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Flashback – Ben – Another frying pan!


Just when I thought we were going to be safe (mostly because I heard the Spetsnaz BTR 80 approach) rounds were fired at us from behind and one even hit my chair… Son of a bitch! The fuckers had flanked us.


I ordered, "Elena, find some fucking place to hide while I take care of these fuckers."


I spun my wheelchair, rolled toward a bag of mags and grenades, scooped them up off the floor and put them in my lap. I gave the chair another good push (these fuckers couldn't hit their own ass with both hands if it was moving), reached down then pulled a pin on the grenade and threw it in the general vicinity of the fuckers. Next I raised my AK and began to blast the hell out of the area...


Flashback – Jack – At the old Orthodox Church


I fired at the fucking Chechen terrorists as they began to run from the BTR 80. Just as I began to relax, all hell started to break loose from inside the church. I said to the old grandmother, "Shit! Some of them must have flanked the church; I need to get my ass inside and help them."


She confirmed, "Yes, that is the only logical assumption."


I hauled ass toward the church but I couldn't help the feeling that grandmother's voice - well it sounded strangely familiar…


I sure hoped that Banzai's team understood that I was Spetsnaz and was there to help, otherwise this was going to end up badly…


Flashback – Ben – Another frying pan!


Elena yelled, "Ben, someone is running toward the church. What should I do?"


I asked, "Did you find any more AK's?"


She replied, "No, we only have the one you are using."


I thought about having her chuck some grenades at them, but decided she might blow us to hell by accident. I rolled back toward the window, took a quick look and said, "Hell! That's Jack! The old fart is finally here to help!" With that threat removed I turned my attention to the fuckers who were hiding in my church! Even though this church was old and no longer used, to think those Muslim fuckers were desecrating it really pissed me off!


The fuckers were hiding like rats in a hole but I could scope their general location from the echoes their shots made. So I started a saturated grenade launching program to blow the hell out of their general location…


Flashback – Jack – At the old Orthodox Church


Once again someone was going fucking ape-shit with the grenades. When I finally meet Banzai's team, I'm going to buy all of them a bottle or two of vodka. I reached the church, jumped through what's left of the window, rolled behind a pew then assessed the area of operation.


Fuck! I saw Banzai's cute little nurse hiding like a little mouse and… Fuck me! Banzai was the only other guy in here. He's rolling around like crazy in his wheelchair, firing his AK toward what I can only guess is where the fuckers are holed up and chucking grenades at them in between the AK fire. I jumped up, ran toward him, saw a bag of grenades on floor and grabbed them as I ran past. I ducked behind another pew then started helping Banzai with the grenades. We were doing great until…


Flashback – Ben – Another frying pan!


Jack is here and we're really starting to kick some ass. I see the fuckers start to run away, begin to relax when I hear something that concerns the hell out of me… I tip my wheelchair on its side and begin to pray…


Flashback – Masha – At the old Orthodox Church


I began working on Tatiana and determined most of her wounds were shrapnel which didn't enter her body very deeply. I removed the shrapnel and dressed the wounds while she repeatedly complained, "Masha, we must save Ben!"


I replied, "Tatiana, whoever is with Ben is doing fine by themselves. We need to dress your wounds then get you to the hospital. Jack must not discover my ruse."


I finished dressing her and prepared to move her when the hounds of hades visited the church…


Flashback – Jens – At the military hospital


They started working on me again and then of all people, my ballet teacher, showed up. She gave me the nicest roses (they reminded me of the ones Ben sent me – I sure hope you remember what happened to those) and questioned, "Jennifer, will you still be able to perform in Swan Lake?"


While using the prima ballerina card on my parents, I hadn't yet considered how I could use it with my ballet teacher, at the ballet school or any other places. I needed some time to think about all the possible ramifications. So I replied, "Olga (my teacher's name), even though the pain is very great, I think I will be able to perform."


Olga replied, "Jennifer, you must perform for us as I have several very important people coming to the performance. Just let me know whatever you need and we will try to do it for you."


She squeezed my hand, I looked at her face and actually saw tears in her eyes. That helped me to make up my mind...


The nurse interrupted, "Ma'am, you will need to leave while we continue to treat Jennifer."


She smiled at me, blew me a kiss and left me to the pain of having the melted clothing removed from my burned skin…


Flashback – Glen


Hell bells, who would have thought it would have been so hard to find BDU's for Jennifer! I finally gave up trying to requisition them, went to the BX (Base eXchange) and purchased them. While I was at it I found several other camo items I thought she would like so I added those to my purchases and headed back to the hospital.


The minute I entered the room I wished I had returned here earlier!!!


Flashback – Jens – At the military hospital


They finally finished removing all the melted clothes from my burns, removed me from the water, carefully dried me (which hurt like heck) and gave me one of those stupid hospital gowns – you know, the ones that show your whole backside!  Everyone left the room except for my friend the nurse. She was doing something with my IV so I asked, "What are you doing?"


She answered, "It's time for your next pain medication injection."


I smiled because I knew that soon I would feel the warmth and pain relief spread through my body. I asked, "Now that you're finished removing the cloth what's next."


She stated, "Well young lady, you were very lucky since most of your burns are minor. There are a few places, mostly on your back, which will require monitoring and some debridement. But, you should be able to go home in a few days."


Evelyn (once again drunk) walked into the room, heard the nurse's comment and demanded, "Like hell is my daughter going to spend any more time in this hospital! She's just goldbricking and needs to get home and practice her ballet."


My friend the nurse countered, "Ms. Donaldson, I can assure you that your daughter is not 'goldbricking'. Her injuries are real and she needs to stay here for several days until the doctors release her."


That got Evelyn on her high horse she yelled, "I am General Donaldson's wife and you can't make me keep my daughter here! Jennifer, get your lazy ass out of that bed and get dressed."


The nurse pressed the call button then ordered, "Young lady, don't get out of that bed."


Evelyn approached the bed but the nurse intercepted her. She and Evelyn started physically fighting. Daddy walked into the room and demanded, "What the hell is going on here?"


Evelyn slurred, "Glen, they won't let me bring Jennifer home."


The nurse argued, "Sir, the doctor said she needs to spend a few days in the hospital for observation."


Daddy said, "Evelyn, we can't go against the doctor's orders."


Evelyn stated, "Well if Jennifer can't come home then I'm going to get her ballet teacher to come here and give her private lessons."


Daddy asked, "Nurse, is that something that is possible?"


The doctor walked into the room and demanded, "What's this I hear about you trying to take my patient out of here."


Daddy said in his defense, "Don't look at me!"


Evelyn declared, "That's right. My daughter is performing as Odette in Swan Lake and she doesn't have time to be lying around in bed getting fat and lazy."


Suddenly I had a great idea! I began to very loudly cry. Everyone stopped, looked at me and Daddy asked, "Jennifer, what's wrong."


I sobbed, "Mother called me fat and lazy! Now, I don't even want to dance in that stupid ballet."


Evelyn shouted, "What! I never called you fat and lazy! And you are going to dance no matter what!"


My 'so called' friend the nurse ignored my crying and asked, "Doctor, Ms. Donaldson wondered if Jennifer's ballet instructor could come here to give Jennifer private lessons and I was just thinking the other children in the ward might find it entertaining."


I continued to sob, but it had little effect. The doctor answered, "That's an excellent idea and might motivate the other children to move around more."


Daddy asked, "Well Evelyn, does that satisfy you?"


Evelyn stated, "Yes, all I wanted was to make sure Jennifer didn't miss any practices."


I sobbed, "What about me?"


Daddy ordered, "Everyone leave the room, I would like to have a few words with my daughter."


After they left Daddy looked at me then laughed, "Jennifer, that was the worst fake crying performance you have ever given! Now, your mother and I have cut you a lot of slack on this prima ballerina bullshit, but just remember if you try to use it too much it's going to backfire on you and this was a prime example."


I looked down at the bed and answered, "Yes Sir, I understand and I will do better."


He called mother back in, she handed me a bag and I was shocked! It had everything I asked for and even more. I smiled and said, "Thank you very much mother. Even though I didn't ask in a proper manner, you brought me all I asked for and even more."


Daddy handed me a bag. I opened it and inside were real BDU's and some other cool camo things. I added, "And Daddy, these are the best - thank you."


Flashback – Alexi – At the laboratory/school


Today's plan worked to perfection. I spent all day acting bored (which is very hard to do when you are not actually bored), made purposeful mistakes on many of the assignments my 'parents' gave me and took extra time to finish assignments which I could have easily finished more quickly…


Midafternoon, my 'parents' escorted me to the infirmary.


'Father' said to the medical doctors, "We are concerned that our son might be ill and request that he be given the full battery of tests."


The medical doctor began performing the tests on me which effectively ended my schooling for the day. Of course the medical doctor found no issues. My 'parents' took me home and while 'mother' prepared dinner 'father' questioned, "Alexi, what seemed to be your problem today?"


I added more fuel to the fire when I lied, "’Father', I do not know what you mean. Would you please explain your question?"


He brought out my assignments, showed them to me and stated, "Son, you made many mistakes today and the time to complete many of your assignments was substandard. Since we know you have no medical issues, we must determine if you are having psychological problems."


I looked at my 'father' and lied, "Sorry Sir, I am very tired tonight and if you don't mind I would like to go to sleep."


'Father' exclaimed, "But son, you have not eaten yet and you know how important it is to eat properly!"


I relented, "Very well 'father', I will attempt to stay awake and eat dinner."


'Father' suggested, "Why don't you work on the cryptex while waiting for dinner?"


I countered, "'Father', I would prefer to watch the television."


He gasped, "Alexi, you know we forbid watching the television at night."


I thought, more like you forbid it at all times.


'Mother' served dinner, I picked at my food and then I did something which totally shocked them…


Flashback – Ira – in Israel


I located the harem dormitory without difficulty and upon my arrival I verified that Naomi was correct, there were posted guards. The largest Nubian guard confronted me, "Are you a new concubine for the master?"


I deceitfully questioned, "I might possibly be so described, what does the master do with his concubines?"


The guard acquired the visual units of the other guards and laughed, "This concubine does not know her duty, perhaps we should teach her?"


I counter questioned, "I was lead to believe that you are eunuchs and unable to perform such training?"


He dropped his pants to reveal a fully functional training tool at readiness and stated, "What the master does not know will not hurt him. Now come here concubine, kneel in front of me and I will teach you that your first duty as a concubine is to the guards." The other 'eunuchs' dropped their pants and displayed the same erectile condition as the first 'eunuch'.


It was fortunate for me and very unfortunate for them that they did not occulate the existence of my katana! With quick and deft moves I emasculated the 'eunuch' guards by severing their training tools. As they lie writhing on terra firma I advised, "Now, you are more completely adapted to your service than other eunuchs."


I was then surprised and accosted by the women in the harem dormitory…


Flashback – Mira – in Israel


I acquired Naomi's computer on which I previously disabled the screen saver (and associated password) before I left. First business of order was to answer Masha's insulting e-mail.


I gained access to our e-mail system, verified that Ira's information was correct and sent Masha an e-mail which she would never forget.


Then I began exhaustive research into Safia's request and was pleased with my discoveries. I printed multitudinous pages and departed to see how my sister's quest had proceeded…


Flashback – Ira – in Israel


Yes, I was aggressively accosted by the female members of the harem dormitory! They even touched my corporeal self until I extricated my bodice from their ministrations and ordered, "Cease and desist from your annoying adulation!"


One of them replied, "But you have saved us from the guards and we wanted to show you our gratitude."


I stated, "Verbal gratitude would be more appreciated than the overt physical demonstrations you are now pursuing."


Another stated, "She is right, we need to direct our physical attention toward the guards."


With that the women unleashed terrible tantrums upon the injured guards…


Flashback – Mira – in Israel


My tympanic units detected the sound of a battle! I rushed toward the cacophony, rounded the corner and observed my sister Ira, standing to the side while many women flagellated several bloody masses reposing on terra firma.


I silently approached and touched her on the shoulder. She spun with wrath in her eyes while I laughed and stated, "Tag, it you are!"


Her wrath subsided as rapidly as it arose. However, I could tell she was still agitated. She stuck out her tongue and declared, "You possess good fortune that I did not injure you."


I smiled and reminded her, "No, you are my sister and would never injure me. What are the bloody masses residing on terra firma?"


Ira replied, "The corpus reminantus of the former 'eunuch' guards."


One of the ladies paused and explained, "They were neither eunuchs nor guards: They were murderous bastards who tortured and raped us every night."


Another lady added, "…Or sold us as entertainment for their friends."


I questioned Ira, "Have you ascertained what role Akhmed played in this tragedy?"


Another lady answered, "At first he was little better than the so called guards, but when he became obese his tastes changed.


I questioned, "In what manner did they change?"

She replied, "He no longer demanded sex from us, instead he wanted us to dance in the nude."


Another lady interrupted, "Don't forget the times he had us perform sex on one another."


Ira gained my ocular units and I finally comprehended the cause of her agitation. Yes, unlike me, my sister did not like others invading her private space and these women must have violated it earlier.


Ira questioned, "Do you still wish to heal Akhmed of his hormone imbalance?"


With that all the women stopped their guarded flagellation and occulated me with fearful looks.


One of the women pleaded, "Please do not restore him to what he was!"


Another added, "Yes, he is much better behaved now."


I thought for a moment and declared…


Flashback – Todd – On the island – In 'The Cave'


I guess the time of communication was over as Liu waved to me, headed to the bed and climbed in. I rattled my chains and she looked at me while I moved my arms like I wanted to be released. She shook her head but at least brought me a blanket.


I curled up in the blanket and watched Liu as she drifted off to sleep. I wondered what the hell this island was and what the hell they had done to her. But more than that, I wondered how she escaped and if she was the one who destroyed everything else in the compound…