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Flashback – Ben – In the HIND 24 headed to the hospital


After I confronted Masha about her lie to me about Tatiana's injuries, she finally confessed but I suddenly wished like hell she had continued the lie. She haltingly clarified the situation, "Ben I hate to tell you this but Tatiana's injuries were caused by shrapnel from one of your grenades."


I swore, taking a page from all the Russian women, "Tвойу мат! How in the hell did that happen?"


Jack interrupted and tried to smooth things over, "Come on Banzai, it's not like your aim was perfect with your grenade bat."


I was not appeased. In fact it further inflamed my anger, "Of course the fucking hell my aim wasn't perfect! But what the fucking hell was Tatiana doing on the son of a bitch battlefield? She should have been back at the hospital where she belonged…"


Masha immediately stood up and yelled…


Flashback – Masha – In the HIND 24 headed to the hospital


Ben's recent statement and Jack's earlier statement about how Tatiana and I needed to 'be in the places' they fucking thought we should be were too much! Who in hades did they think they were! They were certainly not Gods who could command us where to travel with a wave of their hands!!!


I stood up and yelled, mainly at Ben but also at Jack because he also needed to understand (I thought and made sure to say it in English so Jack would comprehend), "Bennie Blaine and Jack Reynolds! Just who in the hell do you think you are!!!"


I purposefully paused and waited until Ben and Jack naturally began to defend their indefensible position. Then I rudely (especially for a Russian woman) and boldly interrupted, "That was what you would call a 'rhetorical' question so do not bother trying to answer the question to attempt deflecting my greatly increasing anger! Tatiana and I are Russian women and Russian women are not anything like your American women counterparts. Immediately remove your heads from your anal orifices and learn our truth!!! We are taught from a very early age to take care of our men – not just our men but also the worthless as hell Russian men who hardly deserve the respect we give them because they return our show of love for them by finding younger mistresses!"


"Tatiana and I have been blessed by God to find the love of two wonderful American men who are totally different than the typical Russian man. Unless I am incorrect, you respect us, cherish us and have no plans to find younger consorts! However!!! This does not mean that we are your slaves and it certainly does not mean that you can command us where to go or tell us where to stay! Ben, Tatiana was here because you were in harm's way - the same reason I was here for Jack!!! Yes, she was slightly injured in trying to stop the attack of the BTR80! You need to accept that and concentrate on comforting her! She did it for you, not for herself. And Jack! You need to realize that I will always be here for you even when you are in harm's way and even though I might be carrying your child."


Flashback – Jack – In the HIND 24 headed to the hospital


After Masha read us the riot act I was truly humbled. However, my feeble brain finally settled on her last statement. To settle my troubled mind I humbly asked, "Masha, are you telling me you're pregnant?"


She gave me a flummoxed look and answered, "Jack, I was taking all the normal precautions, however I am late."


Like a fool I continued digging the hole deeper, "Late like a day or two?"


She swore that Russian saying I didn't understand, "Tвойу мат! No Jack, more than a week and I am very worried."


I looked at Banzai for support. He nodded his head so I know I had his support and offered the only solution I knew was right, "Well then Masha, we need to get married immediately."


I guess what I said was for this time correct because Masha ran into my arms, hugged me and began to cry…


Flashback – Ben – In the HIND 24 headed to the hospital


Well, that was certainly a short but intense reminder of the character of Russian women! However, it was still and always would be upsetting as hell to me that one or more of my grenades injured Tatiana. That was the last thing I wanted but I did learn that if I was in a battle, I needed to make sure Tatiana wasn't with me. Yeah, Masha might say she and Tatiana's place were beside us in battle, but hell, I was old school and a woman's place was any place except a battle. I hesitate to say a woman's place was in the kitchen because that would start a new fight which I could never win (and I probably didn’t want to win in the first place). 


But if Masha was knocked up with Jack's baby (the lucky as hell old fart!) I needed Tatiana more than ever to help me arrange the wedding before Masha couldn't fit into a wedding dress. Because my earlier attempts to contact the wedding planner without Tatiana's help failed miserably, I needed her help more than ever…  


We landed at the hospital after what seemed like a hell of a short flight so I asked the pilot, "I've ridden in many helicopters before and for the most part they are slow as hell. How the hell did you get here so fast?"


Before the pilot could answer Elena interrupted by doing her primary job as she opened the side door, jumped out and stated, "I will transport Tatiana to the helicopter, please do not leave the helicopter."


After the interruption, the pilot answered, "Unlike your American helicopters, we do not overload our helicopters with weapons and other things! Our transmissions and airframes are overdesigned to handle the loads we carry. In fact for many years a modified HIND 24, piloted by women, held the straight flight speed record for helicopters."


The gunner swore with a passion, "Yes, our speed record was valid and set by the female crew of Galina Rastorgoueva and Ludmila Polyanskaia. On 21 September 1978 their modified A-10 set the absolute speed record for helicopters with 368.4 km/h (228.9 mph) over a 25 km (about 15 mi.) course. The record stood until 1986 when it was broken by the current record holder, a modified Westland Lynx. However the British cheated."


Since I had to wait for Elena to bring out my girlfriend and I needed a distraction, I questioned further, "How in the hell did they cheat because it sounds to me like you loaded up the A10 with lighter female pilots?"


The gunner very proudly informed me, "We know the Lynx was the world's first fully aerobatic helicopter. In 1986 a specially modified Lynx set the current official airspeed record for helicopters however it was never produced. In the 21st century, a modernized military variant of the Lynx, designated as the AgustaWestland AW159 Wildcat, was created but was not as fast. Therefore the airspeed record of the A10 stands since it was made by a standard production model."


I considered for a very brief moment countering the claim but I glanced at Jack and he shook his head so I replied, "Well, it sounds to me like the British once again cheated."


I made the correct decision because both the pilot and weapons officer confirmed, "Hell yes they certainly cheated!" Then the pilot answered the question that bothered me, "Yes, we used female pilots but that was to prove that our female pilots are more proficient than male pilots of other nations."


Thank God Elena arrived with the gurney carrying a very obviously stoned Tatiana. The gurney swayed and rattled with each bump. She began to load the gurney into the Krokodil and I unwisely questioned, "What the hell is wrong with Tatiana?"


Jack helped Elena tie down the gurney and the pilots questioned, "Is everyone secure?" We all replied affirmatively and the Krokodil took off like its ass was on fire (I was sure the pilot was showing off). Once we in the air Elena gave me a funny look and answered my previous question, "An FSB agent stated that she should be sedated and the hospital staff in fear of their families more than complied with her directive. And now, unfortunately Tatiana is totally unresponsive other than occasionally muttering gibberish."


I was pissed as hell because Tatiana was stoned out of her head so she wasn't responding to anything! I tried to squeeze her hand but got nothing. I even gave her a hell of a kiss on the lips and there was still no response. I demanded, "Just who the hell was this FSB agent because I want a word with that fucker?"


Elena unfortunately stated, "The FSB agent left shortly after issuing the command to keep Tatiana sedated. But do not worry Ben, I will administer Narcan which will bring her out of her drug induced stupor."


As Elena prepared the injection I thought for several moments, looked lovingly at Tatiana and questioned, "Will the Narcan cause her pain?"


Elena slightly rolled Tatiana to show me her back which looked like the contents of a fucking meat wagon. I felt like hell that I did this to my girlfriend while Elena quickly replied, "With the extent of her injures, the Narcan, if administered too rapidly, will cause Tatiana severe pain."


I contemplated the injuries of Tatiana and my own feelings, then I made a decision, "Elena, can you keep her slightly sedated until we reach Moscow?"


I was surprised when Masha confirmed my plan because I didn't realize Masha knew anything about drugs, "Ben, that is a very smart idea since Tatiana could feel extreme pain if you awakened her."


I looked at Masha and tried to judge again if she was lying to me or if she only had Tatiana’s best interest at heart. My scrutiny unfortunately failed this time to produce a resolution both for myself and Tatiana. So I decided the best course of action was to keep Tatiana mildly sedated, "Yes Elena, please keep Tatiana slightly sedated until we reach Moscow."


Elena disposed of the dose of Narcan and stated, "We're probably better off not medicating her at all and letting the morphine wear off naturally." Elena then ordered, "Okay Ben, it's time for us to inspect your ribs."


I began to complain that I was fine when some really bad shit happened!!!


Flashback – Glen – At the military hospital – interview with the JA


I still saw red at the embarrassment produced by a very drunk Evelyn! Hell, with what she said to the JA I was sure my military career was over. The JA began to leave the room to visit Jennifer and motioned with his eyes for me to come into the hallway.


I looked at Evelyn to tell her where I was going but she had passed out on the table snoring like a fucking chainsaw. As I walked into the hallway the JA looked at me and commented, "Sir, it must be hell living with a drunk like that!"


I figured with what he'd seen and heard there was no point in attempting to lie to him so I agreed, "You don't know the half of it!"


He gave me a warm smile and surprised me when he stated, "Sir, please don't worry about this since it happens more often that you could imagine. You're in the right place because we're going to get her into an alcoholic recovery program right here in the hospital. However, we still have another matter at hand."


I extended my hand, gave him a firm handshake and thanked him, "You don't know how much I appreciate this."


His look became more serious when he said, "However, we still need to deal with what Evelyn did to your daughter Jennifer. Does she beat Jennifer often?"


I gave him a shocked look and instantly answered, "Hell no, this is the first time she's ever done that."


The JA requested, "Do you mind if I verify this with her?"


I gladly answered, "Hell yeah, you can ask her anything you want."


He said one more thing, "If we can convince Jennifer's nurse that this was a one-time occurrence and prove to her Evelyn is in an alcoholic recovery program then we should be able to persuade her to withdraw her complaint."


He left to visit Jennifer while I went back into the room and felt much relieved. Even with the current problems I still loved my wife. If we could get her off the sauce and back to the lovely woman she was before it would be great…


Flashback – Jens – At the military hospital


With my nurse Katie out of my hair for the time being, I went back to bed, opened up the lid on my sleeping computer and sent a quick e-mail to my BFF. Then I closed the lid on the computer and went back to practicing Swan Lake.


It was really strange practicing in the scrubs that Katie brought me – I had never performed ballet in anything that didn't fit my skin very tightly. These flapped around and annoyed the heck out of me so there was no way they were going to work. I closed my door looked at the clothes that Evelyn brought me and wasn't really happy with any of it to dance in. I looked at what Daddy brought me and struck a gold mine – I was going to give Daddy the biggest and best hug ever when he got back to my room! I took off the loose scrubs and put on the camo sports bra and camo yoga pants that Daddy found for me!


Then I stood in front of the mirror and assessed my body. I wondered if my chest was ever going to grow because the way it was right now, I really didn't need the sports bra. But I did like how the outfit showed off my six pack abdominals. I worked like heck to make sure I never got fat, not like that one fat cow girlfriend that Ben almost married.


There was a knock on the door so I turned toward the door and said, "Come in."


I couldn't believe it when HE walked into my room!!!


Flashback – Alexi – In the laboratory


I knew that I had accomplished something major when I took my butter knife and began to saw at my wrists. Instantly the door to my cell flew open and a man in a white coat rushed into the room. He ordered, "Stop trying to cut yourself!"


I laughed and parroted, "Stop trying to cut yourself!"


He approached me to disarm me but I easily dodged him and stabbed at him with my butter knife. He yelled, "I need help in here!"


Two more men ran into the room and one teased, "Can't you take care of one little boy?"


I decided to show them just how well this 'little boy' could fight, so I grabbed my tray of food and threw it at the one guard who teased the other one. In the confusion I saw my opening, dashed between the guards and rushed out into the hallway.


I was free! I ran down the hallway turned the corner and ran right into!!!


Flashback – Mira, Ira and Safia – in Israel


We were all gast of flabbered when Ira expertly picked the lock on the supposed former eunuchs quarters and dismayed to find they were inhabited by naked young girls chained to the beds as one would chain a mongrel dog to a post.


Discussion abounded on which course of action would be the best for them. I expertly determined there was only one way in which these girls could be redeemed. I very angrily informed Akhmed, "Because of the unknown status of these girls, whether their parents have possibly sold them into this… this… this sexual slavery, the rest of their life will be cursed and you with it unless you perform the proper act and marry all of them."


Akhmed still abided on the floor and further whined, "But, I already have a harem and besides I have no interest in young girls."


My sister Ira reminded him, "You seem to have forgotten that your current harem has been corrupted. They have no love or desire for men, and especially for you."


Safia added, "Yes Ira is correct. They have all, even my sister, expressed a great disgust for ever having a sexual relationship with you again."


Akhmed brought a valid question to our discussion, "Then what should I do with my current harem?"


We are amazed at Safia's suggestion…


Flashback – Todd – On the island


Liu's arrow pierced the choppers lower window and instantly impaled the pilot. The chopper began to gyrate wildly and descended toward us. Then all hell broke loose because the other Chinese choppers strafed the jungle. Liu took off in one direction, I took off in the other direction and hid under a tree.


Then I saw troops begin to rappel down from the choppers. Since the only weapon I had was the bow, I nocked an arrow and was surprised as hell when I actually took out one of the troops. However that garnered their attention and they directed their fire at me - but not before I skewered another one of them.


As the rounds got closer to me, I knew it was time to bug the hell out of here but I wished I knew where the hell Liu was…