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Present – Maria – In the equipment room


Who the hell does Liz Fucking Morgan think she is!!! Imagine her telling me what the fuck to do and to back off on Ivan. I'm so pissed I'm seeing red, however it does help me to make a decision: The next time that damn brat gives me any shit, I'm going to spank the hell out of him.


I head back to my Princess Boss to check her wound. When I arrive she takes one look at me and asks…


Present – Jens – In the equipment room


Maria returns after she and Liz talked and I can tell she's pissed off. Hell, her face is red and if looks could kill, she would have done us all in! Since I can't really rest because of the pain I decide to find out what is wrong, "Maria, what the hell is wrong?"


She obviously lies to me, "Jens, nothing is wrong."


I think for a moment and it finally dawns on me, "Maria, I know you're pissed at Ivan but I think you are overreacting."


Maria gives me an even harsher glare and complains, "Jens, I'm not overreacting! Everyone here is going gaga over Ivan when he's just a kid - and a spoiled one at that." Then she loudly continues, "And to let you and everyone else know, you need to mind your own fucking business and stop trying to tell me how to feel and act…"


Present – Liz – In the equipment room


Maria just yelled at Jens and the rest of us and I've had my fill of her and her 'princess' attitude. Yeah, she may call Jens the Princess Boss but as far as I can see the only 'princess' in this room right now is Maria.


I applaud and snidely comment, "Spoken just like the princess you are."


Maria turns, glares at me and bristles, "What the hell did you just call me?"


I sneer and taunt, "I called you a princess as in Cinderella! So if the fucking glass shoe fits don't bother wearing it, shove it up your anal retentive sphincter sideways!"


A very enraged Maria flies toward me, gets in my face and swears, "Take it back bitch or you will be sorry…"


Present – Jens – In the equipment room


Hell! Jack is right, the old fart! There's too much infighting between us because – and I hate to confirm it – there are too many women involved!


Maria and Liz have squared off and I need to do something about it otherwise one or both of them will be hurt. I think quickly and decide to yell, "Ohhhh!"


I watch them out of the corner of my eye as they both look toward me and Maria says, "You're lucky I have to take care of Jens, otherwise I'd mop the floor with that fat ass of yours."


I thought we were out of the woods when Liz continues to fan the flames, "My fat ass? What about yours? Your ass is so big that when you walked in front of the TV we missed a whole season of our favorite shows."


Maria jumped on Liz and the fight was on!!!


Present – Mike (formerly Major and then Captain M) – At the cabin.


The fucking SOB had messed with the wrong person this time - I was angry as hell! As the captain and private haul me toward the new mess tent I order, "I want that fucking bastard found! If the drone can't find him, perhaps the Apaches can. Get them in the air and then get me the backup wheelchair out of my disabled chopper…"


Present – Ben – At the cabin


I was elated at taking out bastard Mike's chopper and blowing the wheel completely off his fancy wheelchair. But now we needed to get the hell under cover, especially since I heard the Apaches start to spool up their engines. They weren't as dangerous as the drone because they only had FLIR1, however the pilots would probably be wearing NV2 goggles and if they got lucky they might actually see us.


1 FLIR – Forward Looking Infra Red - imaging technology that senses infrared radiation.

2 NV – Night vision – Different than FLIR because its image intensification technologies work on the principle of magnifying the amount of received photons from various natural sources such as starlight or moonlight.


Destiny questions, "Ben, where are we going?"


I answer, "We need to get you underground while I tend to a few other things."


She again challenges me, "Ben, you aren't going to kill Mike…"


I interrupt her, "Not yet, but I am going to make him and the greenies rue the day they decided to come onto my property and mess with my friends."


We get to the hidden location, I find the entrance, open the door and order, "Climb down the ladder and I will make sure the entrance is covered. I will be back before sunrise. Make yourself at home: There's food, water, lights and probably even some booze."


Destiny again complains, "Ben, are you sure?"


I swear, "Hell yes I'm sure! Now get inside and don't give me any more shit."


I slam the entrance closed, make sure that things look good around the area and begin to backtrack - wiping out our tracks as I leave. I get far enough away from the hidden entrance and begin to implement my plan…


Present – Mike (formerly Major and then Captain M) – At the cabin.


I've been drinking coffee in the new mess tent when the captain walks in and reports, "Sir, we haven't had any luck finding Ben Blaine."


I swear, "Shit! Not even the Apaches can find him?"


He answers, "No Sir, he must be using something to shield himself from the thermal on the drone and the FLIR on the Apaches."


I question, "How about the patrols?"


The captain has a negative report on this too, "They haven't found any trace of their location. However, we did pickup their tracks several times and our tracker says they are wearing Mickey Boots and one of them might be a woman because of the depth of those footprints."


I'm still pissed about the bastard blowing the wheel off my good wheelchair as I consider the fact that he's with a woman and wearing the Mickey Boots. I know he's doing that so he doesn't leave thermal footprints for the drone. Yeah, he's a smart bastard but I am determined to capture him or at least kill him.


The coffee is going through me so I order, "I need to go to the head and want two men to escort me." 


The captain responds like a good little tin soldier and orders, "Men, accompany Mike to the head."


I was glad I made them bring one wheelchair accessible Porta-Potty along with the others. Otherwise, I would have been forced to have the Privates help me into the head.


I get settled in, clear my thoughts and begin to think about things when – Oh hell no!


Present – Ben – At the cabin


Now that was more than satisfying! It was fun as hell and it was all I could do to keep from laughing my ass off - now to get back to the tunnel before sunrise. I take a different route this time and I'm thankful I did since I spot a patrol out searching for me on the route I would normally use.


I know where the hell their headed (hey this is my property) so I beat feet to get ahead of them and set up a few surprises.  While I’m in the area I arrange for a few more surprises for any future patrols. Then I head back to the higher ground, get onto the rocks and head toward the tunnel. I arrive above the tunnel, pause for a few moments and scan the area to make sure there are no more patrols close. I open the entrance slightly and command, "Destiny kill any lights."


Destiny replies, "Ben, I heard you coming and I don't need any artificial lights since I see fine in the dark."


I drop inside as I hear evidence that my surprises for the patrol have been found. Then I challenge her, "Are you trying to tell me you can see fine in here without artificial lights?"


She nonchalantly answers, "Of course I can, but I know you can't." Destiny turns on the light and continues, "Ben, what did you do?"


I begin to laugh, "Destiny you wouldn't believe it! I blew the hell out of their Porta-Potties - with Mike settled in one of them."


She asks, "I hope he wasn't killed or injured?"


I continue laughing, "Not this time because I wanted to send him a message so I only used flashbangs. I could have easily used satchel charges and this would have been over. Ah, I also found they were sending patrols nearby so I put flashbangs on many of the trails on my way back."


Destiny smiles and comments, "Ben, I am so proud that you didn't kill Mike, despite the temptation."


I like the praise but then get serious and explain, "It's not time yet. I want him and the greenies to suffer some more humiliation before I do that. How about you toss me an MRE and a heater? I want to eat and then get some sleep. I have some more plans for tomorrow night…"


Present – Jack – In prison at the cabin.


Multiple flashbangs go off then I hear someone swearing up a storm and smile - Banzai's been busy. Masha is asleep and Linus questions, "Flashbangs?"


The swearing continues and I answer, "Hell yes! I'm not sure what Banzai did with them but he sure as hell pissed someone off."


Linus continues to ask, "By using flashbangs?"


I answer, "Hell yes! Banzai was sending a message to someone, probably Mike, that he could have killed him. I know for a fact Banzai has high power explosives hidden somewhere on his land and he could have used those."


Linus states, "I wished he had, then this would have been over."


Even though I was certain she was sleeping Masha comments, "Ben is fighting a guerilla war and wants to intimidate the Special Forces and send a message to Mike."


Someone else in the tent asks, "Do you think he will come and release us?"


I answer, "While I would like to believe that he would, my guess is that we're being used as bait and he won't fall for the trap unless he can distract most of the greenies."


Linus looks around and says…


Present – Linus – In prison at the cabin.


I notice most of the Marines are awake and I decide to do something to boost their moral so I ask, "Have you all heard the joke about the Pierre the French pilot?"


Jack moans, "Oh no, not another lame joke!"


The other men say, "I don't think I've heard that one – anything is better than sitting here freezing our asses off – so go ahead and tell it."


I begin…"


Pierre, a brave French fighter pilot, takes his girlfriend, Marie, out for a pleasant little picnic by the River Seine. It's a beautiful day and love is in the air. Marie leans over to Pierre and says, "Pierre, kiss me!" Our hero grabs a bottle of Merlot and splashes it on Marie's lips. "What are you doing, Pierre?" asks the startled Marie. "I am Pierre, the famous French fighter pilot! When I have red meat, I like to have red wine!"


She smiles and they start kissing. When things began to heat up a little, Marie says, "Pierre, kiss me lower." Our hero tears her blouse open, grabs a bottle of Chardonnay and starts pouring it all over her breasts. "Pierre! What are you doing?" asks the bewildered Marie. "I am Pierre the famous French fighter pilot! When I have white meat, I like to have white wine!"


They resume their passionate interlude and things really steam up. Marie leans close to his ear and whispers, "Pierre, kiss me lower!" Our hero, grabs a bottle of Cognac and pours it in her lap. He then strikes a match and lights it on fire. Marie shrieks and dives into the river. Standing waist deep, Marie throws her arms to the heavens and screams furiously, "PIERRE, what in the hell do you think you're doing?" Our hero stands up, defiantly, and says, "I am Pierre the famous French fighter pilot! When I go down, I go down in flames!"


I finish and look around while Jack complains, "I tried to warn all of you about Linus' jokes…"


There's a chorus of complaints, "That was a lame joke – Hell, wouldn't a French pilot have to get up before they could go down?"


That last comment caused some laughter and the men agreed, "Hell yeah, I didn't know any of them to get up in the first place."


Someone adds, "Have you heard of parkour?"


I state, "Isn't that those French guys that run around on buildings and such?"


He continues, "That's right, it's the French martial arts system of running away."


All the men in the tent start to laugh until…


Present – Mike (formerly Major and then Captain M) – At the cabin.


I can't fucking believe it! The bastard Ben rigged the Porta-Potty with explosives. I was finishing my business when it and all the other Porta-Potties exploded. I was covered from head to toe with shit - even my backup wheelchair was covered with slime. The only good thing was that whatever he used wasn't powerful enough to kill or even injure me.


Then reality struck: The fucking bastard was toying with me like a cat toys with a mouse! Hell, if he wanted to kill me I would already have been dead.


The captain ran up and I swore, "What the hell are your men doing? Ben infiltrated your base and rigged the Porta-Potties with explosives. I demand you find him immediately!"


The captain reports, "Sir, he didn't just rig the Porta-Potties, our patrols have encountered a huge number of flashbang traps. The only way we know they are flashbangs is because we were lucky and found one before we tripped it."


I swear, "Captain, daylight is coming and I want him and whoever he's with found. The rules of engagement are changed: Ben, and anyone helping him are to be treated as terrorists."


The Captain tries to clarify my order, "Sir, are you saying we can now fire on him."


I smile and confirm, "Yes Captain, that's exactly what I mean. Now, I'm going to take one of the Chinooks back to my hotel and get cleaned up. Make sure to tell the Predator Commander he is now weapons free."


The captain waffles, "Sir, I would feel better if you issue that order."


I swear in response, "Damn! Okay, I will give the order, you just make sure you find him."


If Ben wanted to play hardball, I would show him hardball!


I finally get to the Chinook, get loaded and strapped down, the pilot begins to fire it up and – Oh Hell no!!!


Present – Mira and Alex – At the cash


My tympanic units detect multiple bang flashes then a large burst of blasphemy. I am certain the vocalizations have emanated from Mike and I inwardly smile - my Ben has been busy this night.


I am amazingly annoyed at Alexi and even more perturbed at that female saluki news reporter. I begin the attempt to dispel Alexi's falsehood about my corporeal self being jealous of Samantha when we get a surprise! Ira has returned from the domain of the comatose and questions, "Who is this Samantha of whom Mira is jealous?"


I vociferously, and futilely, complain, "Ira, I am not jealous."


Alexi counter chides, "Ira, it is propitious that you are awake! How do you feel? And yes, Mira is jealous of the cute Truth Network reporter, Samantha Stevens."


Ira responds, "Alexi, I am exultant to be alive. Mira, did Alexi have carnal relations with this personage?"


Alexi states, "Not yet, however I wouldn't mind the opportunity."


I reply in triumph, "I rest my case."


Then we are surprised…


Present – Samantha and Stacy – At the cash


After we are refused entrance to the morgue, I am extremely frustrated and come up with a great idea. We walk back to the area which houses the twins and Alexi. I walk closer to them and state, "Stacy and I are turning off the cameras mounted in our glasses. After this is done, I would like to ask you a few questions, strictly off the record."


I notice the other twin is awake and she states, "You must be Samantha Stevens."


I affirm, "Yes, I am Samantha and this is Stacy Summers."


The new twin makes me uncomfortable when she looks me over, as if she is inspecting a side of beef and comments, "Yes Alexi, now I understand your position.” Returning to me she says, "Please provide your interrogatory."


I continue, "We were lead to believe that many Marines were wounded in a large battle here, however you four seem to be the only patients in the hospital. Do you have any ideas as to what happened to the wounded Marines?"


Alexi says, "I was not aware of that factoid. My sisters I need to investigate this abnormality."


I question, "Do you mind if I accompany you?"


Alexi smiles and agrees, "That would be superb. My sister Mira, will you be able to defend Ira and Todd?"


The other twin (who I now know is Mira) states, "Yes Alexi, I am adequately recovered to perform my duty."


The second twin states, "Good hunting Alexi." And winks at him.


We begin to check the rest of the hospital and I question, "Alexi, what did your sister mean by that comment?"


Alexi answers, "It is our version of saying 'good luck…'"


I'm not sure about this game Samantha is playing with Alexi and his sisters, it's a dangerous game and also distracts from my plan about meeting up with Ben again. I was concerned that the twins would know that Ben and I spent some time together, but amazingly they don't seem to know this fact. If they did I am sure I would become a target for them. I decide that whenever we leave the confines of our base, I need to bring more men with us for protection.


It's eerie as we walk through the empty hospital and Alexi comments, "Samantha, your analysis is correct, there are no other patients in the hospital."


Samantha answers, "I have a theory they are all in the morgue, however there was an armed guard and we couldn't gain access to it."


Alexi brags, "An armed guard shouldn't be an issue. Let me discuss this with my sisters and I am sure we can gain access to the morgue.


I tell Samantha, "We need to check on the engineer and how the work is proceeding to open the tunnels, then we need to get back to our camp."


Thank God Samantha agrees, "Yes Stacy, you're right. I'll see you tomorrow Alexi."


He fawns all over her, "That will be my pleasure."


We leave and I complain, "Samantha, I warned you about flirting with him."


She ignores me and counters, "Stacy, I think you're worried about nothing."


We walk outside and hear another flashbang explode but this one sounds different, sort of like it's in a well. Then several more explode with the same strange sound.


Bill runs up and says, "Thank God you two are okay."


I reply, "Why wouldn't we be?"


Bill states, "Ben just blew the hell out of the Porta-Potties with Mike in one of them and now he's disabled the Chinooks with flashbangs in the engines. I was concerned he'd attack you next."


I inform, "Bill, I am safer here than anywhere - Ben would never attack me."


He complains, "Well he sure as hell is attacking my old company and I'm pissed as hell about it."


I laugh, "Yeah, well first look at what your old company is doing. They've invaded his property, detained and killed the Marines that were here helping Jennifer Donaldson and declared Martial Law. Hell, you all are lucky he hasn't killed anyone yet. In fact, it's not like Ben to approach a battle like this without running up casualties. I'm surprised he hasn't killed all of them and decided let God choose those he wants to keep."


Bill scoffs, "Stacy, he's not that good."


I think for a moment about what has transpired, then get pissed off and order, "By the way Bill, you need to get your head out of your ass and decide where your loyalties lie: With me or with your old company. If it's with me then our priorities are much different than those of your old company…"


Present – Zarika and Yasmeen – Escape


I make it into the parking lot for 7 and 11 but not without upsetting many drivers. Yasmeen doesn't help because she shows them her bad fingers. I pull up and park without hitting anything and then… Well, a funny looking car with huge wheels and tires pulls up beside us with the stereo playing some sort of rap song.


Four big angry looking Nubian men exit the car and move toward the ugly van. I remark, "Yasmeen, I think you made these men angry."


Yasmeen counters, "Zarika you are the one that almost hit their car."


They walk up to the car and one yells, "What da damn hell dun did ya' honky bitches dink ya' wuz doin'?"


Yasmeen looks at me and says, "Zarika let me handle this."


I worry for her as she steps out of the van and says, "Why you is gittin' in our faces dogs?"


One of the men answers, "Who ya' be callin' dog cracka' bitch?"


Yasmeen counters, "Who ya' callin' cracka' bitch? You's must dink ya're bad-ass ass gangsta rappuh's."


The first man answers, "Dat's right cracka' ho."


Then Yasmeen does something very surprising…


Present – Byron, Thom and Inga – It's raining hell on the drug lord


After the Recon team joins Thom and Inga and while they begin to kill the drug lord's men exfiltrating the building, I notice something and comm, " Uh guys, you might want to back away from the building, I think it could explode."


Thom questions, "Byron, what the hell are you talking about?"


I inform them, "Thom, the fire has reached the propane tank and it's just a matter of time until the whole place goes up."


Thom comms, "Let's move back to a safe distance."


The team leader counters, "Who the hell are you to give us orders?"


I complain, "Listen you dickwad, move back or become a casualty."


They move back just in time as the propane tank erupts in a huge fireball…


Shit! Byron saved my ass again (I'm not sure how many times this has happened). The building explodes and throws debris everywhere! There's acrid smoke in the air and once it clears, it’s apparent there's nothing left of the building. I comm, "Thanks Byron, I owe you one."


Inga comms, "Yes, I also am in your debt Byron."


The team leader orders, "Come on, we need to find the drug lord."

I give Inga hand signals…


Thom uses hand signals ordering us to hold our position. However, he does not realize that was my current plan. To rush in while the building is still engulfed in flames constitutes a fool's errand. If the drug lord is still here, he is certainly not hiding in this building.


I use hand signals to communicate with Thom and we proceed in a different direction…