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Present – Maria – In the equipment room


I've got the blood flowing into Jens, pressure applied to the wound using a wood clamp (which of course my Princess Boss complained about), the chest tube is in place working great and the color has returned to her face.


Bernie and Liz come back and Liz asks, "Will these drugs help?"


I check them - they are Keflex and morphine so I reply, "They are perfect, thanks for your help." I add the Keflex to her normal saline IV bag, check her respiration and give her a shot of morphine.


Liz questions, "What now?"


I reply, "Well, we've controlled the bleeding, and added more blood; now we just have to wait for rescue. Liz, will you and Ivan watch my Princess Boss while Bernie and I work on the ventilation duct?"


Liz suggests…


Present – Liz – In the equipment room


I suggest, "How about when I’m in between checking on Jens, Ivan and I make some food for us. I bet we could all use something to eat."


Maria and Bernie agree, "Wow that would be great!"


Ivan adds, "I hungry too."


I begin to hunt for some food, find some MRE's and comment, "It looks like all we have in here are MRE's."


Maria complains, "I will eat any of those except that damn fucking hotdog - that is one of the nastiest and greasiest MRE's available."


Ivan remarks, "She say many, many bad words so my ears hurt!" Luckily this time Maria is busy and didn't hear him.


As Bernie and Maria are tearing into the ventilation duct, I grab three MRE's making sure not to select a hotdog one! I pick the meals along with the heaters and ask Ivan, "Do you know how to make an MRE?"


Ivan proudly says, "Yes. Papa and Unca Ben teach me well and good, I will help."


We get the MRE's open and begin to heat the entrees when Maria swears…


Present – Maria – In the equipment room


"God damn! I know what the fuck that explosion was, it was something sealing off the ventilation duct."


Ivan complains, "She should not use God's name in vain, she will go to hell."


I get ready to let Ivan have it, then I remember Mabel's admonition about not swearing in front of him. Hells Bells - it's second nature with me! But I decide to apologize, "Sorry Ivan, but sometimes I use bad words when I am upset."


Ivan makes the sign of the cross and answers, "You are forgiven. Sometimes Papa is the same, especially when he hits big finger with hammer."


I begin to chuckle and figure the old fart has it worse than I do then Liz asks, "So we're trapped down here?"


I answer, "Until someone gets some heavy equipment up here this is our new home."


Liz continues, "What about Jens?"


I walk over, check her vitals and explain, "Well, with all the medical equipment we have down here, she should be fine for at least a day or possibly two."


Then I question, "How is it we have lights down here? They went off after the blasts but now we have them again."


Liz says, "He--- heck if I know."


I decide I need to try to wake Jens to see what's going on with the lights…


Present – Jens – In the equipment room


Someone is lightly slapping my face saying, "Wake up." I complain, "I just might do that if you stop slapping me." I open my eyes and see Maria, Liz, Bernie and Ivan. Ivan beams, "Maybe I should kiss the Princess to make her feel better?"


My first response is to jump his ass for calling me a princess, but better judgment takes hold. I cough a little (it hurts like hell) and state, "That's okay Ivan, not now but later."


Maria asks, "Jens, what's going on with the lights, they originally went out but they are now back on."


I think for a moment, listen and say, "Well, I don't hear the backup generators, besides I think the killer bees took them out, so we must be on battery backup."


Liz questions, "How long will they run?"


I think and reply, "They should be good for about six to eight hours but don't worry we have a hell of a lot of flashlights in the cabinet over there."


I croak, "Is that food I smell?"


Maria answers, "Yeah, we're making some MRE's"


I suddenly remember we never made it to the mess tent and state, "I'm hungry as hell, how about making one for me?"


Maria counters, "Sorry Jens but you need an empty stomach for your surgery."


I question, "Well can't I at least have a chocolate chip cookie and a drink of ginger ale."


Maria counters, "Sorry Jens you're NPO."


Ivan quickly jumps on potential availability, "We have cookies? I love cookies."


I fight, "That's right, but they are mine. And if I can't have them nobody can have them."


Ivan complains, "I not know princesses are so grumpy."


I laugh, "Well, when it comes to my chocolate chips cookies I am real grumpy."


Ivan shocks us when he says, "I think you are Princess Doody Head."


We all begin to laugh (which hurts like hell) and I ask, "Isn't doody a bad word?"


Ivan informs us, "Much better than other words for doody. I use other words and Mama use nasty soap in mouth."


We chuckle again and I relent, "Okay Liz, you can share one of my chocolate chip cookies with Ivan."


Ivan pouts, "I no want Princess Doody Head's cookies I make my own RECON cookie like Unca Ben teach me."


I ask, "Ivan, did Unca Ben teach you how to make MRE's?"


Ivan boasts, "Yes he teach me how to make any MRE even nasty Captain Upchuck Chicken MRE taste well and good."

I smile and think what a wonderful father Ben would be…


Present – Jack – In prison at the cabin.


I reply to Masha, "It sure as hell is who you think it is! Now I know why all this bullshit is happening. The bastard is here with hopes of recapturing Ben."


Masha informs me, "Do you know he is no longer a Marine? He now works for a three letter branch of the federal government."


I answer, "Hell yes I know that! After Banzai pulled his ass out of the destroyed Humvee and saved him, he couldn't walk. But even when he was a Marine, we wondered if he was more spook than Marine and it looks like we have our answer."


Masha shows some concern, "Jack, he is a very formidable adversary, we need to be extremely careful with what we say to him."


I declare, "He needs to be fucking careful or I will kill his ass…"


Present – Masha – In prison at the cabin.


I need to deflect my husband's rage so I change to another subject, "I was informed that Stacy Summers is in charge of the recovery operation in the tunnels."


Jack spurts, "What the hell! Who brought her ass into this mess?"


I answer, "I am not certain but apparently she has the required equipment on its way. Were you successful with the ventilation duct?"


Jack sighed, "Fuck no! When the machinegun blew up it completely closed off the shaft."


We watched as the man dealt with the twins, Alexi and Todd. He then confronted Linus in the mess tent and finally he rolls toward us in his wheelchair. I caution Jack, "Control yourself…"


Present – Mike (formerly Major and then Captain M) – At the cabin.


I recognize some serious threats which need to be dealt with in the proper manner, so I roll my wheelchair toward the Sedankina twins, their brother and (I can't believe my luck) a seriously wounded Todd.


I approach, stay a safe distance away and order the Captain, "Make sure to search them thoroughly and remove anything that even vaguely resembles a weapon."


He begins the search and as expected he finds on the girls many throwing stars and darts, several short knives and Irina's katana. On the boy he takes his rifle and a pistol; from the unconscious Todd, he takes his bow, many throwing knives and a sidearm.


I roll closer and taunt just Miranda (because Irina is unconscious), "Miranda, it's so good to see you again. However it looks like this time the odds favor me."


Like the excellent trained operative that she is she controls her emotions, "Mike the pleasure is all yours and none of ours."


Her brother adds, "You sir, are a barbarian."


I laugh, "I might be that but I hold your futures in my hands. I could have you deported."


The Captain interrupts, "Sir they have diplomatic passports, I'm not sure you can do that."


I smile without any sincerity and say, "Yes, of course they do. Please escort them to the CSH, restrain them to the beds for their safety, and post and armed sentry on each of them. They are a critical risk to the successful completion of our mission."


The boy complains, "I have no medical issues therefore I do not require restraints."


I shrug my shoulders and modify my command, "Then handcuff him to his sister."


I watch and I'm satisfied as Irina and Todd are loaded onto stretchers and Miranda and her brother walk to the CSH.


Present – Mira – Heading to the cash


The captain's men were not totally thorough in their search of Ira and myself since they missed two of the most powerful weapons in our arsenal. Indubitably their oversight was the result of our tessens1 appearance as innocuous fans. This was a common amateur mistake which we had used many times in our past to our advantage.


1 Tessenjutsu is the martial art of the Japanese war fan (tessen). It is based on the use of the solid iron fan or the folding iron fan, which usually had eight or ten wood or iron ribs. The practitioners of tessenjutsu could, with sufficient diligence, acquire a high level of skill. Some became so skilled, in fact, that they were able to defend themselves against an attacker wielding a sword, and even kill an opponent with a single blow. Apart from using it in duels against enemies armed with swords and spears, the skilled wielder could also use it to fence and fend off knives and poisoned darts thrown at him. Like a sword, the tessen could be dual-wielded to parry with one hand and attack with the other.   


I acquired Alexi's ocular units and could tell he realized this and also that he concealed some weapon on his corporeal self. This I found most interesting because it was another new skill which he had acquired…


Present – Linus – Rescuing the survivors


I had been busy saving the survivors of the blast and with the battle of the false Marines over I had focused all my energies here. Mabel comes over and whispers to me, "Linus, look at what they are doing to our Marines."


I observer and see they have locked all of them into a hastily constructed concertina wire enclosure. I sure as hell didn't like the looks of things and whispered back to Mabel, "I think I need to get the hell out of here before I'm included in this bullshit."


I begin to work my way to the edge of the mess tent. I'm almost ready to hightail it when I hear, "Linus if you run you will be shot."


I turn and see some old fucked up fart in a wheelchair with a Captain beside him and four other men, with their rifles trained on me. I raise my hands and state, "You have me at a disadvantage, you know my name but I don't know yours."


Then man in the wheelchair says, "You don't need to know my name just that I'm the one in charge right now. Captain take this man to the enclosure and make sure he's handcuffed. He was a Navy seal and is certainly one of the more dangerous enemy combatants here."


Mabel complains, "You can't come into my mess tent and do that."


The man in the wheelchair glares at her and adds, "Captain, make sure you also take her into detention."


They march us toward the concertina wire enclosure like cattle being herded into a slaughterhouse.


Present – Mike (formerly Major and then Captain M) – At the cabin.


I survey the AO and finally relax a little knowing the major threats to my plan have been neutralized. I decide it's time to revisit and taunt some old acquaintances and roll toward the enclosure.


As I get closer to the fence, I am met by Jack Reynolds and he declares, "Mike you bastard, you can't do this. There are laws that prohibit using active duty military personnel on US soil."


I grin and taunt, "Jack, it's good to see you again too. However, you should know in the time of war on American soil the president can suspend the Posse Comitatis Act. Our President has given me carte blanche to do whatever I need to do here."


He swears, "War hell, there's no war here."


I laugh, "If you haven't been in a war for the last few weeks then you must be getting senile in your old age."


He begins to say something when his wife questions, "What about those that are trapped in the tunnels?"


I smile and say, "The rescue operation is being handled by Stacy Summers and should start today or tomorrow."


She complains, "But our son is down in the tunnels."


I turn, roll away and say, "I hope he's still alive when they open up the tunnels." and think payback is a real bitch sometimes - I will teach your ass for the shit you gave me in Moscow…


Present – Jack – In prison at the cabin.


Masha is fit to be tied and so am I! That fucking bastard! When I get out of here I have a bullet with his name on it. What the hell was Glen thinking when he called these fuckers in? In fact where the hell was Glen?


Linus comes up and says, "He is one of the worst fucking bastards I've ever met, who the hell is he?"


I answer, "His name is Mike and he was the leader of the team Banzai and I were on. He's one ruthless SOB. Where's Glen so we can get this mess straightened out?"


Linus states, "The fake Marines captured him and took him with them. What the hell does he want with all of us?"


I reply, "I'm pretty damn sure we're the bait in a trap that's being set for Banzai. Hell, he's wanted to get his hands on Banzai for years now. He's been after Banzai ever since he escaped the bastard's evil clutches in the first place."


Linus states, "Well, he can't leave us behind this wire forever. Besides, it's going to get damn cold tonight."


As I'm watching what the army is setting up, I point to a tent and state, "Unless my thoughts are totally off base, that's probably going to be our prison for the night." Then I see the guards start bringing out some shit I really hate… Then I realize something else, the fucking bastard…


Present – Zarika – At Yasmeen's hospital


I have a plan to fix the evil men who are forcing Yasmeen into pleasuring them. When I tell her, she laughs and says, "After you take care of them, then I plan to fix them even more."


I grab an IV pole and wait behind the door, Yasmeen presses the call button, the door opens and in walks the nurse from the airplane. It doesn't matter who has come in so I hit her over the head very hard with the IV pole and she falls to the floor. Then Yasmeen asks, "Please get me out of the restraints as quickly as possible."


I remove the restraints, then I get another idea. I take the nurses clothes off, and tell Yasmeen, "Put these on."


She says, "They are too big for me."


She is right so I suggest, "Try putting a pillow underneath the dress."


She adds the pillow then complains, "But now I look pregnant."


I answer, "Would you rather look pregnant or stay here?"


She answers, "DOH! I want to leave this place as soon as possible."


I drag the nude nurse to the bed, pull her up on the bed and place the restraints on her.


Then Yasmeen says, "Take the big syringe out of the pain medication machine. It has my pain medication."


As I begin to disassemble the machine it makes a very loud and continuous beep. I order Yasmeen, "Hide in the bathroom."


I hide behind the door with the IV pole again…


Present – Ben – On the road


We are headed to an airport that I guess Destiny knows about and she states, "Ben, you know you are walking into a trap!"


I question, "What the hell are you talking about?"


Destiny gets a faraway look in her eyes and says, "Do you know someone named Mike? Captain Mike?"


I reply, "Hell yes I know that fucking bastard and he's a SOB!"


She answers, "Well, he has apprehended all your friends and your fiancée who is still in the tunnel in hopes of baiting a trap and capturing you."


I attempt another deflection, "Why the fuck do you call Jennifer my fiancée?"


Destiny states, "Because whether you like it or not you gave your word to her and you will marry her because you will not break your promise."


I scoff, "I fucking doubt that! Hell she wants children and I can't give her any."


Destiny smiles and says, "We will see about that. Look, we are at the airport."


The car stops, we get out and a pilot comes over and says, "I hear you're headed to Leadville?"


Destiny answers, "Yes, but we need to make sure no one knows we're coming."


He answers, "No problem, I filed a false flight plan heading for California."


I look at the plane. It's a hell of a nice Cessna 425 and I know we won't have any problems landing at the high altitude in Leadville.


I ask, "Do you mind if I get some flight time after you take off?"


The pilot questions, "Do you have a license and have you flown a 425?"


I answer, "Hell no I don't have a license but I have about 1900 hours flying twin engine aircraft."


He states, "We will see how you do because I could use a rest."


Destiny somehow seals the deal, "I think that you should let Ben fly the plane once we are in the air."


The pilot eerily parrots, "I think I will let Ben fly the plane once we are up in the air…"


I look at Destiny and say, "Who are you? Ben Obi-Wan Kenobi?"


She laughs and answers, "No, I'm Yoda."


I think, If she's fucking Yoda then I must be???


Present – Stacy and Samantha – At the cabin


I look down on him in the wheelchair and question, "And you are?"


He laughs and says, "Ms. Summers you already know my name. And just so you know, we are controlling what news is released from this area and the report you started certainly will not be released. You can release information about your recovery efforts concerning the individuals trapped in the tunnel."


Samantha boldly asks, "So that's all I can report about?"


He affirms, "That's correct. If you try to report anything else you will be held like the others as an enemy combatant."


I smack my head and state, "So you're using the homeland security laws to detain the Marines?"


He smiles and says, "That's correct. Whether you like it or not we are at war in this country. All that has happened at this cabin site should be proof to you. This place is rife with paramilitary combatants.


I swear, "That fucking law was never meant to be used like this!"


He laughs, "Never the less it is applicable here. You can even ask your lawyers. Any reports that Ms. Stevens does will need to be scrutinized by myself and the captain before they are released…"


I complain, "Come on Mike, we really know you are here to try to capture Ben again."


He laughs and admits, "That's right, with all that's gone on and now with you two being here, he's sure to come."


I swear, "And when he does, he's going to kill your ass like he should have years ago…"


Stacy is getting too emotional and I can tell that we're going to get into trouble soon. So I grab her arm and lead her away from the confrontation. We get far enough away and I ask, "Was that the Captain Mike that was in Ben's file?"


She coldly confirms, "It sure as hell was. He's a bastard who used Ben and Jack in ways that sniper teams were never meant to be used."


I question, "Could you explain more?"


Stacy answers, "He used them to wage his own little war whenever and wherever he felt like it."


My reporter instinct kicks in. I can smell a story here so I continue, "And all those mission weren't legal?"


Stacy claims, "Of course they weren't all legal. And now the bastard is trying to cover his ass by capturing Ben and probably sending him off to exile at Guantanamo."


I ask, "He could do that to Ben?"


Stacy complains, "Hell, with the homeland laws in place they can and will do that to anyone – even you."


I get an idea and ask some more, "Stacy, do you think you could have the helicopter pilot pick up some more equipment for us?"


She questions, "What equipment and for what purpose?"


I tell her, she smiles and responds…


Present – Thom, Inga and Byron – It's raining hell on the drug lord


After we get a safe distance away from the mine field, there's an explosion and Byron calls, "Are you two okay?"


I reply, "Hell yes! The timer ran out on the mine and it exploded."


Byron scolds, "Well, next time let me know before something like this happens."


Inga comments, "He loves you like a brother."


I complain, "At his age it would be more like a son."


Inga taunts, "No, I would say more like a brother or perhaps a lover?"


I swear, "You take that back or else…"


She interrupts, "Or else what? Since you're not interested in me I assumed…"


I nip it in the bud, "And your assumptions are all wrong! Now, shut up because we're at the edge of the compound…"