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Present – Maria – In the equipment room


Even though Liz and my Princess Boss try to convince me, I'm still not sure at all about this bogus, mumbo-jumbo that my Princess Boss can connect to Ben. Bullshit! But I decide I will humor her for now – hell, she's been wounded and I sure don't need to get her upset right now.


Ivan (now that is one annoying kid) comes over and hands my Princess Boss a picture. Jens gets way too excited for her condition and remarks, "Ivan, that looks exactly like the wolf lady I saw with Ben. Come over here everyone and see this picture."


Seeing some brat's annoying drawing is about the last thing I want to do but I slowly move toward my Princess Boss. Liz arrives at her side first and makes a big fucking deal about it, "Ivan that is an incredible drawing, it looks exactly like Ben and I've never seen a wolf look more realistic."


I walk over, take a look at it and I'm shocked but hide my feelings. My Princess Boss asks…


Present – Jens – In the equipment room


I am shocked that Maria (who hasn't been on Ivan's good side) doesn't say anything about Ivan's drawing so I confront her, "So Maria, what do you think of that drawing."


She yawns but admits, "It's pretty good."


Her indifference pisses me off so I fucking let her know what I think, "Pretty good hell! I would say that he's not only captured Ben's…"


Ivan interrupts and corrects, "Unca Ben."


I accept Ivan's correction and continue, "…Unca Ben's facial features and even part of his spirit. And the wolf is exactly as I saw her."


I hope after the shit I gave her, Maria would make a bigger deal over the drawing but she yawns and misdirects my attention, "Jens, it's time to check your wound."


Thank God Ivan is young enough that Maria's bullshit doesn't hurt him, otherwise I'd be forced to kick Maria's ass again. I politely ask, "Ivan, would you mind if I kept this picture of Unca Ben and the wolf lady since it might be the best drawing of Unca Ben I have ever seen?"


He gets excited by my request, hops from one foot to the other, then smiles and asks, "You will put on refrigerator like my mama do?"


I look at the work of art again and I can't believe Masha would put something like this on the lowly refrigerator. I'm sure not going to do that so I reply, "No, I plan on framing it and hanging it on the wall."


Ivan increases his hopping speed so I can barely follow the movement. I'm watching him and it's making me dizzy but he giggles and offers, "I draw more pictures for your walls."


Present – Liz – In the equipment room


I am highly impressed with Ivan's drawing as Ben and the wolf looked so real - the kid really has a gift. My guess is it comes from Masha and not Jack. Jack doesn't strike me as being very artistic.


I am more than slightly annoyed that Maria is being such a bitch about things. Hell, Ivan is a great kid - so he pranked her, big fucking deal. I decide I am going to have a little talk with her so I ask, "Maria, can you and I talk?"


She's finished looking at Jens' wound and simply replies, "Sure."


I add, "In private."


Maria gives me a dubious look but we walk away from Jens into a corner where she can't hear and I order, "Maria, you need to back off on your scorn of Ivan and cut him some slack."


She crosses her arms across her chest gives me a defiant look and argues, "Liz, you don't know what the hell you're talking about. He's just a spoiled brat of the highest degree."


Well the direct approach fails miserably so I try the logical approach - I appeal to her reason. "Listen Maria, how many kids of his age could hold it all together with what he's been through. He really is a great kid. So he pranked you, you have to admit that was funny."


Maria glares at me takes several steps back and counters, "I hate being made to look like a fool! But even more than that, I hate being told what to do - so back off bitch!"


Present – Ben – At the cabin


We reach another one of my weapons caches while successfully avoiding the drone. I start digging down to reach the cover and Destiny asks, "Just how many of these do you have?"


I start to count the number of my weapons caches in my head, lose count and settle for a half-truth, "More than enough to fight this battle." I reach the lid, clear away any extra dirt, open the cache, pull out my 50 caliber Barrett and start removing all the ammo.


Fifty caliber ammo is heavier than hell and I could use some help so I ask, "Since you removed the rocks from your pack, would you haul some of this ammo for me?" I should have known better than to ask as her hippy chick side shows up and she argues, "Ben, I will not carry any ammo if you are going to use it to kill anyone."


Fuck! I re-affirm my opinion of how she's 'too granola hippy chick'. As I begin to speak, she interrupts, "I don't like your attitude toward me. I am not a 'too granola hippy chick' like you believe!"


I get in her face and challenge, "Well, you sure helped me earlier and I could use the help now. I don't have any plans to immediately kill anyone."


She moves away and counters, "Well, what about later and more importantly, what about Mike?"


I state what for me is an obvious fact of life, "Sometimes death is an unfortunate part of any mission and Mike not only deserves to die, he needs to die - the bastard."


She continues with her errant thinking and states what she believes is an absolute, "Ben, no one deserves to die!"


I feel that I have her in an untenable logical position so I pursue my thoughts, "Oh really, no one? How about Charles Manson or Hannibal Lecter?"


She backpedals and avoids the question with a platitude, "Ben, all life is precious and needs to be treated with respect."


What a fucking joke! I laugh and give her my version of the truth, "Oh yeah! I will respect Mike right after I kill his ass. And you never answered my question about Manson or Lecter."


Destiny pauses for several moments, thinks then she announces, "Ben, it is a shame that we have those sort of people in our world, but killing them because they are murderers makes no sense. Why should we give the government power to kill people when it can jail others for killing people; it's the pot calling the kettle black."


Oh my God, I can't believe she just said that! I laugh and tell her how things really work in my world, "Destiny, governments have always killed people and will always continue to kill people. You are living in some sort of fictional world and need to get your head out of the sand. Now are you going to help me carry some of this ammo?"


She delivers a common phrase I recognize, "I would prefer not to."


I inform her that I know the source of her quote, "Yeah, I've read Herman Melville's Bartleby the Scribner many times. I can't believe you of all people would fall back to Bartleby's defense just because you've obviously lost the real argument. 


I continue and tease, "I rest my case: You are a crunchy granola, hippy chick."


For once she's quiet and I wonder if I have offended her. Oh well, if I did she will eventually get over it. I overload my pack, grab the Barrett and command, "Come on, we need to get undercover - if we are out during the daytime the drone will find us."


Then I hear something that piques my interest so we make a detour.


Present – Mike (formerly Major and then Captain M) – At the cabin.


We land at the cabin, the helicopter spools down it engines, the captain comes to assist me then what the fuck! There's a loud as hell noise and pieces of metal and hot oil rain down on us.  We look up and see there's a fucking big hole in the side of the helicopter engine. I begin to count and 2.5 seconds later we hear the report of a rifle.


I order, "Captain, Blaine is shooting at us with some sort of fifty caliber rifle and he's just disabled my helicopter. I want that bastard found! He's approximately 2500 yards from here."


Present – Ben – At the cabin


Now that was too much fun! I loved putting a fifty through the engine on Mike's chopper and blowing it to hell. Shit if he wants to come to my cabin and hunt me, I might as well make sure he stays for the rest of the fun like everyone else.


I get another great idea, take aim again and Destiny whines, "Ben, don't tell me you're going to kill Mike."


Her complaint doesn't faze me as I touch off another round. I look at her and answer, "Hell no I didn't kill the fucker right now, but that won't stop me later. Now let's get the hell out of here. Anytime you fire more than one round from a location you give your position away."


As we leave the area, I see something that gives me the best idea of the night…


Present – Mike (formerly Major and then Captain M) – At the cabin.


I begin moving in my wheelchair to get away from the hot as hell damn oil spraying out of the hole in my helicopter's engine and then things get unbelievably worse - the fucking bastard Ben shoots the hell out of the wheel on my wheelchair! Shit, the fifty blows it right off the frame and without the wheel I tumble to the ground.


I worry that the fucker is going to shoot me next so I order, "Help me get the hell out of here! The crazy asshole is shooting at me now!"

The captain and a private come over, grab me and haul ass toward the tent…


Present – Jack – In prison at the cabin.


Even though I'm older it hasn't diminished the effect of my training. I still wake up when I hear the wonderful report of a fifty caliber rifle being fired. I look around and see Linus is also awake. He points to his ear and questions, "Think that's Ben?"


I whisper (hoping to keep Masha asleep), "Yeah, that has to be my boy."


We hear one more ballistic fifty caliber crack, then it stops and I add, "That will probably be the last shot Ben fires. He knows that if he fires more than a few shots from his location, the greenies will be able to find him."

Masha who was obviously fooling me about being asleep compliments my action, "My Jack, you trained him well but one man against a whole company is a suicide mission."


I'm in shock that Masha hasn't realized it yet so I inform her, "Masha, I've figured out that Banzai is fighting a guerrilla war. Hell, we don't know what he shot with the fifty caliber, but this is already his second successful attack of the night."


Masha asks, "Jack, is this something you taught Ben, because it doesn't sound like something you would perform?"


Sometimes I wonder how it is Masha knows me so well and also knows so much about military tactics so I answer, "Like hell it wasn't me, I always had to keep him from performing full frontal assaults."


Linus interrupts with a laugh and then comes out with something I wish he never had said, "Yeah you two did get in some hair-raising shootouts."


Masha pulls away from me and inquires, "Jack, you never told me about these 'hair-raising shootouts'."


I use the typical answer that I've used to get out of many tight spots with Masha, "Well my love, they were classified."


She turns away from me, looks a Linus and demands, "Linus, what do you know about these missions?"


Present – Linus – In prison at the cabin.


Shit I really stepped in it this time! I was still sleepy and wasn't thinking when I talked about Ben and Jack's missions. Hell, they were legendary and even if they were only half true they would still have been awesome. Now Masha wanted to know more about them so I followed Jack's lead and simply stated, "Masha, they are classified and I can't tell you anything. Besides when teams start talking about their missions, things sometimes get exaggerated."


Jack adds, "Highly exaggerated."


Masha gives Jack a funny look and threatens…


Present – Masha – In prison at the cabin.


"Jack, I still have some contacts and I will find out about these so-called 'hair raising shootouts' of yours. And if you have lied to me you will not like the results."


I fight back laughter as Jack tries to backpedal, "Masha honey, they really weren't that incredible. Hell, most of the time we were bored. Now why don't we pray for Ivan and try to get some more sleep."


This would not be the first time Jack has lied to me, but this time I believe the information is critical. I know I need to discern the truth about these missions. Depending on who they terminated, my family could be at risk…


Present – Stacy and Samantha – At the cabin


We leave the morgue area, walk back into the medical area and I can't believe I have to do Samantha's job for her. I ask Samantha, "What is it you don't see in here?'


She looks around, finally sees it, gasps and answers, "I don't see any wounded Marines! I thought there was a huge battle here where many Marines were wounded."


I further clarify, "Other than the twins, their brother and the other man in the bed there are no patients."


Samantha asks the big question, "Where are all the wounded?"


I shake my head and answer, "I don’t know for certain, but I have a sneaky suspicion they are in the morgue."


Samantha gets upset and complains…


I'm very upset and complain, "Stacy, if that's true then Mike's men killed the wounded Marines. We need to find a way to get into the morgue to document this… This… This travesty."


Stacy looks around, shrugs her shoulders and answers, "Samantha, I'm not sure you will be able to do that. As it is, I'm sure we're being followed everywhere we go."


I quickly look around but I don't see anyone so I challenge her, "How in the hell do you know?"


Stacy smiles at me and gives me one of her more common answers, "Because it's something Ben would have done."


I think for a few moments, then I come up with a great idea…


Present – Mira and Alex – At the cash


After the annoying encounter with the new lady and Alexi's hormonal 'rage', I continue to 'instruct' Alexi, "Alexi, you can not divulge any information to any outlets of news - it is highly dangerous."


Alexi does not seem to understand the gravity of the situation so he smiles and counters, "Mira my sister, I was going to use her to acquire information for our benefit."


As one of his sisters, I need to perceive his intentions so I question, "Can you assure me you had no carnal feelings toward that woman?"


He waves his hand in a dismissive manner then laughs, "Mira, I am a male so of course I had carnal feelings toward her. She is very attractive."


His attitude is insulting and if I wasn't slightly incapacitated I would teach him a lesson. I settle instead for a petulant complaint, "I do not like her."


Alexi laughs and further infuriates me, "Why Mira, are you jealous of Samantha?"


His insolence has extended far past a reasonable level. I prepare to physically teach him a lesson when something exciting happens…


Present – Zarika and Yasmeen – Escape


I enter this rather strange looking store, walk up to the counter and ask the vendor, "Sir, do you know the way to Lead Vale?"


He gives me a funny look, scratches his head and says, "Oh hell, you must mean Leadville. You do realize what sort of store this is don't you?"


I look around see many different herbs in containers along with some bakery goods and state, "You sell herbs and desserts."


He shakes his head and laughs, "Didn't you notice the green cross outside the store? Well, if that's what you want to call pot, then yes we sell herbs."


I can not believe his statement and stammer, "Pot…Pot…Pot as in marijuana?"


He points to the many containers and smiles, "That's right, we have one of the best selections in Denver. Now if you aren't buying some pot I suggest you leave because I sure as hell don't give information for free."


I am flustered but hope he will answer one more question, "Is there some place that I might obtain directions to Leadville?"


He very rudely yells, "Yeah, there's a fucking 7-11 down the street! Get the hell out of my store and ask them."


I walk very quickly back to the ugly mini-van car, get inside and Yasmeen asks, "Well Zarika, did you get directions."


I look at Yasmeen and incredibly state, "Yasmeen, you will never guess what they sell in this store - they sell marijuana!"


Yasmeen glares at me in disbelief and says, "Zarika, don't you tease me."


I shake my head and reply, "Yasmeen, I am not lying. The whole store is full of marijuana and because I didn't want to buy any, the man would not give me directions. He did tell me there was a stored called 7 and 11 down the street so help me find it…"


I am not sure about Zarika's story that this store only sells marijuana. Back home it is against the law to sell and I can't believe there are stores in America that openly sell that drug. Zarika begins to drive, makes it out of the parking lot without hitting anything again so I praise her ability, "Good job Zarika."


Her hands are white from gripping the steering wheel so tightly and then she answers, "Thank you Yasmeen, it is much more difficult driving here than in the desert. There are so many things to watch and so many other cars on the road."


We are very close to the store so I quickly yell, "Zarika, there is a store with 7 and 11 on it."


Zarika scares me as she swerves across the road. Many cars honk their horns and a few of the drivers show us the finger. So I decide to show them both of my fingers and I comment, "Zarika, I'm not sure you were supposed to do that."


She is trembling as she answers, "I think you are right."


We enter the parking lot, Zarika quickly finds a parking space and then something else bad happens…


Present –Inga, Thom and Byron – It's raining hell on the drug lord


Amazingly the drug lord's men are going down and the shots are coming from behind us. I turn quickly expecting a fight but I'm relieved when I realize who it is and inform Thom, "It looks as if the recon team has decided to re-join us."


Thom glances behind us and teases them, "It's about time you fuckers showed up but now you're going to ruin all the fun."


The Recon team ignores his insult but I add, "Well, if it's fun you want, I bet I can take out more of the men than you."


Thom rises to the challenge and states, "There's no way in hell that's going to happen."


We both begin firing and I yell, "That's one."


Thom unbelievably states…


I lie as if I really believe what I’m saying, "And that's two for me." I figure I'm going to get her fucking goat and continue, "And three and four." I continue as more of the bad guys fall.


Then Inga whines like a typical woman, "Thom, I believe I shot the last one."


Byron comms and ruins everything, "You have to watch Thom since sometimes he's been known to stretch the truth."


I comm back and tease, "Byron, you know that you tell more lies than Carter has Little Liver Pills." Then I begin to laugh.


Byron yells but only distortion come through the comm set…


Now, Thom has stepped over the line! I'm mad and yell, "Thom, you take that back or you will pay."


Thom continues laughing, counters and challenges, "Byron, there is no way in hell am I taking that back! Besides, what the hell could you do to me?"


I guess Thom forgot how much I really know about him: I chuckle and threaten, "Thom, I think you've forgotten that I know about all the dalliances that Inga was asking about. I'm sure she'd like to hear about the time you thought you got crabs."


Inga comms and laughs, "Yes Byron, such information would interest me greatly."


Thom swears, "Byron, you shut your big fat mouth or else."


I stand firm, "Not until I get an apology!"


Inga pleads, "Byron, please tell me about the pubic lice story."


I get ready to tell her then I see something and I warn, "Uh guys, you might want to back away from the building, I think it could explode…"