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Present – Jack – At the cabin


We are under attack from what has to be a truck bomb. We begin to shoot the shit out of the truck when Jennifer's crazy assed dog runs toward the truck. In a panic I order, "Make sure you don't shoot Jennifer's dog!"


The furry fucker jumps up on the hood of the truck and begins to bite the hell out of the windshield wipers (which the driver turned on to distract the dog). Then the damn dog continues the attack and somehow works his way into the cab of the truck!


If this wasn't so damn serious it would be funny! The dog must be ripping the driver a new asshole – but all I know is the truck is swerving like crazy and the next thing we know the truck rolls over onto the roof and spills a hell of a load of barrels which break open. I can only assume they contain what looks to be fertilizer and diesel fuel which quickly spill out. I continue my orders, "Make sure you don't set off the diesel fuel."


And I know, thanks to Jennifer's dog, we were spared from a hell of a battle and possibly death. But what about Sharik?


Then a flash of red flies into the AO and I can't believe it as a fucking fox starts dragging Jennifer's crazy dog out of the cab of the destroyed truck. Masha sees it, takes off running towards the truck as I yell, "Where the fuck are you going?"


Present – Glen – At the cabin


The fucking false Marine bastards destroyed the armory tent which also took down the mess tent and the command tent. As Hammer comes up, I notice he's wounded and then realize the medical plane is gone. I see the TSIFFTS semi leave and realize that we need some fucking help - like yesterday!


I pull out my cell phone, start making some calls and I'm shocked…


Present – Mira and Alexi – At the cabin


I formicate an intense pain in my back and order, "Alexi, we must find our sister as she has been gravely injured."


He surprises me when he states, "Yes my sister. I also share a sense of formication, however not as great as yours. Notate sister! There is Todd and he appears to be affecting a repair on someone."


I acquire his extended digit and affirm, "Yes, my amazing brother he is tending to our injured sister."


Then I occulate something which exceedingly angers me…


Present – Todd – At the cabin


I rolled Ira over after she shielded me from Lord knows how many rounds and the explosion. I'm shocked when she has… Yes I'm sure it's the same one… It's Mabel's big metal spoon, the same one I shot out of her hands with and arrow, imbedded in her back. I guess body armor, even the best, can only protect from some weapons. The handle end is embedded far too deeply into her back and I'm sure it's struck some vital organs.


I try my best to ignore the battle raging around me as I save Ira's life but it's hard as hell to ignore the bullets…


Present – Alexi and Mira – At the cabin


I can sense the waves of anger emanating from my sister Mira and realize that Todd is being wounded as he attempts to save my other sister Ira… Something shatters inside me and I can now easily recognize the charlatan Marines. I drop to the ground and begin to rapidly eliminate them.


I am gasted of flabber! Alexi falls to the ground and at first I am concerned he has been wounded, then I hear the report from his rifle and… He is eliminating the charlatan Marines more quickly than I can aim and fire. This exceeds his present training level and amazes me.


Present – Glen – At the cabin


After I'm amazed at the support I've been offered, I unconsciously drop the phone to my side and let it fall out of my hand! The twin's brother is firing at (what I can only assume and hope are) the fake Marines in rapid succession. They are falling like flies!


I snap out of my daze, grab my loud speaker and begin to announce…


Present – Linus – Rescuing the survivors


I'm working my ass off trying to get injured Marines out of the mess tent which is a fucking disaster. If I never have to deal with a collapsed mess tent again it will be fucking great with me. Hell, you have all the making of a premium fucking disaster movie: Large pots of hot foods, open flames, propane cylinders (yeah I know they're kept outside but that didn't work too well in this case since they were blown right into the fucking mess). Hell, I had three guys that were making sure the valves on the tanks were turned off so they weren't spewing propane into this gruesome mess. Then the poor fuckers that were in line and were covered in scalding hot food. It was hard to tell what was skin and what was meat.


My mind was on Maria. I silently prayed and bargained with God to spare her in the tunnels while I searched like hell for Mabel. I was terrified at what I might find.


Then we all paused as Glen announced over a loud speaker…


Present – Glen – At the cabin


I announced, "You might want to stop fighting and take a moment to hear what is going to happen. We have a company of Army Special Forces headed here from Fort Carson as I speak. There will be boots on the ground in under one hour with the rest of their support rolling in here over the next few days. At that time their commander will declare martial law for this area. All troops still here will need to surrender all their weapons including vehicles and they will ascertain if you are or were U.S. military. If you refuse to submit, you will be an enemy combatant and you will be shot. Now, you can continue fighting if you want, however those of you that do not wish to face full military scrutiny might want to leave."


I waited and watched to see what would transpire…


Present – Zarika and Yasmeen – Held hostage


The ambulance stops at a very nice looking hospital. The doors open, but as I begin to exit the nasty Ms. Hornhead lady says, "Oh no, not you! This is where Yasmeen is going. We are taking you to a halfway house."


I complain, "But Ms. Whorehead…"


She corrects me, "That's Ms. Horning."


I continue, "…Yasmeen and I must stay together."


Yasmeen further complains, "Yes Ms. Horneyhead, we need to stay together."


The evil lady declares, "Making fun of my name is not a good way to make me your friend. You two are being separated so we can get the truth out of one of you about what is really going on. The one who tells the truth first will get a big reward."


I look Yasmeen in the eyes and I can tell that neither one of us will tell this bad lady anything. I kiss Yasmeen's hand as they take her out of the ambulance, then laugh when she swears (in Farsi), "Kire asbe abi too koonet…"


Put a hippo's cock in your ass.


I cannot believe they think that separating us will get them any information. I will never tell the shithead lady or anyone else any information. I make sure that Zarika knows this as they separate us.


They take me into a very nice room with flowers and I am shocked when the nurse from the medical airplane comes into the room. She smiles and states, "Now isn't this a nice room I've arranged for you?"


I mutter in Farsi, "Kiram too bachegiyaat!"


Fuck your childhood!


I am shocked when she answers in Farsi, "Khafe sho!"


Shut up!


I decide I can have some more fun so I continue the insults…


Ms. Horneyhead continues as we drive away, "Yes, Jasmine is going into a very nice hospital room while you are going into a place where many young girls learn to regret the day they were born. And what she said to me that caused you to laugh must not have been nice."


I reply, "Ms. Whorehead, I have been through and seen more in my fifteen years than you would ever dream of. If you had lived half my life you would still be having nightmares. There is no place that you can put me that will be worse than the place Ben saved me from. Neither I nor Yasmeen will never tell you anything. Oh and if you're wondering, Yasmeen told you to put a hippo cock in your ass. And I agree with her."


She drops me off at a terrible looking building and an equally terrible man takes me inside and says, "First we need to do a full strip search and body cavity examination of you."


However I give them a huge surprise when they try that…


Present – Ben – On the road


Yosemite Sam and I are having a great conversation when she says, "It's a shame to see what's going on at your cabin."


I shrug my shoulders and answer, "Like I said before, I don't watch TV so I don't know what you're talking about."


Fearless Freep adds, "Shit boy, they've been under attack for the past few weeks."


I can't grasp it so I question, "What the fuck! Did the Muslims find the cabin?"


Fearless Freep answers, "Hell, it's not the fucking Muslims, at least I think most of them aren't. It's some Columbian drug lord's private army. He's done about everything nasty to them he could think of. They even burnt down the cabin trying to stop him. Honey turn on the TV and see if you can find a report."


Yosemite Sam turns on the TV, dials up the Truth Network and I can't believe it! From a broadcast recorded earlier, the once beautiful place looks like a fucking war zone. I'm seeing what initially appears to be blue on blue killings. Then I notice Mira and some younger boy appear to be killing selective troops when I realize the targets are pretend Marines. The news announcer comes on, "Sorry for the pre-recorded report, but we have been unable to contact station owner and reporter Liz Morgan who is on the scene. There's an unsubstantiated rumor that she, Jennifer Donaldson and others are currently trapped in tunnels below the cabin. The newest information is the Army is sending in a company of Special Forces and are going to declare martial law in the area…"


I look at Fearless Freep and plead, "How fast can we get to Leadville Colorado?"


He laughs, "Hell, damn fast because we aren't following any of the rules of the road. However, we have to make a quick stop in Albuquerque first."


I begin to complain when Yosemite Sam explains, "Trucker's Angel, there is a person waiting for you there who it is your destiny to meet."


I complain, "I don't the hell know any destiny I need to meet!"


She laughs, "How did you know her name was Destiny and that she is an Indian Shaman who's been waiting for your arrival."


I finally take a close look at the interior of the truck and see the 'signs' I'd missed before: The many dream catchers, the bone whistle, the Indian love flute, the medicine bags they both wore around their necks and the real tribal tattoos.


I question, "A female shaman, that's about as rare as rocking horse shit."


Yosemite Sam informs me, "That's not an accurate belief. Many of the first shamans were women because they were more in touch with the spiritual world."


I then ask, "Well I sure the hell don't know what a shaman would want with me?"


Fearless Freep answers, "Hell, we don't know either but she did say you would want to bypass Albuquerque when you received the news about the cabin and ordered us not bypass Albuquerque without picking her up. And I'm sure not going to go against her orders!"


I could see some fear in his eyes, then a fresh news reports came on that made me laugh my ass off…


Present – Samantha and Stacy – On the road


I can't fucking believe it! I thought these news reports were going to be mine but I forgot and gave Stacy total content control over the reports and now I wonder if it was a mistake.


The report opens with me over Stacy's knee and her spanking the hell out of me with the stick rifle. Then it switches to me and she has me read, "Good evening America, that shocking start to my interview tonight was not staged. Today was my first day of what Stacy Summers calls 'Ben's Boot Camp' and the spanking I received was directly my fault for continuing to accidentally aim my rifle at members of my team."


The video cuts to Stacy instructing me on all the rifle ready positions, then the first time I covered a team member with my rifle and how Stacy got in my face and the punishment for it. Then it showed me covering another team member and me losing my real rifle (I couldn’t believe how embarrassed I would feel about that), and finally the last time I covered the team member and my choice to have Stacy spank me.


Finally I get to do my real job. Stacy and I are sitting across from each other and I get to question her, "Stacy, I was a bit shocked and embarrassed about today."


Stacy smiled at the camera and stated, "Samantha my friend, don't be. I had the same problems on my first day of boot camp with Ben."


I continue, "So you accidentally pointed your rifle at someone?"


Stacy laughs, "Not just someone, it was Ben! And let me tell you he was even more serious about controlling your rifle than I was today. I didn't have the luxury you did of being able to stop the running with the rifle over my head and when Ben finally had his fill of things, he pulled down my pants and the spanking he gave me was a constant reminder for days afterwards. Ben said, 'You never point your rifle at something you don't plan to shoot, especially don't do it accidentally. Remember there are no accidental shootings - if you shoot someone then you either meant it or were negligent.'"


I ask, "So did you do better the next days?"


Stacy says, "Yes I did, however…" She paused bit her lower lips and stated, "I confess, there were times I did it just to get Ben's attention, so he would pull down my pants and spank me again…"


Present – Ben – On the road


I swear, "What the fuck is Stacy talking about? That never happened!"


Yosemite Sam clucks, "It sounds like more went on between you and her than you admitted."


Fearless Freep adds, "Hey honey, perhaps you'd like a little spanking tonight."


I continue to rant, "I need to get on the fucking TV and countermand what that… That… That… Conniving little bitch said."


Yosemite asks, "Well, did you pull down her pants and spank her?"


I think back and answer, "Hell yes I did!"


Yosemite Sam continues, "More than once?"


I answer, "Hell yes! She kept covering me with her rifle…" Then I realized that I had been duped by Stacy. She really did 'accidentally' let it happen just so I would spank her. That… That… That sneaky little bitch!


I begin to laugh and Yosemite Sam asks, "So then, she was right and just tricked you."


I nod my head, "Yeah, I do think it was a trick. Damn sneaky assed women, you can't trust any of them or even trade them for a good dog."


Fearless Freep threatens, "Hey, you'd better not insult my old lady too much or she will make you walk."


We watch the close of the report…


Present – Samantha and Stacy – On the road


I finish my news report with, "Well unlike Stacy I do not want to relive today's spanking so I promise I will do better tomorrow."


I finished, signed off and turned, "Stacy, I'm not sure I liked that report."


Stacy laughs, "Samantha, I will bet you that you when the station runs the report tonight it will be one of the most watched and repeat watched reports you have ever done. Hell, the other stations are going to beg to feature the opening part of the report."


I state, "I doubt that."


Stacy informs, "I don't! Hell, the whole world is getting to see you getting your ass spanked on TV. Many men and quite a few women are going to make that part of the report go viral on the internet."


I complain, "That's just sick!"


Stacy adds, "And it's also good ratings. The tabloids are going to have a field day with this. They may even be calling us lovers by the end of the week."


I further complain, "But there's no truth to that."


Stacy laughs, "Samantha, you are lucky and work for the one network that upholds truth in broadcasting. All the rest of them twist the news in such a way there is little resemblance to the truth. I'm amazed you haven't learned that by now…"


I can tell I really need to educate Samantha on news. She has lead a sheltered life working for the Truth Network. Well tonight's report was the start of that education.


I ask, "What are we eating for dinner tonight?"


Samantha says, "MRE's by the firelight. What are our plans after that?"


I state, "Well, my shrink is here so I thought I would spend some time with her…"


Samantha interrupts with an offer, "Do you need some help with that?"


I think for a moment and answer, "Not right now, but perhaps later it would be good if you sat in on the sessions. After that we're going to get a report from Bill and then it's time for bed. O-dark-thirty comes early in the morning."


Bill comes up and says, "The video has been sent to the Truth Network, it should be on the air soon…"


From his pause I could tell he wanted to say something else so I stated, "Bill, unless I tell you different, anything you share with me you can also share with Samantha."


Bill continues, "The Truth Network is reporting that Liz Morgan, Jennifer Donaldson and others are trapped in some tunnels that were beneath her cabin..."


Samantha gasps an interruption, "No! I don't know what I would do if I lost Liz as my boss!"


I question, "Is there more Bill?"


He continues, "Fort Carson, which is just South of Colorado Springs is sending a full company of Special Forces that are going to take control of the whole cabin area. Rumor is they will declare martial law."


I look at Samantha and ask, "Well Samantha, how would you like to make a quick trip to Ben's cabin."


She attempts to give me a brave look and questions, "What about finding Ben?"


I smile and explain, "If I know Ben like I think I know Ben, he is already headed toward his cabin."


Samantha jumps up and excitedly says, "Let's go get him!"


I nod at Bill and say, "Well, we can leave after we finish our dinner. Bill would you please verify the story is true about people being trapped in the tunnels. If it is, then get whatever rescue equipment is needed to open up the tunnels headed to Ben's cabin site ASAP. I also want you to head there ASAP to start the rescue operations and smooth things over with the Special Forces. I sure as hell don't want them confiscating the guns Ben gave me when we arrive."


Bill replies, "Yes Ms. However we are going to leave two men with you to make sure you and Ms. Stevens are safe." I nod in agreement and Bill leaves…


Samantha questions, "Stacy, why the hell would you want to rescue Jennifer Donaldson, I thought you two were sworn enemies?"


I smile at Samantha and lie a little, "Samantha, we both love the same man, Ben. But that doesn't necessarily make us enemies. Besides, how could I ever live with Ben if I knew I let Jennifer die? And if Ben ever found out about that, he would hate me forever. If I'm going to win Ben from Jennifer, then it needs to be a fair fight." Yeah, Samantha doesn't need to know that Grandmamma taught me to keep my friends close and my enemies even closer…


Samantha's phone rings, she answers it and then gets all excited, "It's the network. You were right as they loved the report and I've just gotten a 90 percent rating for tonight's report, my highest ever. How can I ever thank you Stacy?"


I smile and say, "Samantha, if there's one thing I know about it's the news because I've been on the bad end of it so many times. We're going to educate you on how to give a truthful report that also blows all the competition away."


Samantha states, "Just as long as I don't have to get any more spankings - I'm still sore."


I laugh and fondly remember when Ben's spankings made me sore.


Present – Byron, Inga and Thom – It's raining hell on the drug lord


I notice as the chopper starts to spin up, I comm the others and state, "They are starting the chopper, it might be the drug lord making a run for it."


Thom says, "Or it might be a ruse."


I order, "It doesn't matter, we're taking it out. Concentrate your fire on the chopper."


A few shots later it goes up in flames however it doesn't feel right. I comm everyone, "Guys I think Thom is right, I think it was a decoy. What are your plans?"


The team leader replies, "We have a mission to finish and I'm not ready to bail yet."


Inga suggests, "Why don't you all stay here while Thom and I do forward recon? When it's clear we will call you to follow."


Thom complains, "Do I have a say in this?"


Inga says, "Please Thom, will you help me? I need someone to hold my six."


The guys laugh and Thom says, "You mean cover your six."


Thom capitulates and I add, "And we will keep eyes on the compound and the road for you. Hey Thom, why don't you give that mortar to someone so they can keep the AO lit up."


Thom complained, "Okay but I'd better get her back and in one piece."


Another round lights up the AO and we watch Inga and Thom separate from the group. Once they're a short distance away, my phone rings. I answer, "Yeah Thom???"