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Present – Maria – In the tunnels


After hearing the gunfire, I practically run my ass off getting around the corner… And son of a bitch! My princess boss is down and so is someone else. I run toward Jens when the door on one of the rooms begins to open, I stop and train my rifle on the doorway…


Present – Liz – In the tunnels


I yell at Bernie, "Get over here and take Ivan."


I begin to open the door and end up staring right into the barrel of a rifle. I raise my hands and plead, "Please don't shoot me."


Then I hear Jens' aide Maria say, "Shit, I almost shot you! Give me a hand because Jens has been shot."


We run over to Jens, roll her over and she asks, "Liz, where did you come from? Tell me, did I get the bastard?"


Maria is checking Jens and I answer, "Yeah Jens, you got him."


Maria swears, "Jens dammit, what happened to your body armor plate, it's missing?"


Jens laughs, coughs up some blood and admits, "I got tired of wearing it so I took it out. I guess that wasn't such a smart idea?"


Maria continues, "It sure as hell wasn't! Why didn't you wait for me?"


Jens laughs, coughs up some more blood and apologizes, "Sorry about both of those. So how bad is it doc?"


Maria says, "Well I've seen worse, so where are your medical supplies located?"


Jens coughs some more and says, "Many of them are in the equipment room where we are headed."


When we hear the noise of a machine gun going crazy, I say, "From the sound of that machine gun, maybe it's good we're down here."


Jens answers, "Hell no, that's my autonomous machinegun that protects the air ducts."


I give Maria a quizzical look, she just shakes her head and I decide to let the subject die.


Maria orders, "We need to put some pressure on this wound then I want to move Jens to the equipment room. Do you have anything that would work as a pressure dressing?"


I yell, "Hey Bernie, bring out Ivan and the diaper bag."


The door opens and Bernie comes out holding Ivan with the diaper bag over his shoulder. Maria says, "I hope you have some clean diapers - they will work perfectly."


Ivan says, "I good boy and not dirty many diapers much more. Is Ms. Donaldduckson hurt?"


It took me a second to understand he was referring to Jens and I answered, "Yes, you are a great boy and yes Ms. Donaldson is hurt."


He adds, "I help when young girl was hurt by sitting on diaper."


Maria has already started to put the pressure dressing on Jens' wound using the diaper and answers, "Well, we will need to carry her to the equipment room so we won't need you to sit on her wound this time."


Maria looks at Bernie and questions, "Are you up to helping me move my Princess Boss?"


Jens coughs and complains, "Hey, I thought I told you not to call me that or I will kick your ass!"


Ivan giggles, "I not know Ms. Donaldduckson a Princess."


Jen complains, "Great, now you have him calling me a princess."


Bernie answers, "Sure. Liz please take Ivan and I'll take the head end."


I take Ivan, Bernie moves to Jens’ head and reaches under her shoulders. Jens moans and passes out as Maria and Bernie pick her up.


Maria orders, "Let's haul ass; she's in worse shape than I let you all know."


I do pickup Maria's and Jens' rifle and we run like crazy for the equipment room…


Present – Masha – At the cabin


I pet Jennifer's dog and wait for the ketamine to take effect when I notice some movement. I prepare my pistol in case the fake Marines return when I notice it's the fox. She approaches so I talk to her, "It is okay girl, I am going to help your dog friend."


She moves to the side, sits and watches me while I continue watching Jack and the craziness at the ventilation shaft. I am thankful for once that Jack isn't the crazy one. The machine gun stops, they help the man out, congratulate him and then…


Present – Jack – At the cabin


The Marine finally rides the fucking killer machinegun into submission. In other words it ran out of ammo. We help him get off the fucker, are slapping him on the back in congratulations when I hear a funny noise from the machine gun as it swings toward us and I yell, "Hit the deck!"


We dive to the ground just as the fucker opens up on us again and almost caught us with our pants down. I swear, "That son of a bitch reloaded itself! I've had my fill of this bullshit! We need to bust this fucker for once and for all."


I look down at some of the metal we've ripped off the ventilation shaft and I get another half-baked idea…


Present – Linus – Rescuing the survivors


We help Mabel up and surprisingly she's not too badly injured. She has a few burns but they are not nearly as bad as those suffered by others. She begins tearing through the mess and I question, "What the hell are you looking for?"


She answers, "My spoon is missing."


Then she looks up and sees some of the men and she declares, "My Lord! Don't tell me my cooking tent did this to them?"


I reply, "Mabel, you know it wasn't your cooking tent that wounded the men, it was the fucking terrorist's bomb that blew it to hell."


She quickly ran over and began taking care of the wounded men…


Present – Alexi – At the cabin


I briefly consider giving my sister Mira a transfusion, however I am sure she would fight me incessantly if I attempt that feat.


Mira complains, "Alexi, you must stop the transfusion as your primary mission is providing protection while we are incapacitated."


I boldly command, "Mira, quiet yourself and rest. I am performing my primary mission and also my secondary mission of providing blood for Ira and Todd."


Mira countered, "If I wasn't so completely incapacitated, I would take you over my knee for speaking in such a disrespectful manner to my corporeal self."


I laugh and taunt, "That my sister will not happen again."


Present – Jack – At the cabin


I begin to work on my plan, "One of you take one of these big bars and get on an opposite side of the fucking killer machinegun." The 'cowboy' grabs the bar and crawls to the other side. I look at the other two men and order, "You're going to use something on a stick to keep the fucking killer machinegun busy."


I command the cowboy, "When they have the machine gun busy, we are going to put these fucking bars under the barrel of the machinegun and pull down as hard as we can."


He asks for confirmation, "So you want to try to bend the barrel?"


I answer, "That's right. If we can bend the barrel enough this fucker will blow itself up."


The two 'extra' Marines tease the killer machinegun into firing, the cowboy and I rise up, jam our bars under the barrel and start pulling down with all our might. It's not working so I order, "Come and give up a hand"


The other two Marines join us, we feel the barrel begin to bend and then…


Present – Maria – In the tunnels


We get Jens into the equipment room and put her on a work table while her fucking mechanical machinegun is going crazy. Then something blows the hell up, making a hell of a noise and filling the equipment room with dust. I dive on top of my Princess Boss to keep the dust off her…


Present – Masha – At the cabin


Jack and his men are still fighting with the machinegun at the ventilation duct but it's time for me to begin my work because the ketamine has taken affect and Jennifer's dog is fading in and out of consciousness. I open my purse pull out my scissors and use them to cut off part of my scarf, then I take the dog's leg, slowly pull on it and rotate it until I feel that it's close to being in place. The dog whimpers and his friend the fox runs up and snarls at me. I talk to her, "Sorry but I had to hurt him to try to fix his leg." She sits down closer than ever to me and watches me closely.


I feel along the dog's leg. It feels close to being aligned but it is not quite right. I look at the fox and explain, "I need to hurt him some more to properly repair his leg." I again pull and rotate his leg to achieve better alignment. He whimpers again and the fox jumps toward me but then is frightened away by the sound of incoming helicopters…


Present – Zarika – At Yasmeen's hospital


Our class finishes and we are issued 'uniforms'. I have determined (from the class) that we are to help the nurses by being their 'menial slaves', taking care of things like filling water pitchers, emptying bedpans and talking to the patients.


However my goal is to find Yasmeen and help her escape this hospital prison and then find our way back to our Ben's cabin. I am assigned to a floor where I begin to make friends and perform the menial tasks they ask of me while I say a few prayers for Yasmeen because I sense evil in the men who work here…


Present – Ben – On the road


Destiny stuns me when she says, "Don't worry, I'm not going to be captured by the Special Forces."


I complain, "How the hell did you know what I was thinking?"


The bitch smiles and says, "Because I'm a Shaman. And how do you plan on not being captured by the Special Forces?"


I scoff, "I've met real shaman and you're not like any of them I've ever met. I grew up in those mountains and better men than the Greenies have tried to find me there but never could."


She laughs, "You of all people should know better than to judge a book by its covers."


I demand, "Just what the hell is that supposed to mean?"


She looked deep into my eyes and explained, "Well, on the outside you look like a normal veteran, in fact you try your hardest to portray that persona to everyone. However, we both know that you have some very large problems under that veneer."


Like a spoiled teenager I counter, "Like hell I do!"


She closes her eyes and asks, "Do you really want me to go into this in front of others."


I think for a moment and declare, "I don't want to go into anything with you now or ever and I still stand by my previous evaluation - you aren't going to last a day at the cabin before the Greenies grab you. When that happens I'm sure as hell not going to rescue you."


She smiles mysteriously and offers, "I will make a bet with you. If I don't get captured by the Special Forces on the first day then you must promise to listen to what I have to say."


I grin and agree, "You're on chicky!"


She complains, "The name is Destiny. You know destiny has two ways of crushing you… By refusing your wishes… Or by fulfilling them."


I laugh and counter with a quote, "So tell me; what is the point of having free will if one cannot occasionally spit in the eye of destiny?"


Fearless Freep complains, "Hey, that's no way to talk to Destiny."


Yosemite Sam agrees, "Hell yes! You apologize to her right now."


She laughs and soothes them, "Don't worry my friends, Ben is uncomfortable and is using one of his defense mechanisms."


I threaten, "You don't think I will spit in your eye?"


She laughs again, "I know you won't spit in my eye."


I command, "Stop the truck I want to get out."


Destiny questions, “Would you rather walk to your cabin than be there when your friend Stacy rescues Jennifer?"


I again raise my voice, "What the hell are you talking about?"


Destiny answers, "The drug lord's men destroyed both entrances to the tunnels trapping several people in the tunnels including Jennifer. Stacy Summers and Samantha Stevens are headed to your cabin by helicopter and will beat us there. She has already contracted for and has in route the earthmoving equipment to rescue your fiancée Jennifer. Her actions are certainly a good thing because she has been wounded."


I question, "Who's been wounded?"


Destiny replies, "Your fiancée Jennifer."


I don’t want to believe so I demand, "And how the hell do you know this?"


Destiny states, "The same way I know what you're going to say next. Now if you don't believe me connect to her yourself and see."


I attempt a lie, "What in the hell are you talking about now?"


She gives me the look an adult gives to a misbehaving child and states, "Ben you can connect with your fiancée Jennifer so stop trying to lie. Now she's been wounded and could use the comfort from you so stop being an idiot and just do it."


I try to change the subject, "What, do you think she is a shaman too?"


Destiny laughs and nonchalantly states, "No she's not a shaman, but she is a witch."


I laugh, "Yeah right, she doesn't have a crooked nose and she sure as hell doesn't ride a broom."


Destiny tries to stop my diversions, "Stop trying to avoid the issues, connect with her and see for yourself."


I'm tired of this so called shaman so I hold up my finger and mock, "I will connect with her when you connect with this."


I should have known better than to do that…


Present – Jack – At the cabin

Well, my half-baked plan works, we bend the barrel of the fucking killer machine gun, and there's a hell of an explosion from the ventilation duct. My men begin to congratulate me until the smoke clears and I can't believe what we see.


The fucking explosion was so damn large (much larger than it should have been) that it closed off the fucking ventilation shaft. One of the men questions, "What are we going to do now."


I hear the sound of incoming and say, "I would suggest that we put all our weapons on the ground because the Greenies are finally here."


I put my weapons on the ground and head toward the landing area…


Present – Linus – at the cabin


The Greenies make a big show of coming in to the cabin area - they have three CH-47's1 being escorted by four AH-64's2. The AH-64 circled the LZ making sure no one was firing at them. With Glen missing I ordered, "Everyone needs to put their weapons on the ground, pass the word."


1 CH-47 – Chinook, American twin-engine, tandem rotor heavy-lift helicopter. Its primary roles are troop movement, artillery placement and battlefield resupply.


2 AH-64 – Apache, is a four-blade, twin-engine attack helicopter with a tailwheel-type landing gear arrangement, and a tandem cockpit for a two-man crew.  


Everyone starts putting their weapons on the ground as the CH-47s land. I see Jack headed toward them as the Greenies boil out of them like ants out of an anthill so I go back to rescuing men in the mess tent.


Present – Alexi – At the cabin


The American Army makes an extravagant show of landing and taking control of a situation which is already under control. I hear the order to place my weapons on the ground, however I will not perform that action as I have my sisters and Todd to protect.


It doesn't take long until we are approached by troops, they see my M16 across my lap, stop and order, "Please place your weapon on the ground."


I smile and counter, "Sir I pose you no danger. I am simply protecting my sisters and Todd. We require a medic here as soon as possible."


The soldier continues, "If you do not relinquish your weapon you will be treated as an enemy combatant."


I inform and mildly threaten him, "Sir, my sisters and I all have diplomatic passports. Should you escalate this situation it will have international repercussions. Now please send your commanding officer here along with appropriate medical personnel."


The soldier orders, "Get the Captain and a medic up here now!"


Present – Stacy and Samantha – On the road


We are getting close to Ben's cabin when we are met by an Apache attack helicopter and the pilot orders, "This is restricted airspace you will need to turn and leave the area."


My pilot replies, "We are corporate helicopters of the Stacy Summer's corporation and are here to provide humanitarian help in the recovery of the personnel trapped in the tunnels."


The Apache helicopter pilot orders, "Hold your position while I get permission for you to land."


I look at Bill and request, "When we land I want you to meet with the commander and get clearance for me and our team to carry weapons."


Bill states, "That might be easier said than done."


I reply, "I have faith in you because of your former military connections."


Samantha interrupts, "You can always tell them that the Mossad death crew is still looking for me."


The Apache pilot comes back on the radio, "You have clearance to land. However do not exit the helicopters until a squad comes to your birds."


The pilots work on the details of where we are to land. As we land and Bill says, "I'm going to go make friends."


I caution, "Don't get shot…"


I question Stacy, "What about a weapon for me?"


Stacy answers, "Sorry Sam, but until you've had more training you don't get a live weapon around us." Then she laughs and continues, "However, I see several sticks that you could practice carrying."


I think about complaining but then I realize she's right.


Bill comes back and says, "Well, I pulled it off. The Captain is an old army buddy of mine and we are all cleared to carry weapons except for Samantha."


I complain, "Hey, why can't I carry a weapon."


Bill laughs, "It seems your fame precedes you. The whole company has seen the news report of you covering team members with your stick rifle."


I further complain, "Oh great! That means they saw Stacy spanking me."


He laughs and continues, "Yeah, in fact several of them have already asked if Stacy will spank them…"


As a result of being in charge, I need to stop this before it gets out of hand so I state/order, "Thanks Bill but I sure as hell don't plan on spanking anyone here. Now let's find out where we can setup our tents and other gear. I want to be fully operational in fifteen minutes. Bill you will continue to be our liaison with the Army, make sure to tell them about the equipment and the rest of the team we have coming by ground. Be especially clear about Wojtek, I sure as hell don't want one of the trigger finger happy soldiers shooting him. I want the rest of the men setup as a perimeter so no one is allowed in without permission."


Samantha questions, "What about my reports?"


I add, "When Sam does her reports I want two men with her at all times. And you need to make sure they are paying attention."


Samantha requests, "I would like to take two men now and check out the area."


I agree, "That's a great idea! Bill give her three men, and make sure one can operate the camera."


Bill questions, "We could probably use some more equipment before the ground units arrive."


I order, "Get a list together, give it to the helicopter pilots and tell them to head into Denver, refuel and bring back the supplies."


I think for a moment and decide, "Samantha, I think I would like to come with you while you assess the situation. Come on, let's go…"


We leave with our escort and Samantha leans over and whispers, "Wow, you really took control of things back there."


I didn't tell her my real reason for wanting to come with her. We hadn't gone very far when…


Present – Thom, Inga and Byron – It's raining hell on the drug lord


I'm in deep fucking shit! I've accidentally stepped on a mine and I'm not sure why I'm not already blown to hell. Shit most mines go off the instant you step on them. Inga, being a typical woman doesn't listen to my commands and is over here trying to disarm the mine.


I continue to complain, "You need to get the hell out of here. I'm not sure why I'm not already mincemeat."


Inga calmly informs me, "That's because the mine you stepped on is a Bulgarian PM-79 mine and has a delayed fuse depending on the ambient temperature of between two minutes and four hours."


Byron chimes in, "I thought you might want to know it's a cold night here, we are reading 15 C."


I ask, "Well, what happens if I just remove my foot and we run like hell."


Inga answers, "Then it will blow both of us to hell." She pulls out my knife and begins to slice the boot around the sole. I naturally complain, "What the hell are you doing?"


She replies, "I am saving your life."


I continue to whine, "But you're ruining my boots?"


She orders, "Thom shut your pie hole and look for some stones that we can use to replace your weight."


For once I am forced to listen to her…