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Flashback – Ben – In the HIND 24 headed to Moscow


The torture by strapping tape was over but I had a serious question. I looked at Tatiana and asked, "So how bad is it going to hurt when you take off the strapping tape?"


I could see great concern in the look that Tatiana gave me as she answered, "Ben, it will not be very comfortable."


Elena added, "Tatiana, perhaps we could use alcohol to help remove the glue from the tape and make it easier to remove."


Elena's plan gave me and idea and Tatiana didn't realize she left the vodka beside me in my seat. I reached down, grabbed it, twisted off the top and took a long hard draw - then I heard a screech…


Flashback – Tatiana – In the HIND 24 headed to Moscow


I was shocked! I left the vodka bottle by Ben and he helped himself to a very large drink! I yelled, "Ben Blaine, what in hades are you doing? Give me that bottle!"


He laughed and stated, "Like hell I will! Since no one brought any pain medicine with them, I am going to use the vodka medicinally."


I gave him a very stern nurse look and using my most fearsome nurse voice commanded again, "Ben, give me that bottle!"


He defiantly opened the bottle, took another long drink then announced, "Your Jedi mind tricks won't work on me, besides you didn't use the 'magic' word."


I was puzzled by both statements. Jack then began to laugh and said, "Banzai, please share some of that vodka with me."


Ben continued his laughing and countered, "Well Jack, you did use the 'magic' word however I wasn't aware you were in pain so I'm hesitant to give you my medicinal vodka."


Jack reminded Ben, "Hell, are you forgetting all the cuts on my face?"


Ben rudely insulted Jack, "Hell, the cuts on your face actually improve your looks and with all the nurses we have on this flight you think one of them could take care of you." The sarcasm was obvious when he said nurses which made me even more upset.


I looked at Ben and came up with a great idea so I answered, "Ben you are correct, I should remove the debris from Jack's face however I will need the vodka to clean the wounds."


Ben derisively laughed, "I knew were going to say that so let me take one more long drink then I will give you the bottle."


I considered another threat but I realized the last time I seriously threatened Ben it resulted in me being fired as his personal nurse. He grinned the whole time he slowly unscrewed the lid off the bottle and then took another long drink.


When he finally handed me the bottle, I looked at him, grinned and…


Flashback – Ben – In the HIND 24 headed to Moscow


What the hell! Tatiana didn't give the bottle of vodka to Jack. I couldn't believe it as she grinned at me (like a fucking Cheshire cat), unscrewed the top, tipped the bottle up and drained the rest of it without pausing (and there was close to half a bottle left). I complained, "Hey, that was my medicinal vodka."


She wiped her mouth on the back of her hand a laughed, "And did you forget about my back? Because of it I am in the most pain of all of you."


Elena confirmed Tatiana's self-assessment, "With the multitude of wounds, Tatiana's assessment is most likely accurate."


I questioned if she could be in more pain than me, but I was smart enough not to counter Elena's claim. And Shit! I had forgotten temporarily about her back (probably because of the vodka) and her reminder made me feel like shit again. I profusely apologized, "Tatiana, I am so sorry about your back, I will make it up to you somehow."


Tatiana said, "Ben it was not your fault - I happened to be in the incorrect place at the incorrect time. You are lucky you didn't also injure Masha because she was beside me." Tatiana appeared to think for a moment and then continued, "That reminds me Masha, what did I hear about you possibly being pregnant?"


Flashback – Masha – In the HIND 24 headed to Moscow


I had wished to avoid the fact that I was adjacent to Tatiana when she was injured, but now the korska (cat) was out of the bag. I got ready to answer when Jack interrupted, "Masha, what the hell is Tatiana talking about? You might be pregnant and you were with Tatiana when she was injured? What the hell were you thinking?"


I prepared to formulate an answer when Ben began to laugh like crazy and then surprised us as he sang,"


Love's got a hold on me, baby, Feels like a ball and chain.

Now, love's just draggin' me down, baby, Feels like a ball and chain.

I hope there's someone out there who could tell me

Why the woman I love wanna leave me in so much pain.

Yeah, maybe, maybe you could help me, come on, help me."


He finished and continued his idiotic laugh. However the song he sang inadvertently gave me the answer to the riddle of what an 'old ball and chain' was so I took the opportunity to redirect and respond, "Ben Blaine, are you telling me that the 'old ball and chain' that you have teased Jack, myself and Tatiana about is love? If so Tatiana, what are your feelings on this?"


Tatiana even in her inebriated state understood, glared at Ben and drunkenly complained, "Well, if he feels my love is 'dragging him down' and it is a ball and chain, whatever that is, then perhaps I need to fire him as my boyfriend like he fired me as his personal nurse!"


What was said next totally shocked us!


Flashback – Ben – In the HIND 24 headed to Moscow


Shit! I made a huge mistake singing the ball and chain song because it let both Masha and Tatiana know what the 'old ball and chain' was and now I was going to pay the price. Thank God I was partially drunk so the pain wouldn't be as bad. However I was shocked and almost sobered up when Tatiana threatened to fire me as her boyfriend (I am sure it was in retaliation for me firing her as my personal nurse).


Then Elena announced, "Ben, I have been seriously considering things and if Tatiana doesn't want you as her boyfriend, I certainly do!" This totally ruined the buzz I had from the vodka!


I was shocked the rest of the way sober and asked, "I thought I wasn't your type."


She laughed and answered, "Ben, I am not a lesbian, I am bi-sexual so you are certainly my type."


I stumbled and didn't know what to say but Tatiana re-asserted her claim, "Elena, no one is taking my boyfriend away from me."


Elena smiled and then laughed, "Well, you are the one that didn't want him anymore."


Tatiana countered, "Over my dead body!"


I needed to defuse this situation so I replied, "Elena, I am flattered by your offer, however as long as Tatiana wants me, she is my girlfriend."


Tatiana added, "That's damn right Ben! I'm not only your girlfriend, I had better be your only girlfriend!"


I looked at Elena, noticed a twinkle in her eyes and figured that Tatiana and I had been played by a master. However, this time I was smart enough not to say anything.


But the situation hadn’t run its course yet…


Flashback – Masha – In the HIND 24 headed to Moscow


While Ben, Tatiana and Elena worked out their issues, I still had some issues to resolve. I angrily stated, "Ben Blaine, I am still not happy that you compared my love to Jack as an 'old ball and chain'. Now that I know more about the connotation of an 'old ball and chain' I am more upset than ever."


Ben looked at me and I was shocked when he didn't apologize! Instead he asserted, "Masha, you don't understand that I didn't mean any insult to you. I was doing two things..."

I interrupted, "What two things are those because I feel greatly insulted?"


Ben smiled at me and answered, "Masha, I've known Jack for years…"


Jack Interrupted, "Hell, too many years…"


Ben continued, "Masha, I've never seen Jack have feelings towards anyone, not even me, like he has toward you. Hell, he's head over heels in love with you! When I teased him about the old ball and chain, it was to acknowledge he really loved you – and the second part was that if any two people in the whole world should be together, it's the two of you."


Jack came to Ben's defense, "Masha honey, Banzai is telling the truth."


As I began to cry, Jack gives me a big hug and asked…


Flashback – Jack – In the HIND 24 headed to Moscow


Banzai really screwed the pooch on this one: Masha is still upset and shit… She begins to cry! I hugged her tight and asked, "Masha what's wrong now?"


She pulled away some, sniffled and said, "Jack, I do not want to talk about it."


I glared at Banzai and offered, "Masha when Banzai gets better I will make him pay for getting you so upset."


Masha continued and said, "Jack it's not Ben, it's a woman problem."


I began to question her further when Tatiana interrupted…


Flashback – Tatiana – In the HIND 24 headed to Moscow


Even though I was slightly inebriated, I still understood what Masha's problem was and I needed to help rescue her because Jack didn't understand and Masha would never tell him.


I interrupted, "Jack, you do not need to know why Masha is crying, you just need to accept her answer."


Jack began to complain when Ben came to my rescue, "Jack, get your ass over here you old fart."


Jack moved over to Ben, leaned close and Ben whispered to him. Jack nodded his head, came back to the seat and held Masha while she continued crying.


I wondered what Ben told Jack so I moved beside him, hugged his arm and whispered in his ear, "What did you tell Jack?"


He smiled at me and whispered an answer, "I told him Masha is having her period."


I am amazed Ben was so astute and understanding so I questioned, "How did you know?"


Ben grinned at me then whispered an insult, "Hell, there are only two 'women' problems: The first is if they are pregnant; the second is if they are having their period. I told Jack Masha was so upset because she wanted to be pregnant and now she was upset because she was having her period."


I was so angry that… that… that…


Flashback – Jens – At the military hospital


I had just talked to Daddy to make sure the military lawyer man wasn't playing one of those fricken lawyer tricks on me; he told me he was working with Daddy and me to get Evelyn into an alcoholic rehabilitation program. The smile left his face as he told me, "Jennifer, I understand what you and your father are going through because I had the same problem with my wife."


I thought for a moment and decided to pretend to be a dumb teenage blonde so I questioned (without giving him any real information), "You mean she acted a little crazy and did some strange things?"


He leaned back in his chair studied me and then confronted me, "Young lady, you might have been able to pull that 'I'm just a teenage girl' trick when I first came into the room, but your previous answers have shown me that if anything, you probably have a higher IQ than mine so cut out the act. And to let you know my wife was an alcoholic and beat my son. So now are you happy?"


I was concerned about his reaction so I apologized, "I'm sorry Sir, if I insulted you. But while I do want my mother's problem fixed I do not want it to be at the expense of Daddy's career. So unless you can give me written assurance his career will not be negatively impacted, I refuse to discuss this with you."


He gave me a look of exasperation then stated, "Well, that's too bad because I could really use your statement to help corroborate my case to get your mother into treatment and you are smart enough to understand I cannot put any assurances in writing - all I can give you is my word. So without your statement of what occurred with your mother I will have to use whatever your nurse tells me."


Rats, double rats and triple rats! I'm really not sure what Katie will tell him so I relent, "While I am hesitant to trust you, I can see it is my only option. Please sit back down and I will try to answer your questions."


He sat back down, pulled out a mini-recorder and the interrogation began. Most of it wasn't too bad until he asked, "Jennifer your mother implied that your father is having a sexual relationship with..."


I almost threw up and interrupted him, "Gag me with a spoon!!! Daddy has never and will never do anything inappropriate with me. He is the best father in the world!"


The lawyer apologized, "Sorry Jennifer, I had to ask that question."


I confronted him, "Well, I will not say anything else concerning this subject other than I am saving myself for marriage."


The lawyer started a new question, when the phone rang in my room. I answered it and I couldn't believe what Daddy told me next.


I looked at the lawyer and explained, "I need to get to the emergency room."


Flashback – Alexi – In the laboratory


I could not believe it! I was free! It was wonderful to smell the fresh air again rather than inhale the medicinal atmosphere of the institute. I ran as fast as I could toward the fence.


I heard institute workers yelling behind me, "Alexi stop, you do not understand!"


But I certainly understood! I had injured the psychologist and would face serious repercussions from him and probably also from my 'parents' so there was no way I was going to stop.


I arrived at the fence, reached out, established contact with it and something very bad happened...


Flashback – Mira, Safia and Ira – in Israel


Akhmed arrived at an un-apropos time and his auditory units perceived that Ira determined his domicile was infested with pedicules, he brayed, "Oh no, perhaps that is why I itch so often and have so many red spots on my body!"


The formication continued on my corporeal self, however until the offending pedicules were terminated from the domicile I understood that the formication would not abate. I affirmed, "Yes Akhmed, your analysis is correct."


Akhmed slumped to the floor, placed his cranial carapace in his grossly engorged digital extremities and muttered, "What am I to do about this?"


I gained understanding of how the harem horde, especially Naomi were able to deceive Akhmed: He really was a grossly obese, incompetent fool. I tried to analyze if it was a side effect of the estrogen treatments Naomi perpetrated on his corporeal self. This was my hope because if my analysis was incorrect, then we could not leave an impaired Akhmed in this domicile.


I mustered as much cheer as possible to quell Akhmed's hopeless attitude and stated, "Akhmed, I will translocate to the market and obtain workers to de-pedicule your domicile."


Ira requested...


I could only assume that the initial freedom from pedicules on our corporeal selves was attributed to the DEET repellent which we often applied to our corporeal selves. However direct contact with the young girls combined with the shower rendered the DEET ineffective.


Since Mira was translocating to the market I suggested, "Mira, perhaps you could purchase new accoutrements, sealed within plastic to prevent infestation, for us."


Safia added, "Yes please, also purchase some for me."


Mira smiled and promised, "Ira and Safia that is an excellent idea. I will also purchase more DEET repellent in case the de-pediculing of the domicile fails."


Mira departed and Safia annoyingly brayed...


I complained, "Ira, I can not stand these lice on my body! They have spread everywhere on me."


Ira glared at me and confirmed, "Safia, I share your feeling of disgust, however think of how much greater the disgust must be for these young girls. They have obviously dwelled with this condition for many months."


One of the young girls surprised us when she responded, "The bad men were so evil to us that we purposefully became infested with lice in hopes that they would not rape us as often. However it did not work and they behaved even more evilly toward us."


Another girl added, "Yes, they became angry and beat us unmercifully because of the infestation."


A third questioned, "Do I understand that we are to all be wed to this 'man' here?"


My wrath was greatly kindled at the abuse suffered by these young girls so I stated, "Safia, terminate performing as a spoiled child and open your visual units to appreciate how much a better life you had, even on the street than these girls have endured."


Safia brayed again and…


Flashback – Todd – On the island


After we ripped one of the helicopters a new asshole we took off like our asses were on fire and once again Liu and I were separated. The bastards in the helicopter flew past me and I knew what the hell they wanted to do. They wanted to get in front of me so I took off down a side trail, found an even smaller trail that ran parallel to the main trail I was on and listened carefully as I continued down the trail.


I tried my best to emulate Liu, but I still wasn't happy with how much noise I made. Thank God the helicopters made a hell of a lot more noise than I did. With the canopy of trees, it was difficult to judge the exact location of the chopper, so I slowed and listened carefully. I was shocked that I could hear the familiar sound of men roping down from the chopper. I ducked into some bushes, pulled out several arrows, nocked one and waited.


It didn't take long until a man appeared on the side trail, I drew the bow and let fly with the arrow. Unfortunately, I missed completely so all I did was alert the Chinese bastard to my location. I took off running as the jungle behind me exploded from gunfire.


Then as quickly as the gunfire started it amazingly ended…