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Present - Ben - At the cabin


After taking out the two guards at the entrance to the tunnels, I slip inside and I'm fucking shocked at how nice these tunnels look! Hell, if I was going to stay I would say fuck the cabin and let's live in the tunnels – but since I'm not staying that is a moot point.


There is a problem that's bothering me: With Jack's training, it's going to be hell to find Ivan in this maze of tunnels. Oh well, time to get cracking and check one room at a time. And I will naturally do a better job than the greenies.


The first room is clear but as I come out I hear – someone is humming a Russian song. I move toward the sound and find the humming several rooms down. I open the door and hear, "Is that you in the suit of trees Unca Ben."


Damn smart kid knew to hum a song so I could find him. I enter the room and answer, "Yeah Ivan it's me. Did Jack teach you to hum a song so I could find you?"


Ivan's answer was surprising and confusing, "No Unca Ben, wolf that is also a lady told me to hum song so you could find me."


I want to ask him what the hell he's talking about but I know better than to waste time so I state, "Ivan, you can tell me all about her later but for right now let's get you out of here."


He comes over to me, I pick him up and he asks, "Will you take me to Mama and Papa?"


I know better than to lie to him (for a kid he's sharp as hell) so I answer, "Not right now Ivan, there's a bad man that is holding them prisoner."


He smiles at me and says, "Yes, wolf who is also a lady told me that you and she come to puff and huff and blow all the bad men down."


I chuckle slightly and say, "Yeah that's right, we're going to kick their asses."


Ivan scolds me, "Unca Ben, you should not use bad words like Donaldduckson lady, she used so many bad words my ears burnt like on fire."


It took me a second but I figured out he meant Jens and couldn't wait to find out more about her. I ask, "Ivan, do you know piggy back ride?"


He answers, "Yes and positively."


I stand him on a table, back up and order, "Okay I'm giving you a piggy back ride out of here because I need both my hands free in case we meet any bad men."


Ivan giggles and counters, "Unca Ben, you no need to give piggy back ride, I can run good and fast to keep up with you."


Hell that's even better! To be truthful I wasn't looking forward to carrying him especially if we got into a fight. However, we did need to take one precaution so I warn, "Ivan, I have body armor so if I get shot it probably won't hurt me so you need to stay right behind me. Do you understand body armor?"


He salutes and says, "Yes Captain, armor like tank so bullets hurt you not."


I chuckle because I can only imagine how Jack would respond to being called Captain. I check the hallway and we slowly move out...


Present - Stacy – Escaped


We run our asses off to escape the greenies chasing us then one of the Marines turns and says, "Shit, they're gaining on us."


I look at Linus and say, "Sorry, but you're slowing all of us up. I guess you become our sacrificial lamb to the Special Forces."


As we stop running slower for Linus, he falls behind then we hear him begin to laugh and he yells, "Fuck, I should have known the Marines don't know the fucking difference between two horses and a bear and the greenies. You all can stop running because there are no troops chasing us."


When we stop Patches, Bo and Wojtek run up. Wojtek yowls and gives me a hell of a bear hug (I worry that he's going to break my back and as usual he smells like shit) then Patches comes up and nuzzles me. I look at Patches and ask, "Where is your saddle."


She nickers and I decide that it's in the trailer so I tell her, "I guess I need to ride you bareback."


I look around for help and a Marine helps me up on her back. I take my phone again and attempt to make a call...


Present - Linus – Escaped


Stacy starts to make her phone call and I order a Marine, "Help me up on this other horse because I'm fucking tired of running."


Stacy pauses in the middle of her phone call, grins at me and threatens, "Linus, it's your funeral if you try to ride that horse - that's Ben's horse and he won't let anyone else ride him."


Hell, I've ridden lots of horses before. Most people don't realize it but we used them in the mountains of the sandbox all the time. I bragged, "I highly doubt that this horse will give me any shit. If he does I will fucking show him who's the boss."


Present - Stacy – Escaped


I try to warm Linus, but like the brain dead Seal he is, he won't listen. He gets a Marine to help him on Bo's back and then the fun begins. This requires all my attention so I terminate my call and watch as Bo gives Linus not only an E-ticket ride, he includes an F and G ticket for good measure. Finally Bo goes one way and flips Linus up into the air the other way. Oooh, this is going to hurt like hell! Linus falls for what seems like forever and hits the ground flat on his back. One of the Marine runs over, checks him for a pulse and laughs, "He's out cold."


I quip, "I tried to warn him. Anyone else want to try to ride Bo."


There were no takers on riding Bo so I continue my calls but I'm having problems I hadn't anticipated. It seems that Mike is better connected than I had thought so I have to call in some 'big guns' and threaten to have my companies cease production of some 'critical' military weapons. Once I inform the Senators and Congressmen of this, it doesn't take long until my phone rings and I have a General on the line. He demands, "What's this I hear that you are refusing to deliver our weapons systems?"


I gladly inform him, "That's correct. Some of the weapons systems that I have delivered to you are being used illegally in the continental United States. This violates the contract I have with the Department of Defense so my companies will no longer deliver the weapons system."


He scoffs, "I have no idea what you are talking about."


Just as I assumed, much if not all of Mike's mission is off the books. I take the opportunity to explain, "Well General, I am in Colorado at a cabin and was taken prisoner by a full company of Army Special Forces. They are under the command of a civilian in a wheelchair named Mike." I add some fuel to the fire, "So, are you telling me you're not in command of your own troops?"


He complains, "I haven't authorized or even heard about this so I will need to do some checking and call you back."


I get sassy with him, "You do that, but until this situation is resolved you're not getting Jack Shit from my companies."


Present – Samantha - Taken prisoner


Ben shoots the shit out of the dirt at the feet of the Special Forces who are firing at Wojtek. It makes for an impressive scene and I make sure my video glasses record the whole conflict. Liz comes over and questions, "Sam, when do you plan on sending the video to the station."


I look at her and explain, "Liz, I can't do that as long as Mike is around since he will figure out who has done that and I will end up in a worse place than I am now."


Liz tries to persuade me to change my mind, "Come on Sam, let's release it now - Mike will never figure it out."


I give her my hard drive and ask, "Just how do you propose to get this out of here? You know Ben has disabled all communications in the area don't you?"


Liz shakes her head and answers, "I didn't know that and that blows my plan out of the water." She hands the hard drive back to me and says, "You might as well keep this. I sure as hell don't like Mike so make sure you document everything."


I need to give Liz some hope so I say, "Stacy has been recording everything too and I'm sure if she gets to someplace with available communication links she will send her videos to the network..."


Present - Stacy – Escaped


I figure I've lit fires under more than half of the Senators and Congressmen in DC and I need more ammo to demonstrate how bad things are here so I call up the Truth Network. I'm impressed because the station manager comes on almost immediately and asks, "Ms. Summers, I hear you have some video for us that let us know what has happened to Elizabeth Morgan and Samantha Stevens?"


I laugh, "They show a hell of a lot more than that! They show Army Special Forces operating with impunity on American soil, detaining war veterans under the command of a real SOB that goes by the name of Mike." Then I warn, "The only problem is they are raw videos and will need to be edited for viewing. We will also need a reporter to tell everyone what's going on."


The manager asks, "Well, would you like to take a stab at being that reporter? Your credibility with America is very high and you could report it as firsthand experience."


I think about it and like the idea but there's a huge problem so I ask, "How in the hell do you expect me to report on the videos if I won't be able to see them?"


He answers, "That's no problem. We will edit the videos then I will call you back and describe what's going on the in the video and you can do your report on it."


I answer, "Okay I will give it a try, get the first video edited and then give me a call."


I give him my number, hang up my phone and notice that Linus is finally coming around...


Present - Linus – Escaped


I wake up and smell – shit! Nasty fucking horse breath in my face! Now I remember, that damn horse threw me and I must have passed out when I hit the ground. I open my eyes,

and I  swear the damn fucking horse is laughing in my face.


I jump up, begin to chase him and hear everybody laugh. So I turn and threaten, "Do you all want your asses kicked?"


Stacy mouths off, "I'm game if you are."


I complain, "But you're a woman..."


She interrupts, "That's right, so you might even stand a fair chance. That is unless you get my horse Patches upset, then she will kick your ass like Bo did."


I've had my fill of this bullshit so I finally say, "I'm out of here and you all are on your own..."


Present - Jens - In the CSH


After my run in with Miranda and Mike I'm pissed as hell - nothing like being flat on my back with no protection and surrounded by enemies. I know I've been in worse places and have always been able to count on my smarts to get me out of it. I begin to think and look around my room for ideas. I finally see a few things that might work - now if I can just get to them.


I begin to move and it hurts like a son of a bitch! Damn I wish I had taken the doctor up on his offer of the pain medicine. Oh well, it's too late now. If I can just reach the – I finally reach it and begin to move the bed toward my intended target. I make it there, grab the items off the table and tuck them under the sheets. One item is so long it doesn't really fit but that's fine for now. Now, if I can just get my bed back to where it was...


This is fucking hard as hell and gives me new respect for the time Ben was in Russia and couldn't walk. Yeah, I know all about that and the crazy Russian nurse he was with.


I take the broom handle and look for a place to break it. I wedge it in the side rail of my bed, pull with all my might and it finally snaps while I catch both parts. Now that it's a much more workable length, I take some handy adhesive tape and tape the scalpel to one end of one of the pieces, now I have a great spear. I take the other slightly longer piece of the broom handle and make some practice swings with it. If I have the need it will function as a practice katana. I know it won't do much against one of the twins' real katana, but at least it's better than nothing.


The exertion has me sweating like crazy so I lie back in my bed and relax...


Present - Mike - At the CSH


The idiotic Captain came in and informed me about the breakout of some of the prisoners. Damn it to hell! If he was a Major he would be a Major of Incompetence. I want to take this out of earshot of Jennifer Donaldson so we move outside and I ream him, "Captain, why the hell didn't you leave some men in place to guard the prisoners?"


He tries his best to cover his ass, "Well Sir, you told me how lethal the tangos in the tunnels were so I needed to make sure I had sufficient men to control any circumstance that might arise."


I sill ride his ass, "And in doing that you let how many prisoners escape? And while you're at it tell me which ones escaped."


He gives me a sheepish look and answers, "Four men and one woman..."


I interrupt, "Don't tell me one of the men was Linus and the woman was Stacy Summers."


He stupidly replies, "How did you know that Sir?"


I answer, "Because those were the two that we could least afford to let escape. Captain, your incompetence has seriously jeopardized this mission. You need to keep a small contingent guarding the prisoners and put everyone else into the field to capture our tangos and the four that escaped from your prison. Now move your ass because we're going to have limited time before this mission gets canceled."


He takes off and I decide I need to go and harass the Sedankina twins again.


Present – Mira, Ira, Todd and Alexi - At the CSH


I have a pleasant surprise when I arrive back to the patient beds and Alexi. My sister Ira and her boyfriend Todd have awakened. I immediately translocate to my sister, hug her and inquire of her condition, "Ira, how do you feel?"


She smiles and me and answers, "Mira, Todd's miracle potion has almost completely healed me. I have a few slight pains in my back but otherwise I am feeling remarkably well."


Todd signs, "Those pains will dissipate over the next few days."


I am gast of flabbered and comment to Todd, "It would be of great benefit for us to obtain more of that potion so it could be analyzed."


He signs his reply, "I believe there is only one place in the world where it grows and it is a long and troublesome trip to acquire more."


Ira quickly suggests, "Todd, I would love to accompany you on this mission.


Todd signs, "There are other things to do right now as we need to take care of all the threats here. Is Mike still in charge?"


I reply, "Yes, he is still in charge. However, the Special Forces made an error and allowed Linus, three other Marines and Stacy Summers escape."


Todd begins to sign in answer then stops and becomes very defensive. I turn and recognize the reason…


Present - Mike - At the CSH


Now this is an interesting surprise: The other Sedankina bitch and Todd are awake! The doctors I assigned to check them assured me they would be out of commission for many days if not weeks.


I roll toward them and tease, "Well, it's interesting that Irina and Todd are awake. I had heard their wounds were so severe they would be disabled for weeks."


Todd signs, "Your doctors must have made a mistake because as you can see we are fully recovered."


I smile at them and state, "Good, now that you're well, you can be moved."


Miranda states, "If you are planning on putting us in with the other prisoners, our government would consider that an act of aggression."


I grin at them and state, "Oh no, I have a much better place in which to keep the four of you out of my way."


Todd angrily signs, "Mike, I demand to know what your plans are."


I turn to leave and say, "Don't worry, you will soon know where you're going."


Present – Maria - Taken prisoner


I can't believe that crippled fuck had me locked in this fucking filthy PortaPotty. He doesn't know who he's messing with. When I get the hell out of here, I'm going to bust a cap in his worthless ass.


At least Linus escaped but I wish I could be with him, then something incredible happens...


Present - Ben - At the cabin


Ivan and I make it out of the tunnels with no problems. I almost laugh at the two men they had standing guard since they are still out cold. Once we reach the tree line we pause. I give Ivan a pair of socks and order, "Put these over your boots."


He asks, "Why Unca Ben? Socks go on inside of boot, see I wear mine already."


I smile at him and answer, "The socks over the outside of your boots will make it harder for them to see your footprints and track us. Plus, it will make you move through the forest with less noise."


Ivan nods his head and replies, "Yes Unca Ben, now I understand and know. This is something new that my Papa never taught me."


Once his shoes are covered we head toward the bunker and son of a bitch! That's the report of my Barret fifty.


I look at Ivan and order, "Someone has found my big rifle and is firing it. I was going to take you to the bunker, but first I have to take care of whoever has my rifle."


Ivan surprises me when he says, "Wolf that is also a lady says a seal puppy has your rifle."


I want to ask Ivan what the hell he's talking about, but I'd rather get my rifle. I thought I hid the hell out of it but some bastard found it and they are going to pay a huge price when I catch them...


Present - Zarika and Yasmeen - Escape


We devour the mountain pie and drink two Pepsis with it. The waitress comes back and questions, "Well I don't see any pizza so you two must have liked it?"


Yasmeen answers, "It was some of the best food we have ever eaten."


The waitress smiles and states, "Yes, that's what we usually hear. Now here's your bill."


Yasmeen hands the waitress a plastic card from the mean lady's purse and the waitress takes it and says, "I will be right back."


She comes back with a form, Yasmeen signs it then we head outside and walk into a huge problem...


Present - Thom, Inga and Byron- It's raining hell on the drug lord


I can't believe that Byron invited Inga back to America! I was looking forward to my escape from her. I think he did it on purpose just to aggravate me but that's okay since revenge is a dish best served cold and I have a plan to fix his little red wagon…


I am glad to be heading back to America with Thom and Byron since it will give me a chance again to see some old friends that I've missed. In addition, working with Thom and Byron was fun and different than most of my recent missions...


Yeah, Thom's pissed as hell at me, but that's okay. I know he will try to plan some sort of retribution, but his sneaky doesn’t hold a candle to my sneaky.