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Flashback – Ben – Leaving the hospital – earlier


Elena walked back into my room and pushed a gurney which contained… I couldn't believe it and profusely complained, "What the fuck is that body bag doing on the gurney."


She smiled at me and explained, "What better way to get you out of the hospital! With all the other bodies which are being taken out of here no one will notice you."


I continued, "Isn't it bad luck to get into a body bag before your dead?"


Elena countered, "I didn't think Americans were superstitious?"


I laughed, "Now that's the pot calling the kettle black! Russians are more superstitious than any group of people I've ever met."


She grinned and challenged, "So then help me get you into the body bag and prove me wrong." And I realized once again a sneaky woman had manipulated me.


She zipped the bag closed and ordered, "Don't move and don't make any noise."


I tried to come up with a smart retort, but the bag was already closed and we were rolling. I sure as hell didn't like getting in the body bag but that wasn't the worst of it: Whoever the fuckers were that loaded me into the vehicle we were taking banged the hell out of me and tossed me in like a fucking sack of potatoes! It took all my willpower not to shout and scare the crap out of them… Yeah, that would have been a good joke and I needed to remember that one for the future.


We didn't seem to drive very far and the next thing I know she's unzipping the bag. I fire off my retort, "Since I'm not your type, I bet you don't have much experience with zippers."


She countered, "That would depend if I was the male or the female in the relationship. Now would you like to know which one I am?"


I held up my hands in surrender, "Not really."


She giggled, "You are so funny sometimes. It is a good thing you are not my type otherwise I might not return you to Tatiana."


I looked around and noticed we were in some sort of abandoned building and asked, "Just where are we?"


Elena stated, "Someplace which will be perfect for us to use as a hide out. Now let's do a news report and let the Chechens know you are no longer at the hospital."


She placed me in front of a white background and began the interview…


Flashback – Masha – At the hospital


We rushed back inside the hospital and saw that Elena was interviewing Ben. She stated, "This is for the Chechen idiots who keep blowing things up trying to kill Sgt. Blaine. He has been moved to a secure location that only he and I know so you might as well lick your wounds like the dogs you are and go home."


Ben added, "You bastards are lucky because if I had my way I would have kicked your asses again. And you can bet the minute I can walk I'm going to hunt you down like the dogs you are and kill you!"


That elicited a cheer from the Spetsnaz and the others watching. However, I was extremely troubled. I caught Tatiana's eye and motioned with my head to meet outside.


When we were outside the room Tatiana remarked, "Masha I can't believe it! The little suka took Ben to the Chechen hideout where we rescued the stinky Major."


I concurred, "Yes Tatiana, you are correct. And if we recognize the location, then the Chechens will surely know where he is being kept. What should we do?" I thought for a brief moment and stated, "Tatiana, we must get Jack and the Spetsnaz to transport to the location but I am not sure how to tell him."


Tatiana offered, "Masha, you are so in love with your fiancé it would make it difficult. I will tell him…"


Flashback – Jack – At the hospital


I realized Masha was missing and asked, "Where the hell did Masha go?"


The Spetsnaz laughed and Yuri answered, "Jack, you need to make sure you do not lose your Russian fiancée. She and Tatiana went outside."


I swore, "You sons of a bitches! Laugh it up and you won't get invited to the wedding."


That shut them the hell up (from what I had heard of Russian weddings, there were many days of massive drinking) since they feared my threat. I walked outside and saw Masha and Tatiana. I could tell that Masha was troubled.


I walked up to them and asked, "Well something must be really bad if I don't get a kiss from my fiancée."


Masha pressed herself against me, gave me a hell of a kiss, pulled away and said, "Tatiana knows where Elena took Ben and I'm concerned that if she knows the location then the Chechens will also know."


This was serious shit! I questioned, "Tatiana, where are they?"


She answered, "I believe they are in a partially destroyed church. My grandmother and I have been there before."


I ordered, "Follow me! We need to get the Spetsnaz moving on this." We ran back inside the hospital…


Flashback – Ben – Out of the frying pan!


Son of a bitch! Some fuckers are firing at the Church! How in the hell did they find us? I'm glad I kept an AK with me but I have a serious problem with ammunition supply. I roll to a window, realize we're in a partially destroyed Orthodox church and begin returning fire.


Elena worthlessly remarks, "I don't know how they found us."


I order, "That doesn't matter! See if you can find me anymore magazines for this AK and make sure to keep down while you're doing it. I sure as hell don't want to have to take care of my nurse."


She answers, "Yes Sir!"


I fire some more and yell after her, "I'm not a fucking Sir! I work for a living!"


Near as I can figure, we have… No, we're totally fucked! There are more bastards after us than I have rounds to kill them with."


Elena runs back and breathlessly asks, "Will these help?"


I looked and she had a whole bag full of magazines with another bag full of… Fuck yeah! This evens the odds and in fact we just might live…


Flashback – Jack – At the hospital


We ran into the hospital and I told Yuri, "Tatiana knows where Banzai is and if she knows the Chechen's might know."


Yuri commanded, "Tell me immediately."


Tatiana said, "There's an old abandoned Orthodox Church on the edge of town. I believe Ben is there."


Yuri stated, "I am going to tell the Captain."


I looked at the women then declared, "I can't wait for these bastards, I'm leaving right now!"


Masha and Tatiana said, "We are coming with you."


I complained, "Like hell you are, it could be dangerous."


Tatiana smiled and reminded me, "Well, you do not know where it is so you at least must take me."


I consented, "Dammit, we're wasting time and you're right."


I kissed Masha and said, "Honey, please go back to the hotel room where you belong and will be safe. Now let's move it…"


Flashback – Masha – At the hospital


I…I…I was incensed! 'Go back to the hotel where I belong'! Tatiana recognized my scarcely concealed anger but thank God Jack did not. She grinned at me as they left for the Orthodox Church so I used hand gestures to convey my anger (the finger!).


I flagged down the next cab, flashed my fake FSB identification and ordered, "Put your rear view mirror where you can not observe me and get me to the old Orthodox Church as fast as you can drive."


He complied and I began my transformation…


Flashback – Jack and Tatiana – At the old Orthodox Church


Holy Fuck! We got close to the old Orthodox Church and it was a fucking warzone – yeah, all hell was breaking loose! There were pieces of bodies lying everywhere, tons of gunfire and shit! Fucking hand grenades were flying out of the Church like Communion wafers being served at a Catholic Mass. I don't know how many men were in the Church with Banzai, but it had to be a shitload to deal this much damage.


Fuck! The taxi was hit so he stopped and yelled something in Russian and Tatiana translated, "He will not take us any further. We must run the rest of the way."


I ordered, "Like hell I'm bringing you with me into a war zone, you need to go back to the hotel with Masha."


She shocked me when she flipped me the bird, jumped out of the taxi and ran toward what was probably her death. Banzai was going to kill me if she got hurt and kill me worse if she died!


I flew out of the taxi after her, the driver took off like his ass was on fire and then I saw something that amazed me. Some old grandmother (yeah I guess everyone hated the fucking Chechens) was behind the Chechens shooting the hell out of them! Hell, she and Banzai's team had the bastards trapped in opposing fields of fire and were ripping them new assholes!


Fuck here comes another bunch of grenades…


I could not believe it! Somehow Masha beat me here, had changed into her disguise and was attacking the Chechens from behind. Between her and whoever was in the Church, they were destroying the Chechens.


I liberated a rifle from one of the many Chechen bodies and began to assist. Oh no, here comes more grenades, I needed to…


Flashback – Jens – At the military hospital


I just began to feel better when she… Evelyn sloshed into my room carrying a bag with her. I was shocked because I was sure she was too drunk to drive! She stumbled just in time for Daddy to catch her.


Daddy helped her to the side of the bath thingy they had me in, she took one look at me and declared, "Jennifer, if you think this will get you out of dancing in Swan Lake you are very wrong…"


Daddy said, "Evelyn, you are drunk - just look at Jennifer. There's no way she can dance in the ballet."


Evelyn swore, "Glen, I am not the hell drunk! If I was drunk there's no way I could have driven here. And there is no way in hell Jennifer is getting out of the ballet. For all I know you and she planned this whole thing. My daughter will perform as Odette - or else…"


Daddy interrupted, "Or else what?"


I had enough of their bickering so I yelled, "Both of you shut the fuck up! I've made up my mind I will dance as Odette in Swan Lake no matter how much it hurts. Now leave my room and give me some peace."


Evelyn looked flabbergasted at me and Daddy grabbed her arm and ordered, "Well Evelyn our prima ballerina has spoken."


Evelyn complained, "Glen, did you hear the words she used, she used the 'f word' again."


Daddy wisely questioned, "Of course I did Evelyn, Isn't this the way all prima ballerinas speak?"


Evelyn continued with her confused look and remarked, "Well, I do know they speak a bit roughly, but Jennifer?"


Daddy attacked, "Well Evelyn, you always wanted a prima ballerina and it looks like you finally have one whether you like it or not. Now let's leave our princess alone."


They started to leave and I yelled, "I'm not your fricking princess anymore so stop calling me that!"


The doctors and nurses came back, began to remove the pieces of cloth and I complained, "I felt good for a little bit but now I'm in bunches of pain."


The doctor asked, "Nurse, how long ago was the morphine injection?"


She answered, "Over and hour ago."


He ordered, "Let's put her on morphine injections every four hours with Percocet tablets in between the injections."


The nurse said, "I will go get a Percocet now."


She came back, gave me a tablet and said, "It will take about twenty or thirty minutes for the tablet to work."


They began to remove the cloth which hurt like heck, then the pill started to work and the pain was tolerable. I thought about things and decided the prima ballerina card could be a very good thing for me. I always wanted a new camo tight set and oh yes definitely one of those too…


Flashback – Alexi – At home some time later


I had an excellent day at school and my new plan worked perfectly. I could tell my 'parents' were slightly confused at my behavior which was new response for them. As we finished dinner 'father' asked, "Alexi, perhaps you would like to work on the cryptex tonight?"


I faked a yawn and stated, "Not really father. I plan on doing my homework and retiring early."


'Mother' questioned, "Alexi, do not tell us you have grown tired of the cryptex?"


I boldly stated, "No 'mother' I have not. However, I realized too much of my time was consumed trying to solve it. So I now allot a limited time each day to work on the solution."


I watched closely as they exchanged glances and knew my plan was working… Yes, I had decided to turn the tables on them. Yes, the rat in the maze had turned the table on the tester. I needed the rest of tonight, after my homework was complete, to devise some 'new' tests to perform on my 'parents’.


Flashback – Mira and Ira – in Israel


After our altercation with the behemoth man and Naomi, I looked at Irina's katana and suggested, "My sister, perhaps now would be a good time to take the trip to Japan we have always coveted?"


Ira smiled and then countered, "That Mirinka, is an excellent idea! However, we have some previous commitments we must first alleviate."


Dreading what must surely await us I lied, "What previous commitments are those?"


Ira complained, "Mirinka you are neither blonde, bimbonic nor idiotic. We have made promises to Safia and Naomi which must be fulfilled. And with the new information on the behemoth man, we need further observations to determine his real intent."


I looked at the behemoth man, considered our next action and shuddered, "Ira, how will we remove his alimentary canal plug?"


Ira proposed a solution, "With a very long cord. It will leave a huge mess. However, that will be Naomi's task to resolve."


We carefully attached a long cord to the behemoth's man alimentary canal plug, translocated a great distance across the room, pulled the cord and unfortunately extricated the aforementioned alimentary canal plug…


Flashback – Todd – On the island – In 'The Cave'


The fucking Komodo dragon stopped just out of reach, raised on its hind legs to attack and then fell dead at my feet! I noticed three arrows sticking out of the bastard's back, looked and saw the small Japanese looking woman at the mouth of the cage with a bow in her hands.


She walked toward me and said something I didn't understand. I shrugged my shoulders, she then produced a knife and made a motion I did understand - I was to clean and dress the dead Komodo dragon.


I had dressed deer before but had no fucking idea what to do with the dragon. The Japanese woman watched as I began to field dress it. When I attempted what I thought was the next action, she jumped up, yelled at me like crazy and proceeded to beat the shit out of me with her bow…


When I woke up the dragon and the woman were gone…