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Present – Jack – At the cabin


I along with three Marines I acquired from Glen are ripping into the ventilation system in hopes that we can use it to get into the tunnels and rescue everyone - especially Vanya. Jennifer's dog is raising hell and trying to help: He's biting the hell out of the metal and digging at it with his paws like crazy. This gives me hope that my plan might actually work.


I hear a hell of a lot of gunfire from the Marines I stationed on the perimeter, take a second and observe a big as hell truck headed our way. I order, "Fuck this shit! We need to stop the truck."


We grab our weapons (which are always close at hand because we're Marines!) and begin to fire at the truck. Then Jennifer's dog does something crazy (I wonder if he inherited his craziness from her)!!!


Present – Glen – At the cabin


There's a hell of an explosion which knocks me on my ass, but it's too large to be a suicide bomber. I scramble back to my feet and can't believe what I see…


Present – Mira and Alexi – At the cabin


There is a devastating explosion which levitates my corporeal self into an airborne status. As I transverse through the air I order Alexi, "Remember to tuck and roll…"


There's a large explosion which tosses Mira and myself into the air as if we are dolls. Mira has the foresight to remind me to 'tuck and roll' which I have not forgotten. The ground approaches, I tuck and roll as ordered, come up on my feet and turn to see what has exploded. I cannot believe it! One of the tents is totally missing and two others have been knocked to the ground!


However my attention is again drawn to the continued battle with the charlatan Marines…


Present – Glen – At the cabin


I survey the AO (Area of Operations) and son of a bitch the armory tent is gone and the two tents next to it are flattened! This bullshit with the bogus Marines has become too much so I order as loudly as I can, "Form up on the twins and their brother. Kill with extreme prejudice anyone they fire at."


My men begin to follow my orders while I turn and say to the four Marines with me, "You four are tasked with starting a rescue operation for the two flattened tents." I sadly note that one of the tents was the mess tent…


Present – Linus – TSIFFTS semi


There's a huge explosion which rocks the TSIFFTS semi so the commander orders, "That's enough of this bullshit! We're getting out of here before we're the next target."


The team begins to pack up before I have a chance to pull the tunnel drawings so I request, "Jennifer and others are trapped in the tunnels and I need the schematics."


The commander promises, "We will try to pull them on route and send them to your e-mail account."


I exit the trailer just as the semi begins to move and I land right in the middle of a huge fucking battle. I notice that everyone is forming up on one of the twins and they shoot the hell out of anyone targeted by the twins.


Then I realize the explosion was the armory tent. Damn it, the mess tent and command tent are also down (can you say bad planning in having them both too close to the armory tent). I see a few Marines trying to rescue the survivors and decide I will be better used helping them. I run my ass off toward the mess tent…


Present – Todd – At the cabin


I'm thankful we're lying down as there's a huge explosion which could have hurt us if we were standing. I push to get Ira off me and surprisingly, she falls right off of me and to the ground. I quickly realize she's unconscious. I kneel over her and perform a quick physical assessment. I turn her over (onto her stomach) and can't believe what the hell happened! I take off my backpack and quickly begin to work while trying to ignore the battle raging around us…


Present – Glen – At the cabin


The tide of the battle has finally turned and there are fewer bogus Marines. Hammer runs up and I question, "Where the hell have you been?"


He states, "I hae bin patrollin' th' perimeter ‘n killin' fake Marines."


"I have been patrolling the perimeter and killing fake Marines."


I question, "Can you tell the difference?"


Hammer laughs, "Heel och aye Ah can, it's as doddle as tellin' th' difference atween a Sassenach an' an Irish git."


"Hell yes I can, it's as easy as telling the difference between a Brit and an Irish bastard."


I notice he's been wounded and order, "You need to get to the medical plane."


Hammer states, "I cannae dae 'at, th' plane left ower an hoor ago."


"I can't do that, the plane left over an hour ago."


I look at the field and realize I didn't even notice. I decide I've gotten old since this isn't something I would have missed when I was younger. I take a minute to assess the battlefield and realize we're going to need medical support yesterday.


Then Hammer wisely suggests, "Glen yeh woods dae a better job leadin' y'r troaps if yeh werenae fightin' wi' em."


"Glen you would do a better job leading your troops if you weren't fighting with them."


Damn he's right and it makes me feel even older. Because this concerned Jennifer, I let my emotions control my actions and instead of being the commander I had become just one more grunt.


I look at Hammer and my men and order, "I'm going to the top of the hill to assess the battlefield, Hammer lead this squad."


I find a secure location on the top of the hill, where I can finally see the whole AO and realize I need to make some phone calls. I hope like hell I haven't used up all my favors because these calls are going to cost me…


Present – Zarika – In the medical plane


Yasmeen asks, "Zarika, when will we fly back to the cabin?"


I reply, "I do not know. I will find the nice doctor and ask him."


I wander through the flying hospital plane when a nurse catches me and states, "You need to sit back down because we are going to land soon."


I find my way back to Yasmeen and tell her, "We are landing soon."


The landing is very smooth, much smoother than the takeoff.


I am surprised when I see Yasmeen's shithead lady and another man. The lady says, "Once again, I am Ms. Horning of child protective services and I am here to take both of you into custody."


The nice doctor comes up and complains, "Not you again! I thought I told you my patients cannot be moved."


The man (who looks very sick) pulls out a large wallet and says, "I am Special Agent Hotchner of the FBI and we are here to take custody of these two girls. If you would like to resist us then I have a team ready to examine every inch of this aircraft."


The nice doctor states, "I refuse to sign their releases so anything that happens to them is on your heads."


Some other men come in, the nasty Ms. Horning grabs my arm and the men roll Yasmeen's bed out of the plane. Yasmeen complains, "You all are fucking shithead idiots and if I wasn't shot, I would kick all your asses."


I lean over and whisper, "Yasmeen, the best thing for us is to not say anything."


For once Yasmeen listens to me as we are escorted off the plane and into a waiting ambulance…


Present – Ben – On the road


Just as I hoped when the semis bypassed the highway patrol road block, the lead one rolls up beside me, the driver pushes open the passenger door and orders, "Hop the hell in here and let's get the fuck out of here."


I latch onto the entry assist bar and swing up into the still moving semi. The driver floors it, jockeys the wheel so we bypass the roadblock again and we head off into New Mexico. I notice the lead car in front and realize they are using the strategy I came up with. But I still need to ask about a trailing car.


I offer my gratitude, "Thanks for the ride."


He replies, "Hell, it's us that should be thanking you. By the way my name's Fearless Freep." Because of his name, weather-worn face and easy-going countenance I immediately like him.


I laugh and chide, "Well if you're Fearless Freep then Yosemite Sam must be around somewhere."


I hear a yawn then a voice from the sleeper cab behind us, "Did someone call?"


My hand instinctively flies to my side arm but Fearless Freep advises, "Now don't go getting all excited, it's just my old lady. Honey, come up here and meet the famous Trucker's Angel."


I hear some rustling around and one of the most incredible looking ginger-haired women slides up between the seats. An 'old lady' hell, she can't be more than late twenties.


She holds out her hand and states, "Damn, now this is an honor having the Trucker's Angel riding with us."


I shake her hand and reply, "The honor is all mine to ride with one of the 'hootinist, tootinist, shootinist bobtail wildcats in the west!'"


Fearless Freep laughs, "Hell honey, I think we have another Loony Tunes aficionado in our midst."


Yosemite Sam agrees, "I think you're right honey."


I comment, "Hell, I damn near wore out the TV set when I was a kid watching Loony Tunes! It's still about the only thing I ever watch. But it's a fucking shame what they've done to them."


Yosemite Sam adds, "You're right about that, they cut out all the good parts."


I expound, "Hell yeah, like when they drop an anvil on someone's head and show some of the perceived racial parts. They can have violent as hell movies on TV but then they ruin classic cartoons to be politically correct it adds insult to injury. That makes about as much sense as…"


Yosemite Sam interrupts, "…about as much sense as the politics in this country today."


I nod my head and swear, "Yeah, isn't that a fucking fact! We need to fire them all and start over again."


Fearless Freep has been eyeing me and asks, "Well Trucker's Angel, why don't you go ahead and ask?"


I attempt to lie, "Ask what?"


Yosemite Sam laughs, "Hell, you wouldn't be the first and probably not the last to ask what I'm doing hanging out with Fearless Freep."


Fearless Freep adds, "Yeah, seeing as she's young enough to be my daughter."


She kisses him on the cheek with honest affection and says, "Well it's sort of… like this way. I grew up in Southern California close to the park that bares my name and was… like, well a free spirit. So I hit the road as soon as I was… like old enough to see what used to be this fine country of ours before the current politicians… like ass fucked it. Being naïve…"


Fearless Freep laughs and teases, "You naïve? Now that's a joke."


Yosemite Sam continues, "Well, somehow I ended up with the wrong group of guys…"


Fearless Freep elaborates, "Hell baby tell it like it was - they were going to sell you into sex slavery in Mexico."


Yosemite Sam continues, "That's not important. What is important is my love, Fearless Freep, Fearlessly freed me. That's how he got his name."


I nod my head, notice a twinkle in her eyes and ask, "Isn’t there something more you're not telling me."


She laughs, "Yeah, I was wondering how much you wanted to know. He also has the largest schlong I've ever seen. And believe me, size does matter!"


I comment, "Well that's certainly too much information for me."


They both laugh and Fearless Freep says, "Yeah that's her favorite part."


We all laugh at the double entendre then I decide to get serious, "I'm not sure if you heard, but it looks like the hijackers have changed tactics, at least in Texas. They now try to pick off the last truck in a convoy. So you might want to have a trailing vehicle behind the convoy."


Fearless states, "Well this is new news to us."


He gets on the CB and starts to relay the message to all the other truckers.


Yosemite Sam questions, "So what's this we hear that you aren't allowed to have carnal relationships with women."


I affirm, "That's right I was told if I was going to be your Trucker's Angel I couldn't have carnal relationships with any woman."


She then provides me some information that I wished she hadn’t…


Present – Samantha and Stacy – On the road


I can't believe I have a stupid stick for a rifle instead of a real rifle! I was accidentally pointing my real rifle at the team member when they replaced it with this stupid stick – is it really that big of a deal? This is embarrassing and worse than that, it's captured on video and I have a feeling (especially after what Stacy said about Ben supposedly pulling down her panties and spanking her) that this is going to be my interview tonight.


We run a little further then it happens: I accidentally point my stupid stick rifle at one of the team members.


Stacy yells, "Hold up!"


We stop, she comes over in front of me and demands, "Sam, why did we stop?"


I weakly attempt to lie, "Because you're tired?"


Stacy states, "Don't you lie to me. You know you covered another man with your stick rifle."


I shrug my shoulders, "So, it's just a stick?"


Stacy gets in my face, holds up her rifle and recites (as the other men join  her), "Like hell it is!!!

This is my rifle. There are many like it, but this one is mine. 

My rifle is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I must master my life.

My rifle, without me, is useless. Without my rifle, I am useless. I must fire my rifle true. I must shoot straighter than my enemy who is trying to kill me. I must shoot him before he shoots me. I will...

My rifle and myself know that what counts in this war is not the rounds we fire, the noise of our burst, nor the smoke we make. We know that it is the hits that count. We will hit...

My rifle is human, even as I, because it is my life. Thus, I will learn it as a brother. I will learn its weaknesses, its strength, its parts, its accessories, its sights and its barrel. I will ever guard it against the ravages of weather and damage as I will ever guard my legs, my arms, my eyes and my heart against damage. I will keep my rifle clean and ready. We will become part of each other. We will...

Before God, I swear this creed. My rifle and myself are the defenders of my country. We are the masters of our enemy. We are the saviors of my life.

So be it, until victory is America's and there is no enemy, but peace!"


She looks at the team member I accidentally pointed my stick at and orders, "She covered you so you do the honors…"


Samantha doesn't get it, but then at first I didn't either. However, it's serious that she covered a team member with her stick rifle and she needs the punishment that comes with the offense. I watch as the team member takes her stick and orders, "Get over my knee."


Samantha counters, "Like hell I will!"


I intervene, "Sam, you can either take your punishment like a woman or leave like a little girl - it's your fucking choice…"


Choice my butt! Stacy is being a major pain in the butt about this. I confront her, "You wouldn't send me away!"


Stacy looks at Bill and orders, "Bill, unless Samantha complies with the punishment for covering the team member with her stick rifle, she's to be left right here. Make sure we leave her some food and water and notify the network where she is."


Stacy glares at me and reiterates, "Well, are you taking your punishment or are you staying here?"


I boldly state, "I will take my punishment, but I want you to be the one that spanks me."


Stacy says, "Okay, hand me her stick rifle. Samantha, over my knee."


I get over her knee and son of a bitch! That hurts like hell!!!


Samantha doesn't realize it, but a spanking from me is going to be much worse than a spanking from one of the male team members. They would have held back because she is a woman and because they knew I would get pissed off if she was seriously hurt. I have none of those limits so I wail on her as she squirms around on my lap and screams.


I gave her five good hits then let her up. She jumps off my lap, rubs her butt and complains, "Stacy that hurt like hell! I thought you were my friend."


I explain to her, "I am your friend. That's why it hurt so much. But the pain of the spanking I gave you is less than the pain of being shot or even worse the pain of leaving a family fatherless from your negligent actions. Now you think on this as we run one more mile."


I watch as Samantha is much more careful with her stick rifle this time, just like I was after the first time Ben spanked me…


Present – Byron, Inga and Thom – It's raining hell on the drug lord


Thom improvised a cannon out of the old as hell mortar he liked to carry (which for once came in useful) and sent the drug lord's men running and as they ran… Well… They were in such a hurry they forgot about the traps and I watched through the scope on Betsy as they triggered multiple traps.


I com the team, "Hey guys, you aren't going to believe this, but the drug lord's men are setting off their own traps…"


Byron's announcement was music to my ears. I get our two team members out of the pit trap (thank God it wasn't a punji pit) and ask, "Okay guys, do we continue or do we turn back?"


Thom lights up the area again and says, "Hell, I say we go on!"


Then Byron advises, "Hold up guys, we have a new issue."


I think, great what else could go wrong!