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Present – Jack – At the cabin


SHIT! It sure as hell is pouring here! We finally get the main cover off the air access for the tunnels and there's something that looks like a machine gun in there. One of the Marines shoots it (typical Marine) then it begins spraying the tunnel with rounds and even gimbals up toward us! We dive to the ground just in time. I need to have a serious fucking talk with Jennifer if she's still alive - her fucking killer cabin bullshit needs to end!


Then one of the perimeter Marines states, "Sir, you need to see what's going on."


I roll over and see that the fox and Masha are in a fucking standoff. I take an aim at the fox then Masha looks toward me and I can't believe it…


Present – Masha – At the cabin


I approach Jennifer's injured dog as a fox has dragged it away from the truck bomb. The fox releases the dog and then turns toward me, snarls and feigns an attack. I am sure she doesn't understand that I just want to help. I do know if Jack sees this he will shoot the fox so I look back toward the ventilation system, see my Jack aiming his rifle and I wave him off.


I begin to talk to the fox, "Girl, I am just trying to help."


She continues to feign attacks and snarl so I get angry at her, pick up a rock, throw it at her and then…


Present – Jack – At the cabin


I about laugh my ass off! Masha picked up a rock and bounced it right off the fox's nose! Damn, where did she learn how to throw like that? The fox shakes its head, looks like it sneezes three or four times and then takes off running for the hills while Masha continues toward Jennifer's dog. With her problem taken care of I turn my attention back to the killer cabin.


I slowly slip my head over the edge of the ventilation tunnel access and son of a bitch! The fucking machine gun swings toward me and begins firing again!


I motion to the rest of my team, they crawl beside me and we begin to make some plans…


Present – Glen – At the cabin


After my announcement doesn't do any good, I decide I'm going to take care of the fucking fake Marines myself. Most seem to be distracted by the twin's brother anyway as he's kicking some major ass!


I start shooting some of the fucking false Marines with my sidearm but quickly realize that I've made a huge fucking mistake…


Present – Linus – Rescuing the survivors


I get some Marines to help me lift a heavy as hell table, and under it we find Mabel. She's looking pretty damn good for all she's been through. When we move the table out of the way she begins to stir and demands, "Where's my spoon?"


I answer, "I don't have any idea. How do you feel?"


She complains, "Like I was ran over by two buses and a Cadillac! What happened?"


I reply, "Someone blew up the armory tent and it also destroyed your tent. You're luckier than the others in the mess tent since most of them have major burns."


I look up and I see something happening to Glen that I sure as hell don't like…


Present – Alexi – At the cabin


As I continue to eliminate the charlatan Marines, I notice something troubling. A large contingent of charlatan Marines have surrounded General Donaldson. He fires at them with his sidearm. However he discovers, as many others have discovered, their body armor is impervious to pistol rounds.


I find myself confronted with a rock and hard place decision to make: Turn my attentions to the General's predicament, or continue to protect my sister Mira. Naturally, family issues prevail and I continue to protect Mira. My decision unfortunately has negative repercussions for the General...


Present – Glen – At the cabin


My pistol won't take down the fake fucking Marines, so I change my strategy and begin to shoot them in the legs and feet. Unfortunately, that only works as long as I have ammo. As I fire my last round, the 1911 slide locks open, one of the fake fucking Marines runs up and fires at me. The last thing I remember is…


Present – Mira – At the cabin


After Todd falls on top of my sister Ira, I maneuver him to the side of my sister, roll my sister on top of him to provide protection with her superior armor and to inspect his work on her wound. His work is of the utmost quality and is a close approximation to what I would have done. However, it is obvious my sister is extremely exsanguinated but not to the extent of being terminally threatened. I am not concerned overly because of our twin enhanced consanguinity.


I translocate Ira and turn my ministrations to Todd. He has received multiple projectile wounds to his posterior torso but he is fortunate that none have seemed to transect any major organs or arterial pathways. I commence placing pressure dressings on the wounds, then rotate him onto his back to aid in the function of the dressings.


I need fluid replacements for both of them however there are no sources available other than myself. I am not sure of Todd's blood type, however because I am type O negative (the universal donor) this is not a concern. I begin to set up a bifurcated autologous transfusion device. Then Alexi arrives and states, "My sister, it appears the charlatan Marines are finally retreating, however there is one impending issue."


I question, "What is this issue?"


He replies, "They have captured the General and are removing him from the battlefield as they retreat."


Deciding I could do nothing to intercede on the General’s behalf, I resume my medical task. I briefly consider using Alexi as an additional source to aid in the transfusion, but I need someone to stand watch so I order, "Alexi, I am going to transfuse both Ira and Todd. When I become unconscious, please discontinue the blood transfusion."


He wonders aloud, "Mira, isn't that dangerous for your continued wellbeing?"


I inform him, "I have no other acceptable choice. I must deplete myself so they will live…"


Present – Zarika – Escaped


Because of my future husband Ben's excellent training, I exactly recall the route to Yasmeen's hospital and realize it is not very far away. I find the road used by the car which brought me to this evil facility and begin to run toward the hospital…


Present – Yasmeen – The Hospital


I cry in my pillow. This was never supposed to happen, not until… I say a silent prayer begging that Zarika is doing better than I am…


Present – Ben – On the road


I can't believe how badly things have turned out for me! I'm depressed as hell and say, "Great, that is all that I need. You need to stop and drop me off here."


Fearless Freep comments, "If that's what you want, that’s what we'll do. But I would warn you that we have three or four carloads of groupies following us. If we drop you off, then you will need to deal with them."


Yosemite Sam adds, "You can bet they all know about you spanking Stacy and are going to expect you to do the same to them."


I think and whine, "I don't know, it might be better to take my chances with them."


Fearless Freep suggests, "Listen, I know you're pissed, but we didn't have anything to do with it. In fact we tried to stop you from calling. Now why don't you sit back and enjoy the ride until we reach Albuquerque?"


Yosemite Sam reminds me, "Don't forget, Destiny is waiting there for you."


I think to myself: This is great! And all that I need is some half-baked, psycho, hippy chick that thinks she's some sort of bullshit shaman…


Present – Stacy and Samantha – On the road


I look at Bill and decide, "Bill, Samantha and I are taking the helicopter with you. I want to get to the cabin site as quickly as possible."


Bill answers, "I wondered when you would figure that out, that's why I have two helicopters coming."


I reply, "Bill, that's one thing I always like about you: You anticipate what I'm going to do. Now I need to go say goodbye to Patches and Bo. Come on Samantha…"


Wow, we're going to take a chopper to Ben's cabin site! This will be great because then I can cover the rescue of Jennifer Donaldson and Liz Morgan. Even though I am Stacy's friend, I am still a reporter and I need to do my job. I got huge ratings on the phone interview between Ben and Stacy and the first meeting of Jennifer and Stacy might even be better (I secretly hope Stacy kicks her ass!).


We walk to the horse trailer and go inside. Stacy hugs Patches and explains, "Patches, Samantha and I are going to be gone for a little while, but we will be together again soon." She then hugs Bo and says, "Okay big boy, you need to take care of Patches until we're together again."


Bo snorts and nods his head so I question, "Did he understand what you said?"


Stacy answers, "Well, Ben seemed to think he understood many things and I'm not going to question Ben."


I hear the sound of approaching choppers and get excited about our trip. On our way to the choppers Stacy surprises me with what she says…


She tells me, "Sam, I'm not going to let it become a media circus when I meet Jennifer. We are simply going there to help and once we're done we're leaving."


I question, "What about finding Ben?"


She answers, "Well, he will certainly be there but I'm not sure we will ever see him let alone meet him. The only way we will see him is if he decides he wants us to see him."


I scoff, "Stacy, you must be teasing me! Don't tell me that we won't be able to find or see Ben. No one is that good."


I laugh, "Hell Sam, you need to do some reading on the parts of Ben's service record that haven't been redacted, 'lost' or just 'deleted'. He is indeed that good and maybe even better. You tell me, did you or your Mossad death squad ever see Ben???"


I complain, "Hey, they weren't my Mossad death squad!"


Stacy unfortunately reminds me, "Well, you were traveling with them but didn't research them well enough."


I hang my head and agree, "Yes Stacy you're right. I didn't do my job correctly." I pause while mentally beating myself up, look at her and declare, "You are so sneaky! This is your way of challenging me to do further research on Ben!"


She reaches inside her valise, pulls out a huge stack of manila folders, hands them to me and explains, "No, I don't want you to research just Ben. These are files on Ben, Jennifer, Liz, Bernie and yes, even me."


I question, "And the sources of these personal records?"


Stacy smiles and states, "Some sources are legal and some I would have to kill you if I told you where the information came from."


I look at her and wonder if she's teasing, but unfortunately I can't read her face.


Then we both get a surprise…


Present – Ben – On the road


I look at the road and the phone poles are going by so fast they look like a picket fence. Then I decide to check the speedometer. I comment, "You must be running empty to be going this fast?"


Fearless Freep answers, "Yeah, you're the only load we're carrying."


I complain, "Thanks a hell of a lot! So now I'm relegated to being cargo."


Yosemite Sam adds, "But, we've never had more important cargo than you."


I ask for a bit more information, "So at this rate, when will we be in Albuquerque?"


Fearless Freep estimates, "A couple hours, give or take."


I ask, "Give or take what?"


He replies, "Whether I give a flying fuck enough to even slow down if the Smokies try to stop me."


Yosemite Sam adds, "And the smart money is that my man don't take no shit off the Smokies."


Changing the subject, I ask, "So, do you have any more information about what went on at the cabin."


Yosemite smiles and says, "I told you honey."


Fearless Freep feigns a complaint, "Damn, she bet me you would want to see the news reports."


I innocently ask, "So what did you lose?"


Fearless Freep blushes as he evades giving an answer, "You don't want to know."


And I decide that if it made him blush I sure as hell don't want to know! Yosemite Sam says, "I have the broadcasts on our DVR so where do you want to start?"


I demand, "What the hell is a DVR?"


She answers, "Damn, you really are a technology dinosaur! DVR stands for Digital Video Recorder, it's sort of like a video tape recorder except like it says, it's digital."


I naively question, "So why the hell not just use a video tape recorder?"


Yosemite Sam slaps her forehead, Fearless Freep laughs and she explains, "Because you can record it all to a computer hard drive."


I shrug my shoulders in my ignorance, "So then you have to switch hard drives instead of tapes?"


Fearless Freep continues laughing while she explains, "Hell no! One hard drive can hold hundreds to thousands of shows. I’ll tell you what, the TV up here sucks compared to the wide screen TV in the sleeper. Come on in the back and let me show you how it works."


I get uncomfortable and balk, "I'm not sure that's such a good idea."


Yosemite Sam demands, "Why the hell not?"


I look down at the floor and mumble, "Well, I'm a man and you're a woman and that's a bed back there."


Yosemite Sam answers, "Oh yeah, I forgot you're terrified of sex."


I vociferously complain, "I am not terrified of sex (then thank God I remember something). But if I am to continue to be the 'Trucker's Angel', I must remain celibate and shun all appearances of impropriety."


Fearless Freep says, "He's right honey. If he's uncomfortable being back there with you, why don't we stop for a moment and I will show him how to use it."


I agree, "That sounds good to me."


Fearless Freep pulls the truck to the side of the road and puts on the parking brake. We both hop into the sleeper, he hands me a remote that looks like it could control a nuclear submarine and I complain, "What the fuck is this? There's no way in hell I can learn all these buttons."


Fearless Freep laughs, "Hell, if I can operate this you certainly can learn how to run it, let me show you."


He spends a few minutes and I decide it's not as intimidating as it looks. He moves to a directory and asks, "Where do you want to start?"


I reply, "With the first report."


Fearless Freep asks for a little more information, "The first report about the cabin or the first report about the attacks?"


I answer, "I know all about the cabin, so let's do the first attack."


Fearless Freep brings up a video and says, "This is the play button, this is the rewind button and this is the speed things up button in case you want to watch it faster. This is the end button and takes you back to the file list. You can see they are listed by the date recorded. Now you try it."


I highlight the first file, press play and begin to watch the report.


Fearless Freep climbs back into the driver's seat, starts the truck moving and Yosemite Sam warns, "Be careful where you go on the DVR, we have our homemade sex tapes recorded on it."


I promise, "Don't the hell worry, I'm not leaving this directory."


The more reports I watch the more pissed I become... Some fucker is going to pay for this...


Present – Liz – In the tunnels


Bernie slowly closes the door and whispers, "Liz, someone is in the tunnel."


I quietly question, "Did they look like a Marine?"


He continues to whisper, "Yeah, but they were acting sort of strange. They had a rifle and acted like they were hunting for someone."


I softly swear, "I bet they are a fake Marine and are looking for Jens."


Ivan whispers, "Many bad men try to hurt mommy. I want mommy."


I try to comfort him, "Ivan, we will get you to your mother soon, but you need to be quiet. Do you know how to be quiet?"


Ivan whispers, "Yes, I know quiet game very well. Papa taught me good and well."


I look at Bernie and ask, "Do we have any weapons?"


He shakes his head, "Sorry Liz, I didn't think about bringing any with me."


Present – Jens – In the tunnels


Maria is taking the lead as we begin to clear the tunnels and asks, "So how do we know once we clear an area that it remains clear?"


I answer, "Without the security system, the only thing I can think of is opening or closing the doors."


Maria suggests, "Since most of the doors are closed, I would suggest that we open the doors."


It makes sense to me, "I agree."


We continue clearing the tunnels and then...


Present – Thom, Inga and Byron – It's raining hell on the drug lord


I'm impressed with Inga's skills, it's almost like she has a sixth sense about the traps (and she sure as hell was right because there are more traps than Cater had pills!). Most of them we bypass but several of them are such that she figures ways to trip them safely. I could have used the hell out of her in Nam.


We continue to hear the fifties crack over our head, then I get a call, "Thom, this is the team leader, what is your status?"


I reply, "We've run into about a hundred traps..."


Inga interrupts, "Actually, it was thirty seven..."


I continue, "Well it felt like a fucking hundred traps! We bypassed some of them but made sure to mark the trail before and after the traps. We are approaching the compound now and I will notify you when it's safe to bring the team up."


When he's gone Inga questions, "Thom, why did you lie to him?"


I answer, "Because I sure as hell don't want them up here fucking things up."


Inga teases, "I thought it might be because you like working with me because I sure don't mind working under you!"


I complain, "Cut that shit out! I'm too old for you!"


She continues, "Oh, I didn't know you were impotent. Sorry if I insulted you."


I begin to complain when the soil moves under my foot and goes click...