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Present – Jens – In the equipment room


I watch with great interest and a huge sense of nostalgia as Ivan prepares the Recon Cookies. It reminds me not just of Ben, but of basic training in the National Guard and then the Marines. Wow, that part of my life seems a lifetime behind me, how the hell did I get so old so fast? I touch the corners of my eyes and realize I have the beginnings of the dreaded 'crow's feet'. Will Ben still love this 'old woman' when I finally meet him again?


Ivan's happily humming a Russian song as he takes 2 tablespoons of water, half the hot cocoa powder, half of the peanut butter, most of the coffee creamer and a whole packet of sugar. He mixes it all up very well, takes a little taste and declares, "This might be best Recon Cookie ever! Unca Ben would be proud of me." He puts everything between two crackers, brings it over to me and 'mother fucking hen' Maria cautions, "Jens just a little taste."


I take a taste, my stomach growls and I want to devour the whole damn cookie! It's so damn good. Damn, it's just like what Ben used to make and a huge wave of sadness washes over me as I compliment the chef, "Ivan, I am proud of you and I know Unca Ben would be very proud of you. I'm so glad you remembered to include the special ingredient."


He finishes eating the rest of our Recon Cookie while I look on longingly for more. Then he begins to make more for everyone else. He finishes the next one and gives one to Liz; makes one more and gives it to Bernie. For some strange reason he is giggling like crazy as he makes Maria's then hands it to her with a very mischievous look on his face.


Present – Liz – In the equipment room


Ivan makes a big production out of bringing me my 'Recon Cookie' on a little platter, I taste it and I'm incredibly impressed, "This is really good Ivan, thank you."


He makes the same production bringing Bernie's his treat. Bernie tastes it and adds, "Heck, I always threw away those parts of the MRE - I guess I now know what to do with them."


He has a mischievous look on his face and is giggling the whole time he makes one for Maria. He takes it to her, not on the platter, but on an old piece of foil. She takes one taste of it, spits it out and yells…


Present – Maria – In the equipment room


Everyone is talking about how their Recon Cookies are so good and even though Ivan is giggling like crazy as he makes mine, I'm really looking forward to a Recon Cookie. I want to see how close it is to the 'Ranger Cookies' we made in the army. I taste mine and what the hell! It tastes like shit - a combination of salt and tabasco. I spit it out and gripe, "This is terrible! What did you do to it?"


Ivan giggles as he answers, "Because you are lady who use many bad words, I use salt in place of sugar for your cookie and also add rest of tabasco. Too bad I not have nasty soap or I would use it. Then you would get mouth washed out like you deserve."


Everyone laughs! It's embarrassing as hell - damn I can't believe I was pranked by a toddler. I bet he learned it from his old fart father. I want to spank the hell out of him and make him stand in the corner for the rest of his life. I begin to do just that when Jens begins to cough and then screams, "Maria!!!"


For now, I stop my plans of punishment for the spoiled little brat and rush to my Princess Boss' side…


Present – Ben – On the way to the cabin


Hell, after being out of this altitude for what seems like several lifetimes, I am amazed I can still run up here. But it's taking a hell of a toll on me as I am sucking wind like crazy and can barely keep up an easy pace. My hands are shaking so badly if I had to fire a weapon I would surely miss. What a lousy admission for a sniper to have to make!


I look over at Destiny and I'm shocked because she doesn't seem to be having any problems. I bitch like hell, "What the hell are you, some sort of robot?"


She laughs and I swear the trees laugh with her (perhaps it just my oxygen deprived state). Then she gently instructs me, "Running is not just physical fitness - it is also mental fitness and control. If I chose, I could let my mind experience the same discomforts you are feeling now."


It can't be that fucking simple so I challenge, "Yeah, like hell it is! I bet your pack is lighter than mine."


Destiny laughs again, the trees once again seem to form a chorus with her and offers, "I will gladly switch packs with you."


Looking for any reason to stop and rest without losing face to this hippy chick, I agree, "You're on twisted sister." We stop, she takes off her pack and I help her on with mine. She adjust the straps for her smaller frame and laughs as she taunts, "This is much lighter than mine."


I wonder what the hell she's talking about until I pick her pack up and son of a bitch! It's heavier than hell. I vociferously complain, "What the hell do you have in here - rocks?"


She laughs and confirms for me, "Of course I do. I did it on purpose because I knew you would blame it on the packs and want to switch packs. Shall we stop and unload some of them."


How the fuck did she know this was going to happen? There's no way I'm going to be outdone by this hippy chick so I declare, "Hell no, the extra weight is just fine with me."


As we begin to run (at a pace even slower than before because of her damn rock filled pack) Destiny reminds me, "Do you remember the time when you easily won the Leadville Hundred Mile Race with Jennifer? What were you thinking about then?"


I think back, to my first meeting with Jens and…


Present – Maria – In the equipment room


My princess boss loses consciousness again so we all rush to her side. Liz looks at her, pulls back her eyelids and comes up with a crazy suggestion, "I think she's connected to Ben again."


I get ready to call this as more bullshit when the little brat Ivan surprises us by saying, "Yes, Donalduckson lady and Unca Ben share thoughts of good times."


We all give Ivan a flabbergasted look and Liz questions, "Ivan, how do you know this fact?"


He smiles at us and explains with the innocence of childhood, "I feel it also and too."


Present – Jens – In the equipment room


Mmmm this is so nice and it finally happens again after such a long drought. I connect with Ben again. OMG he's remembering when we first met and ran the Leadville 100 together. Yeah, the very successful start of my mission to capture Ben's heart … Wait, he's running with someone… No something… OMG it's a wolf running beside him!!!


The connection is so nice and reassuring. Hell, it seems like it’s been a lifetime since we connected but then the connection is suddenly gone.


I wake up and smile at Liz and Maria…


Present – Ben – On the way to the cabin


What I see and feel when I connect again to Jens forces me to pause. Destiny stops and questions, "Ben, what did you see and why did you stop?"


I glare at her and demand, "I thought you already knew every fucking thing!" After a short pause to gather my wits I explain, "Jens has been seriously wounded and it pisses me off."


Destiny gives me an annoyed look but probes, "When you were connected to her how did you feel?"


I think for a moment and admit, "I felt Jens..." Then I look down, fight back the tears and continue, "…and the love that she still has for me." I quickly add, "A love that I can never satisfy because I can never give her the children she wants and deserves."


Destiny smiles at me and agrees but adds another question, "That is only partially true. Yes, you felt her but what is more important is what you didn't feel: You didn't feel yourself running. Now how did she feel?"


I shrug my shoulders and try to lie, "Shit, she's a woman! How the hell am I supposed to know how any woman feels?"


Destiny stamps her foot (which reminds me the hell of Jens) and threatens, "I should kick your ass! Are you telling me you are so fucking dense and dumb you couldn't feel the warmth and love you gave her by being connected to her?"


I ignore the threat and give my version of the facts, "Hell, she doesn't need me. I can't give her the babies she wants."


Destiny begins to jump around, kick the shit out of rocks, sticks and pinecones then swears, "You are one hard headed son of a bitch and one of these days I am going to kick your ass so hard you won't be able to sit down for a week! Jennifer needs you more now than ever and we need to get to the cabin sooner than later. Now I'm going to run my fastest and the only way you will keep up with me is if you connect to her."


I again doubt her word and taunt, "Like you could run faster than me."


Destiny looks over her shoulder, takes off like her ass is on fire and yells, "Then try to keep up with me without being connected to her."


I swear, "You bitch! When I catch you I'm going to kick your ass because you've been holding back."


I try to catch her but even at my fastest pace she's pulling ahead and then she yells, "You can't keep up with me unless you are connected to her."


I hate to do it but I decide to give it a try. I begin to think again about the Leadville 100 and the next thing I know…


Present – Jens – In the equipment room


I am sooo happy and content as I tell Maria and Liz, "Ben has some help coming with him."


Liz gives me her normal quizzical look and asks, "Who's he bringing?"


Maria raises one eyebrow in obvious doubt but adds, "I hope it's a fucking army."


I try to explain to them but do an inadequate job, "It's sort of like a wolf but also like a lady. A lady combined with one of the most beautiful wolves I have ever seen."


Now Liz gives me the same crazy look that Maria did and then…


Present – Liz – In the equipment room


Jens's eyes roll back, she becomes unconscious again and I can only assume Jens has re-connected to Ben because she's smiling and looks more content than I have seen her in months.


I get a crazy idea, look at Maria and ask, "Maria, can the morphine you're giving Jens cause the hallucination about the wolf?"


Maria scratches her head, thinks for a few moments and answers, "Well, I suppose it could but a hallucination about a wolf? I would think something else would have to trigger that."


Bernie adds some speculation, "Perhaps it's some sort of primal response since Jens is the alpha female in the group."


We are still baffled by the whole wolf that looks sort of like a lady when Ivan shocks us as he says…


Present – Ben – At the cabin


I automatically sense possible danger, stop and realize we're at the defense perimeter of the cabin. Then I wonder how the hell we got here so fast since I'm not even tired.


Destiny annoyingly questions, "Ben, why did we stop?"


I glance to the left, then to the right. I can still sense the perimeter warning system in both directions and answer, "Jens added a perimeter security system to the cabin. If we cross this threshold we could trigger it. If the greenies have discovered the system and have tied into it then they will immediately know our location."


She appears to go into a short trance then states, "Ben, they haven't discovered it, let alone connected into it."


I'm not sure about her abilities so I respond, "Well, if you're wrong this is going to be a very short rescue."


I hold my breath as we step across the boundary then I give I silent prayer of thanks that Destiny's 'feeling' is right. She asks, "What's next?"


I reply, "The same as any mission: First reconnaissance, then we need to recover some additional supplies."


We slowly and carefully work our way toward the cabin, find the perfect place on the hill behind the cabin to reconnoiter the AO and drop down to the ground. There's enough moonlight that I can scan the area with my monocular and comment, "This is unusual, it looks like most of the troops have dug foxholes and are facing one main tent. However, I do see a few that are tending to other duties."


Destiny takes another moment. As I look at her she appears to be in another trance then explains, "That's because all the retired Marines who came to help Jennifer are being held prisoner in the tent, including Jack and his wife Masha."


I swear, "That fucking SOB Mike! Locking up my friends just to get to me! I'm going to kill his ass!" I continue to scan, move the monocular to the left and see some equipment working at what used to be the garage and wonder aloud, "What the hell happened to the garage?"


Destiny sadly answers, "Ben, I didn't want to give you this bad news, but the terrorists destroyed it."


It takes all I can do to keep from going ballistic as I swear, "Damn! My truck and my Cobra were in there."


Destiny sadly adds, "Not anymore, they are destroyed."


I am pissed as hell, make up my mind and command, "Come on it's time for us to pick up some other weapons."


Destiny orders, "Give me my pack so I can get my bow out."


We switch packs, I watch as she opens her pack, dumps out five damn big rocks and then pulls out a bow and a quiver full of arrows. I question, "What the hell are you going to do with those? Go all Indian on the greenies? "


She begins to adjust the compound bow and answers, "Well, first I need to increase the draw weight of this bow to 125 pounds. We will need it for what I have planned next. Then she explains what sort of weapons she wants and how she's going to use them. I like the hell out of her idea but decide to add a few ideas of my own. We head off to one of my many weapons caches…


Present – Jack – In prison at the cabin.


I have a major case of indigestion after eating that damn cold hotdog MRE. I motion for Linus and Masha to come closer, make sure no one is close enough to hear and I explain, "I've been thinking about all that's gone on at the cabin and I am beginning to wonder if Mike has been behind all the attacks on the cabin."


Masha gives me her skeptical look but asks, "Jack, do you think he would go to this extent just to capture Ben again?"


I scan to make sure we're not overheard and continue, "Hell, I wouldn't put anything past that fucker. I know the Drug Lord has deep pockets and I know that Megan hates Jennifer, but this feels like it's above and beyond that level of hate."


Linus gives me and incredulous look and scoffs, "Jack, that's hard to believe. Look at all the good men who were killed during this operation?"


I give Linus and Masha a tidbit of information about Mike they might not know, "Yeah, with the way Mike thinks, they are just collateral damage. I know because I've seen it before."


The discussion terminates when we hear an explosion outside but close to the tent. The lights activate and a siren begins to sound.


Masha correctly informs us, "Jack, I believe that was a flashbang device."


Then there's a hell of a bigger explosion which rattles the ground like a minor earthquake. The tent supports rattle and Linus says, "Well, that sure as hell wasn't a flashbang. That's high power ordinance."


There's another big explosion, this one is followed by yelling and swearing. The lights go off, I grin, look at Masha and Linus then announce, "That's my Banzai announcing his arrival…"


Present – Mike (formerly Major and then Captain M) – At his hotel.


I get a phone call that wakes me out of a sound sleep and hopefully question, "Did you capture the bastard yet?"


In the background of the call, I hear the sound of explosions. It sounds like a fucking war zone as the Captain states, "Hell no! Someone is blowing the hell out of us with flashbangs and what we can only assume to be dynamite. Hell, on the third salvo they blew the fuck out of the generators."


I hopefully ask, "Well, did you send some patrols out to capture him?"


The captain again disappoints me, "Hell no Sir. Every time we try to move out he drops dynamite in my men's path and detonates it. We've fallen back to the foxholes for protection."


I swear, "Captain, I don't care what it takes, I want his ass!"


Present – Mira and Alex – Restrained at the cash


Our auditory units detect multiple explosions, some insignificant and others very significant! Alexi smiles and states, "I would suggest that your Ben has arrived – so to say, with a bang!"


I become aroused, shed my handcuffs immediately and pose an interrogatory, "Perhaps I should go and meet him?"


Alexi wisely advises, "Mira, I believe if we step outside this tent we will place ourselves in mortal danger. I need to remind you of the Special Forces waiting for the Marines to exit their detention area."


My auditory units continue to be assailed by continued explosions and comment, "I think that my Ben is preparing to fight a protracted battle."


Alexi begins to respond when the lights in the tent are extinguished until a battery operated backup light system actuates.


I do peer outside the tent and notate as something appears to strike the ground, then there is the sound of weapons fire and it detonates. I am baffled at how my Ben is able to direct his blasts with such accuracy???


Present – Stacy and Samantha – At the cabin


We're observing as the excavation equipment begins to tunnel down at the sight of the old garage after first clearing some wreckage out of the way. I question the engineer, "Are those the remains of some vehicles?"


He replies, "Yes Ms. Summers, it appears that one was a nice Dodge Truck and the other was at one time a beautiful Cobra. It's a shame but when the terrorists destroyed the garage they destroyed the vehicles."


I came up with an idea for future action and request, "I would like the remains of both vehicles salvaged. Perhaps there is still some worth to them."


He gives some orders to his crew and answers, "We will load them on a flatbed truck and transport them to wherever you want."


Now on to the major question, "How long until we reach the tunnels?"


Like a typical engineer he hedges his reply, "We can't be sure, it could be hours or days."


I don't like the answer, get pissed off and confront him, "For what the hell I'm paying you it had better not be fucking days! Time is of the essence, I want this done in hours!"


Then all hell break loose, but thankfully it's not very close to us. I watch as there are flashbangs and bigger explosions that are tearing the bastard Special Forces a new one. Hell, they even blow the fuck out of the generators.


Samantha looks at me and asks…


I ask, "Stacy do you think that is Ben?"


She smiles and answers, "It sure as hell is!" Then she whoops, "Look at that!"


I watch and as a patrol of Special Forces try to advance up the hill, something big blows up in front of them. I comment, "Stacy, it doesn't look like he's trying to kill anyone."


Stacy smiles and confirms, "Samantha you're right. But he sure as hell is giving them the inferno they deserve."


Then the engineer warns, "Ms. Summers if those get any closer to us, we will need to stop and take cover."


Stacy gets in the engineers face and threatens, "If you stop now this is the last job you will ever get. I know who is attacking us, he owns this cabin site and he's not interested in us, he's interested in harassing the Special Forces - so keep working."


I sadly state, "I wish I had my new cameras to document this."


Stacy agrees and then adds, "I do too because Mike is going to spin this in a very negative way for Ben…"


Present – Ben – At the cabin


Hell this is too much fun! Destiny ties either flashbangs or a half stick of dynamite to her arrows and then lobs them precisely where they needed to go. The flashbangs explode when their time is up but the dynamite I simply shoot and detonate.


After the first flashbang attack the lights come on and give us a better look at potential targets. Added to that an annoying siren comes on so we blow the hell out of the Special Forces generators this kills the damn lights and siren. Together as a team, we have created major mayhem! However, the Special Forces keep trying to advance up the hill so we drop a half stick of dynamite in front of them and I detonate it which sends their greenie asses running for cover. Finally they've had enough and retreat to the many foxholes facing the prisoner tent, I look at Destiny and stated, "We need to get the hell out of here before they man up."


She compliments our effort and says, "This was the picture perfect first guerilla warfare attack. Since this is your property, you know the best place to hide."


I think for a few moments, make a decision and order, "Follow me."


She wisely suggests, "First, we need to cover our tracks."


To show my current state of mind I just have to ask a stupid question, "Why the hell do we need to do that?"


She goes into the trance, looks again and answers, "They have a tracker who could follow us."


As we leave the area we obliterate our tracks, then I hear a whirring noise that… Fuck me! I recognize the source of the noise from the sandbox and hate the hell out of them! We need to get to some of my supplies like yesterday otherwise we're as good as dead…


Present – Zarika and Yasmeen – Escape


Wearing my candy striper outfit and with Yasmeen in the nurse’s uniform we slip out of the hospital unrecognized. Once outside I look at Yasmeen and question, "How are we supposed to get back to the cabin?"


She reaches in her pocket, holds up some keys and answers, "I think the nurse has a car."


I take the keys from her and notice there is one of the automatic lock thingies. I press the button on it, we hear a beep and begin to move toward the sound. Yasmeen requests, "Press it again."


I do as she asks and we locate the car. It is an ugly looking boxy van with fake wood on the sides. Yasmeen complains, "I should have known she would drive a boring car."


I laugh, agree and add, "Yes, this car is almost as ugly as she is."


Yasmeen foolishly requests, "I want to drive."


I still have the keys and deny her request, "Yasmeen, you are still recovering and under the influence of medication, so I will drive."


I use the automatic lock thingy to unlock the doors. Yasmeen checks the back seat and says, "Hey, there are other clothes in here that are closer to my size."


I look at them. They appear to be some sort of costume with a very short skirt and suggest, "They must be for her child."


Yasmeen giggles and insults the bad nurse, "I didn't believe that any man would make that fat cow nurse pregnant."


I giggle, start the car, put it in gear, press the accelerator and realize… It's much harder driving a car in the city than driving our truck which was in the desert.


Yasmeen has changed into the costume, comes up front and complains, "Zarika, did you forget how to drive?"


I take one smell of her, complain and answer, "Yasmeen those clothes smell bad. I have not forgotten how to drive but this is different than driving our truck."


Yasmeen counters, "I do not care how the clothes smell, they are better than the fat cow nurse's clothes. Besides this short skirt shows off my beautiful legs."


I remind her, "Is that something you would say in front of our future husband Ben?" She sticks out her tongue at me, I exit the parking lot without too much damage, pull onto the street and then I realize something bad…


Present – Thom, Byron and Inga – It's raining hell on the drug lord


Because the AO has changed, I pull my sidearm (my favorite weapon) as we begin to advance through the compound. We don't get very far when some bastards begin to fire at us from one of the buildings. We take cover, I quickly empty one mag into the windows, and yell, "I'm out, cover me."


Inga replies, "Thom you need to reload your sidearm and then switch to your rifle."


Doh, that was my plan. I reload my pistol, pull up my rifle and we begin to return fire.


Byron comms and questions, "Thom, what the hell is going on?"


I rudely reply, "Doh! There's a crapload of people in the building that have us pinned down, how about some covering fire for us."


The team leader gets on his high horse and interrupts, "Thom, just where the hell are you that you need covering fire. Don't tell me you entered the compound without us."


I look at Inga, laugh and reply "Okay, I won't tell you." Then I continue firing on the building.


Inga announces, "Thom, I'm out watch my ass."


Shit, won't she ever get this right! I complain, "That's watch your six."


The team leader comes back on the comm and swears, "You old bastard! You had this planned all along."


I'm surprised as hell when Inga lends her support, "Of course we did. After all the mistakes you and your men made it was the only way we could hope to complete this mission."


The team leader issues a useless threat, "I should fire both of you!"


I openly laugh at him and counter, "Like hell! You can't fire any of us because we don't work for you. We work for ourselves. Now shut the hell up and let us do our job."


I give Inga and Byron hand signals to switch freqs, and finally Byron and the other snipers begin to fire into the building from where all the bullets are coming. I smile when I see Byron take some initiative - I knew I could count on him…