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Present – Jack – At the cabin


Masha takes off running toward the truck that Jennifer's dog caused to crash and I yelled, "Where the fuck are you going?"


Present – Masha – At the cabin


Jack can not comprehend that Jennifer's dog (who also helped to save and bring Irina back to us) has been injured and might need veterinary attention. While I am not a veterinarian, I am sure I can render excellent assistance to the dog.


I yell a reply, "Sharik has been injured and I must render first aid. Please continue with your work and recover our son!"


I approach the dog and then something unexpected happens…


Present – Jack – At the cabin


I order the Marines guarding the perimeter, "Make sure you keep my wife protected!" I then turn back and continue to tear into the tunnel's ventilation system."


We finally get the main cover off and I see something I sure as hell don't like! I ask the other men, "Is that what I think it is?"


Then one of them unwisely shoots it and all hell breaks loose while one of the perimeter Marines says, "Sir, you need to see what's going on…"


Shit when it rains it sure as hell pours…


Present – Glen – At the cabin


When I make my announcement of the Special Forces coming, everyone stops and listens. Other, that is, than the twin's brother because he keeps firing at what I hope are fake Marines. I hope the conflict is over but once my announcement is finished all hell breaks loose again - but this time it's worse! Yeah, the fake Marines are even more obvious now and it appears they are intent on killing as many real Marines as possible. This has turned into one huge Mongolian Cluster Fuck! I mentally decide to fuck it and once again personally join in the fray…


Present – Linus – Rescuing the survivors


I don't think Glen's announcement had the effect he hoped for. I'm sure he hoped the fake fucking Marines would take off but instead they seem even more intent on… Now that's interesting! It seems like one person has garnered the attention of most of the fake Marines. And whoever he is, he's kicking their ass!


I continue the rescue effort but I can't believe what the hell I find…


Present – Mira and Alexi – At the cabin


I arrive at Todd and my sister's position and shield Todd's corporeal self with my body while he continues to work on my sister Ira. He pauses slightly and signs, "Who the hell is keeping the fake fucking Marines busy? Whoever they are I owe them a beer!"


I reply, "Alexi seems to have discovered some new abilities of which we were not cognizant. He is our new benefactor. What transpired to injure my sister?"


He pauses again, holds up a large spoon and signs, "It looks like Mabel's spoon became an almost lethal projectile. It was embedded deeply into her back."


Todd slumps and falls to the ground and then I realize that it is now my duty to save them both…


My sister Mira arrived at Todd and my other sister Ira's location while I do my best to kill the charlatan Marines. It has become easier because I have attracted the attention of most of them so they are now facing and firing at me. I note that Todd falls to the ground and my sister Mira takes over the medical duties. I double my resolve to keep the charlatan Marines from harming Mira…


Present – Zarika – Halfway house


The terrible man orders, "Take off your clothes for a body cavity search."


I resist, "You can go to hell! I will never take my clothes off for you!"


He laughs, "Good, I like it when you fight me. I can't wait to see that firm little body of yours."


He walks toward me, begins to grab me so I kick him in the crotch as hard as I can (I know I should have used some of the moves Ben taught me but this seemed better for the occasion). He lets out a long moan and falls to the floor. I run to the door but find it's locked! However, I find a baseball bat by the door, grab it, run back to the terrible man and beat him several times with it. Then I pick up a chair, throw it through the window. I use the baseball bat to break out the rest of the glass, jump through the window and run toward the woods…


Present – Yasmeen – The Hospital


I continue to tease the evil nurse and say (in Farsi), "Lashy!"


Piece of shit


The nurse yells, "You little bitch, you have quite the mouth on you! Just for that we will see how you like it when I don't give you any pain medication."


I swear more, "Tu goh khordie!"


Go eat shit!


The nurse gives me an evil grin and says, "Okay, two can play this game."


She leaves, comes back with a syringe, injects it into my IV and threatens, "Let's see how you like this."


It takes about ten minutes then I am in more pain than I have ever felt in my life! I begin to cry as the bad nurse evilly laughs, "Now how about an apology?"


I glare at her through my tears and answer, "Khaaar jendeh!"


Donkey slut!


She answers, "Okay, we will restrain you to the bed and see what you have to say in an hour."


Some bad nurse men come into the room, put straps on the bed and strap me down and then leave.


The pain increases until I can hardly stand it and then something terribly unthinkable happens…


Present – Ben – On the road


I'm still pissed off that Stacy tricked me then I make a decision, pull out my cell phone and look at it.


Yosemite Sam asks, "What are you doing?"


I answer, "I'm trying to figure out if I want to use my last burner phone for calling the Truth Network to refute Stacy's claim."


Fearless Freep states, "Well, I'm not so sure that you can refute what seems to be the truth."


I complain, "Truth hell! I was tricked and that means it's not true!"


Yosemite Sam pushes her two cents worth, "I'm not sure being tricked doesn't mean it's not true. After all, didn't our president trick everyone to get into office?"


Fearless Freep adds, "Hell, not just the fucking president! Every politician does that but I think this should be interesting. Honey, give him one of our burner cell phones."


Yosemite Sam asks for confirmation, "Ben, are you sure you want to make this phone call?"


I affirm, "Hell yes I do! I need to set the record straight." They hand me a phone and I make the call…


Present – Samantha and Stacy – On the road


My phone rings, I answer it, and it's the station. I quickly motion to Stacy, cover the mouthpiece and whisper, "Stacy, it's Ben on the phone."


Stacy smiles and says, "Put it on speaker."


I put it on the speaker and hear, "What the hell sort of report was that? I never gave Stacy a spanking she didn't deserve."


I try and get him to dig the hole deeper, "So, you admit to pulling down Stacy's panties and spanking her?"


Ben affirms, "Hell yes!  She kept covering me with her rifle…"


Present – Ben – On the road


Samantha taunts, "And you never thought she might actually like the spankings?"


I answered, "Hell no! Who would like being spanked?"


Then I hear, "Hello Ben. I for one enjoyed your spankings. You really didn't think I was such a dumb blonde that I couldn't learn to stop covering you with my rifle did you?"


Fuck! It was Stacy and I really put my foot in it now.


I quickly think and counter, "Well you were green as hell."


Stacy laughs, "Ben, you know I wasn't as green as I was young. I especially loved the times you spanked me with your bare hand. Just the thought of your strong hand on my bare…"


I quickly hang up the phone while Yosemite Sam and Fearless Freep burst into laughter.


Yosemite Sam laughs, "You realize they fooled you again don't you?"


I complain, "I never spanked her with my bare hand."


Fearless Freep counters, "It doesn't matter now because the whole world will believe otherwise."


I get ready to say more when a new report comes on… 


Present – Samantha and Stacy – On the road


Ben hangs up the phone however the station keeps my line open and requests, "Samantha, do an opening for this report."


I smile and begin, "Hello America, Samantha Stevens with an updated report. Ben Blaine was intrigued by my report earlier tonight and called into the station. Here is the recording we made of the phone conversation."


They play back the whole conversation including the last part after Ben hung up. The recording ends with Stacy saying, "Just the thought of your strong hand on my bare bottom still makes me tingle…"


The report finishes as Stacy and I giggle like crazy…


Present – Ben – On the road


The damn report finishes and son of a bitch! Fearless Freep is laughing so hard he can barely drive and Yosemite Sam is worse - she's laughing so hard she can't breathe. It's worse than ever now!


I whine, "The whole world will think I'm some sort of fucking pervert."


Yosemite says, "I tried to warn you."


Fearless Freep gives his opinion, "Hell Ben, you're wrong about that: The whole world is going to think of how lucky you were. I'm sure most of the men in world would give their left nut to be able to pull down Stacy Summers' panties and spank her bare ass."


Yosemite Sam adds, "But I would worry like hell now about your groupies. Once they hear this report they're going to line up to be spanked by you."


I'm depressed as hell and grumble, "Great, that is all that I need. You need to stop and drop me off here…"


Present – Stacy and Samantha – On the road


Once were through with our giggling over the phone conversation with Ben, we head to the truck with the horse trailer and I ask Samantha, "Are you ready to head to Ben's cabin?"


Samantha asks, "Do you know where his cabin is located?"


Bill walks up and states, "Yes Ms. Stevens, we do and I entered the address into the truck's GPS. Here are the two men who will be traveling with you. I have drivers for the other vehicles and the rest of the team is waiting here for a helicopter. We did verify the report: Jennifer, her aide Maria, Liz, Bernie and young Ivan Reynolds, Jack and Masha Reynolds' boy, are trapped in the tunnels."


I reply, "Thank you Bill. Above all be safe and do whatever it takes to rescue the people trapped in the tunnels."


I turn to Samantha and say, "Well, let's go. I feel like doing some driving before it gets too late."


Bill cautions, "Ms. Summers, please watch your speed especially since you are towing the horses."


I think for a moment then make a better decision…


Present – Liz – In the tunnels


There are two big explosions one from each end of the tunnel. Bernie looks at me and says, "Liz, I think were trapped in the tunnels."


I nod my head, "I think your right Bernie. Do you think Jens has an escape plan for this?"


He shakes his head, "I doubt it. Hell, who would ever think we would be trapped in the tunnels."


We hear a noise, he walks over to the door, slowly inches it partly open, then gently closes it.


He looks at me and explains…



Present – Jens – In the tunnels


It doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize we've been trapped in the tunnels. Yeah, the bastards blew up both entrances. Maria looks at me and asks, "Jens, tell me that you planned for this and have an emergency escape tunnel?"


I reply, "Hell no Maria, I didn't plan for this - there is no escape tunnel. I never dreamed that we'd have even half the issues we've had but I do plan on making some major changes."


I think for a moment and continue, "However, we do need to make sure the tunnels are clear."


Maria queries, "Can't you use this security system of yours to see who's in the tunnels?"


I angrily snap, "Yeah, I could if Todd hadn't locked me out of my own damn system."


She continues to irritate me, "Well, couldn't you just hack it? I thought you had some mad hacking skills?"


I reply, "Yeah, I do and I could try. However, depending on what Todd did to the system, if it thinks it's trying to be hacked it could again retaliate."


She scoffs, "Retaliate, how? What could it do to us that is worse than what we're experiencing right now?"


I answer, "Oh, perhaps fill the tunnels with gas or worse."


Maria finally relents and orders, "Okay Jens, let's get some better weapons and then you follow me as we clear the tunnels."


I demand, "Who died and made you the boss?"


She declares, "Stop arguing with me! You know it's my job to keep you safe."


I decide that for now she is right. We carefully head to the vault with our sidearms drawn and arrive without incident. I open the vault, we gear up and begin to sweep the tunnels.


Present – Byron, Inga and Thom – It's raining hell on the drug lord


I answer the phone and say, "Yeah Thom."


He replies, "Okay Byron here's what's really going on. Inga and I are going in to get the bastard by ourselves because I am sick of these other guys getting in the way."


I decide a little chain yanking is in order, "The day that Thom would work with a woman! I thought I would never live to see that!"


Inga adds, "I heard that and I will kick that wrinkled old ass of yours when we are done."


I laugh and tease, "Only if you kiss it when you're finished. So how do you plan on keeping the others from following you?"


Thom laughs, "Hell, they are all back there licking their wounds and are thankful as hell that we're doing this."


I question, "And what do you see as our part?"


Thom requests, "You are our eyes! I want to know if things change in the compound."


I continue, "What about cover fire?"


He laughs, "Hell, if you want to keep firing that damn shoulder cannon of yours, feel free. Just make sure one of you doesn't shoot us when we get closer to the compound."


With that order we continue to fire at the compound…