Chapter 030

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Flashback – Jack – At the old Orthodox Church


Hell's Fucking Bells! Ben tipped his wheelchair on the side and I recognized the sound that prompted him to do it. I dove to the floor right beside Ben's new nurse and made sure to hold her head down as all hell broke loose. The stupid fuckers in the BTR 80 decided to fire on the church with the 14.5 mm cannon and it ripped the hell out of everything. I didn't know who the fucker was that gave the order but their ass was mine if I lived through this…


Flashback – Ben – One more frying pan!


I heard the 14.5mm cannon start firing and tipped my wheelchair on its side just in time. The rounds ripped the hell out of the church and made a hell of a ballistic crack as they passed overhead. It was impressive that even after penetrating the wall most of them were still supersonic and made me dream of having a rifle that fired that round. I hunkered down behind some shit and hoped like hell I didn't get hit…


Flashback – Masha – At the old Orthodox Church


I could not believe that the idiots in the BTR 80 opened fire on the church with the 14.5mm machinegun; didn't they realize that our troops were inside? Tatiana yelled, "Why the hell are they firing at our troops?"


Instead of providing a rhetorical reply, I was occupied looking for something to make them stop…


Flashback – Jack – At the old Orthodox Church


Son of a bitch! That hurts like hell! The fucking rounds were blasting through the church walls and peppered us with sharp as hell pieces of the wall. I yelled to Elena, "We need to crawl further away from the wall. Stay low like me."


We crawled like crazy toward Banzai, got close to him and the fool was grinning like crazy! I asked, "Have you lost the rest of your fucking mind?"


He yelled back, "Hell no, I was just thinking how great it would be to have a sniper rifle in this caliber, hell it would blow the fifties away."


I complained, "Well now I'm certain you have lost your fucking mind. They are trying to kill us."


He stated, "As if hell they could! Because of the height of the BTR 80 if they fire low enough to hit us, they will probably hit the floor and it will deflect the round upwards and over us."


A round goes zing as it goes past us and Banzai added, "See, that's a ricochet off the floor."


I do admit I felt better when he said that, then just as quickly as it started the firing stops. I yelled as I jumped up, "I'm going to go kick some ass!"


Banzai complained but I ignored it - I had some ass to kick!!!


Flashback – Masha – At the old Orthodox Church


I tore off part of Tatiana's white skirt, tied it to my rifle (by using the bayonet) and began to wave the flag like crazy!


Finally the firing stopped, Tatiana stood up, shook her fist at the BTR 80 and began to swear at them. I grabbed her arm and declared, "We need to get you to the hospital."


We took off running just in time because then the idiots in the BTR 80 did something even more idiotic…


Flashback – Ben – One more frying pan!


I complained, "Jack you need to stay down." But the old fart was already up and running when we heard a whump.


Elena looked at me and questioned, "Ben what was that?"


I answered, "Unless I'm wrong, they are firing gas rounds into the church. Hurry and get me up and let's see if we can get out of here while we can still see."


I was shocked at how quickly she moved! She had my chair up but then said, "Ben your chair is ruined. Can you walk?"


I looked at it and immediately saw she was right. Not only was one of the wheels destroyed, the top frame was busted to shit. I answered, "I willing to try but I will need help." She was strong as hell for such a small woman! She got under my left side and we slowly moved toward the back of the church as the tear gas started to fill the church…


Flashback – Jack – At the old Orthodox Church


Those fuckers didn't know when to stop - they gassed the church!  I continued moving in the same direction (toward the window), ran into the fucking wall, moved my way to the left, finally found the window and dove outside.


I coughed and hacked like crazy until my vision and lungs cleared, then I stood up, flipped off the BTR 80, leveled my AK at it and fired at the fuckers!


In hindsight perhaps that wasn't such a good idea…


Flashback – Ben – One more frying pan!


We just made it to the back of the church when son of a bitch… They started firing again! Thank God this time it was the thirty and not the 14.5. The thirty caliber rounds bounced off the outside walls of the church and didn't even make much noise – the sound reminded me of hail.


Elena slowly lowered me to the ground, pulled out her cell phone and said, "It's time to stop this!"


She placed a phone call to her television station and began to describe everything…


Flashback – Jack – At the old Orthodox Church


I dove to the ground just in time as the fuckers opened up on me with the damn thirty caliber and I wished like hell they would have used the 14.5 again. When the thirty rounds impacted the wall of the church, they splattered and hot pieces of copper and lead rained down on me. I crawled like crazy away from the wall toward the BTR 80. I wished like hell I had an antitank round I could have fired at them…


Flashback – Jens – At the military hospital


After giving me the things I requested my parents left and the nurse came back into the room and confronted me, "Jennifer, you should know better than to try to pull that fake crying routine on me. It was an embarrassingly bad performance."


I looked down at the bed, pulled at the sheets and apologized, "I'm sorry, Daddy already scolded me about this. I won't do it again."


She surprised me when she said, "You should be happy that you can be Odette in Swan Lake. That's a dream that few people ever get to fulfill."


I looked at her and challenged that thought, "How would you know about that?"


She glanced at her watch and answered, "Well, I have a little bit of time so let me show you and tell you."


She put her foot on the chair beside the bed, pulled up her pants leg and I gasped! Her leg looked terrible! It was misshapen and looked like someone had beat on it with a hammer. Then she sat down and began, "You might not believe this, but when I was younger I was like you: I was scheduled to dance the part of Odette for the NYCB (New York City Ballet) but then this happened and I never had the chance to fulfill that dream."


My throat became very dry as I asked, "If you don't mind me asking, what happened?"


She smiled and replied, "If I still minded I wouldn't be talking to you right now. Much like you, I was the new and rising star. I had just dethroned the previous prima ballerina and was basking in the glow that I, yes I, would finally start the beginning of my career. The night before the opening I was at the meet and greet party when I unwisely accepted a ride home from the director of the ballet. I didn't realize at the time that he was drunk. On the way back to my flat in the City, he ran head on into another vehicle. It took the emergency crew two hours to free me from the vehicle but that wasn't the worst part."


I asked, "What could be worse than that?"


She stated, "Well, the director died but even worse than that he killed a family of four. A father, mother and two beautiful twin girls."


I looked at the nurse and she was crying, I looked down at the bed and felt a few tears of my own start. I looked up and stuttered, "So how… how… how…"


The nurse smiled and said, "I think you're trying to ask me how I live with what happened? I will tell you: That's the reason I became a nurse. I figured it was the only way I could attempt to pay the debt I owed. Now I know your teacher Olga and if you are really as good as she says you are then God has given you a real gift. But just remember, you never know when God might take that gift away from you. Later we can talk some more but I have other patients I need to see."


My friend the nurse left and I thought very long about all she told me…


Flashback – Glen


I had some hope that my talk with Jennifer would do some good as I was tired of all the fighting that went on between her and Evelyn. And speaking of Evelyn, she was drunker than two skunks! As we left I asked her, "Did you drive to the hospital?"


She foolishly slurred her reply, "Hell yes I did, why shouldn't I?"


I had enough confrontation for tonight so I lied, "Because I thought I would drive you home."


She demanded, "What about my car?"


I said, "Don't worry about it, I will call security and tell them we're leaving it at the hospital for the night. You can take a taxi here tomorrow and pick it up."


I grabbed her arm to help steady her as we walked to my car.


I opened the door for her, she sat down and immediately fell asleep. I was happy things worked out the way they did until… Son of a bitch!!!


Flashback – Alexi – At the laboratory/school


'Mother' served dinner. Even though I was quite hungry, I feigned indifference and picked at my meal with my fork.


'Father' questioned, "Alexi, what is wrong?"


I smiled and replied, "I am very tired tonight."


Then I slumped forward and pretended to fall asleep in my food.


I heard 'father' as he said, "See dear, I told you we were working him too hard…


Flashback – Mira and Ira – in Israel


Ira questioned my intention to restore the hormonal balance to Akhmed. The prospect of a return of his loutish behavior frightened the harem women. I thought for a moment and replied, "I feel that I can correct some of the imbalance to reduce his weight but keep his testosterone level such that he will not desire sex."


The comment of one harem woman disgusted me, "That would be perfect as we prefer the love of each other to any encounter with men."


I deflected my reaction to their aberrant behavior with an order, "Naomi requested that some of you assist her in cleansing your master and his room."


Several harem women vocalized, "What are the problems?"


Ira squeezed my hand and lied…


After witnessing the mathafter of Mira's anal vodka lavage I knew better than to disclose the truth so I prevaricated, "I am not certain of the specific needs however she was quite insistent on requiring assistance."


With my explanation the harem women departed to assist Naomi. Mira smiled and opined, "Played well my sister."


I questioned, "Did you complete your tasks???"


I replied to Ira, "I most certainly did. Masha will twice think about sending such an e-mail again and I also have uncovered information on Safia's condition. However, with what we have witnessed between the harem women I am hesitant to abandon her here."


Ira responded, "I agree, to leave her here would banish her to a life of lesbianism."


I added, "Or worse, if Akhmed accidentally reverted to his former self. So we must take her with us on our next adventure. Come Ira, let us deliver this good news to Safia."


We translocated to Safia's room, walked in and she brayed, "Thank God you two came back - I almost peed myself. Please help me to the bathroom."


Ira began the restraint removal as I advised her, "We apologize for leaving you here for such an extended time, however we will offset that with excellent news."


Safia requested, "You can tell me as I pee."


I countered, "I would prefer not to observe your urinary functions and will relay the information after you have completed your necessary duties."


Ira provided additional incentive, "Safia, if you agree to Mira's treatment plan we will no longer have a need to restrain you."


As Safia dashed into the bathroom, I looked at Ira and we both began to giggle. Safia brayed, "I can hear both of you and unless you want a new 'conundrum' I would suggest you shut the hell up!"


I brayed through the door in retaliation, "Please define 'shut the hell up'?"


She counter-brayed, "You know, shut your damn pie hole."


Ira noisily questioned, "What is a 'damn pie hole'?"


Safia loudly brayed, "You two are impossible!"


I grinned at Ira and teased, "Safia, that statement is utter falseness. Since we are both here, therefore we are certainly possible."


She opened the door, glared at us and Ira further teased, "I did not detect the sound of running water, please return to the bathroom and bathe your digital extremities."


I concur-teased, "Yes, I for one do not wish to treat you if you are not sanitarily disposed."


She muttered something unintelligible as she returned to the bathroom… 


Flashback – Todd – On the island – In 'The Cave'


I couldn't fall asleep last night so I spent the night looking at Liu and wondering what her story was and wondering if I would ever know. I was thankful that she had found me, taken compassion on me and cared for me. Without her I would have died on the beach.


She certainly had some impressive skills, hell she kicked my ass so fast I didn't know what was happening and that hadn't been done in a very long time.


I finally drifted off but woke up with a start when I heard a noise. I opened my eyes and Liu was up and moving around. She stirred up what seemed to be a never ending fire, put some water in a big pot and hung it over the fire. She went outside for what I could only assume were her 'morning duties' then came back inside. I made motions that I also needed to perform my morning duties. She approached, motioned again that she would kill me if I tried anything, unlocked the chain that held my leg shackles to the floor and lead me outside. It was a bit embarrassing that she kept me 'on a leash' but I needed to go badly enough that I couldn't complain.


When I was done she took me back inside and locked my leg shackle chain back to the floor. The water was boiling, she poured some into two smaller pots and brought one over by me with a rag. She moved back to the other side of the room, stripped and began to wash herself. I admired her body but noticed the many scars, mostly on her back but also on her front. She caught me watching her and actually blushed. Then she held her nose and pointed to me. I recognized it meant I stunk so I stripped and began to wash myself - I did catch her watching me some.


When I was finished, she handed me some different clothes. I tried them on, they were small but I was able to sort of fit in them. I watched as Liu made some tea, brought it over to me and I grunted and pointed to my throat. Didn't she know I couldn't eat or drink? She motioned for me to drink so I tried. The tea tasted terrible, but my throat seemed to relax and I was able to swallow a little bit of it. She made a motion about my throat but I didn't understand. I became very sleepy and…