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Present – Liz – In the tunnels


What the hell! We hear what sounds like machine gun fire, but it's far away. Bernie says, "Liz, it sounds like it's coming from the air vent."


I wonder aloud, "I guess they are still having a hell of a battle with the fake Marines."


It stops for a short time and then we hear another short burst.


Bernie suggests, "It might be a good thing that we're trapped down here since it's probably safer than being outside."


Ivan whispers, "You two not good at quiet game, I winning."


I decide that out of the mouth of babes… So I smile at Bernie and put my finger up to my lips…


We hear someone yell in the hallway then hear obvious gun fire. I creep to the door, open it and oh hell no!!!


Present – Jens – In the tunnels


We continue making sure the rooms are clear when Maria questions, "Jens, what the hell is that noise, it sounds like a machine gun."


I answer, "That's because it is a machine gun. I have an autonomous machine gun guarding the ventilation system."


Maria exclaims, "What! A fucking mechanical machine gun guarding the ventilation system! What were you thinking?"


I defend myself, "Hey, at the time it seemed like a good idea. But it does let us know someone is trying to get to us using the ventilation system. Come on, let's get to the equipment room where the ventilation ducts are."


Present – Maria – In the tunnels


More often than not I really wonder about my Princess Boss's sanity! Who in their right mind would have some sort of mechanical machine gun guarding the ventilation system? But I have a bigger problem right now. Jens takes off like her ass is on fire, runs past me and around the next corner and I yell, "Hey, what about making sure the tunnels are clear?"


I take off after her, but before I even reach the corner, there's more gunfire!


Present – Jack – At the cabin


I look at the three Marines helping me and ask, "Okay, I'm open for suggestions on how the hell to take care of this fucking killer machine gun."


One of the Marines gives a typical Marine response, "I say we frag the hell out of it!"


I shake my head and argue, "Well if we did that and collapsed the ventilation shaft then how the hell would we get into the tunnels. I don't want the typical Marine's blow it hell and back again response, I want you guys to use the brains God gave you and think outside the box."


One of the Marines peeks over the edge of the ventilation shaft, the machine gun takes a second or two and then fires as he ducks just in time. He grins at me and says, "I sort of have an idea but it's kind of half-baked…"


Present – Masha – At the cabin


I get to Jennifer's dog and begin to do my assessment. It's obvious from the angle of one of its legs that the leg has a fracture. He begins to wake and I know I need to do something to keep him still, so I think about what I have in my purse and I finally remember that ketamine has been successfully used for veterinary purposes. I pet the dog's head and speak to him, "Remain calm and I will take care of you."


I withdraw a syringe, guess at the dose of ketamine for a dog of his size (if anything I hope to err on the low side), pull the skin on the back of his neck and inject what I hope is the correct dose. Then I begin to pet him to keep him calm. I look closer at him and realize he bears a remarkable resemblance to Sharik in the famous Russian movie Собачье Cердце (Heart Of A Dog) based on Michail Bulgakov's famous anti-communist story.


My thoughts are interrupted by tremendous shouting and machine gun fire! I turn, look back toward Jack and can't believe my eyes…


Present – Linus – Rescuing the survivors


We hear a hell of a lot of yelling, cheering and machine gun fire. I look and see it's coming from Jack's team at the ventilation shaft. I blink my eyes three or four times because I can't believe what I'm seeing…


Present – Mira and Alexi – At the cabin


As my blood begins to replenish Todd and Ira's bodies I hear an extreme aggregate of loud vocalizations and automatic weapon discharges so I worry that new attacks are forthcoming. I slowly rise, occulate something unbelievable and question, "Alexi, please tell me I am not hallucinating…"


I confirm for my sister, "Mira, your eyes are not deceiving you. Something very interesting is occurring at the ventilation shaft…"


Present – Jack – At the cabin


This is about the craziest idea I've ever heard, but it just might work! The four of us position ourselves at equal distances around the ventilation duct, then slowly raise up one after another. The fucking killer machinegun follows and rotates to the last motion detected. We duck back down, meet again and I say, "This idea is crazy enough that it might just work. So who the hell is going to be our cowboy?"


The Marine who came up with the idea says, "Well, it's my idea so I think that's my job."


I strip off my Nomex1 gloves, hand them to him and advise, "You're going to need these more than I am but try not to fuck them up and remember you're only going to get one chance to do this right."


1 Nomex – Fire resistant material made by DuPont. Jack 'borrowed' these gloves from the previously mentioned chopper pilot. They are standard issue for Army chopper pilots.


We position ourselves around the ventilation duct again and I order, "On three! One, Two, Three!"


As we each raise up and the killer machine gun begins to chase us, the crazy Marine with the hare-brained idea jumps over the side of the ventilation duct, lands straddling the killer machinegun and grabs onto it with both hands. The fucking killer machine guns goes crazy trying to get to him but his weight keeps it from being able to get its barrel up in the air. He begins to whoop like a fucking cowboy and we begin cheering him on!!!


Present – Alexi – At the cabin


I would prefer to continue to observe the spectacle at the ventilation shaft (it was both exciting and insane), however my duties to my sisters and Todd take first priority. The color has returned to my sister Ira and Todd's faces and my sister Mira has become extremely exsanguinated and weak. I make a decision, move beside her and remove the autologous transfusion tubing from her arm as she complains, "Alexi, you have prematurely stopped the transfusion."


I counter, "No my sister, you are incorrect. The situation has changed, the charlatans Marines have vacated the area and you are no longer only suitable donor available."


She continues to complain, "Alexi, you can not be a donor unless you know your blood type."


I inform her, "My sister, I am the same blood type as you and I can indeed be a universal donor. I refuse to lose one sister to save my other sister and Todd."


I cleanse my arm, tie off my bicep and wait until the arteries expand. Then I insert the needle into my arm and release the blood flow. I do make certain to purge the air out of the system before connecting it to Ira and Todd.


Mira struggles to stop me but can not intervene because of her weakened state.


Now I turn my attention to protecting the four of us. I must make sure to terminate this transfusion before I lose consciousness or weaken myself to the point experienced by my sister Mira…


Present – Zarika – At Yasmeen's hospital


I arrive at the hospital where the bad lady imprisoned Yasmeen and I wonder how I will enter the hospital. I begin to walk the perimeter of the hospital and then I see a large group of girls about my age waiting by a doorway. I walk over to the group and say, "Hello."


A girl answers, "Hello, are you here for the candy striper program?"


I do not know what the 'candy striper' program is but I consider it might be my way to enter the hospital so I reply, "Yes I am. Is that what all of you are waiting for?"


The girl says, "My name is Linda and yes we are all here for the candy striper program. O-M-G what happened to your arm?"


To protect my mission I lie, "My name is Jennifer and I was doing some gymnastic exercises when I broke it."


Linda replies, "O-M-G don't tell me you're a gymnast! No wonder you have such a nice body. I wished I had a thigh gap2 like yours."


2 Thigh gap - The gap between a women's thighs directly below the vagina, often diamond shaped when the thighs are together.


I am not exactly sure what she means so I smile and answer, "Thank you." Then the door opens and a nurse says, "Time for your orientation, please follow me."


We go inside, follow the nurse into what looked like a school room and take our seats as the teaching begins. I can't wait to get out of here, find Yasmeen and escape…


Present – Yasmeen – The Hospital


I press my call button hoping the bad nurse will come and give me something for my pain when one of the bad nurse men comes in and says, "Don't you know better than to bother us? I guess I need to teach you another lesson."


Then he does it to me again!!!


Present – Ben – On the road


I've seen about as many news reports of what went on at the cabin as I can stomach! The worst was watching what the fucking killer bees did to the wildlife. I sure as hell hoped that Anastasia the fox survived.


I yell up front, "I'm done back here and I'm coming back up front."


I begin to move up front, Yosemite Sam sees my face and observes, "You look like you're ready to kill someone."


We struggle past each other, I take the passenger seat and answer, "You bet! Some fucker's heads are going to roll for what they did at the cabin."


She replies, "Confucius said, 'Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves'."


I give her a 'grave' look and reply, "Confucius should have said, "Neca eos omnes. Deus suos agnoscet."


Fearless Freep laughs and adds, "I didn't know Confucius spoke Latin."


Yosemite Sam questions, "What does that mean."


I reply, "Kill them all, God will recognize his own."


Fearless Freep adds, "Hell boy, revenge ain't no way to live your life. You'll go off half-cocked and get yourself killed."


I explain how I work, "That all depends on how you handle the revenge. For me, I take it deep down inside of me until it becomes a part of me… It's what keeps me warm and gives me a reason to live."


The truck begins to slow so I question, "What now?"


Yosemite Sam points, "It's time you meet Destiny."


I look out the windshield and it looks like I was right with my earlier thoughts…


Present – Stacy and Samantha – On the road


We are walking to the helicopter when I hear a familiar noise so I turn and run towards him…


 I'm surprised by her movement and comment, "Stacy, your pet bear has somehow found us."


Stacy runs to him, gives him a big hug and the bear yowls in what I can assume is happiness.


I walk up and question, "Are we bringing your bear on the chopper?"


She turns and explains, "No, a helicopter is no place for a bear. He's going to ride in the horse trailer with Patches and Bo."


It's just like he understood her and heads to the horse trailer and makes himself comfortable. Stacy walks over to the drivers and orders, "You take damn good care of my horses and this bear. The bear's name is Wojtek and he's smarter than the average bear."


I giggle and Stacy asks, "What's so funny?"


I continue to giggle, "That line was from Yogi Bear. Hey, if he's Yogi that makes you Boo-Boo…"


I give Samantha a dirty look and complain, "Well if I'm Boo-Boo you must be Yakky Doodle."


Samantha complains, "Hey Boo-Boo, why do I get a minor role as a duck?"


I grin and answer, "Well you are a reporter so the name Yakky fits you? Come on Yakky let's get to Ben's cabin."


We board the chopper and I decide I like the fact the Wojtek found us. With him helping us we might actually find and see Ben. I look at Samantha and suggest, "Don't you have some research to complete?"


She opens up manila a folder and begins to read; I look out the windows and say a prayer that we will meet Ben again…


Present – Ben – On the road


Yeah my worst fears might be realized - if there was ever a crunchy-granola looking chick, it's the woman for whom we are stopping (Yosemite Sam identifies her as 'Destiny'). Her hair is so blonde it's practically white and reaches her waist, she has on a long flowing buckskin dress… As we get closer I see she's wearing moccasin boots and carrying a back pack.


I scoff, "If this is my 'destiny' I think I would rather be dead."


Yosemite Sam gasps, "Ben, you can't be serious!"


I quip, "Serious as a heart attack."


Fearless Freep stops the truck then he and Yosemite Sam get out and greet her with group hugs (of course).


They head back to the truck, Fearless takes the driver seat, Yosemite Sam slips back into the sleeper and the bitch decides to sit beside me in the fucking passenger seat. I uncomfortably squirm to the console between the seat and she laughs, "Ben, I'm not going to bite you." Then she pats the seat beside her.


I decline, "No thank you. I'm fine sitting right where I am."


She smiles at me and says, "Have it your way."


I answer, "I always do."


I think, if she's lucky, she's going to last about five minutes at the cabin before the Special Forces nail her.


She laughs and then stuns me by saying…


Present – Thom, Inga and Byron – It's raining hell on the drug lord


The soil moves under my foot, goes click and Inga curses, "Thom, don't tell me you stepped on a land mine."


I swear, "I sure as hell did! You keep going while I take care of this problem…"


There is no way in hades that I'm going to let Thom 'take care of this problem' by himself. I slowly retrace my steps toward him and inform him, "Thom, we both know that I can defuse this faster than you can by yourself. Besides what's the old saying 'two is one and'…"


Thom finishes, "Yeah I know and …'one is none.' But there's no way in hell I'm going to let you help me with this."


I laugh, "You're not in any place to argue right now so shut up and let me help you. Besides I'm going to need you to watch my ass when we get to the compound…"


I again complain, "That's cover your ass not watch your ass. If you come any closer I will..."


Inga interrupts and taunts, "You will what? Shoot me?"


She's already reached me, bends down with a flashlight, takes out her knife and carefully begins to probe the dirt around my foot…"