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Present - Ben and Destiny - At the cabin in the bunker


I ask Destiny to use some of her 'shaman' skills to determine the best location for the Tabasco bottles IEDs so I can get them the fuck out of my pack before I blow myself to hell and she surprises the shit out of me! Instead of going into one of her trances, she begins to sniff the air and then the crazy granola chick gets on all fours and begins to sniff the ground like a dog.


However, after my previous comment about shedding and her reaction to it, I decide to keep my mouth shut until a later time. I've already pissed her off enough today and I sure as hell don't need her being more of a RPITA the whole day.


She stands, smiles and states, "Ben, thank you for not insulting me again - one day I will tell you my secret but not right now. I will gladly show you the best places to locate the Tabasco bottle IEDs if you promise me they will not kill the greenies."


Normally I would have given her more shit for saying what she did, but I was interested as hell to see how close her revelations would be to mine so I bit my tongue and replied (however I couldn't help but to get a little dig in), "They will cause some damage to the greenies but unless they are crawling around on the ground like you have been, they shouldn't be killed."


She glared at me, put both her hands on her hips (shit just like Jens!) and complained, "I thought you weren't going to bother me about my methods?"


I smiled and shrugged my shoulders as she continued by pointing out the locations. Amazingly many of them were my first choices but there were two surprises so I ask, "Are you sure about those locations?"


She challenges with a logic I just had to agree with, "Why don't you put one in the location you are thinking of and one in the location I suggest, then we will come back tonight and see who's right."


I'm all over the suggestion like stink on shit (or on Mike after last night) and suggest, "Ladies first, so which of your two locations would you like?"


She laughs and shakes me with her answer (how the hell does she know what I'm thinking!), "I like that thought about Mike, just remember how fulfilling it is to insult him instead of killing him. And I will let you choose your preferred location."


I took the location that I felt was the best for me and heaved a sigh of relief after getting all the Tabasco bottle IEDs out of my pack without detonating one of them.


Destiny smiles and questions, "So what's next?"


I grin at her and answer, "We need to visit a couple more weapons caches because we're going to stink some things up and give the greenies some serious non-lethal hurt."


Present - Jens - In the equipment room


We hear some strange noises in the tunnels so Maria gears up and leaves to investigate while I continue to try to comfort Ivan. I guess our luck and his resolve have finally ran out as he continues to cry, "I no like tunnel trap, I want mama and papa!"


Even though having him on my chest hurts like hell, his wails brings out every maternal instinct I have ever had and I say, "Ivan, you're such a good boy I am sure they are doing everything they can to reach us."


Then I remember and say, "Why don't you and I hum the Russian song we were humming earlier? It will help you feel closer to mama and papa and might even help us find them in the tunnels?"


He asks, "You really think it help them find us?'


I stroke his head and answer, "Well it sure as he - heck can't hurt."


After we begin to hum the song, he's seems much better until we hear a crapload of gunfire in the tunnels.


He gives me a very astute question for a child of his age, "Why there gunfire in tunnels? Mama and Papa would not try to shoot woman that uses very many bad words?"


I get ready to answer when Maria bursts into the room, locks the door behind her and says, "Son of a bitch, there must be close to a full company of Special Forces in the tunnels! They started to shoot first before they even asked who I was."


I can't believe it so I ask, "If they were Special Forces, where the hell did all my Marines go?"


Once again she overreacts and delivers an ultimatum, "Who the hell knows but they're not going to take me alive!"


Amazingly Ivan interjects, "They are the bad men that Ben and wolf lady are puffing and huffing and blowing them down and they are not happy."


I look around the room, analyze the situation and know that cooler heads need to prevail so I order, "Maria, the three and a half of us against all those Special Forces don't stand a chance. Everyone put down your weapons because we are going to surrender."


No sooner had we put down our weapons than the door blows open and I can't believe what the fuckers did to us…


Present - Ben and Destiny - At the cabin


After blowing the wheel off another of Mike's wheelchairs and raining fifty caliber hell on the greenies camp, even setting the comm tent on fire, we haul ass away from our location. As we're running I notice something and swear, "Son of a bitch! Look what's happening at the tunnel excavation site."


Destiny follows where I'm pointing and states the obvious, "The Special Forces are swarming into the tunnels like ants into an anthill. What are you going to do about it?"


I am pissed as hell and swear, "I should have killed the fucker while I had the chance, now he's got Jens and I'm not sure what I can do."


Destiny tries to calm me when she says, "Ben this might be the best for her because now she will get the medical care she needs."


I concede but give an ominous warning, "You're probably right but if he does anything to her I will make sure he dies a long, slow and very painful death. Let's watch what happens."


We find a great overlook location; I pull out my monocular and begin to observe the fucking greenies…


Present - Jens - In the equipment room


Son of a bitch, the fucking Special Forces breech the door then throw multiple flashbangs and gas grenades (tear gas) into the room! I can't hear or see shit and begin to cough like crazy. Thank God Ivan gets off my chest. It seems like forever but finally the smoke dissipates, I stop coughing, and can see again. The first thing I see is a Captain standing over me. He speaks but I still can't hear him so I say, "I can't hear you because you flashbanged the hell out of us."


He leans down close to my ear and yells, "Jennifer Donaldson, you are under arrest for acts of domestic terrorism."


I don't understand so I complain, "What the fuck are you talking about?"


He leans closer again and states, "You assembled a privateer army on American soil and armed them with illegal weapons. Besides in your condition you're not in any position to fight."


I look around the room and see that the Special Forces have already hooded and handcuffed Maria, Liz and Bernie.


I dread seeing the private come toward me with a hood and further complain, "Do you really feel a hood is necessary for me?"


The Captain laughs, "Hell yes! You're the ringleader of a group of enemy combatants so we sure as hell don't want you sending visual signals to your army."


They put the hood over my head and I wonder about something…


Present - Mike - At the cabin


Fuck it all, this is getting expensive as hell! Ben blows the wheel off one of my new wheelchairs and I get unceremoniously dumped into the dirt again. Unfortunately, I land right in a red anthill which pisses them off and I barely make it out of there without being bit to hell. The bastard then proceeds to shoot the hell out of the camp even setting fire to the comm tent with incendiary rounds. This might be the break we were waiting for so I yell a command, "Follow the trail of those incendiary rounds and go get that bastard!"


I suddenly realize that no one heard me because the fucking Captain has taken all the men with him on his tunnel attack. I also realize that I am suddenly in a very precarious position: I'm immobile and have no troops at my disposal to protect me. I began to drag myself toward the closest tent…


Present - Linus – Taken prisoner


I can't believe it, what a huge tactical blunder! I see all the Special Forces leave the area and haul ass toward the tunnel excavation site. I look at Jack and declare, "Jack with all the fuckers gone, I'm going to get the hell out of here. Are you coming?"


Jack looks at Masha, turns to me and says, "Linus, good hunting to you! I wish I could join you however my place is here with Masha and the remainder of the men."


I look around and Jack asks, "Which men want to get the hell out of here with Linus?"


Damn I wish he had not said that! I wanted to make a quick getaway and I can't do that if the old fart Marines decide to come with me. I'm thankful when a small handful of the younger men volunteer, however I'm shocked when Stacy says…


Present – Stacy – Taken prisoner


When Jack asks who wants to get the hell out of this bogus prison, I jump at the chance and state, "Count me in."


Linus gives me a dubious look and questions, "The only way I will take you is if you don't slow me up."


Hell, I guess Linus doesn't know much about me so I challenge him, "Linus, I spent months traveling and learning from Ben and I never slowed him up. I just hope that a Seal can keep up with me."


Masha comes over, takes off my shackles and pleads, "Stacy, please find out about my son Ivan."


I am touched by the love of a mother for her son and I promise, "Masha I will do my best but first I need to get someplace my mobile phone works so I can see if we can put an end to this bogus bullshit."


Linus comes over and I ask, "How are we going to get through the concertina wire?"


An answer comes from a very unexpected direction…


Present - Ben and Destiny - At the cabin


I see Linus, Stacy and a few of the younger Marines planning what looks to be an escape because the greenies all left and went to the tunnel excavation. However, they are having problems with the concertina wire enclosure.


I look at Destiny and say, "If you are a shaman, I could really use some of your shaman help about now."


She blinks at me and asks, "Why Ben? What are you planning on doing?"


I grin at her and say, "Well Linus, Stacy and a few other Marines are having problems with the concertina wire. I hope to use my fifty to blow away a fence post or two and possibly cut the wire for them. So if you could do some of your shaman mumbo-jumbo I could really use the help since the fence post shots I've done before but never the concertina wire."


She looks at me and answers, "Ben, I am a Shaman and it's not mumbo-jumbo. I hope this will prove it to you. Now let me see your rifle."


I prepare to hand it to her, clear the chamber and warn, "Okay, but it's damn heavy."


I hand it to her, she takes it with both her hands, holds it up over her head toward the heavens, closes her eyes and her lips move but I don't hear any words. She pulls it back down looks at the scope and begins to adjust the target turrets and I complain, "Hey, do you know what the hell you are doing?"


She opens her eyes, glares at me and simply says, "Trust me! Your scope was a little off, first I will fix that and then I will adjust for the distance and wind."


I give a dubious look at her scope adjustments and demand, "What do you mean my scope was a little off?"


Destiny answers, "Well, it was - you were firing a little low and a little to the left"


I return her glare and state, "Well it was close enough I could blow the wheel off Mike's fucking wheelchair."


Destiny gives me a smug look and states, "Yes, but the wheel is a large object compared to a piece of concertina wire. Just shut up and shoot your rifle."


I take aim and make sure to follow all the steps because this will be the shot of a lifetime if it works. I begin to slowly squeeze the trigger, the rifle barks and Destiny states, "Perfect shot Ben, you destroyed a fence post. Now concentrate on the concertina wire."


I want to mouth off to her, but decide I need to help Linus and the others get the fuck out of Dodge so I concentrate, go through all the steps squeeze the trigger and the rifle barks. I regain my site picture and fuck yeah, I blew right through the concertina wire!


I smile at Destiny but note she is in a trance, then she comes out of it and shocks me with what she says…


Present - Samantha - Taken prisoner


Yes, I really need to be in more than one place at once. I make sure my video glasses are working as I run to the tunnel excavation site, I also document the tent that Ben set on fire. As I approach the tunnel excavation site, Stacy's men warn me, "Ms. Stevens, I wouldn't go in there if I were you."


They look upset and I don't understand so I question, "Why not?"


They complain, "The Special Forces have seized command of the site from us." Now I realize why they don't have their guns.


I gasp as I see three people lead out of the tunnels in hoods and a third person being carried out on a stretcher. I realize one of them is my boss Liz and begin to complain, "Hey you can't do that to her, she's a news reporter."


The Captain walks up and confronts me, "Yes she is and if you don't like it then you can join her."


I can't stand his attitude so I get in his face and complain, "Whatever happened to freedom of the press in this country?"


He laughs in my face and then explains while giving another order, "We are under Martial Law so your freedom of the press flew out the window. Bag and tag this one too."


I'm in shock as they throw a black bag over my head, put shackles on my hands and feet and drag me away.


We get to what I assume is the concertina wire prison and I hear a bunch of yelling, "Where the fuck did they go – who was supposed to stand watch – your ass is grass!"


When they take the bag off my head, I look and see they've done the same with Liz so I walk over beside her. She looks at me and whispers, "Sam, it's good to see you but sorry you're in trouble with the rest of us. Are those video glasses?"


I smile and answer, "It's good to see you too Liz and I'm sorry that they arrested me. Yes, these are video glasses. They worked great at first but I've been having trouble with them lately. I can't seem to keep them connected to the Bluetooth drive."


Jack and Masha walk over, they hear the last part of my conversation and Masha asks for information then addresses our problem with the Bluetooth drive, "Samantha and Liz, it's good to see you. Do you have any news about my boy Ivan? And you're having problems with your glasses because Ben has implemented spectrum warfare and is jamming all electronic communications."


Liz smiles at Masha and answers, "Masha, that's a great boy you have - he was so good and strong you'd be proud of him. He was with Jens until they flashbanged and gassed the room then he was gone."


Masha looked upset but Jack smiled and bragged, "That's my boy doing what I trained him to do. The shit hit the fan and he went into hiding."


Masha continues with the upset look and complains, "Jack, I'm worried about our Ivan."


Jack hugs her and attempts to add comfort, "Masha, Ivan is going to be fine. It's better that he's alone and in the tunnels then out here with us."


I suddenly realize something and I ask, "Hey, where the hell is Stacy?"


Jack give me a smug look and laughs, "She, Linus and three others got the hell out of here when all the greenies got stupid and left us without guards."


Being a reporter I continue with the questions, "Why didn't all of you leave?"


Jack waves his arm the best he can while wearing shackles and answers, "Because we're Marines and we don't leave anyone behind. If you look at the men here, many of them are too old to escape so it's my duty to stay with my men. That elicits a, "Hooorah" from the Marines and the Special Forces yell, "Shut the fuck up or we will kill all of you."


Then Liz says something that I wished she wouldn't have…


Present - Mira – At the CSH


I occulate with elation as Samantha, the noisy reporter that flirted with my brother Alexi is taken prisoner. She will be one less prickle in my lateral abdominal cavity!


I am distracted by a noise!


Present - Zarika and Yasmeen - Escape


Unfortunately my poor driving has attracted the attention of the fuzz (as Yasmeen likes to call them). Then we had a battle over the accelerometer pedal and I decided Yasmeen was right so I pressed the pedal to the floor.


Then I come up with an idea, "Yasmeen, open the door and throw some of the trash inside this car out in front of the fuzz."


Yasmeen answers, "Great idea Zarika."


 She begins to throw some of the great amount of trash in this car out in front of the fuzz and they slow up. I notice something and get another idea…


Present - Thom, Inga and Byron - It's raining hell on the drug lord


I inform Inga, "I don't think we're out of the woods yet." I had just finished my statement when more gunfire erupts from the Drug Lord's men…


I begin to ask Thom what he means since we have left the trees many klicks ago, however I'm interrupted by the gunfire of additional Drug Lord's men. I yell at Thom, "I'm out!"


He runs over and gives me more magazines for his pistol then suggests, "Why don't we switch weapons."


I gladly hand him the pistol and take the rifle then we begin to deliver some serious hurt on the Drug Lord's remaining men…


Shit! Where the hell did the remaining men come from? Oh well, it doesn't matter because Betsy will deal with them like she dealt with the rest.