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Present – Ben, Destiny and Ivan - At the cabin – about a week later


I smile at Destiny as we watch the greenies start packing up and preparing to leave. Then I assume the ready position behind my ever faithful Barrett fifty caliber because I'm concerned they are going to try to take the hostage Marines with them - that would earn them another ass whoopin. They begin by cutting the Marines loose and letting them just stand there. They next roll Jens out of the CSH and begin to tear it down. Destiny comments, "Ben, you should be happy since you've won."


Once I realize they aren't taking Jens or any of the other Marines away I move away from the Barrett, grin at her and correct her statement, "No we won. You were as much a part of this as anyone else. I couldn't have done this without your help."


She smiles and continues, "And you accomplished all this without killing any Special Forces or even Mike."


My grin turns to a frown while I complain, "Yeah, the greenies didn't even deserve the shit I gave them, but Mike is still a different story."


Ivan excitedly interrupts, "Unca Ben shoot heliwhopters again like times many before?"


I grin at Ivan and answer, "We’ll let them go this time because the bad men need them to leave."


Ivan frowns and continues, "Too bad. I like seeing the smoke and fire from the heliwhopters when you shoot them. Unca Ben, you and Lady really puff and huff and blow the bad men away."


We both chuckle at one of Ivan's favorite sayings then Destiny comments, "Ivan, we will finally be able to take you to your mother and father."


Ivan begins to fidget and asks, "When we go, when we go?"


Destiny holds his hand and answers, "Once all the bad men leave in the helicopters we will take you to your mother and father."


I correct her again, "Destiny, you mean you will be able to take Ivan to his mother and father…"


Ben's last answer concerns me so I inquire, "Ben, what are you talking about?"


Ben gives me the answer I was afraid he would give me, "Destiny, I'm not taking Ivan to Jack and Masha - you're going to do that. My job here is over and I need to get out of here."


I have been arguing with Ben this last week on how he needs to reconnect with Jennifer. But the harder I've argued the more resistant he's become. I complain, "But I thought we were leaving together?"


Ben laughs and states a fact, "Destiny, we both know that you can take Ivan to Jack and Masha and still catch up with me with no real effort on your part."


That fact is true. I could give him several days head start and still catch up with him. I grin at Ben and challenge, "So does this mean you believe I am a Shaman?"


He laughs and answers, "I don't know what the hell you are so I'm not saying you're a Shaman; and I'm not saying you're not a Shaman."


It's my turn to complain, "Ben you should become a politician."


Ben glares at me and whines, "That's one of the worst insults you could give me."


We watch as some of the released Marines walk over to Jennifer. Next, the last of the Special Forces board the helicopter, it starts up and they are gone.


I smile at Ivan, who has been the best boy he could be this week, and say, "Let's take to you to your mother and father."


Ivan takes off running down the hill as I turn to Ben and promise, "I will see you in a few days."


He grins and answers, "We will see about that. If you can find me then I might actually believe you are a Shaman."


As Ivan and I run down the hill, I see Stacy Summers, her two horses and the bear I had met earlier in the week, they are also near Jennifer.


Ivan begins to yell, "Mama, Papa!"


I see his parents begin to run toward him and know he will be fine so I divert toward Jennifer.


Present – Jens, Stacy and Destiny - At the cabin – about a week later


I can't believe it! The fucking Special Forces roll me out of the CSH then began to disassemble the whole thing. The doctor who was treating me comes over and advises, "Ms. Donaldson, we have to leave however you should be fine until you can get more treatment."


I turn my head and notice not just the CSH is being disassembled, the whole camp is virtually gone and the Special Forces are loading into the repaired helicopters. I say repaired because my Ben began blowing the hell out of the Chinooks every time they landed. I guess he raised enough hell with them they finally called it quits.


Some of the Marines who have been released gather around me, then a woman rides up on a pinto pony and shouts an order, "I want my medic over here to take care of Jennifer Donaldson immediately."


She looks a little familiar but I'm not sure where I've seen her before. She gets off the horse comes over to me and introduces herself, "Jennifer Donaldson, I am Stacy Summers and I am partially responsible for getting the bastard Mike and the Special Forces to leave. Now, how are you feeling?"


Ah, now I know who the hell she is: She's the girl that Ben traveled with for a short time in Texas. I glare at my antagonist and demand, "First, what are you doing on my land and second what the hell do you mean you are partially responsible for the Special Forces leaving?"


She smiles at me and replies, "Jennifer Donaldson, I am not here to compete with you and I hope we can be friends. I came here because you needed help. Some of you were trapped in the tunnels and I brought in the crew to excavate the tunnels. I do want to apologize for enabling Mike to take advantage of my efforts to capture you and the others in the tunnels. I simply didn't realize how ruthless he was. Now to answer your second question, I made a lot of calls to Washington and even put my government contracts with the military in jeopardy to force them to recall the Special Forces to Fort Carson."


She continues with her smile, holds out her hand and asks, "So what about it, can we be friends?"


I remember something my father taught me about keeping friends close and enemies even closer so I fake a smile, shake her hand and offer, "Thank you for all your help…"


 Jennifer's handshake and smile seemed a little to practiced to me, then I figured it out: The sneaky bitch was doing to me exactly what I was doing to say: Yes, she was 'keeping me closer'.


Samantha runs over and asks, "Stacy, it's good to see you again. Were you able to complete your mission?"


Shit I wish she hadn't asked me that! I prepare to reply 'not no, but hell no' which isn't a lie (we never did catch Ben) when we are interrupted while Wojtek yowls and takes off like his ass is on fire. Then Patches and Bo become very skittish. They did this before a couple times when we were looking for Ben and I didn't really understand their reaction. Then I notice a beautiful lady walking toward us. She has the most incredible hair I have ever seen, literally flowing down to her waist: It literally glows in the sunshine.


She walks up, looks at Jennifer and tells her, "Ben sends his all his love to you…"


I have to fight laughing when I walk near Jennifer, Stacy and Samantha. The bear recognizes me, even in my human form, yowls and runs away. And the two horses also recognize me and are uncomfortable. Yes, this isn't the first time we met since I had confronted the three of them several times when they were tracking Ben. A well-timed snarl and making the hair on my back stand up was enough to send the bear running. I had contemplated what to say to Jennifer when we first met and decided to tell her the truth no matter how hard it would be for her to accept.


She glares at me and angrily confronts me, "What the hell would you know about Ben and if he loved me he would be here right now!"


I smile at her and explain, "I have been helping Ben for almost a month: First I helped him to know what was happening here, then I helped to get him here, and I finally helped him to fight the Special Forces. And while he isn't here with you right now, I can assure you he most certainly still loves you very deeply."


Jennifer looks me over and scoffs, "That's funny since you sure don't look like a warrior. And if Ben still loves me, he has a funny way of showing it."


I laugh and counsel, "You of all people should know better than to judge a book by its cover. And I was there encouraging Ben to connect to you."


Stacy interrupts, "So you're telling me you're the one that helped Ben and were part of the team we heard the Special Forces complaining about?"


Jennifer interrupts with a question, "Wait, you've heard about her?"


Stacy answers, "Well, I've heard many things about the person that was helping Ben, but I can't believe it was… was… her."


I finally get a chance to answer, "Yes, it was me and I can show you Ben's bunkers to prove it. That reminds me, someone needs to go into the bunker and turn off the GPS jammer and the spectrum warfare module before they arrive."


I can tell Jennifer still doesn't believe me when she glares at me and demands, "Who the hell are 'they'."


I nod at Stacy and answer, "Stacy hired a contracting firm to come and repair the entrances to the tunnels and to start to repair the cabin. She also has temporary trailers coming to be used as housing while the repairs are completed."


Stacy almost explodes as she demands, "How in the hell did you know all that? It's a secret!"


My plan works as Jennifer begins to argue with Stacy. I notice some people approaching that I don't want to encounter so I say, "You two can work out the details between yourselves as I need to be leaving. By the way, you need to be very careful because Mike left some traps for Ben and me. Make sure not to use the port-a-potties and be careful with the tunnel entrances and the entry ways into the house."


I turn and quickly walk away before they arrive. I once again fight laughter as I notice the bear watching me from his hiding place under a pine tree…


Present - Mike – In hiding – about a week later


Son of a bitch! I knew it was going to be bad when the stupid Captain let Stacy Summers escape, but I never in my wildest dreams thought it would be this bad. This mission wasn't just the worst mission I had ever commanded; it was an embarrassment right from the start.


Not only did we never even get close to capturing Ben and his accomplice; they continued to wage what was the most perfect textbook example of guerilla warfare anyone had ever seen. And the fuckers did it without killing a single Special Forces soldier.


You know about all he had already done, well that was just a start. The patrols searching for him ran into more improvised traps than Carter had little pills. They were ingenious as hell and I swear Ben must have had many more troops than just the two of them. There were the typical punji pits, many deadfalls, tree branch traps designed to injure knees and a host of things we had never seen before. We took pictures of all of them after the troops were injured in hopes we could avoid them the next time.


And the fucker kept on playing his damn games with the port-a-potties so every time you went in one to piss or shit you never knew what was going to happen. One time he inserted tiny nails into the bottom side of the toilet seats so the points barely broke the surface of the seat. Then he wired the fuckers to some Rube Goldberg capacitive discharge system he cobbled together from some car parts and scrap shit. When you sat on the seat, which I unfortunately did, it shocked the fuck out of you. Hell, I still had the burn marks on my ass because I couldn't feel it and it kept shocking me until I wondered what the burning smell was (it was me because my ass was on fire – literally!). Another time after I had a private check my shitter, I went inside, the toilet seat rose up like it was saluting me and the damn port-a-potty played Hail to the Chief. There were of course the flashbang tricks many times over, but the absolute worst was when I had made sure to have my damn Porta-potty checked, went inside and immediately after I sat down found the fucker rigged it to tip over on the door. It was worse than the flashbangs - hell I was literally swimming in shit. Of course we posted round the clock guards, but it didn't do any good because he still got in them and fucked with them and it wasn't always the same on each port-a-potty. It was so demoralizing we finally gave up on using the port-a-potties and dug a field latrine. If you have never tried using a field latrine when you can't use your legs, I can tell you it's nigh unto impossible.


Once he effectively removed the port-a-potties from service, the bastard put something into our water supply that gave us all explosive shits! One minute the men would be fine, then they would be running for the field latrine like their asses were on fire - many times not making it in time. It was worse for me because I couldn't feel anything and would just shit in my pants. Hell, what took months to train my bowels to void on a schedule and he undid my best efforts with his evil concoction in one day. It was so bad that I was forced once again to wear diapers.


With the explosive shits, the men and I were forced to change our BDUs frequently and somehow the bastard figured a way to drug our BDUs with something that made us all itch worse than poison ivy. We were living in hell and it was so bad at the end that the CSH had more troops in it than were available for patrols.


To top it all off he decided to blow the fucking engine out of every damn helicopter that came to our base with his fucking fifty caliber, Barrett essentially trapping us here. He was smart as hell because he always waited until they landed, except for the time we tried to rope some fresh troops in, then he blew the hell out of the back rotor and caused the helicopter to crash. The expense of repairing and replacing the helicopters and the damn news reports from the bitch Stacy Summers (she was now on my shit list too) were the final straw. The brass caught wind of my mission, immediately canceled it and demanded that I return to DC. I knew better than to go back because my ass would be grass if I did that. So instead I was on the lam, but not before I left a few surprises for Ben and his accomplice to find.


Present – Todd, Mira, Ira and Alexi – about a week later


I can't believe our situation as I watch Ira, Mira and Alexi engage in the water fight from hell. It is so intense it chases all the other patrons out of the pool. I knew the girls were competitive, but Alexi is just as competitive as them and is doing quite well at holding his own. The waiter comes up to the table, sets down our food and I put my fingers in my mouth to whistle. The three of them stop, see the food, navigate toward the side of the pool and every male in the place watches as the twins climb out of the pool. It must be the bikinis they are wearing and the fact that they truly are stunning women.


Ira is the first to arrive at the table, kisses me on the cheek and says, "I can not believe that Mike arranged for us to stay in this hotel."


Alexi remarks, "Yes, the Broadmoor hotel is a world renowned five star resort, we are fortunate to be staying here."


Only Mira's sour attitude spoils or lunch when she says…


While all others might be able to enjoy this frivolity, I cannot get the thoughts of my Ben out of my mind. I question if Mike has apprehended him and speculate on various devious ways he is torturing my Ben. Alexi and my sister Ira attack the food with gusto while I play with mine and complain, "I have no hunger pains to assuage."


Ira chides me, "Miranda! Stop being a silly girl! Mike had not captured Ben before we left and he had little chance of capturing him after we left. You do not realize Mike made an extreme tactical blunder by removing us from the battlefield."


I tease with a song sing voice, "Yes, I know Mike should have used us and the Jennifer Donaldson female saluki as bait in a trap because that is what we would have done. But I can not remove the image from my mind that he has apprehended my Ben and is subjecting him to rigorous tortures…"


My sister Mira is in an extremely depressed mood one which seems impervious to logic. I look around and suggest, "Perhaps we could flee this five star prison?"


Todd shakes his head negatively and signs, "That would be very unwise because I have detected that we are still under observation."


Ira almost sickens me with her praise of Todd and I make a note to myself to never become emotionally ensnared with a female, "We are fortunate to have the ever watchful Todd here with us to keep us from rash acts."


We continue our repast until the hotel manager arrives and informs…


Present - Zarika and Yasmeen – Escape – a week later


Our plans to take a taxi to our Ben's cabin failed miserably since the fuzz had posted pictures of us and instead of escaping in the taxi, we were, as Yasmeen said, picked up by the fuzz. They charged us with many things that I did not understand and the stupid Ms. Horning came and took us away.


This time they put us both in the same terrible place but it was worse than ever because we were in what was called solitary confinement. We spent all day in a small cell with no windows and were only released for 30 minutes a day. But even then we were not allowed to see each other. It reminded me of the time before Ben rescued me (but without the constant rapes) so in that respect it was not that bad since it was only a mild repeat of a bad experience. I resolved to exercise so that if I ever met Ben again he would be proud of me…


The previous trip to this hospital was terrible because of the evil men, but this torture was almost worse. We were locked into tiny rooms with nothing to do: There were no books that I could read (they were all in English and my English was not that good yet) and worst of all no television. Plus, they constantly interviewed me about what happened at the hospital with the mean man and the bad nurse. I knew that Zarika would not tell them anything and I of course would not tell them anything - even when they lied and told me Zarika told them it was me or offered me 'rewards'. I would not betray my first wife no matter how long they continued this torture…


Present - Thom, Byron and Inga- back in America – about a week later


I was pissed as hell when I found out the TSIFFTS folded and ran away like a bunch of fucking babies when the going got tough. I had been arguing with the bastards for almost a week. They refused to provide support even after I reminded them of the contributions Jennifer had made and I was ready to pack it in with them.


Finally there was a break - near as we could determine Ben handed the greenies their ass and sent them packing. It was embarrassing for me, being a former greenie, but not as embarrassing as what the greenies had been doing under the leadership of the bastard Mike, who like a typical spook disappeared. Byron stated…


I grinned at Thom (because I recognized his discomfort over how Ben kicked the greenies ass) and told both of them, "Well now that the greenies have been dispatched, we can head back to the cabin."


Thom glared at me and defended his precious greenies, "That's what happens when a fucking civilian spook tries to command a company of Army Special Forces - especially a spook that was a Marine."


I didn't miss the sarcasm in his voice and now it was my turn to defend the Corps, "I'm not so sure that Mike was ever a Marine! Many feel he was always a spook, and besides if he was really a Marine he would have tried to use the Marines instead of the Army. However, he knew better because the Marines wouldn't have put up with his bullshit. Even with all Ben has done, he's still a well-respected Marine."


Inga giggles and we both look at her as she says…


I laugh at Byron and Thom and state, "I love your inter-forces rivalry, however you both complain about the TSIFFTS wasting time when we are doing the same. Shall we now travel to Ben's cabin?"


Thom corrects me, "You mean Jennifer's cabin."


I dismissively wave my hand and say, "Whatever you wish, just remember I am touching your six."


Thom glares at me and complains, "When are you ever going to get that phrase correct: It's cover my six."


I secretly want to get to the cabin to meet up with Masha as we have many things to discuss…