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Flashback – Ben – In the HIND 24 headed to Moscow


Hells bells, Elena wanted to look at my ribs! I sure the hell wish I could have continued to lie to her about my injuries. I wondered if I had a tell (like a bad poker player) that indicated when I lied. I needed to get Jack alone and grill the hell out of him on this because my lies failed too often.


Elena came over beside me and continued her orders, "Okay Ben, let's get that shirt off so I can look at those ribs."


I started to take off my shirt when there was a deafening explosion which made my ears ring like the Moscow Church bells on Pascha1 night! The next thing we knew the Krokodil juked around like a bat out of hell. Because she wasn't restrained, Elena slammed into the wall away from me which knocked her ass out (that will teach her to not stay in her fucking seat), the pilot juked the other way, she slid back toward me so I reached out, grabbed her and held on for dear life even though I felt like my ribs were ripping a hole into my chest. I smelled something bad and then Jack swore.





Flashback – Jack – In the HIND 24 headed to Moscow


There was a huge fucking explosion, the helicopter lurched and my ears rang like a son of a bitch. I figured out we were hit by something. The pilot started acrobatic maneuvers and thank God Masha was strapped in otherwise she'd be bouncing around the cabin like Elena. Banzai grabbed Elena after she first bounced off the far wall to keep her from getting beat up more than she already was. But even restrained, Masha looked green as hell and stated, "Jack I'm…"


She never finished because she puked…


I swore at the pilot, "What the fuck do you think you're doing up there, you made my fiancée puke!" I wasn't so sure the pilot wasn't showing off and giving us an E-ticket ride. I held on to Masha and started to make deals with God…


Flashback – Ben – In the HIND 24 headed to Moscow


Son of a bitch! That wasn't pleasant! Masha puked because of the acrobatics of the Krokodil and some of her puke just hit me in the fucking face! I couldn't do anything about it because I would have to let go of Elena and there was no way in hell I was going to do that until the acrobatics ended.


I couldn't hear shit but it looked like Jack, the old fart, was praying. I guess Jack didn't know shit about the Krokodil because unlike the Hueys, Loaches or Blackhawks we rode in, the Krokodil was basically a flying tank. Oh yeah, they sometimes got taken out with high end manpads, but because we were still flying, albeit like a drunken bat out of hell, instead of crashing and burning, there was no apparent damage to the Krokodil.


I was impressed as hell with the pilot - he could fly the shit out of this Krokodil! This wasn't an easy feat considering it weighed over 18,000 pounds empty! I couldn't hear it but I sure could feel the vibrations of the 12.7 mm Gatling gun as it fired - I swear I could even feel some rockets being fired. Damn the gunner was ripping them a new asshole. It reminded me to check if the Russians had some sort of higher caliber (bigger than 50 caliber) sniper rifle. Since this was Russia I figured I owed the pilot and gunner a couple bottles of premium Beluga or Imperial vodka because unlike America, gifts of appreciation were freely given and freely exchanged.


The flight finally leveled out and I could only assume we were headed toward Moscow again. My chest felt like it was on fire and I had some trouble breathing. I knew I was in trouble when I coughed (which hurt even worse) and some blood came out of my mouth. I quickly covered my mouth but it was too fucking late.


Flashback – Masha – In the HIND 24 headed to Moscow


I was so embarrassed! Because of the big explosion which precipitated the wild flying of the helicopter pilot and my possible pregnancy, I became nauseous and vomited right in front of my wonderful Jack. He became very angry and yelled at the pilot.


The wild flying ended, my ears slowly began to work again when Jack pointed at Ben and said, "Masha, something is wrong with Banzai. He has blood coming out of his mouth."


Ben continued covering his mouth with his free hand and yelled, "Don't worry about me, I'm fine."


However he was paler than I'd ever seen him, his face showed great pain and he did have blood on the hand which was over his mouth. I looked at Jack and stated, "I should look at him, but I'm not going to get out of this seat and harness until we know the attack is over."


Jack yelled to the pilot, "Hey, Banzai and Elena were injured back here by your crazy assed flying. Is there any chance you can avoid the acrobatics so my fiancée can check both of them out?"


The pilot yelled back, "I was trying to avoid the RPGs the Chechen bastards were shooting at us. They surprised us with the first one that hit us but made them miss with the other two. We took all of them out, but I can't promise we won't need to perform evasive maneuvers again."


Ben forced a smile and said…


Flashback – Ben – In the HIND 24 headed to Moscow


There was no way in hell I was going to let a possibly pregnant Masha get out of her harness and seat to come check my medical condition. Especially since I already knew what was wrong with me - one of my broken ribs punctured a lung. I knew because it felt like I had a searing hot knife in my side and if I moved, it felt like the imaginary bastard holding the imaginary knife twisted it. I smiled at Jack and Masha and said, "Masha there's no way in hell that in your condition you're getting out of that harness so sit back and enjoy the rest of the ride because I'm going to be fine."


Masha began to argue, "But Ben you probably…"


After having Masha lecture us earlier, it was my turn to get on my high horse. I interrupted, "Masha shut the fuck up and Jack don't you dare interrupt me or I will kick your ass. We all witnessed what happened to Elena who foolishly got out of her seat. Now you would risk your child by doing the same damn thing? Masha I already feel bad enough about killing a friendly but if you got out of your seat and lost the baby because of it, I could never forgive myself. I know exactly what's wrong with me: One of my broken ribs punctured a lung. Masha with the equipment we have on the Krokodil there's nothing you can do for it. So keep your ass in that seat and keep your harness on."


Jack looked at me and questioned, "Shit Banzai, I'm the one who broke your ribs when I landed on you so is there anything that I can do for you?"


I thought for a moment and answered, "Jack, if you can do it fast enough and carefully enough, it would be nice to get Elena back into her seat and harness because holding her hurts like a mother fucker."


Jack looked at Masha and Masha cautioned, "Jack, we don't know the extent of Elena's injuries so please be gentle with her when you move her." It was touching as hell that the old fart asked her 'permission' to get out of his seat. If I felt better I would have given him a ration of shit about 'the old ball and chain'.


Jack unhooked his harness, slipped over by me, gently picked up Elena, took her to her seat and strapped her in. He came back by me, leaned down and whispered, "Are you really going to be okay?"


I grabbed his hand and said, "We don't have a choice. We don't have the equipment here to treat this so the faster we get me to a hospital the better."


He gave me a strange look, went back to his seat, strapped himself in then began to whisper to Masha. I considered complaining but decided it was wiser to save my energy…


Flashback – Glen – At the military hospital – interview with the JA


When I came back into the room it woke Evelyn up and she asked, "Now where did that nice JA go?"


I knew I needed to keep her in the hospital for the treatment program so I suggested, "He left to talk to Jennifer. How about you and I go grab a cup of coffee in the cafeteria?"


She gave me a loony drunk smile and slurred, "Glen, that would be so nice."


I judged by her condition that she couldn't walk without help, so I went over and offered her my arm. She grabbed my arm, stood up and I assisted her to the cafeteria.


Flashback – Jens – At the military hospital


I'd just finished assessing my body when there was a knock on the door and HE walked into my room holding a bouquet of roses. He ran his eyes over my body like he was looking at a piece of meat and as a result, even though I was in a sports bra and yoga pants, I felt like I was naked. I quickly grabbed my scrubs, put them back on and demanded, "What the heck are you doing here?"


Robert (you do remember he pronounced it Rooo-bear don't you?) laughed like the imbecile he was and replied, "I came by to see how my little prima ballerina is doing. I do have to say, I liked what I saw when I first walked in."


I glared at him and snidely replied, "What the heck! I'm certainly not your little prima ballerina!"


He smiled at me, licked his lips and regrettably informed me, "I guess you didn't hear that I got the part of Prince Siegfried. So we will finally, after all these years, be dancing together. But I guess you didn't hear the other news."


Shoot, since being in this hospital I hadn't heard any news and Roooo-fricken-bear had piqued my interest. However I feigned boredom and replied, "Oh, I'm sure it's nothing important."


He laughed his imbecilic laugh again and informed me, "Nothing important? You my little prima ballerina don't know what you're talking about. Olga has arranged for the heads of several professional ballet troupes to attend the performance."


I almost swore but held my temper, "Stop calling me that!"


Robert grinned at me and teased, "What? You don't like it when I call you 'my little prima ballerina'. Well that's what you are because I'm going to ride you to the top."


The sexual connotation of his comment offended me (and also his added hip motion when he said the word ride) so I reminded him, "Have you forgotten what happened the last time we danced together?" (If you don't remember, he put his hand on my privates and I kicked his rear!)


He walked over, handed me the flowers and countered, "Well, you were still a little girl then and didn't understand how things work. From what I observed earlier when I first came into the room, you're all grown up now."


His comment made me even angrier than when I kicked his rear! I began to get ready to kick his rear again when there was a knock on the door and before I could say anything, my BFF Megan burst into the room (and scared the heck out of me). She took one look at us and the roses and stopped, her mouth fell open and she blurted, "Jens, who's your new boyfriend?"


I was furious at Megan and yelled, "Megs, he's not my boyfriend!"


Megan continued with her stupid comments, "Then why did he bring you roses?"


Robert smiled at Megan and added to my misery, "I was wishing my little prima ballerina God speed on getting well. See Jennifer, even your friends can see that we belong together."


I sputtered, "But…but…but…"


The stupid fool looked at his watch and interrupted me, "Sorry my little prima ballerina, I need to get going. Now that we're dancing together, I need more practice so I can dance as well as you. Get well soon."


He tried to kiss me on the cheek and I luckily dodged his kiss. He walked out of the room and Megs immediately and annoyingly said, "Jens, you are one lucky girl! He's one of the dreamiest boys I've ever seen."


I threw the roses in the trashcan, stamped my foot and angrily yelled, "Megs he's a pervert, he will never be my boyfriend and you know that!"


Megs looked at the door and made an insane comment, "Jens, are you sure that you're thinking straight here? I mean look at him - tall, handsome and very fit."


I tried to explain, "Megs, he's a pervert and tries to have sex with anyone he can."


Megs shocked me when she licked her lips and blatantly offered, "Hell, he could do me any time and I sure wouldn't complain."


I was getting ready to let Megan have it when there was a knock on my door and Katie walked in. She stated, "Jennifer, Robert just introduced himself to me. I think you two will make a great team."


She looked at Megan and ordered, "It's time for Jennifer's shot so you will need to leave the room."


Megan smiled at us, came over, kissed me on the cheek and said, "That's okay nurse I need to leave. Hey Jens, catch ya tomorrow."


I glared at Katie and complained, "Thanks a lot!"


She gave me a very puzzled look and questioned, "Jennifer, what did I do?"


I began to cry, Katie hugged me and asked, "Okay Jennifer, what's really wrong."


I blubbered…


Flashback – Alexi – In the laboratory


I finally escaped my room by threatening one of the guards with a butter knife (of all things), then throwing my tray of food at the others and running between them in the confusion. Once I escaped I ran down the hallway, around the corner and ran right into the psychologist. His obese girth refused to be moved and bounced me to the floor. I looked up at him, threatened him with the butter knife and he laughed, "Alexi, you know you can't hurt me with that."


I parroted, "Alexi, you know you can't hurt me with that."


When I stabbed him with as great a force as possible he looked surprised, grabbed his fat stomach and I eluded his bulk and continued running past him.


I looked down at the knife and felt badly since it had blood on it. I must have really injured the psychologist - which meant I needed to escape this place more than ever…


Flashback – Safia, Mira and Ira – in Israel


I was tired of the fat man's avoidance of his duty. Mira was right, we didn't know what the hell was going on with these girls (I bet at least half of them were sold into sexual slavery by their family because that was prevalent here) so Mira was correct, the only resolution was for Akhmed to marry them.


He complained about his current harem (which were all lesbians now, including my sister) but insisted he wanted to keep them, so I simply reminded him of reality and suggested, "Akhmed they are all lesbians so just sell them all in the slave market and recompense your loses."


He was startled by my abruptness, looked at me and foolishly questioned, "Including your sister Naomi?"


I wondered how stupid he really was since he still didn't understand so I stated, "Especially her! Akhmed whether you want to hear it or not, my sister has been using your property for her own means."


Then Mira added…


Safia was totally correct. I had seen the information when I examined Naomi's bookkeeping on the computer so I added additional information, "Akhmed, do you really know what Naomi is doing with your money?"


Akhmed looked bewildered and answered, "I assumed that she's investing my money like I told her to."


I smiled, hugged Safia (because she looked like she needed a hug) and inquired, "So you wanted to invest your money in a drug cartel?"


Akhmed looked stunned and quickly answered, "By all that is right, NO! I never told her to invest in a drug cartel, I know better than to get involved with them."


I knew he had no idea what she was doing so I smiled at him and further informed him, "Well she invested heavily in one of them and unless Ira and I take care of that problem before we leave, it will probably come back to eat your butt."


Thankfully Safia corrected, "I think you mean bite him in the butt."


I thanked her and affirmed, "Thank you Safia for the correction, yes bite him in the butt."


Then I placed further fuel on the conflagration when I continued, "Akhmed, your harem and probably Naomi have been adding something to your food or everyday routine to greatly modify your hormones in a negative manner. They have done something to suppress your male testosterone hormone and increase you female estrogen hormone. Because of this you have gained weight and it is also why you feel no sexual arousal."


Akhmed looked amazed and stated, "I don't know what they could be doing. We eat the exact same food and other than my daily massages everything else is the same. You can ask Naomi since she is in charge of my food and massages."


I thought for several moments and made a decision, "Ira and Safia, please liberate these girls, cleanse them and introduce them to their new husband, Akhmed. Even though it is an odious task, I must translocate to the harem horde's room and interrogate Naomi."


Akhmed rose and foolishly insisted, "I would like to come and help with the interrogation."


I patted him on his grossly obese arm, smiled and advised him, "Akhmed, my interrogation of Naomi will not be pleasant and in addition it might well be painful for her. So you are better served by remaining here and acquainting yourself with your new and future wives."


My anger was kindled many times over towards the harem horde as I turned and began my translocation, once again, to their quarters.


Flashback – Ira and Safia – in Israel


I did not envy my sister Mira, however I felt even worse for the harem horde and especially Naomi. It had been a very long time since I had witnessed such anger in Mira. I was sure it was kindled by the earlier attack the harem had perpetrated upon her, but increased to a full conflagration by the abuse the supposed eunuch guards perpetrated upon the young girls. Akhmed would be fortunate if any of his lesbian harem survived Mira's 'questioning'. I assumed Mira's questioning was going to escalate to more of an execution.


Safia foolishly questioned, "Ira, how will we remove their chains?"


I pulled out my pick lock set and stated, "I will pick the lock and you will take them into the showers and help to cleanse them."


As I approached the closest girl she cowered from me. I reached down took the chain in my hand, looked at her leg and my anger was multiplied to a level much greater than Mira's. This young girl's leg would be permanently scarred from the shackle. I controlled my anger, picked the lock and moved on to the next girl, whose leg was equally scarred.


Safia began to take the first girl into the shower and had the audacity to complain, "Ira, she's covered in lice and they are getting on me."


I had no patience for her complaints so ordered, "Akhmed, we need a strong pediculicide and a louse comb. Please translocate to the closest store and purchase these items for us."


Akhmed left and I ordered Safia, “You can begin the shower but realize that you will also become infected. When Akhmed returns with the pediculicide you will need to apply it for the minimum number of minutes recommended while using a towel to keep it out of their and your eyes. Then you will need to use the louse comb on their and your hair for three to four minutes to remove the rest of the lice and eggs."


Safia whined like a little girl, "Ira, I can not do this!"


I was tired of her infernal braying and ordered, "You either do this without further reluctance or stay here as one of Akhmed's new wives."


Flashback – Todd – On the island


When the Chinese attacked the island with helicopters, Liu took out one of the choppers with a well-aimed arrow to its pilot. I took out a couple of the men roping down to the island and then rapidly retreated, thankful that I could see and avoid the many traps she had set.


Far behind me I heard a hell of a noise and determined that the Chinese weren't as lucky and had fallen into one of her traps. I decided to loop back and see what was happening and as I approached the location of the greatest noise, I was relieved because I found Liu. Somehow she heard me coming and motioned to me to approach more quietly. I came closer as quietly as I could and noticed two Chinese soldiers caught in one of her net traps.


She hand signaled me and I understood what she wanted me to do. I nocked and arrow while she placed and arrow in the ground in front of her, nocked a different arrow and we both fired at the same time. I took out the Chinese bastard trying to cut the net down while she took out the first bastard in the net and just as quickly took out the next bastard in the net. Then she motioned to me and we ran like hell…