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Present - Ben - At the cabin


So far our plan to get Ivan out of the tunnels was working great. I bombarded the hell out of the greenies with Skunk balloons but the wind was in my face forcing the fumes back toward me, it was getting so bad I could smell it with my nose plugs in and it was beginning to make my eyes water. Then Destiny ran across the edge of the clearing and all the greenies chased her. Now it was my turn to see if I was still the sneaky son of a bitch I used to be when I was in the Corps. Hell, there was a time I could have snuck into a monastery, right into the mother superior's room, stole a kiss and escaped without her even waking. But that was years ago and I was younger and more fit. Yeah, I hate to say it but time had not been kind to me, I was slower and less stealthy than I used to be.


I stopped at another weapons cache, picked up my ghillie suit (already setup with natural camo for the area) and an experimental close-quarters weapon which should take care of any one I might meet without killing them. Yeah, I probably should just kill the fuckers, but what Destiny had been preaching to me made some sense – it would not serve any real purpose. Besides, once I killed one of the greenies it would really piss off the rest.


I put on the ghillie suit, ready my weapon, fire one test round (almost silently) and work my way toward the tunnel excavation site. Then I saw something that was going to complicate things...


Present - Stacy - Escaped


I couldn't fucking believe that Linus worried about me keeping up with him. The young Marines and I had to slow down so we didn't lose him and it earned him some teasing," Come on you fat, slow assed Seal! I thought you all were the best of the best; get the lead out and move it."


He complains, "Hey, you haven't been shackled for days so shut up before I kick your ass."


I laugh to egg him on and counter his comments, "That's right I haven't, but I was preggers for over a month, still carry some baby weight from that and I can still outrun your fat ass."


Finally my phone begins to beep so I slow down and stop. Linus catches up and after sucking air for a few moments questions, "What's going on?"


I look around while he and the other Marines are standing around looking at me so I order, "You all need to turn your back to me so I can get my mobile phone."


One of the Marines asks, "Why the hell is that?"


I grin at him and reply, "Because I put it somewhere only my boyfriend or husband will get to see. Now turn around and face the other way."


Present - Linus - Escaped


Shit, Stacy is right - I need to get off my ass and run more! I'm having a hell of a time running and even though we are at a high altitude I don't really believe that's the only problem.


Stacy finally stops and then I can't believe it! She hid her phone in her… We turn away from her and it's my turn to tease, "I'm sure as hell I wouldn't want to use a phone if it was hidden up your hoochie!"


 The Marines laugh like hell and Stacy complains (like a typical woman), "Spoken like a brain-dead Seal! I didn't hide it up inside my hoochie as you like to call a vagina - that would be sick as hell. I hid it next to my vagina in my underwear and none of the Special Forces were brave enough to search me there."


One of the Marines gets in on the fun and asks, "Did you put it on vibrate?"


Stacy shoots him down…


Present - Stacy - Escaped


One of the Marines tries to get frisky with me, so I put him in his place, "Listen jarhead, if I did put the phone on vibrate it would have given me more excitement than you ever could."


The other Marines laugh but now that I have my mobile phone I say, "All right you can turn around."


Linus asks a bonehead question, "What are you going to do with that?"


I glare at him and answer, "I'm calling some Senators and Congressmen and plan on having them lock-up that fucking bastard Mike."


I begin to make phone calls when one of the Marines says, "I think I see some movement in the trees."


I hang up my call before it's complete and order, "Follow me!"


And we take off running again…


Present – Samantha - Taken prisoner


We see trucks drive up and the men are immediately surrounded by the Special Forces and detained. Then one of them opens the horse trailer and Bo, Patches and Wojtek come flying out of the trailer. The stupid Special Forces begin firing at Wojtek and he takes off for the trees. I begin yelling, "Hey you idiots that Wojtek!"


Then something amazing happens...


Present - Ben - At the cabin


I start to head into the tunnels when son of a bitch! Some trucks, one with a horse trailer, pull into the greenie's compound so I stop to observe. The men get out and are immediately surrounded by the greenies, then one of the fucking greenies opens the trailer and Bo, Patches and even Wojtek haul ass out of the trailer.


Then the son of a bitch greenies begin to shoot at Wojtek which is the final straw. I run back to my Barrett and begin to fire at the feet of the fucking greenies who are firing at Wojtek. They start dancing around and as Charlie Daniels would say in a song, 'that had them all steppin' and fetchin like their heads were on fire and their asses were catchin' and finally they dove into the dirt. Once I am sure Wojtek is a safe distance away, I hightail it for the tunnels, get there and notice a couple of guards.


It's time to see if this prototype weapon works worth a shit. I put it in the non-lethal mode, point it at one of the guard, wait until it ranges him and then fire. The beanbag hits him in the head and he drops like a sack of potatoes. The other guard appears to be sleeping so I point the VVWS1 at him, wait until it ranges him and make sure he's going to keep sleeping.


1 Variable Velocity Weapon System -


I slip into the tunnel complex and wonder at the work Jens had done…


Present - Jens - In the CSH


I just get rested in my bed in the CSH when I see her walk toward me. I wish like hell I had a weapon because I'm certainly not in any condition to defend myself let alone fight her. She walks toward me like a feral cat stalking its prey, grins at me and questions, "Ms. Donaldson you seem to be injured."


I glare at her and counter, "Hello Miranda, why are you in the CSH because you don't seem to be injured? However as you can see I am not at my best so if you came here to kill me I won't be able to put up much of a fight."


She looks at me and replies, "Yes with your chest wound I would have little difficulty killing you." She reaches out grabs my foot (yes the one that was shot) and squeezes the hell out of it. I fight back without showing her any sign of the intense pain she's causing me. Instead I smile and lie through my teeth, "Why Miranda, I didn't know you were into the sadomasochism which Ben enjoys for foreplay."


She releases my foot (thank God), grins and obviously lies, "Yes Ms. Donaldson, Ben and I enjoyed it frequently in the past."


The doctor walks up takes one look at Miranda and questions, "Why are you bothering my patient?"


Miranda gives him one of her devastating smiles and says, "I was giving my condolences to an old friend."


She giggles, turns, walks away and the doctor asks, "Why would she give you her condolences?"


I look at the doctor and inform him, "Because if she has her way, I won't live to see tomorrow. I really could use an armed guard to protect me."


As he watches her walking away, I almost retch at him ogling her ass (what is it about men staring at a woman's ass?) then he says, "I can't believe that nice young lady would pose a problem to anyone, let alone be able to kill someone. I'm not sure we can spare anyone right now but I will see what I can do. Now I have your pain medicine and it's not morphine."


While I am in extreme pain, there's no way I can afford to diminish my already hobbled physical functions. I wave my hands and refuse, "Doctor, she's an assassin and I'm not sure if anyone knows how many people she's killed. And there's no way I can take that now because I need my full wits about me in case she comes back. If you can't provide me with a guard, how about moving me in with the other men."


He shakes his head and informs me, "Sorry, my orders are to keep you separated from everyone."


I figured as much but I still ask, "And who's the rocket scientist who gave those orders?"


I hear a voice from behind him that I hate even more than Miranda's…


Present - Mike - At the CSH


I finally get all the fucking ants off me, the nurse puts some salve on the bites and a Private brings me my last new wheelchair. I hop into it and roll to where they put Jennifer Donaldson - it's time that I interview her. I arrive in time to hear her request that we provide a guard or to move her in with the other patients. As I move past the doctor I declare, "Jennifer Donaldson, whether you get a guard or not depends on your level of compliance."


She glares at me and asserts, "Mike I demand that you leave my property immediately."


I laugh in her face and state, "I don't really think you want me to do that."


She counters, "Like hell I don't!"


Now it's my turn so I laugh and say, "Okay, if we do that we take the CSH with us and leave you with the Sedankina twins."


She questions, "What about Jack and the other Marines that came here to help me?"


I smile at her and describe her situation as being almost as bad as it really is, "Like you, they have been declared enemy combatants so they will all be taken to the deepest and darkest hole that I can find and will never see the light of day again. So tell me, are you really sure you want me to leave?"


I can see her thinking and know she's decided I have her right where I want her. She licks her lips and answers, "You know Ben is going to kill you for this?"


I wave my arms around the room and state, "I have a full company of Special Forces and Ben doesn't really stand a chance."


Jennifer grins at me and says, "With Ben and the help he's brought with him that should just about be a fair fight."


Ah, she knows about Ben's helper, so I naturally question…


Present - Jens - At the CSH


Mike is interrogating me and so far it's been a draw until I bring up Ben's helper. Then Mike questions, "Why don't you tell me about her?"


I've had some time to think about it and have determined that the wolf who's also a lady must be some sort of Indian spirit helper who's here to keep Ben safe (and with a whole company of Special Forces after him he can use all the help he can get). I grin at Mike and tease, "So you don't know anything about her, do you?"


I watch closely and see him obviously lie, "Oh we know much more than you can imagine."


I laugh at him and decide direct confrontation is the best course of action, "Mike, that's the biggest load of bullshit I've ever heard! You don't know who you're dealing with and she's going to rip all of you a new asshole."


Mike demands, "And just how is she going to do that?"


I answer, "She has abilities you won't believe – that is until it's way too late."


The Captain walks in, Mike sees him and says, "We will continue this later."


I grin and tease, "Great, I look forward to it." When Mike begins to leave and I ask, "Hey what about some protection from the Sedankina bitches?"


The fucking bastard laughs, "That's not my problem and if they do kill you it's one less problem for me."


If the fucking twins don't kill me and when I finally get totally healed, I'm going to cap that bastard...


Present – Maria - Taken prisoner


I look around for Linus then I hear that he took off with Stacy Summers and some younger Marines. I walk over to the old fart (Jack) and say, "I'm getting out of here too and I'm going to go find Linus."


Jack shakes his head and advises, "I don't think that would be a wise thing to do right now."


I get belligerent and demand, "Just why the hell not!"


The old fart explains, "When Linus and the others took off, all the greenies were in the tunnels. Now that they're back if you attempt to leave they will shoot you."


I laugh in his face, "Like hell they will, I was Army and they don't do things like that especially on American soil."


His wife interrupts me, "Jack is correct, you will be shot if you attempt to leave."


Jack continues to annoy the hell out of me, "They've declared Martial Law otherwise they couldn't be here in the first place. And we’ve already seen them shoot some of us who put up any kind of a fight."


I can't believe it so I complain, "Just who in the hell did that?"


Some bastard rolls up in wheelchair to the hole in the fence, laughs and states, "That bastard would be me."


I give him a dirty look and question, "Well just who the fuck do you think you are?"


He laughs and says, "I'm the one that has taken all of you prisoner." Then he turns to the Captain and orders, "Captain, I think that woman needs to spend the rest of the day in solitary."


I swear at him, "You fucking crippled bastard, you're lucky I don't kill you."


He continues with his laugh and adds, "Captain make that the rest of the day and tomorrow too."


I figure I'd better shut the hell up before they make it longer. The Captain orders some men to take me to solitary so they grab my shackles, lead me to a Porta-Potty and the bastards lock me inside. It's fucking nasty in here because there's shit everywhere and it's all I can do to keep from puking...


Present - Zarika and Yasmeen - Escape


We sit at a table and a waitress comes up and says, "Welcome to Beau Jo's2, what's your poison?"


2 Beau Jo's – Incredible Pizza -


I give her an amazed look that she would try to feed us poison while Yasmeen answers, "It smells great in here, what is good to eat."


She smiles and answers, "Most people come here get a mountain pie."


I have never heard of that food before and many crazy thoughts go through my head so I decide to question, "What is a mountain pie?"


The waitress answers, "Probably the best pizza you will ever have in your life: it starts with our hand tossed crust, we hand roll the edges and cover it with a mountain of ingredients – that's why it's called a mountain pie."


I answer, "We are really hungry are you sure it will fill us up?"


The waitress laughs, "Honey our one pound pie feeds 'one to two people or a voracious wolverine'; our two pound pie feeds 'two to three people or half-dozen mongeese'."


I am a little confused and remark, "I didn't know people took wolverines or mongeese to restaurants in Colorado."


She laughs and says, "I tell you what, how about I bring you two a one pound Hawaiian mountain pie, if you don't like it you don't have to pay for it."


Yasmeen agrees, "That sounds good for us."


The waitress continues with her questions, "Now how about a couple Coors to wash that down with?"


I have no idea what she is talking about so I look at Yasmeen, she grins and answers, "That would be great."


We watch as another waitress brings out a huge pizza and Yasmeen remarks, "I sure hope ours isn't that big."


The waitress brings us our Coors in a big glass cup that's icy on the outside; it is the color of pee and has bubbles in it. I get brave, taste it and whisper to Yasmeen, "I think this is beer."


Yasmeen tastes hers, wrinkles up her nose and complains, "Zarika, this tastes terrible."


After what seems like forever, our mountain pie arrives and thank God it isn't as big as the other one we saw. I ask the waitress, "Could we get something else to drink, we don't like the Coors?"


She smiles and questions "How about a Pepsi?"


That's something I recognize so I agree, "Yes, please bring us two Pepsis."


She leaves to replace our drinks and Yasmeen picks up a bottle that the waitress brought, tastes it and questions, "Zarika why did she bring us honey."


The waitress comes back sees Yasmeen holding the honey and instructs us on proper use, "This must be your first time here - the honey is for the left-over rolled crust when you are finished with the pizza."


We each take a slice of pizza, begin to eat and I comment, "Yasmeen, this might be the best food I've ever eaten."


Yasmeen states, "Zarika, we need to learn to make this for Ben."


I agree. If we could cook a mountain pie for Ben he would forget all about Jennifer…


Present - Inga, Thom and Byron- It's raining hell on the drug lord


Thom and Byron are heading back to America so I question, "Well what about me? What am I to do?"


Thom looks at me and says, "I don't know. I thought you'd just go back to where ever you came from."


I shake my head and complain, "But our mission is not complete."


Byron comms, "She's right Thom, perhaps we should bring her back with us. We can always use a new team member…"


Shit! Byron had to open his big mouth. I was hoping to be done with Inga now that the mission was a bust. She was a great operative, but she bothered the hell out of me!


Inga excitedly offers, "Yes, I would love to be part of your team!"


I don't even get a chance to answer when Byron says…


I know Thom doesn't like it, and for that reason alone I can't see any reason to not have Inga join our team. After she affirms her interest, I answer before Thom can mess it up, "Great Inga, we're looking forward to it. You two work your way back toward me and I will provide overwatch in case any of the Drug Lord's men survived.


I'm watching and see Thom flip me off - yeah this should be really fun…