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Flashback – Jack – Back at the BTR 80


We had a great time laughing - well I'm not sure what it was all about, but it was good and continued all the way back to the BTR 80. I was happy because we were all still alive and in a hell of a good mood.


When the captain came up and reprimanded the hell out of us it ruined it, "What the hell are you laughing about? Where the hell were all of you and what did you do to destroy my BTR 80?"


I was pissed but still managed to stammer, "Sir… Sir… Sir we were fighting the Chechens who had breached the church."


The captain confounded us when he arrogantly demanded, "And who gave you the orders to do that?"


Because of his tone, I became defensive and replied, "Sir, you were busy and it seemed like the right thing to do."


But the captain continued his tirade, "You have still not answered two of my original questions: What was so funny that you were laughing like hyenas; and what did you do to destroy my BTR 80?"


I started to explain but Banzai interrupted…


Flashback – Ben – Back at the BTR 80


Hells bells, the damn captain must be trying to cover his ass! And by trying so hard to salvage his butt he ruined the perfectly good time we were having. I interrupted Jack, "Sir, we don't know what destroyed the BTR 80 but with the Chechens gone for the moment perhaps we should take a look. However, I do wish to report that in my attempt to stop the BTR 80 from firing at us, I did kill one of your soldiers with a grenade."


The captain exploded, "You… You… You admit to killing one of the men?"


I hung my head in shame which I felt to the core of my being and admitted, "Yes Sir. I accept full responsibility and will take whatever punishment you deem fit..."


Flashback – Masha – Back at the BTR 80


My arm felt like it was going to fall off! Elena had come over to look at my arm, however I could not let her fix it right now because I realized Ben had placed himself in grave danger. Danger brought about by his actions, but which were reasonable actions. And the death of the soldier was the result of the total skirmish and especially was not totally Ben’s fault.


The captain started to speak (unwisely) and I interrupted (to protect Jack and Ben), "Captain, I would be very careful what you say next. The news reporting crew is at this site documenting the case of friendly fire which you permitted to occur while under your command. Yes, Ben Blaine has confessed to killing an ally but that was after Ben, Jack and Elena had already suffered over an hour of sustained fire from your BTR 80. The attack upon them continued even after I had informed you of the BTR 80 firing upon the Americans. Actions performed by troops under your command and actions which you failed to stop!"


Elena angrily added, "That is correct captain! I was inside the church with Ben while our forces tried to kill us. If it was not for Ben's quick action in making sure we were all lying on the floor we all would have died. Just look behind us at the many holes in the wall which the BTR cannon fire created."


The captain finally appeared to evaluate the situation and looked sheepish as he glanced around at the many holes in the church. The news reporter added to the Captain’s discomfort when he asked, "Captain are those allegations true?"


His face showed concern as he suddenly ordered, "Leave here immediately! I will not discuss ongoing military operations with the press."


The news crew didn't depart in a timely manner so he motioned to his men (who had finally arrived from the hospital) in annoyance and they began removing the news crew. They started to take Elena away but she complained, "Do not do this! I am Ben's private nurse and I must stay with him. For confirmation of my status, just ask him."


The captain questioned Ben, "Sgt. Blaine is that a fact?"


Ben did not immediately answer since Jack was busy talking to him. So I replied for him, "Yes Captain, that is a verifiable fact."


Then I went to see what Ben and Jack were talking about…


Flashback – Jack – Back at the BTR 80


I started talking to Banzai because I could tell how he felt (shit, his whole face was nothing but a reflection of his feelings) about killing the soldier, "Banzai, come on. You know it was an accident and it wasn't totally your fault."


He answered, "Shit Jack, I've never killed a friendly and I sure as hell don't know how this isn't my fault. I'm the one that smacked the grenade that killed him."


I attempted to console him and soon reminded him, "Yeah, after the fuckers had been firing at us forever! Hell, we're lucky we survived and that was only because of your quick thinking."


Masha came over and said, "Ben, I am sorry for what happened."


Elena came up and attempted to distract everyone, "Hey Ben, have you ever seen a dislocated shoulder relocated? It's really cool to view the process."


Ben looked up and said, "Thanks guys for trying to make me feel better - but it's not going to work. I killed a friendly and now I have to learn how to live with it."


Elena cheerily stated, "Okay, you feel however you feel you must, but here is how you relocate a shoulder."


We all watched as Elena commanded, "Jack, assist Masha to lie on the floor."


I tried my best to clean up an area and then helped Masha to the floor. Elena sat on the floor beside Masha and continued, "Unlike many movies where you see this done very quickly, such action will only further injure the patient. You must place your foot in their armpit and provide a strong gentle pull on the wrist."


A mask of pain covered Masha's face as she complained, "Uhhhh, that hurts."


Elena was undaunted by Masha's reaction and we watch as she described her actions, "Again a strong steady pull until..."


We heard a pop then Masha smiled in relief and stated, "Thank you Elena, that was excellent medical treatment."


Elena questioned, "How many times has your shoulder been dislocated?"


Masha answered, "Several times, I don't remember exactly how many."


Elena finished her instruction, "This should work in most cases. If it is the first time for a patient's shoulder to be dislocated then it might not work and you might need to stabilize the shoulder until you get them to a hospital."


Masha then asked, "Elena, are you familiar with the term 'old ball and chain'?"


I glared at Banzai as he begin to laugh again …


Flashback – Masha – Back at the BTR 80


Good! Ben was laughing again. I thought that might happen if I questioned Elena about the 'old ball and chain'. His laughter was similar to a child's and was as contagious as any childhood disease.


Elena gave me a quizzical look and answered, "Masha, I have never heard that term before. Where did you hear it?"


I replied, "I was scolding Jack when Ben commented that he never thought he would see Jack ‘wearing the old ball and chain’."


Elena shook her head and stated, "I do not think that sounds like a compliment."


I confirmed her opinion and added, "I agree. I do not think it is flattering and when I have access to a computer I will discover its meaning."


The captain came back and added to his complaints…


Flashback – Ben – Back at the BTR 80


The 'ball and chain' comment from Masha got me laughing again, even though I really didn't feel any better. Oh I knew when Masha looked it up there was going to be hell to pay. But fuck, I'd just killed a friendly and figured it couldn't be any worse than what I felt right now. I was sitting on the floor and had been looking at the front of the fucked-up BTR 80. The Captain came back, continued to act just like an officer and once again ruined the mood, "Why are you all standing around? There is work to be done."


Masha’s face displayed annoyance as she retaliated, "For one, you are not my commander so I do not take assignments from you."


Elena laughed and sassed, "Sorry Sir, but I only take orders from Ben Blaine because I'm his personal nurse."


Then he started on Jack and Yuri, "Well what about you two?"


I respectfully interrupted, "Sir, forgive my interruption however I might know what caused the damage to the BTR 80."


He came over and imperially commanded, "Sgts., help him to stand. I will not talk to a man who is sitting while I am forced to stand."


They helped me up and the captain ordered, "Well Sgt., what is your explanation?"


I was sure of myself as I speculated, "Sir, it appears the BTR 80 ran over multiple suicide vests and the weight of the vehicle caused the vests to detonate."


He glared at me and challenged, "What is your proof Sgt.?"


I pointed and answered, "Sir, if I am not incorrect, aren't those fragments of suicide vest material under the destroyed wheels of the BTR 80?"


He commanded, "Sgt. Yuri, bring me a scrap of the material Sgt. Blaine is referencing."


Jack continued to hold me up, Elena took Yuri's place as Yuri fetched a piece of the cloth. The Captain looked at it, glared at me and scoffed, "I am not sure of the basis for your analysis."


I defended my proposed analysis, "Well Sir, if you were to examine the room we came from you will see many scraps of cloth just like that. Since we witnessed the explosion we are certain the scraps are from the many suicide bombers we eliminated."


The captain commanded, "Leave Sgt. Blaine here. We will examine this room further."


They sat me on the floor and Elena came beside me, knelt, showed a lot of concern and asked, "Ben how do you feel?"


I really felt like shit, not just emotionally but also physically! Cushioning Jack's landing broke a couple of my ribs and it hurt like hell to breathe. In conformance with established SOP, I lied, "I feel fine."


She glared at me and growled, "Ben, I can tell when you lie, so tell me the truth."


I had just began to tell her the truth when…


Flashback – Jens – At the military hospital


I was devastated and could barely control my emotions! I couldn't believe that Evelyn snapped and beat me with a belt. Nurse Katie called the Military Police, they came and took Daddy and Evelyn out of my room. When they were gone, Katie came back in and questioned me, "Jennifer, has your mother done that often?"


I took a moment to think and realized that what I said next could have huge repercussions which could profoundly change my life. I looked at Katie and answered, "Katie, I'm sorry you saw that and I'm also sorry that you had to get involved. I know I'm just a kid, but I know enough that anything I tell you right now could be damaging to my Daddy's career. So, I will not answer any questions about this until my Daddy is present with our lawyer."


Katie switched to obvious medical concern as she asked, "Does it hurt much?"


I looked at her, fought very hard to control my emotions and told the truth, "It hurts very much but not just physically…"


Flashback – Glen – At the military hospital


I was angry as hell! What the hell is wrong with Evelyn? She had no right to beat Jennifer the way she did and it was even worst that she implied there was improper behavior between Jennifer and me. Hell, I didn't want sex with Evelyn because she was drunk most of the time!


Yeah, Evelyn had ruined sex for me because every time we started to have sex, I remembered the worst time she was drunk. We were going at it hot and heavy and – no, she didn't piss herself, it was worse – she shit herself.


Even though I am a hardened Marine, the smell and the thought of that still nauseated me. The most unbelievable part was that she blamed me for the mess in the bed! And now, the few times she was halfway sober and wanted sex, she demanded that I take a dump first. Sadly, sex with Evelyn just wasn't worth it anymore.


I glared at Evelyn as she smiled and slurred, "What's wrong Glen, you look like you’re angry?"


I couldn't hold back and I yelled, "What's wrong? You're the fuck what's wrong! Beating Jennifer the way you did was terrible but that wasn't nearly as bad as the insinuation of something improper between Jennifer and me."


Evelyn looked confused as she questioned, "Glen, I have no idea what you are talking about."


I was disgusted, shook my head and declared, "Evelyn, you're a mindless drunk again. Just keep your damn mouth shut and let me try to get us out of this mess!"


I had no sooner finished when the JA (Judge Advocate) walked into the room. He smiled (and reminded me of a shark ready for lunch) and asked, "Do you mind if I take a seat?"


I couldn't believe what the hell Evelyn said next…


Flashback – Alexi – In the laboratory


I inwardly smiled as my plan was working well - perhaps even too well. I never realized how easy it was to infuriate the psychologist just by repeating what he said. I knew I was under constant observation so I laid on the floor and mentally worked on the cryptex solution.


I heard a noise, the door opened and my 'parents' walked in. With a concerned look on his face, 'father' questioned, "Alexi, how do you feel this morning?"


I scrunched up my face in a goofy look and parroted, "Alexi, how do you feel this morning?"


'Mother's' face was blanketed with annoyance as she complained, "Alexi, stop that right now."


I kept the same look and once again parroted, "Alexi, stop that right now."


"Mother stamped her foot and yelled, "Right now!"


I stood up, stamped my foot and yelled, "Right now!"


She drew back her hand and threatened, "Stop that now! Right now!"


I mimicked both action and words, "Stop that now! Right now!"


The psychologist walked in, looked at 'mother' and indicated the obvious, "Physical violence will not correct this situation."


I of course repeated his opinion, "Physical violence will not correct this situation."


He continued, "I think we need to examine your interactions with Alexi both inside the laboratory and at home."


I confounded them all with my continued repetitions, "I think we need to examine your interactions with Alexi both inside the laboratory and at home."


I ran to the bed jumped on it and began to jump up and down. 'Mother' severely scolded me, "Alexi stop that!"


I continued with the execution of my plan, "Alexi stop that!"


'Mother' came over, grabbed my arm and forced me to stop. I fell to the floor and did not move. 'Father' questioned, "Alexi are you okay?"


This time I did nothing and totally ignored my 'father's' pleas.


The psychologist escorted my 'parents' out of the room and remarked, "Yes, we must concentrate on what you two did to precipitate this mental breakdown."


I had won a major battle and was sure I felt the same euphoria as my namesake - Alexander the Great. I was certain I recreated the euphoria he experienced when he won a great battle…


Flashback – Mira– in Israel


I was incredibly incensed by the attack by the Harem Horde: My cardiac rate was higher than normal, my hands perspired and I was certain my face was flushed. Naomi had falsified her vocalizations to me for the last time! I was not a bimbo whom they could beguile. Beguile me a single instance and the dishonor was Naomi's; however, Naomi beguiled me more than once so the dishonor became mine. As I left the area I decided to locate Ira and Safia in hopes they might relieve the foreboding I felt… 


Flashback – Mira, Ira and Safia – in Israel


I approached Ira and Safia from the posterior direction and immediately burst into mirth! Safia waddled in a manner mocking Naomi's behemoth man who was leading them.


The trio turned and the behemoth man remarked, "Oh good, the other twin is here. I assume you wish the same bequest as your sister?"


I didn't trust him so coyly answered, "That depends on the item for which my sister wished."


Ira informed me, "I requested a change of accoutrements. However, I question why you are here and in such a state of anger."


I communicated my reply, "Akhmed's harem attacked me and I had to subdue them."


Akhmed complained, "What has happened to my once wonderful harem? I hope you didn't permanently injure them."


I further informed him, "Akhmed, your harem has been corrupted. Many of the women have become tribades."


He looked confused and questioned, "What is a tribade?"


Safia answer his question in her normal blunt manner, "A lezzy, queer, you know a lesbian."


Akhmed's countenance became pale, he slumped to the floor and cried in despair, "I am a failure!"


I attempted to console him, "Akhmed, you are not a failure. Your body's hormones have been altered by your sham physician. Once I restore your hormone balance you will lose your excessive weight and return to your previous stature."


He stopped, looked at me and questioned…


My sister Mira changed tactics as she originally planned to only rectify a portion of Akhmed's hormones but now it appears she has modified this to restore Akhmed totally to his former self. The attack greatly agitated my sister since she still bears the obvious (to me) effects of the battle and I am certain this prompted the change.


I prod, "Akhmed, my sister and I still need a change of accoutrements."


He looked at me and apologized, "Yes, I forgot."


He stood and stated, "Walk this way." As he waddled toward the deceased eunuch's rooms, Safia once again started to mimic his waddle until I gave her a stern look.


I informed my sister, "Mira, Safia has provided us with a new euphemism."


Mira eye's gleamed as she commented, "Ira, it is unkind to withhold this information from my corporeal self."


I smiled and stated euphemistically, "No shit Sherlock."


I fought back laughter as my sister's face featured total discombobulation. She expressed her confusion, "I do not understand."


Akhmed showed some slight worth when he remarked with the enthusiasm of a small child, "Oh! I know this one! Please let me explain it."


I affirmed with a nod and he expounded, "No shit is an expression of amazement and Sherlock was the world's greatest fictional detective, a creation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle."


Safia added, "Sherlock Holmes used deductive reasoning to solve his cases. I'm surprised you two haven't heard about him."


I replied, "There are some areas where our education has been lacking."


Akhmed offered, "Well I have all of the Sherlock Holmes books in my library and you two are welcome to read them."


We arrived at the supposed eunuch’s quarters, Akhmed retrieved a set of keys from his pocket, attempted to unlock the door then stated, "I don't understand it. They must have changed the locks but I didn't authorize it."


I ordered, "Vacate the doorway, I will open the door."


Akhmed plead, "You won't destroy it?"


I informed him, "Certainly not, I will simply pick the lock."


I removed my lock pick set from my bodice, retrieved the proper tools and manipulated the lock. However, we were not prepared for what we discovered in the room…


Flashback – Todd – On the island


I was in shock! I went from prisoner to lover in what seemed to be a single day. I certainly wasn't emotionally ready and surely didn't expect it!


We rested in the warm glow of our embrace then Liu sat upright, jumped out of bed and motioned for me to get into my clothes. I started to dress then I heard it too. We got into our clothes then she grabbed her bow, quiver, blowgun and a case. She handed me a bow and quiver then we ran outside and into the forest…