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Present - Ben and Destiny - At the cabin


We watched as the fucking greenies hauled Jens and others out of the tunnels - they were bagged, tagged and taken toward the concertina wire prison. I was pissed as hell and wish I had blown Mike's ass to hell in the PortaPotty.


However right now I need to help Stacy and the others escape before the greenies get back with Jens so I blow the hell out of a fencepost and the concertina wire and smile as Stacy, Linus and a couple of younger Marines haul ass away from the compound and toward the trees...


Present - Stacy - Escaped


Ben blows the hell out of a fencepost and then actually shoots the concertina wire in two as Linus exclaims, "That was a hell of a shot."


The wire spools up in both directions leaving us a hell of a hole to walk through, but I'm not about to waste time walking! I take off running toward the trees, away from the tunnel excavation site and yell, "Try to keep up with me!"


Linus commands, "Hey get your ass back here, you don't know where you're going."


I yell over my shoulder, "Like hell I don't! I've studied all the maps of this area and I know it like the back of my hand. Now move your ass before they catch us."


If I can only get far enough away to use the mobile phone I have hidden on me…


Present - Ben and Destiny - At the cabin


Destiny goes into one of her trances, comes out of it and shocks me when she informs me, "Ben, we need to enter the tunnels…"


I stuttered, "Wha… Wha… What the hell do you mean enter the tunnels - that's the worst idea I can think of! Hell, if we try that foolhardy act, we might as well march down to Mike and surrender."


She gives me a defiant look and explains, "Ben, Ivan is still in the tunnels and he's scared. I told him to be calm because we would come and get him."


Shit! Talk about being between a rock and a proverbial hard place. I ask, "How the hell did the greenies miss him?" I thought for a moment and continue before Destiny can answer, "…wait, you don't need to answer that: They are greenies and he's Jack's boy."


Destiny annoyingly confirms anyway, "That's right, Jack taught him to hide when bad things or bad men come."


I smile because Jack trained Ivan so well and add, "And of course they are greenies and only did a half assed job searching the tunnels so they missed him. But we still have the problem of how the hell we get into the tunnels without the greenies catching us."


I am shocked by what Destiny offers…


Present - Jens - In the CSH


After they put the hood over my head, I wonder where the hell Ivan is. Oh well, I think any place is better than being treated like this.


I'm not sure where the hell they are taking me, but I hear some moans and complaints and wonder if it's my Marines that have been wounded. They finally take the hood off me and a man in a white coat says, "We're moving you into your bed. Don't help us because I don't want you injuring yourself more. By the way, someone did an excellent job treating you."


I look around and I'm shocked: It's not my Marines that are moaning, it's injured Special Forces. The doctor and nurse begin to move me, I bite my tongue because of the pain and let out a giant sigh. The doctor asks, "When was the last time you received something for pain?"


They get me moved so I can breathe again and answer, "Of course I would like something for pain; however I won't take anything for pain. By the way, what happened to all the troops?"


The doctor gives me a knowing look and answers, "I understand you were addicted in the past and don't want to go through that again. We can give you something else besides morphine. And whoever the tango is that our troops are after has more devious booby traps than anyone I've known. Thank God whoever it is isn't killing them but they sure are messing up their legs and feet."


I fight back a smile because that's my Ben. Then I see someone coming toward me, not them!!!


Present - Mike - At the CSH


I crawled into the closest tent then I felt something biting me, I took my pants down and mother fucker, I didn't get all the red ants off me! My legs are covered with them and they were biting the hell out of me. For once I am glad I don't have feelings in my legs. I beat the fuckers off me with my hands then I decide I need to do a further inspection and realize the fuckers had also gotten into my underwear and were biting the hell out of my cock and ass. I think I finally killed all the bastards but my legs are a mass of welts from the bites.


Finally one of the Special Forces jokers shows up and I lay into the son of a bitch, "Where the hell have all of you been! Help me back on with my clothes and take me to the medical tent."


The private responds, "Yes Sir, but perhaps I should get rid of the rest of the ants first?"


I complain, "Of course you should, that's why I had my clothes off in the first place!"


He began taking the rest of them off me, turns me over on my stomach and says, "Sir they are all over your ass and I'm not positive but some of them might have crawled up your asshole."


That's one of the problems of not having feeling in the lower part of my body, there is no muscle control. I order, "Private get me to the CSH immediately."


He pulls up my pants, picks me up and carries me to the CSH. He puts me on a gurney and I command, "Get me a doctor and tell the fucking Captain I want to see him immediately!"


He takes off like his ass was on fire (I am sure mine would be if I had feeling in it), the doctor comes over and I inform him, "The bastard tango blew the wheel off one of my wheelchairs, I fell in a red anthill and while I thought I had gotten all of them off me, I realize I didn't and now I'm covered with bites."


He calls over a nurse, they begin to take off my clothes and the doctor says, "Sir, you still have some of them on you and we can't afford to have them in the CSH biting the other patients. Nurse take him outside, take off all his clothes and make sure to remove all the ants."


She wheels me outside, strips off all my clothes and of course the Captain chooses that time to arrive. He questions, "Sir, what happened to you?"


I am pissed as hell and lay into him, "You're what happened to me! You took all the fucking men for your assault on the tunnel and our bastard tango shot the wheel off my brand new wheelchair. I fell into a red anthill and they bit the hell out of me."


The Captain begins to respond then one of my worst nightmares appears…


Present - Mira – At the CSH


Alexi awakens from his slumber, surveys the CSH and questions, "Mira what is happening?"


I smile at him and respond, "It would appear that my Ben has been very busy. Many Special Forces troops have arrived with foot and leg injuries for treatment at this facility."


I check my sister Ira and her new boyfriend Todd. They both seem to be stronger and resting well so I state, "Alexi, I need to acquire sustenance for us. Please stand watch while I perform this duty."


He takes up his post and I begin to leave to find the tent of mess.


I walk outside the CSH and am surprised when I occulate our adversary Mike - au natural! I recognize this as a unique tactical and strategic opportunity. I transverse to his location, grin and taunt, "Mike, it is good to see you again, but what in hades befell you. It appears you have many Pogonomyrmex barbatus stings. Did my Ben perform an action which precipitated this?"


The Captain foolishly complains, "Sir, should I put her in with the other prisoners?"


I continue my verbal assault, "Yes Mike, my government would love to hear we were treated incorrectly should we make this an international incident." I present my limbs forthwith toward the Captain for shackling, smile and occulate Mike’s visage crimson to a degree which I have never experienced before. He glumly responds, "No Captain, Miranda is correct. We cannot place her in custody."


I physically relocate the Captain so he does not impede my progress and locomotivate toward the tent of mess.


However I occulate something astounding, realize what it is and retreat back inside the safety of the CSH…


Present - Ben and Destiny - At the cabin


I have no idea how in the hell I am supposed to enter the tunnels without being captured, and being captured is the last thing I want. If Mike gets his hands on me, I will permanently disappear. Then Destiny surprises the hell out of me by offering, "Ben, I will act as a decoy and get the greenies to chase me. While I have them occupied, you slip into the tunnels and rescue Ivan."


It's a brave but foolhardy plan and I ask, "What if you get caught?"


Destiny simply answers, "Ben, they will not catch me."


I think for a moment then I get a great idea and suggest, "Well how about we give them a little diversion first and while they are trying to clean that up you take off and distract them."


Destiny smiles and asks, "Ben, what do you have in mind?"


I grin and answer, "We need to get to one more weapons cache and you will see."


We haul ass (it's a short distance), I pick up several things, give some ear plugs to Destiny and order, "Plug your nostrils with these and only breathe through your mouth."


 I plug my nostrils. While Destiny plugs her nostrils, I setup the water balloon slingshot between two trees and put on some rubber gloves. Then I pull out a bunch of balloons, a couple of bottles and begin to fill the balloons.


Destiny complains, "Ben, what is that terrible odor?"


I question, "I thought you had the earplugs in your nostrils."


She nods her head, "I do but I can still smell that through the plugs."


Damn, she must have some sort of superhuman ability to smell! Then I remember her crawling around and sniffing to determine where to put the tabasco bottle IEDs and I again wonder if she is part dog. I reply, "Sorry about that, I don't smell a thing. This lovely concoction was created by Israel and is called Skunk1. It's a completely organic yeast-based mixture that's actually safe for consumption if you're really thirsty (or truly stupid) and is the vilest smelling mixture in the world. Normally it's dispensed as a mist from a water cannon, but because we can't afford to get that close I'm going to use these water balloons filled with it."




I finish filling the balloons and continue, "Let me launch a few of these, then you can takeoff and I will continue our assault on their noses. Once the greenies are chasing you, I will slip into the tunnels, rescue Ivan and will meet you back at the bunker."


I start launching the skunk filled balloons into the compound. I love it when a plan comes together and all hell breaks loose…


Present - Mike - At the CSH


The Captain points to the sky and questions, "What the hell is that?"


We watch as what appears to be a water balloon arcs in toward our compound and I answer, "I sure as hell don't like this!"


It hits the ground, the balloon breaks and the air is filled with… Son of a bitch! I yell, "Shit, the bastard tango is using skunk against us. Captain, we can follow the balloon's trajectory and locate his position."


I see some of the men already retching from the smell. The Captain commands, "Half my men, form on me and let's get this bastard."


The balloons continue to fly while I watch and try to figure out what the hell he's doing and order, "Nurse, he's walking the balloons toward us. Move your ass and get me back inside immediately!"


As she begins to move me inside, I see a woman running away from the direction the balloons are coming from. Damn, it's Ben's accomplice but at least the Captain also sees the woman and diverts to go after her…


Present - Ben - At the cabin


Now this was too much fun! I only wish I could have hit Mike with one of these, but while I was working toward that, the nurse hauled him back inside. I change tactics and launch the rest of my skunk balloons against the tents and choppers - making sure to hit the mess tent with two of my missiles. While I'm providing aerial entertainment, Destiny takes off like her ass is on fire across the edge of the compound. The Captain sees her and diverts his group to chase her, but I am shocked because she must have kicked it into overdrive and leaves them like they are standing still. I head toward the tunnel excavation site and hope like hell there aren't any guards…


Present – Liz and Samantha - Taken prisoner


I've had my fill of Samantha's insubordination toward any information about Stacy. She knows how important it is to find Ben and yet refuses to give us any information concerning his location she might have gleaned from Stacy. I glare at Samantha and demand, "Samantha, just who in the hell do you work for? Is your loyalty toward The Truth Network or Stacy Summers because to tell you the truth I'm not sure anymore…"


I can tell by the body language and the tone of Liz's voice that she's angry at me. I wish Stacy was here right now to help me through this but I walk over to Liz and answer, "Liz, I work for the Truth Network. However, while doing my job as a reporter I made a promise to Stacy that I wouldn't divulge any information about Ben's location. And to be truthful, isn't any information about Ben’s location a little late now seeing that we know he is here?"


Bernie comes over and counsels, "Come on Liz, Samantha is only doing what she feels is right and she actually reminds me of you…"


I hate to say it, but Bernie is right and that's the problem! Jens is my BFF and if I'm not mistaken Stacy is Samantha's BFF. I look at Samantha and order, "Okay Samantha, I understand you can't reveal any information to us that you get from Stacy, however the door swings both ways so don't you dare reveal any information to Stacy that you get from us.


It looks like Samantha was going to say something when we see some trucks drive up…


Present - Zarika and Yasmeen - Escape


Yasmeen started throwing some of the trash out of this ugly box car and became lucky when a big bag of trash forced the police car to swerve and crash into another car. I see a chance and quickly take an exit off the big fast road. Yasmeen comes back to the front seat and asks, "Zarika, where are we?"


I read a sign and answer, "Someplace called Idaho Springs."


Yasmeen begins to laugh and says, "You da ho?"


I correct, "No Idaho."


She giggles even more brazenly and says, "That's right Zarika, you da ho."


I finally understand what she's saying and complain, "Yasmeen I am not a ho and I'm not sure why someone would name something that silly name."


Yasmeen announces, "Zarika, I am hungry. Let us stop at the restaurant."


I question, "Do we have enough money?"


Yasmeen answers, "We might not have enough cash, but we do have the mean nurse's plastic card."


We pull into the restaurant, go inside and the food smells wonderful…


Present - Byron, Thom and Inga - It's raining hell on the drug lord


Finally it's over - all the Drug Lord's men are dead. I comm Thom, "Well this mission was a bust."


He replies, "It certainly was, I think the Drug Lord was gone long before we got here."


Inga joins in, "I agree, this was just a delaying tactic to distract us. So what are we going to do now?"


Thom answers, "Hell I hate to say it, but I think it's time to head back to America."


I agree, "That's fine with me - I've had my fill of this country."


Inga questions, "Well, what about me???"