Chapter 046

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Flashback – Ben – Back at the BTR 80


When I'd tried to lie to Elena about how I felt  (I wonder why it didn't work?) she confronted me about lying and I was forced to begin with the truth, "Since you've convinced me to be truthful with you I must admit I feel like shit and not just mentally but also physically."


Elena's face wrinkled with concern as she queried, "Ben what do you mean?"


I shook my head and replied, "If I'm not mistaken, I have a couple broken ribs in addition to my previous injuries." Then I pointed to the offending ribs as best I could while I grimaced in pain.


She swore, "Tвойу мат! Ben how did that happen?" She then became the professional nurse and assessed my rib injuries.


I began to explain when…


Flashback – Jack – In the room with the many dead Chechens


Hells bells, and I thought Major Mike was a pain in the ass - this Captain made him look like a saint. Of course he was pissed about losing the BTR 80 but he sure as hell didn't need to take it out on everyone else. Hell, it was his damn fault for not stopping them from firing at us! Oh yeah, I forgot that he's an officer and I guess even in Russia they primarily train officers to 'pass the buck'.


We went into the side room the Chechen's had breached - where Banzai got lucky when he blew all the fucking Chechens back to whichever hell they came from - and the Captain barked an order in Russian, "Сержанты собирать мне несколько кусков этого материала."


I stood there (and felt like an idiot for not understanding Russian) until Yuri translated, "Jack he ordered us to collect some pieces of the material like Ben found under the wheels of the BTR 80."


I was in a serious bad mood and grumbled under my breath, "Then why didn't he order it in fucking English, the fucking moron!"


Unfortunately the Captain must have heard me because he got in my face and began a long tirade in Russian (even though I couldn't understand it, I wasn't so stupid that I couldn't understand I was being 'dressed-down') which was interrupted when we heard small arms fire.  


Yuri interrupted the crabby Captain, "Isn't that shooting coming from where we left Ben."


I ignored the Captain's callousness and affirmed, "Hell yes it is!" I pushed the Captain the hell out of the way as we dashed back to the church sanctuary. Then we heard something which surprised us…"


Flashback – Ben – Back at the BTR 80


Thank God (and excellent training) that I didn't let anyone take my rifle from me, because the fucking Chechens were back again taking pot-shots at me from behind the church. I was in more danger from a ricochet than by a direct hit because they were shooting from an ineffectively long range. I ordered, "Elena take cover." I then began to return equally ineffective fire. Then I heard something that was music to my ears.


Elena questioned, "Ben, what's that noise?"


I smiled and answered, "That Elena is a Krokodil that's here to save our asses."


She looked puzzled and threw up her hands until I explained, "Krokodil is the slang name for an M-24 HIND helicopter. Finally someone called in the Air Cav."


Elena continued with the incessant reporter questions (something I needed to fix in the near future), "Ben what is the Air Cav?"


I smiled as I heard the chopper fire its 12.7 mm Gatling gun and explained, "Air Cav is short for Air Cavalry. It's the rapid deployment of troops and supplies by using helicopters or other vertical takeoff and landing vehicles."


The firing stopped and it became eerily quiet. Unfortunately the silence didn't last long enough…


Flashback – Jack – Back at the BTR 80


We arrived at the church sanctuary just as another team of Spetsnaz stormed the church through the big fucking hole in the wall made by the BTR 80. For a moment I worried I was going to be shot, then one of them ordered, "Put your weapons on the ground."


The Captain counter barked, "Who the hell are you to command me?"


It was all I could do to keep from laughing my ass off when a General walked up, pointed an AK at the Captain and ordered, "Captain, you are relieved of duty." The Captain saluted like crazy and tried to explain, "Sir, I was…"


 The General waved him off, walked over to Banzai, knelt down to be on his level (unlike the Captain) and questioned, "Sgt. Blaine, have you been further wounded?"


Banzai smiled and answered…


Flashback – Ben – Back at the BTR 80


A general bothered to kneel so he could look me in the eyes, I was impressed and answered his question, "Sir, I have a couple of broken ribs on top of my other injuries but it's really nothing."


I motioned to Jack and Yuri then requested, "Guys, please help me stand in front of the General."


The General waved them off and laughed, "Sgt. Blaine, do not worry. You are a hero of Russia and I apologize that the former Captain didn't treat you with the respect you deserve. Your continued presence here poses a problem for this village so I am here to return you to Moscow."


I became bold and questioned, "Sir, what about my Spetsnaz team, Jack, my girlfriend and my nurse."


Jack interrupted, "…and my fiancée? I don't want to leave her!"


The General replied, "Sgt. Blaine, do not worry because we are returning everyone back to Moscow. However, your team will temporarily remain here until their new commander arrives."


I clarified, "What about the Chechens who are still here?"


He laughed, "Do not worry, we will eliminate them as we would any other vermin. Now, we need to get you and your nurse on the helicopter."


Jack and Yuri assisted me to the helicopter and I was glad to finally be leaving this hell hole. But, to the bottom of my soul, I felt my mission wasn't complete because the fucking Chechens were still alive. I was joined on the Krokodil by Jack, Masha and Elena.


The General came to the door and questioned, "Sgt. Blaine, where is your girlfriend?"


I stammered, "Sir…Sir…Sir, I have no idea."


Then Masha started an answer…


Flashback – Masha – On the HIND 24


Ben didn't know about Tatiana and I hesitated to tell him. However, he needed to know at least a portion of the truth so I informed him, "Ben, Tatiana is being treated at the hospital."


He gave me a very concerned look and questioned, "Treated for what?"


I masked my face with a subtle smile and lied, "I think she was slightly injured trying to stop the BTR 80 from firing at you."


Ben swore, "I should kill that fucking son of a bitch Captain!"


The General attempted to calm him, "Sgt. Blaine, do not foolishly try your own retribution. We have developed 'ways' of handling situations such as this in Russia."


Ben questioned, "Sir, might we stop off at the hospital so we can bring Tatiana back to Moscow with us."


The General affirmed, "Yes Sgt., I will instruct the pilot to make a detour to the hospital." The General closed the door, went up to the pilot's door and talked with him.


Then a comment from Elena contributed to the overall level of concern…


Flashback – Ben – On the HIND 24


I was concerned for Tatiana, hell I didn't know she had been injured (which made me feel even worse). I was angry as hell and wanted to wring the fucking Captain's neck but the General did calm me down. However, if the Captain's punishment wasn't severe enough, I would make sure to take care of the issue permanently - no one injured my girlfriend and got away with it.


Elena made me feel better when she stated, "Ben, do not worry, when we arrive at the hospital I will find out what happened to Tatiana."


I noticed a peculiar look cross Masha's face and confronted her, "Masha, do you know more about this than you have told me?"


Masha gave me what looked to be a practiced smile and stated, "Ben, I have told you all I know."


I countered, "Masha, what you just said does not agree with your body language."


Then Jack complained…


Flashback – Jack – On the HIND 24


I was shocked at how fast the HIND 24 took off: This was certainly not an overloaded American helicopter. I enjoyed the view from the flight and then Banzai said something that pissed me off. I complained, "Banzai, what the hell! Don't you dare accuse my fiancée Masha of lying?"


Banzai explained, "Jack, when she smiled the corners of her eyes did not go up which is an obvious indicator of deception."


His explanation further inflamed me and I swore, "Banzai, when in the fucking hell did you become and expert at spotting lies?"


I was ready to throttle him when he sassed, "My skill comes from being lied to all the fucking time by you."


To prevent an escalation of the argument Masha interrupted, "Yes Ben, you are correct. I do know more than I told you and I withheld information for your protection."


Banzai further complained, "What the hell, I'm not some sort of child! You need to tell me all you know."


Once she told Banzai, everyone understood why she was reluctant at first to fully release the truth…


Flashback – Jens – At the military hospital


After I had successfully deflected Katie's (my nurse) questions, she suggested, "Jennifer, perhaps you need to see a psychologist?"


After my mother's horrendous actions, the last thing I wanted was to discuss it with anyone - let alone a shrink. I knew that in cases of 'child abuse', the shrink had to inform the authorities. Just a hint of this kind of scandal would terminate my father's career.


I smiled and declared, "Thank you Katie, but I am doing and feeling much better now. In fact I think I will practice again."


I began to rise from the bed and then I said something to put Katie on the defensive, "I sure wished I had my en pointe shoes..."


Katie scrambled, "Jennifer, I will put in another call to my shoe company friends and see if they can't come here immediately."


She left the room, I went to the door and made sure she was gone, then I went back to bed, started my computer and composed an e-mail…


Flashback – Glen – At the military hospital – interview with the JA


After I thought I had put the fear of God into Evelyn, the JA walked into the room and politely asked, "Do you mind if I take a seat?"


Evelyn slurred, "Hell, weren't you born with one seat already?" Then she began her inane cackle which reminded me of fingernails on the chalkboard.


The JA gave her a dirty look, took a chair and stated, "Let's not beat around the bush but instead get right to the point."


Evelyn further embarrassed me when she said, "Hell, you can beat my bush anytime you want honey! Shit, my husband hasn't beat it in months."


I felt my face turn multiple shades of red then I ordered, "Before we continue with any questioning, I would like our lawyer present."


The JA gave me a knowing glance and affirmed, "Yes Sir, I believe that would be very advisable. Do you mind if I visit your daughter?"


I knew Jennifer would be logical about things so I began, "Yes you have…"


Evelyn interrupted and slurred, "Hell, that little Prima Fucking Donna bitch! She has been the biggest pain in the ass since she became a prima ballerina that is until I beat some sense into her. Shit, if you're lucky perhaps you can beat her bush too!"


I saw red and wanted to slap the shit out of my drunken wife! Unless I was very careful, this was not going to end well…


Flashback – Alexi – In the laboratory


I was still elated with my recent success. However, with my 'parents' and the psychologist gone, I recognized a huge problem loomed on the horizon: How best to continue exploiting this ruse? Parroting everyone was one thing but soon that ploy would become superannuated and I needed a new strategy.


Then my meal arrived which presented a new opportunity.


I began to play with my food in a manner which I knew would infuriate my mother (I perceived that if it infuriated her, then it would likely infuriate others). Therefore, I took my butter knife and attempted to cut myself. This action, of course, had an immediate effect…


Flashback – Ira, Mira and Safia – in Israel


We were not sufficiently prepared when we I expertly picked the lock on the former supposed eunuch's door. Our surprise was unprecedented when we occulated what was contained within.


Akhmed expressed immediate alarm, "Oh my! Are those naked young girls chained to the beds?"


I affirmed, "Yes Akhmed, your ocular units perceive correctly."


Mira annotated, "Akhmed, it would appear your supposed eunuchs were monsters."


Safia joined and castigated, "Oh my God! They are worse than you are!"


The girls cowered at our presence and I interrogated, "Akhmed, what are your plans for these many abused young girls."


My current anger matched Mira's previous anger as I rested my hand on my katana. If his answer was not satisfactory, he would die.


Akhmed answered, "Well, they must be immediately returned to their families."


Safia expounded, "What the hell good will that do! Because of the dishonor heaped upon them by your monsters, they have been permanently despoiled and have no hope of a normal future."


Mira added, "She is correct, these young girls will be a pariah to their families."


Safia furthered the discourse, "For all we know, their families might have sold them to the supposed eunuchs to begin with."


I enjoyed the fact that Safia used the proper terminology for Akhmed's former eunuchs - there remained hope for her! Then I contributed additional petroleum to the flames, "Safia is correct. Returning them to their domiciles might not be a viable option."


Akhmed held his cranial carapace in despair, slumped to the floor and bemoaned, "What shall we do?"


Mira surprised our assembled company when she stated simply…


Flashback – Todd – On the island


I wasn't the hell sure what I was supposed to do with this fucking bow against the helicopters we heard hovering over the island? I needed my damn pistol! And a good rifle wouldn't make me unhappy!


As I followed Liu, I was in awe of how quietly and quickly she could move through the jungle. I tried to mimic her but I realized compared to her, I sounded like a bull crashing through a china shop. We got close to one of the choppers, she held up her hand and squatted, I did the same.


I watched as she effortlessly nocked and arrow, drew the bow, took aim and fired!


The next thing I knew all hell broke loose in the jungle…