Ben did to me as I say, "You have to surrender your rifle until you can prove you know how to safely carry it."


She agrees, "Okay, I will gladly do that."


We stop, I take her rifle and hand it to a team member. Then I bend down, pick up a stick and state, "This is now your new rifle."


Samantha complains (and reminds me of me when Ben did this to me), "Stacy, this is embarrassing."


I smile and admit, "Yes it is but you agreed to it. You also might want to know what happens if you 'accidentally' cover one of us with your 'stick rifle.'"


She gives me the grumpy cat look again (which I notice Bill captures on the video) and questions, "Well, tell me what happens."


I look at the team and motion for them to respond. They all yell, "We beat the hell out of you with the stick."


Samantha whines, "I bet Ben never did this to you."


I look at the camera and taunt, "He sure as hell did! Not only that, he made sure to pull down my panties when he spanked me with the 'stick rifle.'"


Samantha questions, "How many times did you mess up?"


I think she played right into my hands and reply, "Once for real and three or four times just so Ben would pull down my panties and spank me…"


I'm not so sure that Stacy just didn't pull a fast one on me. So I counter, "Well I'm not letting you pull down my panties and spank me."


She grins and replies, "Well of course not, because you're not anyone's girlfriend here so you don't get the 'girlfriend' treatment."


I notice that Bill has the video camera running and I decide the best thing to do right now is to shut the hell up.  Then it happens…


Present – Byron, Inga and Thom – It's raining hell on the drug lord


Inga coms us and says, "Guys, we are under attack."


I can hear the fire in the background of her message. Shit, that was all they needed! First the damn traps and now the frontal attack.


I glass them with my scope and notice that I can see the muzzle flash of the bastards shooting at the Recon team. I get pissed off, com the other two snipers and order, "We need to kick some serious ass. Recon team, make sure you don't fire toward us and we're going to give you all some help."


So we began to lay down hellacious fire at the muzzle flashes…


I hear the ballistic crack of the fifty caliber sniper rifles as the projectiles pass closely over our heads and smile to myself. Yes, they are using the muzzle flash of our attackers to zero in on their position. Then something very interesting happens…


Damn Byron is shooting too damn close over our heads and I need to do something before the old bastard shoots one of us. I yank the mortar out of my pack, set it up, find the illumination rounds, drop one in the mortar and yell, "Fire in the hole."


It illuminates the entire area. I don't like what I see and swear, "We need to get the fuck out of here - like yesterday…"


Thom illuminates the AO (Area of Operations) with an illumination round from that damn old as hell mortar he likes to carry and there are more tangos after them than Carter has little pills. I com the Recon group, "You guys need to haul ass out of there while we provide covering fire."


Inga says, "We do need to leave, but unfortunately we don't dare 'haul ass' because some of us just found another trap. This one is a pit trap and we have two men in it already."


I swear, "What the hell, I thought you guys were Recon!" Then I motivate the other snipers, "Come on guys it's time to nut up or shut up!" I decide we need some fighting music so I begin to sing one of the best fighting songs every written:


"We fired our cannons till the barrels melted down,
then we grabbed an alligator and we fought another round.
We filled his head with cannonballs and powdered his behind,
And when we touched that powder off the gator lost his mind."


Then everyone joined in on the chorus:


"We fired our guns and the idiots kept a coming,
there wasn't near as a many as there was a while ago.
We fired once more and they began a running,
On down the Mississippi to the gulf of Mexico…"


The first illumination round burns out, I complain as I find another illumination round, "Byron, don't fucking quit your day job."


Byron laughs, "What, don't you like my singing?"


Inga giggles, "Is that what was on the com? I thought it was two bullfrogs mating."


I add, "Or a donkey dying."


We laugh like hell, I light things up again, look at my supply of rounds and come up with an unusual idea…


What the hell? The whole forest where a group of the drug lord's men erupts in an explosion. I com, "Thom, what the hell just happened to my targets?"


Thom laughs, "I nuked the hell out of them with the mortar."


I question, "How the hell did you do that?"


He informs, "Well, your song gave me an idea so I sort of turned it into a cannon. And it works much better than that pansy-assed shoulder cannon of yours."


The forest erupts again and we can see the damn drug lord's army hauling ass in the other direction. And then I laugh my ass off when…